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The Oldest Established Pork Batcher in Penarth. —a——ectuh*- a jlui mum'i——— RICHARD GUY, Wholesale nd Retail Fork Batcher, Ham and Bacon Curer, and Pork Sausage Manufacturer, 93, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH, AND 103, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK mull .ar;QU a ":l!Y r .J. TRY OUR NOTED POBK PIES. B 8ld. PER LB. ANY SIZE MADE TO ORDER. àít. _1'" -¡:=" :# .íoo. _a.åII: "r" 'J!tI" -¡ PATENT malt B E A D (ROYALTY SECURED). | T. WALKER tolly (tor: and Confectioner' (AI .lv'J. t.ui '.1 vUl..1.!JlJ U illl 'l. Maughan Terrace & 56 Wiiwlsor Road Pfi&AlMTt The Noted While you Wal.t, Shop I B. J. SAMWAYS I i Boot ":&-I d S I-JL <)I e syisLJkl&ip [, 82. GLISBh) STKE.FT PKN VHTH." auWeiuitjn%\ WATCHES ire the Best Value, the Strongest, most Durable, and Finest Timekeepers ever made, TESTIMONIALS FROM THOUSANDS of OtraOTS now using them in all parts of the world. J to ( WATCHES Made on an Improved System. Not liable to failure, giving 1 Extra Strength, greater freedom from accid Reduced Cost of Manufacture. r f LADY'S Al qp "LUDQATE" WATCH Cheapest and Beu Engl h Zevf ever made at ifo ce. In Silver Cases In 18ct. Gold CaseC t I I .¡; J Best London made; Three-anarter Plata English Lever, fully Jewelled, >, Chronometer ed Barrel. Patent Dust and Damp Proof Ring Band. Specially recommended for ladies' wear, An Exact Timekee per Absolutely the Best Value nude. Price £ i0 10* in lSJt. Gold Crystal QlasS Dases. In Sterling Silver Cases. rC2 5.5. Performance warr;lJ1;ed. Sent five and sale to till parts of the world. Baa WATCH The Strongest, Best, and Cheapest English Lever ever made for £ 5 5s- Unequalled for Aceuracsy, Durability, and Value. In Silver Caseli In lBet. Gold Cases ..t London mad,e Threeonarter Phte tfnplish Lever, Jewelled throughout, Chronometer Balance, Enlarged Barrel, Patent Dust and t -np Proof Rin!! Ind. Keeps better time. than, and is double the Strength and Value of any £ o 5. Watch, yet rpjaa. In S; zes. Small (as illustrated) 1' >r G lm I] "m:m and Youths. JIoJ.ia.iu for Working Meg generally. and Lar-jo for Miners and Railway men. In Massive -.1 S Iver Ca^cs. with Crystal Gk« 5 rs. In 13ct. Gold Crystal Glass Cases G-ntlamea"a Performance warranted. TESTIMONIALS TiOUSAXDS of WEARERS. Ssnt free and safe to all parts of tbe world. 9 -i cftt¡fJønJ()Jl/ "Will send the above Watches, together with Warranty for correct performance, to any of the world free and at his risk, on reoefpt at P.O.O., payable at G P.0, Bank Draft, or Cask. /"BLOCKS for the house, of every kind, in great variety and of the newest designs, from £ 1 t500 CFIURCH and TURR ET CLOCKS-Estimate* and advice free. Just completed the Great Clocks for Port-m >iuh Town Hall, As'aton-undei^ Lyne Parish Church, and many others. PLATE, both for presentation and household use. In Sterling and Electro Piate. The prettiest patterns and best qualify, at moderate prices. EWRLLETVl in flu* Tensor Pl'iin Gold of u best Lon.Ion make: Many thousauK o novelties at manuia i ui%jv prices. TJi NGAu £ IvJ &N P RIVG$in endless varietv set J-J wi-ia Uie finest Getns. and of best L > ;d >n mak«». Speciality' Briiiuut a_ gj, 410. and £ 20. S^le^tions ftw o t of r^fereiic-* OENSON'jS jPA £ .ir'„„ L io larger and best of its kind,contain of Prices and niustrations of evw. nt WATCHESL CLOCKS, CHAINS, JE^LLi^iiY, PLATE aS rurarl CLOCKS, neut post free on applicatior,