Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

5 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

! .-Original Poetry.


Original Poetry. THE SAINTS DEATH. ^read softly, as you enter yonder room 6 *n8e 1 of Death there w aiting stands to bear home Inf glory shadowless and broad, 0 the presence of the great eternal God; y°u cross the threshold, in silence bow the head, or °ne of His own saints there lies upon that bed. And* ^*afs aS° he knelt before God's throne, j. thro' the cross of Jesus received as his own Forgiveriess for his sins, a cleansing by the blood,— ij, e S^lHy past was swept away by that crimson flood ij, e Ghost bore -witness that God was reconciled, at he was now delivered from all that once defiled. P4 holy peace possessed him as Christ his soul did fill, j 9*a thence his one desire to do his Master's will; y,Was his joy and crown to praise the God of love, Worship with His saints the Saviour from above prayer his voice full oft was raised that God would bless Is Weary children travelling thro' the wilderness. 2]*' ^ith what holy boldness he seiged the throne of grace, they should fee delivered, —the sons of A dam's race — not in vain he pleaded, full oft his prayer was heard, °r God laid hold tue sinner by the preaching of His word: » days of Pentecost returned, the Holy Ghost came down, He with mighty blessing His servant's woik did crown, "all no easy battle with sin that he did wage, ti oft he felt the tempter's power, as in His rage 8ought to baffle and defeat this child of God Be 'n va'n'~ he claimed the victory thro' the blood: Ue c'°thed himself in armour, the armour of the light,— Used the Spirit's sword, and triumphed in God's might. aV^ warfare's over—one foa but now remains J}e disease has racked his frame with cruel pains.J Ur»n°W.^e8 helpless on his bed all weak and worn :— Uj^this earth he ne'er will see another morn Th8 t6Uulsen cheeks and half closed eyes all clearly tell at soon ha will in heaven with angels dwell.. Big r ours are numbered the sands of Time sink fast, oil, Soon indeed, his pulses beat their last; jj 8 iovocl ones now are gathered round his dying bed, Th ^ove(^ w^e heside him, her hand rests on his head death film gather* in his eyes, his brow is wet, e gently wipes away the mist and icy sweat. jj. 8h! he tries to speak,—his lips begin to move Si/ *°°k ^ar away as to heaven above; Th* t° hear what he njay say;—she scarce can catch ^isper stil),—his voice is faint—the others watch Wait in silence,—he speaks again: "Mother, see e angels now are coming, they surely co lie for me." 11, Mis face is lighted up with a glory from on high, ,• knows full Avell for him that Heaven is drawing nigh °annot see them, dear,"—she saidfather, where are ( tlioy :But, wife, I see tlien:l, "-his yoice grow stronger— Yes, to Im going home to be with Jesus ;—Hark; they sing Wondrous song so sweet about my Lord and King." 0 Hp Owell, mother no longer can I a kiss ) 1 on my brow impart;—my children, oh what bliss Q^ee before me I come kiss me, too dear ones good bye! »ipDleet me all up there, now promise, ere I die," "T>° father, yes we will,' their tears ran fast; °nt cryhe said, we all shall meet in heaven at last." Moment's pause !—■" Mother, they almost now are here;" among them friends and loved ones to us dear; Of /^er at the gates of heaven, a glorious band shining ones, with palms of victory there stand,"— A sacred hush now fill, the room, for God'is there, g.ory rests upon them which they scarce can bear. he sits up in his bed, and looks beyond him it j_°ther, 1 see Jesus is there-" his eyes not now are dim, (( ae beckons me; I'm coming Lord!" he leaps upon his feet °od-bye; I'm going, my loving Saviour now to ra3ot. ^ht from heaven shines round him, then circles r-juntf his iicjid, e gives one shout of victory, and falls back—dead.

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