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--.. Weekly Notes by QtiLrkqup,…


Weekly Notes by QtiLrkqup, quip. Tho Editor does not hold himself responsible for the opinions expressed in these notes. As wcs generally anticipated, Mr W. L. Morris was ysappointed unanimously to the chairmanship, and so for a year more will have the unique distinction of occupying the highest civic degree which his towns- men can bestow- In the homely words of his pro- poser, Mr David Mcrgan, You can't have a better one," and this expression will be echoed on all sides. O C 0 It aLo goes savs dire that the re-election of the t'.1 vice-chairman, Mr SnelUhas gi-ven quite as widespread n satisfaction- The Press heartily joins with the public in congratulations to both these gentlemen, 0 0 o Mr Lloyd very properly nipped in the bud a prac- tice which might have resulted in a fatality 'ere it had been publicly dealt with. No one can gainsay that the keen rivalry 'twixt the Bristol Channel pleasure Jboats exhibits itself-in an unpleasant form such as spurting for first place at Penarth Pier. The wash 80 close m shore, necessarily endangers those unused to boating, and a mishap would have inevitably Occurred had not Mr Lloyd promptly and publicly deprecated this highly dangerous practice. ú 1. 0 The cuckoo was heard this week in Rogermore Woods. Hail, beauteous stranger of the grove, Thou messenger of Spring; Now earth repairs thy rural bowers. And woods thy welcome eÏJg". This bird has, in truth, a very name. Not only does it occupy the nests and eat the eggs of other birds; but it has mixed itself unpleasantly up with the seventh commandment. According to our great lexicographer, Dr Johnson, it was usual to alarm a husband at the approach of an adulterer, by calling out" cuckoo," which, by mistake, was applied in time to the person .varned. True, the Romans used to call an adulterer a "cuckoo," as Te cuculum uxor ex lustris rapitand Shake spear, in Love's labour lost, has it that The cuckoo, then, on every tree, Mocks married men; for thus sings he, o Cuckoo! Cuckoo cuckoo 1 0 word of fear, I Unpleasiug to a married ear; The bird has one redeeming feature; however. In [ Denmark the lassies religiously believe in the rascal, and assiduously woo him as an oracle. As soon as Spring comes a maid goes out at early morn into the country, and immediately upon hearing him pipe his familiar Cuckoo," asks him how long it will be before she marries. The number of replies he deigns to give are indicative of the years she will have to await 'ere her heart's desire be granted. It would be interesting to know how many gmuks, or April fools he makes of the love-lorn lassies. [Our correspondent has supplanted everyone this year. Ilence: we must announce no further, having first heard the cuckoo,-Ed.] 9 9 0 The Hungarian Band had been bribed—not solely I by the Nonconformist Ministerial Union—but they I had. nevertheless, a fioger in the pie. The Pier is fast becoming a Church promenade, and hence it was ) deemed politic to ban further blandishments. The Salvation Army is about to pioneer a crusade against the unholy ones who take the air of a Sunday on the I pier at Church time. If this be so, all shareholders had better sell out qllÙk. £ 5 shares will not long be at 50 per centprsmium which they are actually worth at present* 0 0 0 Councillor Purnell, locking in the pink of condition' returned last Saturday night from abroad, having taken three months to do Egypt, Italy and France. He was warmly welcomed on Monday by his col- leagues upon resuming his wonted seat at the Council House. 0 0 0 Favouritism for the clerkship of the Works is divided between Mossis E, B. Riley and Tom Griffiths with, perhaps, slight odds on the latter, as evidenced by Monday's market. An exciting finish is expected. 0 0 0 One likes to see a spirit of healthy emulation, even in the Church. All Saints' saints are chuckling over their offertories exceeding St Augustine's. This WAs to be. expected, considering the number of money sermons preached during the year. 0 0 0 This is free to organists, » Knock 'em in the old Kent Road," played in slow time, makes a beautifuj voluntary, This can easily be verified by anyone able to improvise; Mediocres warned off.