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@ffinitI tit t 't ..In Parliament. Session 1909 GREAT WESTERfj RAILWAY (GENERAL POWERS). •Additional powers to Company with refer- ence to new railways and widenings devia- tions and alterations of existing and authorised railways bridges canals roads and other works in the Counties of Bucks Northampton Warwick Stafford Gloucester Monmouth Glamorgan Carmarthen Lon- don Cornwall Berks Wiltc, Devon Worces- ter Hereford Middlesex Somerset Denbigh Dorset Oxford Merioneth and Salop Powers to Company and Midland Railway Com- pany as to Bridge Widening and Lands in the County of Gloucester Powers to Bala and Festiniog Railway Company as to Lands in the County of Merioneth Powers to Weymouth and Portland Railway Com- pany and to Company and London and South Western Railway Company and to Corporation of Weymouth for construction of works in the Borough of Weymoujth Borrowing powers for 'Corporation of Wey- mouth Abandonment of portion of Wey- mouth and Portland Railway Company's railway Agreements between said Com- panies and Corporation Extension of time for completion of railways authorised by Great Western Railway (Xew Railways) Act 1905 and for completion of Windsor and Ascot Railways Extension of time for sale of superfluous lands Provisions relat- ing to the Company of Proprietors of the Birmingham Canal Navigations as to Soho branch of their Canal and agreements with reference thereto Powers to Company Cambrian Railway Company and Manches- ter and Milford Railway Company as to joint station at Aberystwith Additional capital and application of funds of Com- pany Application of funds of London and South Western Railway Company, Midland Hail way Company and Bala and Festiniog Railway Company Amendment of Acts). V j Tyr OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ap- -X.1 plication is intended to be made to (Parliament in the ensuing Session by the Great Western Railway Company (herein- after called "the Company") for an Act under the above name or short title for all or some of the following purposes (that is to say) (In this Notice the expression "Parish" means any place for which a separate Poor jRtate is or cian be made or for which a separate overseer is or can be appointed.) To empower the Company to make and execute the works and acquire the lands (which expression in this notice includes houses buildings mines minerals and ease- ments in over and under lands) and to IBxercise the powers following (that is to may) In the Parish of Llanuwchyllyn in the Rural District. of Penllyn in the County of Merioneth- To alter and divert so much of the foot- path which crosses the Bala and Dolgelley Railway of the Company on the level at a point 6i chains or thereabouts north-east of Llanuwchyllyn Station as lies between points respectively about 5i chains north and 6 chains south of that crossing. To empower the Company to purchase by Compulsion or agreement and to hold lands (which expression in this notice includes houses buildings mines minerals and ease- uoente in over and under lands) in the parishes areas and places hereinbefore men- tioned for the purposes of the said intended footpath. To empower the Bala and Festiniog Rail- way Company (hereinafter called the Bala 040 Feetiniog Company) to purchase by com- pulsion or agreement and to hold for the general purposes of their undertaking and for Eroviding increased accommodation the laws ereinafter mentioned (that is to say)— Certain lands in the Parish of Trawsfyn- ydd in the Rural District of Deudraeth in | the County of Merioneth lying on and ad- joining the south western side of the Rail- way