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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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i I U WgAlAY ff*«WEl.L<MJg HOUSEHOLD «EPKSH«. »B8QL1»TE4.V HAHW1.E—^ j 1 | TRY-THEIA FOR THE CURE OF ALL TOMAOH LIVER L I V E R THEY REMOVE ALL IMPURITIES PROM THE BLOOD, KEEP THB SKIN HEALTHY AND FREE PROM SPOTS. CURE POR ECZEMA, ROCK'S PILLS instantly relieve Headache, and effectually care Constipation, Biliousness, Pains m tha Btomacb, Head, Back.CheBt, & Muscles, Rheamatism, Sickness,Diarrhoea, Nausea, Acidity, Eructations, &c. No household should be without these invaluable Pills. Keep always in readiness; take a dose when feeling unwell; they may be taken at any time. The ingredients are of purely Vegetable Extracts, there con be no fear of oatohing cold through taking these Famous Pills. At ail times they will m found most useful. Price 111, 219,416, and 11/- per Box. (Free by poet.) THE UNIVERSAL DRUG CO., M/PLEET STREET. LONDON. J Volk I ,e flKtSAM Q» A BALSAM OS" Mi BD fos ASTHMA, BMMCHITIS, NIGHt COUCK, 1KFLUEHZA, HOARSENESS, AND 4LC, LUf40 TROUBLES. INAFF and reuablh. 0 S&tafjlisUed 70 Yearr- 9»&e Marie on Wrappers. aOLn BY CHEWSTS In Bottles, V4» 2/3, G. T. PHILPOTT, Ms&cjhLeisi Daiy, 84, WINDSOR ROAD PENARTH. lurd Milk, Fresh Butter Poultry and New Laid Eggs. A Trial solicited. Quality Guaranteed. t.- Ii'l;r'<v RR«T ALL xiaworaABx^ES, REMOVE »tJ- "Bynnjcrioxs, and relieve the. dixtrtssing symptom* so prival4fnt wit.h Out sex. Boxes, 1/1$& 2/5 (the tatter contain* Uiree taxes the quantity), of all Chemists, or will bo sent Mprliws, on receipt of 15 or 34 "stamps. by the Maker— prival4fnt -with Out sex. Boxes, I/H & 2/5 (the tatter contain* Uiree taxes the quantity), of all Chemists, ('1" will bo sent Mprliws, on receipt of 15 or 34 "stamps. by the Maker— 3. T. TOWM5, Chemist, Nottingham. L Ewarf. of Im<UaltOM, injurious and 1J>orthlfN. Presentation Sfnife SPECIAL OFFER to the Readers 01 the Penarth Chronicle" for a limited time. PRICE to the first 500 Applicants Is, Post Free Is. 2d, 4 IMITATION IVORY AND TORTOISE SHELL. WT J. PHILLIPS, & CO. 137 'JS&TJST STREET J :-> tI ;lL J:, I l '!I .Jr-liTlllr PRINTING JdL J!L JM A AT SPECIALLY LOW PRICES. AT TBE PENARTH CHRONICLEOFFICE LADIES' & GENTS' VISITING CARDS. INVITATION & AT HOME CARDS. The Cheapest House in the District. I BOOKBINDING IN EVERY STYLE AND QUALITY ESTIMATE GIVEN FOR ALL CLASSES O WORK ♦ Chronicle Printing Works, Penarth .J J SWEET SLEEP IN SWEET SHEETS. i Wash your sheets with HUDSON'S, they will always be sweet as roses, fresh as sea breezes. HUDSON'S SOAP is a Fine Powder in Packets. Leaves no smell. Printed and Published by James Fergusson Pickford at Ms Office. Arcot-street and Flassey-Btreet penarth in the County of Glamorgan;