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BRIDGEND. LANCASTEB-IAN- SCHOOL.—A public lecture was delivered in the above school-room, on Friday evening, September 1, to a very respectable audience, on The Principles of Moral Phi- losophy," by the Rev. J. P., Jones, Baptist minister. The chair was taken at seven o'clock, by the Re/. R. Davies, Pennyvai. A hymn having been sung, the Rev. J. D. Wil- liams engaged in prayer. Mr. Jones in rising said that the mDtive which led him to lecture on the present occasion arose, not from, a desire to acquire fame or renown, but from a feeling of the duty he owed to the rising generation, that he considered it an important; part of our Christian religion to look well to the education and religious training of the young. At 'the close of the lecture, which-occupied upwards of an hour and a half, Mr. Joi-ies, Unitarian minister, proposed that a vote of thanks be given to the lecturer for the very able, eloquent, and not less interesting lecture, which had been so -attentively listened to by all. Mr. Williams, (Independent) in seconding it very warmly and affectionately adverted to the manner in which the school had been conducted since its commencement, and the Christian feeling which has characterised all its move- ments, viz., that it had been truly A work of faith and labour of love," andthat from its commencement nothing what- ever had been done to violate any of the peculiar religious principles of the parents of the children, but that it was in every sense of the term a purely voluntary and unseetarian school. lie (Mr. Williams) also hoped that no person would think that this school had been established with a view to overturn any other institution already existing in the town, but to co-operate with them, and he sincerely hoped from the bottom of his heart, that they would go on in perfect harmony with each other, that there was plenty of work for all to do, and trusted that they would be made abundantly useful. Mr. Jones, in acknowledgiugthe kindness of the friends, and. thank- hg t,hem for the attentive manner in which they had listened to him, assured them that such a compliment was not expected by him, and'that he was not induced by such to take the course he had, but that he was 'actuated by a higher and purer motive, viz., a desire for the welfare of the rising genera- tion. The .reverend gentleman also expressed an earnest desire 'to establish a Mechanics' Institute, for the benefit of the many young men in the town and neighbourhood, and hoped that his friends would second- his efforts, and that the young men .who. now, spent their threepences and their sixpences in iatoxic'atmg- drinks and tobacco, would devote them to a higher ahd nobler-object, an object of which would only improve their minds, enlighten their understanding, but. which is calcu- < -la-ted to better fit1 them for their respective vocations, and make them honourable useful members of society. A collection was made in behalf of the funds of the school, and the doxology having been suag the meeting separated. We understand the committee are engaged in securing a suitable piece of ground for the-erection of a new school-room. We hope they will be successful in their undertaking.

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