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F- ANDREWS & CO., Wholesale and Family Wine and Spirit Merchants, and Mineral Water Manufacturers, DENBIGH, Sole Agent for Vigoroso Tonic wine. A Strengthener, Appetiser, and Digester, containing great Tonic properties. 2s. 6d. per bottle. Family Ale and Guinness s Slout in Corked and Screw Stoppered Bottles. 17 Stone's Genuine Ginger Wines. Warming and Sustaining. Families and the Trade Supplied. No. 48.1 £ t: fTT R U T T E R, 25, High Street, Denbigh. Winter Suitings and Overcoats in all the Latest Sty le. Raincoats ready to wear from the Best Firms. MODERATE PRICES FOR ALL GOODS. P 'r~ -u__ W. EDWARDS, The Garage, Denbigh, luakes a Speciality of Overhauling and Repairing Cars during the Winter Months. Estimates given Free ef Charge. NOTE THE ADDRESS EDWARDS, GARAGE, DENBIGH. (TELEPHONE 51 DENBIGH, -==- r- _n = ] British Eau de Cologne* Prepared in the British Isle?. A dainty product far excelling foreign makes. I Three large BOTTLES sent llust free for Cs. atl. Old English Lavender Water of Superior Fragrance, distilled, from the Choicest Flowerq. J R. D. HUGHES, pliarim acist, Den bigh. 6ti.c I ^U'C SEHD r FOR" PRICE LIST. FOR BELTS and USE BIF(IRCATED RIVETS. need to punel, lio)cs. Simply I%ivets,_and bend back the Proi)gs. eat ard strorg. Of all local nlc!lgcus, or s(-nd for box to- 13ifurcated pnd Tubular P,jet Co., Ltd., Aylc,.bury, sucks. I BULL AND CROWN MEWS. 11 J. & T, WILLIAMS, Proprietors. FIVE-SEATER I MOTOR CAR for Hire, j Careful aud cfiioient Chauflvurs. | Orders by Thone or Telegrams_ attended to. I TERMS STRICTLY MODERATE. ,J Y i l! SALE OF SEASONABLE GOODS. HOT PLATE GOODS. ? | Cakes (or Crumpets), MUFFINS, PIKELETS (SWEET) SCOTCH SCONES. Other Hot Plate Goods to Orifer. Nothing Nicer for Tea, Toasted and I Birtersd. I t! a J. POWEll JONES, Confectioner, CEKTRAL CAFE, HIGH SREET LWYD OAFF, VALE STREET,' DENBIGH. j a.o. Standard J 4 Excellence. Rear Calircss without Milk with Allcock's Perfection Calf Food. ) This Food csa bs obtained Carriage Paid to any Station at 17B. 6d. per owt, 8?. 9J.^per half cwt.; tud 4s. Cd. per quarter ext. I S. ALLCOCK & on (LIMITED), Charles Street Mills, WREXHAM. LOCAL Agent Mr. E. Lloyd Williams, GRAIG FECHAN, RUTHIN. If One Quality, THE^BEST. d30.14 THE BEST ESTABLISHMENT in the r, District for tbe choice of Drapery, Millinery, Ladies' & Gents' Tailors is rot JOHN ROBERTS, 1, CASTLE STREET, RUTHIN. Experienced Hands are kept in tliG Dress- making and Millinery Departments. The Tailoring is a Special Feature. Fit and Style are guaranteed. Autumn and Winter Suitings end Over- coatings a speciality. -=- A Luge Stock of Sheets, Blankets, Linens, etc. Just New in Gents' Soft Hats, Shirts, Ties, Hosiery, Raincoats, etc. Mourning Orders executed at the Shortest Notice. Bast Valae given to Cioihing Clubs at 1, Castle str-eet. 1188nl5..J4 T DENTISTRY. Painless Extractions, Fillings, Artificial Teeth. MR. R. HANLON attends personally. DENTAL ROOMS. DENBIGH, at MEt. HELSBY'B, Phctco grapher, Vale Street, every Wednesday, IS to 6. RUTHIN, every Fair Day and 3rd Monday, at Mr. Gee's, Ironmonger, Glwyd