of the Bala and Festiniog Company, and between points respectively about 21 chains north-west and 24 chains south-east of Trawsfynydd Station. AND NOTICE is hereby given that tnaps plans and sections relating to the objects of the intended Act together with books of reference to such plans and also a copy of the Notice of the intended appli- cation to Parliament as published in the London Gazette will be deposited on on before the 30th day of November in the present year as follows (that is to say):- As regards the lands in the County of Merioneth with the Clerk of the Peace for I &hat County at his office at Dolgelly. And that copies of so much of the said plans sections and books of reference as re- lates to each of the several areas hereinafter- mentioned in or through which the intended works are proposed to bo made or lands are .situate. together with a copy of the said Notice as published in the London Gazette will on or before the said 30th day of Nov- ember be deposited as follows (that is to say) As relates to any County or other Borough with the Town Clerk of such Borough at his office as relates to any Urban District. not being a Borough or to any Rural District with the Clerk of the District Council of such District at his office as relates to any Parish comprised in a Rural District with the Clerk of the Parish Council or if there be no Clerk with the Chairman of that Coun- cil and such deposit will if made with the Clerk to the Parish Council be made at his office or if he has no office at his residence and if made with the Chairman of the Parish Council be made at his residence. And Notice is hereby also given that on or. before the 17th day of December next printed copies of the intended Act will be deposited in the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons. The foregoing is so much of the Notice of the intended application to Parliament as relates specifically to lands in the County of Merioneth and the whole of the said Notice has been published hi full or sent for publication in full in the London Gazette in tthe present month of November. Dated the 12th day of November, 1906. R. R. NELSON, Paddington Station; and 20, Abington Street, Westminster, Solicitor. SHERWOOD & CO., 7, Great George Street, Westminster, Parliamentary Agents. mSa CRICCIETH URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. CRICCIETH WATER SUPPLY. TO CONTRACTORS AND PIPELAYERS. THE CRICCIETH URBAN DISTRICT -m- COUNCIL are prepared to receive Tenders for the construction of tanks, and other "rks, and for providing and laying about 10,029 lineal yards of 6 inch cast iron pipes, 1587 lineal yards of 5 inch cast iron pipes, 2205 lineal yards of 4 inch cast iron pipes, and 609 lineal yards of 3 inch •cast iron pipes. 'Plans and Specification mav be seen at the Town Hall, Criccieth, or at the Officas of the Engineer, Mr E. Evans, A.M.I.C.E., 8, Castle Street, Carnarvon. Dill of Quantities may be obtained from the Engineer, on payment of £ 2 2s, return- able on receipt of a bona-fide Tender. Tenders, addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Waterworks," to be delivered not later than 12 noon on the 5th day of December, 1908. The Council does net bind itself to accent the lowest or any Tender. > Dated this 10th day of November, 1908. THOMAS JONES, Solicitor, Portmadoc, y724 Clerk to the Council. -Offifial, Jtgal, &t (7601). ORDER OF THE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES. (Dated 19th November 1908.) SWINE-FEVER INFECTED AREA, THE BOARD of AGRICULTURE and .i. FISHERIES, by virtue and in exer- cise of the powers vested in them under the Diseases of Animals Acts, 1894 to 1903, and of every other power enabling them in this behalf, do order, and it is hereby ordered, as follows: The Order described in the Schedule to this Order is hereby revoked as from the Twenty-Fourth day of November, nineteen hundred and eight. In .witness whereof the Board of Agricul- ture and Fisheries have here- T q set their Official Seal L.O. this Nineteenth day of Nov j ember, nineteen hundred and eight. (Signed) A. W. ANSTRUTHER, Assistant Secretary. SCHEDULE. Order Revoked. No. Date. Subject. 