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ithe Oldest Established Pork Butcher in Penarth- RICHARD GUY, Wholesale and Retail Pork Butcher, Ham and Bacon Curer, and Pork Sausage Manufacturer, 93, GLEBE STREET, PENAKTH, AND 103, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK TRY OUR NOTED pork: PIES. .i; PER LB. ANY SIZE MADE TO ORDER. ) j Ifni, 7 .ý- "N. l II'iI PATENT MALT BREAD. (ROY A I.TV SECURED).™ T. BfALKER Family Grocer and Confectioner i Maughan Terrace & 56J Windsor Road PEN ARTE* BREAKFAST—SUPPER. E r I-s vs GRATEFUL—COMFORTING. COCOA BOIIJNG W4CTI 1;f. -0." tfUwamdorbS WATCHES Are the Best Value, the Strongest, most Durablet MA Finest Timekeepers ever made. TESTIMONIALS FROM THOUSANDS of Owoet8 now using them in all parts of the world. 'wATCHE^ i Made on an Improved System. Not liable to failure, giving Extra Strength, greater freedom from aocideoilyttv Reduced Cost of Manufacture. LADY'S "LUDGATi" WATCH Mapest and Beat Engl h Lever ever made at thI i ce. Is Silver Cases In Met. Gold Casol Best Lindon made: Three-quarter Plate English Lever. frilly Jewelled, Chronomet er Balance. Enlarged Barrel. Patent Dust and Damp Proof Jiia^ Band. Specially recommended for ladies wear, An Exact Timekeeper Thousands have been SON* Absolutely the Best Value made. Price £ i010s., in 3Iassive 18ct. Gold Crystal GJaII Uases. In Sterling Silver Cases, C. 5 5s. Performance warranted. Sent free and safe to all parts of the world. MEMO solo "Lv%ppj ATr. WATCH The Strongest, Best, and Cheapest English Levat ever made for;C5 53- Unequalled for Accuracy, Durability, and Value. In Silver Cases In 18ct. Gold Com London made Three quarter Plate English Lever, Jewelled throughout, Chronometer Balance, Enlarged Barrel, Patent Dust and Proof Ring Bu.nd. Keeps better timf >.han, and is deubie the Strength and Value of any Sfi 5s. Watch yet madfc In Thre<»Sizes. Small (a.s ilhMtrated) f H* Gentleman and Youths. Medium for Working generally. and Large 'for Miners and Jiailway men. In JVDis;*ii«*r, M-iir.i; Silver Cases, with CrystalGlOftf 4:5 5s. In 18et. Gold Crystal Glass GontleaMOt size, Rif 12s. Performance warranted. TESTIMONIALS troll THOUSANDS of WEARERS. Sent free and safe to all parts of the world. c!átIJMlAOJl; Will send the above Watches, together witll Warranty for correct performance, to any pant of the world free and at his risk on raceipt P.Q.O., payable at G P.O., Bank Draft, or Cash. CLOCKS for the house, of every kind, in great variety and of the newest designs, from SI to £ 500. CHURCH and TCTHEETCLOCKS.- Estimate and advice free. Just completed Great Clocks for Portsmouth Town Hall, Aslitoa-undefc Lyne Hftish Church, and many others. PLATE, both for household uaa. Jt- In Sterling Silver and Plata. Jhe prettiest patterns and best Quality, at moderate prices. JEWELLERY, in fine Gems or Plain Gold of best London make. Many thousands o noveltie* at manufacturers' prices. ENGAGEMENT RINGS, in endless variety sei with the finest Gems, and of best Loudon "Speeiality Brilliant Ririg.-s, at £ .3, £ 10. and iVo Selections free on receipt of reference. BENSON'S PAMPHLET, the largest and basf of its kind, containing nearly 200 pages of -T nd, Illustrations of everv class rvf WATOTTWsC.