Street, 13 tc 4.30. OORWEN, First Friday and Fair Day, at Mr. Samuel Jones, Confectioner, Bddge Street, 12.80 to 6. I HOLIWELL. at BRADLEY'S, High Street, every Friday frrm 2 to 6 p.m Ibilkshojsb No. 1551 Rhyl, ti. Ij'l j L 1, I -.1 1. I a I tz:1 gAR I ELLIS'S r. TABLE I WATERS. "The Best In the World." B. ELLIS 4 SON, LTD., RUTHIN, NORTH WALES, BbtaMMwi 1S2J I Telegrams- ELLlig, Ruieik." Telephone-No. I. RUTHIIR. Liverpool Office and Stores 23 and 25, BAKEiB Stbkbt, Telephone Number 214 AN yiatiC — —^ J'iJ. !r.?.VL;. Printing I Printing! EVERY DESCRIPTION OF PRINTING, from a Circular to a Book, from a Handbill to the largest size Coloured Poster executed neatly, cheaply, and promptly at The jFree Press Printing Works, Vale Street, Denbigh. :o- The Printers of the County Register for Denbighshire. Çl nbÜions given on application "r ry description (A worfc, .v.. J. "BUSINESS AS USUAL." Keep the Local Trade Going. -r-c TOBACCONIST (WHOLESALE AND RETAIL) ab Manufacturer's Prices. Best of Everything in British and Foreign Imported CIGARS, CIGARETTES, and TOBACCONIST GOODS, inoluding the following specially imported:- ADDULLAS. PAP PAS, CHANCELLOR. PASQUALI. LUCANIA. BALKAN SOBRANIE. DE RESKE. 3 ATE MAN. NESTORS. GO URD0 ULI8. STATE EXPRESS. FRIBOVRG 4■ TIIEYER. ALSO SPECIAL BRITISH GROWN Tobaccs. Adaro Cigarettes. Note Address (3arae o'd f pob-Under Club Buildings) T Q B U L L"M'j"i R'S PORTLAND PLACE, DENBIGH. J: SSF,VASTS' REGISTRY, oonduoted by Mrs, Aldrich, STATIONS tt, RUTBIN I LESTABLlSHED 1870.] Mrs, WOOLLEY iERVANTS' REGISTRY, RufcLia Road, BsnbigK WANTED, Experienced and Geod Plain Cooka for Ruthin, St. Aeaph, Caerwys and Oonway Cook-Genera's for St. Aeaph Rbyi and Denbigh; good Pailourmaids and House Parloaruiaids generals for Rhyl, Den- bigh, and Caerwya; Between-Maida, and Kitohenmaids, Gocd Servants for Rhyl for the season. MISS WILLIAMS, SBEYANTS' REGISTRY. î, Post Office Lane, UENBiOII. W ANTED, Experienced and Plain Cooki f Cocks Geoerale, good GenersIL;, and tfoung Girls for light house work. Dis- rgaged: Elderly Person as Housekeeper in alifamiiyt Dentistry. nentistry. wvl WILLIAMS, Dental Institute, RUTHIN ROAD, DENBIGH, be to intimate that for the convenienoe of Country Patients on Market Days thay have opened additional First Class DENTAL ROOM at Mr. J. Etlla Jones, CORONATION BUILDINGS. BACK ROW, DENBIGH, where Patients will receive the most oareful attention. Attendance Market Days, from 1 to 6 p.m. Railway fares allowed to Patients coming from r. distance. Note the iboyb Addbebs ulc Policies for All ARE ISSUED BY THE London & Manchester Assurance Co., Ltd. (ESTABLISHED 1869). Chief Office:- 50, Finsbiiry Square, London, E.C. (Allied wi: h National Amalgamated Approved Society for National (gealthi Iaeuranoe). Fands exceed 1-J Million. Total Claims paid exceed 3 Millions, j I Number of Policies issued last year, 407,773. j Special attention is drawn to the followlng departments INSURANCE to educate ycur Children. INSURANCE to start vour Son in Baeiaeas. INSURANCE to provide a Dowry for your Daughter. j LIFE snd ENDOWMENT ASSURANCE with or without