1908 Declaration of a Swine- 7553 4 September Fever Infected Area com- prising the parishes of L I a ndwrog, Llanllyfni, and Clynnog, in the ad- I ministrative county of i Carnarvon. y270a MERIONETH COUNTY COUNCIL. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next Quarterly Meeting of the Mer- ioneth County Council wi I be held in the County Hall at BALA, on THURSDAY, 3rd day of DECEMBER, 1908, at 11.30 a.m., and the Council will thereupon pro- ceed to the consideration of the business relating to the Assessment, Application, and Management of the dbunty Stock or Rate and all other County business pursu- ant to the 15 and 16 Vict., cap. 81. Dated this 9th day of November, 1908. DAVID BREESE, cy522 Clerk to the Council. CONWAY UNION. MACADAM. THE BOARD of GUARDIANS of this -<- Union have about 100 tons of hand- broken Macadam for sale, and invite Ten- ders for the whole or portion, stating price at Workhouse or free on rail at Conway Station. Tenders to be sent in before 10 a.m., on Friday, December 4th. Apply, T. E. PARRY, Clerk to the Guardians, Union Offices, Conway, 6th November, 1908. r75 I CONWAY UNION. SUPPLY OF POTATOES. THE GUARDIANS of the above Union i- invite Tenders for the supply of Six Tons of good Potatoes, to be delivered ut the Workhouse in one lot. Samples and Prices, with name of Potatoe, to be sent to the Workhouse Mas- ter, Conway, on or, before (Friday, 4th December, 1908. at 10 a.m. By Order. T. E. PARRY. Clerk to the Guardians, I Board, Room. I Union Workhouse, Conway, 6th November, 1908. r- J j I Settings GUILD HALL, CARNARVON. BOXISG DAY, RHAGFYR 26ain, 1903. AIL TEST CONCERT yn nglyn ag Achos Cenhadol Tanybont. Cfadeirydd, J. R. Hughes, Ysw., Y.H. (Cadeirydd y Cynghor Sirol). Beirniad Cerddorol, Joseph G. Thomas, Ysw., L.T.S.C. Beirniad adroddiadau, Etc., T. Gwynn Jones, Ysw. Arweinydd, T. Beuno Jones, Ysw. Cyfeilydd, R. Eivion Jones, Ysw., A.L.C.M., Organist and Choirmaster Christ Church, Llandudno. Challenge Solo i Ferched. 21 Is. Challenge Solo i Feibion. J31 Is. Unrhyw Ddouawd. Li 10s. Unrhyw Adroddiad. 15s. Unrhyw Ddadl. 15s. I'r parti heb fod dros 20 o nifer a gano yn oreu y Garol "Y Newydd Hyfryd" (Dan Prothero), Gwobr 25s, a chwpan i'r Arwein- ydd. Os na bydd cvstadleuaeth, 15s. Tocynau: 2s, Is, 6c. Mynediad i'r Prelim., 6c. Prelim, ar y Dadganu yn y Guild Hall, am 3 yn brvdlon. Yr Adroddiadau, etc., yn Tanybont, am 3 yn brydlon. Drysau yn agored am 6, y cyfarfod i ddechreu am 6.30. W. G. ROBERTS, Ysg. Ceiri, Carnarvon. y730a ABER SHEEP DOG TRIALS, A. 1st JAN.. 1909. Class I.-Open -to all Comers. Prizes: 1st, L5; 2nd, L3; 3rd, L2. Entrance Fee. 5s. Class II.