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Notes and Comments.


Notes and Comments. SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION, THE eighth triennial election of the Penarth School n Board took place last Friday. For eighteen *)• o years in succession Mr Llewellyn has sat at the Board table, and now he has been ejected for another period. The election in itself was fought.under extra- ordinary circumstances. For the first time in the his- tory of the Board politics were introduced, whilst there was a division in the ranks of the Undenomiua- tionalists, occasioned by the unsatisfactoiy position taken up by Mr G C. Thompson. Then it was so late when the attempt was made to run new candi- dates, that it was felt by many that it would be better to make an effort to heal the breach. It was evident, however, to all who took any active part m tne contest, that this could not be effectively done, I and ali ft-It that the position of the Undenomina- tionalists was exceedingly shaky and the result veiy doubtful. In the end there was not much to com- plain of. for although Mr Thompson was deserted, one of the churcb party, viz., Mr Snell, fared even worse, snowing- that there was a lack of unity, even between Churchmen Jlnd Conservatives. It was almost every- where confidently anticipated that Mr Sam Thomas would heaci trie poll, and that Mr Llewellyn, Mr j Lloydj and tne Rector, would run him very close for I ) second place, but few expected that Dr Aitken would obtain third honours. and seme went so far as to pre- t diet for him a crushing defeat, a regular extinguisher. I Mr Riches was known to be a strong' candidate forhil party, but on the other hand, as Mr Emlyn Jones had not previously interssted himself in public iiiattersi- it was not known what his influence was. There is no doubt that Mr Llewellyn and Mr Sam Thomas would have been very much higher on the list of the elected had it not been that, for the sake of their weaken brethren, they had asked many of the electors to poll | entirely for Messrs Jones and Thompson. A com* I parison of figures show that whilst the four Undea nommationalists, Messrs Thomas, LlewelJvn, Jones and Thompson, received together 3.272 votes, the three Churchmen, Messrs Sweet-Escott Snell and Riches, with Mr Lloyd, who ran separately, and who received more votes than either of the Church party, only obtained 3,190 votes. Of the three Unsectarians and the three Ghurohmeu elected, the former received a total of 2,603 votes, .and the latter, 2,592. Dr Aitken, it is stated, has to thank the plumpers for his position on the Board, for it appears that in this way he received over 420 votes. Now that the election is over, workers will be able calmly and quietly to review the work of the past few weeks, and probably a few lessons will be gathered which will be helpful in time that is to come. \Ve hope the new Board will work amicably together, and that their first study will be the good of the children.


W. J. Rogers Limited, Jacob…