profits for a term of years, j The protection of iha FULL amount aesared ia Fecured immediately the fi si premium is paid. PROVIDE NOW while yon may You caonob efford fco carry you? own risk. Ba wise caonob efford to carry you? own risk. Be wise and distribute it among Beveral IbjasaDda by taking out a Policy at once. Policies world-wide, and ire from vexatious conditions. I CLAtMS PAID PROMPTLY. Prospectus and oopy of Annual Report) will be send on application to the local District Offiae- CYNFAL." Buthin Rd., DENBIGH. Superintendent; E. LLOYD ROBERTS, THOMPSONS' CASEMENT CLOTH. 50 in. wide. iold. per yard. Write for Patterns THOMPSONS' Ltd., Tottenham Court Road. London. J SPECIAL NOTICE. We have during this lamentable NATIONAL CRISIS honestly endeavoured, and can confidently claim to have succeeded in supplying ( our Customers with the Finest Groceries, Flour & Provisions at the 10WESI POSSIBLE PRICES, and will do everything in our pow < to c nv out the ssma in the future. WE AFK You TO Compare our Prices. R. OWEN & SON, STAR BUILDINGS, DENBIGH. Warehouses t DUlXQED BciLDlHGB DEKBiaF, Tel 36. BRONHWYLFA," the noted Establishment for WELSH LAMB & MUTTON. H. Dryhurst Roberts, FAMILY BUTCHER, BRONEiWYLFA and 19 and 20, MARKET HALL, DENBIGH THE VERY BEST QUALITY OF HOME- • Finest Groceries, Flour & Provisions at the 10WESI POSSIBLE PRICES, and will do everything in our pow < to c nv out the ssma in the future. We Afk. You to Compare our F rices. R. OWEN & SON, STAR BUILDINGS, DENBIGH. Warehouses t DUlXQED BciLDlHGB DEKBiaF, Tel 36. BRONHWYLFA," the noted Establishment for WELSH LAMB & MUTTON. H. Dryhurst Roberts, FAMILY BUTCHER, BR0N3WYLFA and 19 and 20, MARKET HALL, DENBIGH THE VERY BEST QUALITY op HOME- FED MEAT only supplied. Home cured Hams snd Bacon. Oorn6d Beef, Pickled Tongues. Sausages In Season, &o. -U Orders prompt'y attonded to. Trial Order especially solicited, 193 HAND BREWERY, ly, WELL STREET, RUTHIN. R. EGBERTS, WtiQleseta «nd Eelsll Wins %nd Spirit MerehacS, Brtwer And Mali ter begs to sail the attention o! the Gentry and Public to his celebrated Home-Brewed ALE 3 (pure Embrace o! Malt and Hops), which may bs supplied In Casks of 86, 13, and 9 gallon?, Guiaeas's Extra Stout; Barclay and Parking, r o idon Stout; and Bass & Go's Bsrfeon AI." in Cask and Bodies. Finest Scotch and Irish Whiskies and Ports, Sherries and Oharapagaos of well-known Brands. Muiioai. Mr. Alex Bellamy, I.S.M., OKGANIST AsD CHOIR MARTBR 09 St. Ma..J. and St. L-lavids Chupohesi Teacher of Music. TERMS UPON APPLICATION. Rose Villa, Denbigh. ac. MB. W. A. LLOYD F.I.G.C.M., A. Mus. T.C.L. Organ, Piano. Siaging, Harmony. Counterpoint. &t, Musioal Inkitraments Supplied of the leading firse-class Firms. | PIANOS FOR HIBE. 4 Market Street, 14 tillr k-tim. Miss Cecilia Anwyl, PROFESSOR OF PIAOFORTE, 81. Devereux Orivei Wallasey, Liverpool, Yisite Denbigh and District). PIANOFORTE TECHNIQUE (Matthay Methcdjas required by the L.R.A.M. Exam.) PapUa oan commence at any date. 18u.a. Mias G POWNAL JONES, Teacher of Music, Organ and Piano. For further particulars apply The Lodge, Nantclwyd Hall, Nf Ruthin. U95ja,15