—Open to all dogs that have not won a 1st or 2nd class. Prizes ] st., JE5; 2nd, £2; 3rd, Ll. Entrance Fee, 3s. Class IlL-Open only to the Parishes of Aber, Llanllechid, Llanfairfechan, Pen- maenmawr, and Llandegai. Prizes: st. JBI 10s; 2nd, JC1 5s; 3rd, PI; 4th, 15s; 5th, 10s; 6th. 5s. Entrance Fee, 2s. c570a EISTEDDFOD GENEDLAETHOL LLUNDAIN. MEHEFIN 15, 16, 17, 18, 1909. ADRAN CERDDOROL. GWOBR YCHWANEGOL. j (Rhoddedig gan Mrs Mary Daviee). I Unawd ar y Delvn Deir-rhes: 1. Per Alaw (Sweet Richard). j 2. Cader IdTis. J Gwobr 3 Pant. v729 i 111 D. W. R hKKBILLPOSTFH "i iiillposiing and Distributing Personally attended to. v ffinsimsa hhrtssts. CHRISTMAS SEASON, 1908 GEORGE HENRY LEE AND CO., LTD., LIVERPOOL, ARE NOW HOLDING THEIR ANNUAL SHOW OF Fancy Goods, Toys, Games, And Novelties of Every Description. For Christmas Gifts, at Moderate Prices Illustrated Catalogues will be sent post free on rccjogst. G. H. LEE & Ca, LTD., 20 to 46, Basnett Street LIVERPOOL. I HOUSE FURNISH I NC I I AT > is a pleasure. You if I Q fn A IT) Pj liava large stocks to | ABUJfl U 8oleot from, and every i| article up-to-date in ¡. desi. Q-aa-Utr tAo best. •M Prices the loirost. '> Ws are the largest < retail makers of i furniturdin England, ] J Buying from us you J save from 20 per ( cent. j Give us a call. I CT I y H 1 r i tou can ■walk round j PAQ7TE cur large showrooms | ) wAu I Lt without'vteing pest- | | SQUARE, OUl' assistuts treat 71= vita aivmty azi CARNARVON you with civiJityand. Telephone 74* .r respect. I f EYESIGHT SCIENTI'FICALLY TESTED C! The Testing of Eyea 18 not a matter ct gu,s. work. It is a Science, which none but bersons having studied the ANATOMY OF THE EYE can understand. WE TEST SCIENTIFIC-ALLY OUR WORK IS GUARANTEED W. JONES AND SONS Jewellers, Silversmiths, and Qualified Opticians, COLWYN BAY AND OLD COLWYN. I The Sight Testing Department, nnder the personal supervision of T kyt?i?tw JONES, F.S.M.C., F.I.O., and LLRW. T. JONES, F.5ScTf.I O „ „ Highest Diplomas (or Proficiencjr;m Sight HoldetS cl SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES FOB ALL 1>EFJ$0T OF VISION LL, T. Jones attends CARNARVON every SATURDAY at BEE HIVF, RESTAURANT, Turf Square. Honrs 12-30 to 5.30. 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Moderate Rent.-Apply, 20, London Road, Holyhead. h56 TYDDYNHEILYN, RHOSTRYFAN, or Osod, gyda meddiant ar y 12fed cvfisol, y Fferm dra dymunol a chyfleua uchod.-Pob manylion gan Mr Richard Ro- berte, Cyfreithiwr, Caemarfon. c555 CORNER HOUSE and SHOP in Pool Street, Carnarvon {principal thoroujfh- tare), to Let. — Apply, No. 538, Office of this paper. cSS6ak TO be Let or Sold, TIMBER YA&D and SPLENDID WORKSHOP. MachS? ery, Doors, Windows. Good Bargain.— Apply, "Timber," "Herald" Ofice, Car- naryon- cfiOa T° "HAULFRE," rental, £ 28; An «3S; "LAMORNA," £ 30; and No. 19, £ 30. All situated in Church Street, Carnarvon. They are sub- stantially built, and fitted up with modem sanitary and other arrangements. Also Riooms suitable as Offices at Castle HiIL- For further particulars, etc., apply to R. JEFFREYS, House and Estate Agent, 4, Market Street, Carnarvon c484a p arlnttuts APARTMENTS in Cottage. Comfort- able Bed ana Sittmg Room tor win- ter months. Quiet Countrv. South Car- narvon^hire. Terms moderate. Nd. 661,. Herald Office. APARTMENTS. Comfortable Apart- A niento Good cooking. Moderate terms. Apply to Mrs Roberts, Islwyn, Mostyn Avenue, Llandudno. rl51 APARTMENTS in Carnarvon, with or without board, for two voune r»er- sons- Apply, 556, "Herald" Office, Car- narvon. 556 1 EWIS CAFE, COLWYN BAY.—Ac- « 4 oommodation for Cyclists, Cbmm«r- cia Travellers. Special Terms for Sunday- School Trips, Picnic Parties, etc. Well Aired Rooms. Billiards. -OWE.N LEWIS Proprietor. b48 CASTLE pjOTEL, CARNARVON ORDINARY DAILY. TOM. ROBERTS, [Proprietor. c212 L-IVJiJtcPOOlj Shaftesbury Hotel, MOUNT PLEASANT. FOUR MINUTES' WALK FROM LIMB ST. AND CENTRAL STATIONS. Cars from Landing Stage stop at the doom, CAB FROM ANY STATION, Is. A First Class Temperance House with Moderate Charges. WELSH SPOKEN. Telegrams: Shaftesbury Hotel, Liverpool. Slemrwrs. 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