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jUmasSat TAFF YALE RAILWAY- WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAYS. ON WIIITMONDAY next, the TIMES of DEPARTURE of the PASSENGER TRAINS will be as follows FROM MERTIIYR TO ABERDARE AND CARDIFF. At 6h. Om. and 9h. Om., Morning; lb. 10m. and 5h. 10m., Aft. FROM ABERDARE TO CARDIFF AND MERTHYR. At 6h. G;n. and Dh. Oui., Morning; 1h. 5m. and 5h. 10m., Afternoon. FROM CARDIFF TO MERTHYR AND ABERDARE. At 9b. 30m., Morn.; 1h. Om. and 5h. Om., Aftcrn.; 8h. m., Even. To and fro Tickets for Whitmonday only will be issued at all the Stations at the rate of Fare and Half Fare for the to and fro jour- ney to Llandaff only, Single Tickets to all Stations at the usual fares. Passengers having to and fro Tickets will deliver them to the Guards upon demand, who will give them a Return Ticket in lieu of it. Further particulars may be obtained by applying at any of the Stations. By order, GEORGE FISHER, Cardiff, May 17th, 1849. General Superintendent. For Sale by Private Contract, A WELL-BUILT SHOP and FOUR DWELLING-HOUSES, JTJL situated in Wellington-street, Merthyr Tydfil, now in the occupation of Mr. James Kerrick, and others. Annual rent about £ 45. Ground rent low. Further particulars, apply to J. H. Langley, Esq., Cardiff. TO CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS. To be Disposed of, by Private Contract, THE BUSINESS of a CHEMIST and DRUGGIST, in 1- High-street, Merthyr, the Proprietor declining the same in consequence of ill health. Further particulars 'may ba obtained, if by letter post-paid, of Mr. Walter Thomas, Chemist and Druggist, High-street, Merthyr Tydfil. INSOLVENT DEBTORS, TO BE HEARD BEFORE THE Judge of the County Court of Glamorganshire, at Cardiff, on the 20th day of June, 1849. ABRAHAM EVANS, of High-street, in the Borough of Mer- thyr Tydfil, in the County of Glamorgan, Licensed victualler, ana keeper of a house called or known by the name or sign of The Farmer's Arms previously of the Black Horse," Peny- darren, in the said borough of Merthyr Tydfil, in the county aforesaid, licensed victualler, and agent for the sale of beer and porter; and now a prisoner for debt in the county gaol at Cardiff, in the county of Glamorgan. SAMUEL JONES, of Tydvil's Well, in the Parish of Merthyr Tydfil, in the County of Glamorgan, Grocer and Provision Dealer, and keeper of a beer-house, called or known by the name or sign of The Barley Mow," and now a prisoner for debt in the gaol at Cardiff, in the county of Glamorgan. \TO"ILLTAM WILLLAMS. late of the Swan public-house, If Dowiais, m the Parish ot Merthyr Tydin, m the Uounty ol Glamorgan, Licensed Victualler, and previously of Beaufort Iron Works, in the Parish of Llangattock, in the County of Brecon, out ef business. u T. GRIFFIN PHILLPOTTS, Solicitor, Cardiff. CARMARTHENSHIRE. To be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Wm. Davies, At the SHIP AND CASTLE INN, in the town of LLANELLY, Car- marthenshire, on THURSDAY, the 24th day of MAY, 1849, at four o'clock in the afternoon, under an Order of the Court of Bankruptcy, and subject to such conditions as shall then and there be produced,— ALL that desirable and improvable TENEMENT and LANDS, called and known by the name of Pantygwenith, situate in the parish of Llanelly, in the county of Carmarthen; consisting of Three Cottages and a Cowhouse, with a Garden, and Lands, containing in the whole by estimation 10A. 2R. 25p., be the same more or less, now in the occupation of Mr. William Edmund. This property, which is presumed to be worth at least £15 per annum, is situate about two miles and a half from the market town cf Llanelly, and adjoins the old turnpike-road leading from that town to Carmarthen, and about half a mile from the collieries. Lime may be procured at about four miles distance. The tenant claims to be entitled to hold the Premises under a lipase for-the lives of himself and his wife, respectively aged about 40 years, at the annual rent of zCS and the Property will- be sold subject to the said lease, if any such exist. For further particulars and conditions of sale apply to A. J. Acraman, Esq., official assignee, Bristol; Messrs. Savery, Clark, and Co., solicitors, Bristol; or to Messrs. D. Thomas and Banks, solicitors, Brecon. DIOCESE OF ST. DAVID'S. CONFIRMATION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rpHAT the LORD BISHOP of ST. DAVID'S intends to hold 1 a CONFIRMATION at the following times and places, viz :— Jilonday .June 4th at Mydrim, at 11 O'Clock. Ditto at Trelech-ar-Bettws, at 3. Tuesday 5th at Llanarthney, at 2. Wednesday 6th at Carmarthen, at 11. Thursday. 7th at Llandilo, at 2. Friday 8th at Idangadoek, at half-past 10, Ditto. at Llandovery, at 3. Saturday 9th at Brecon, at 2. Monday 11th at Crickhowell, at 2. Tuesday 12th at Michael Church Eskley, at half-past 2. Wednesday 13th at Hay, at 2. Thursday 14th at Buiith, at 11. Ditto at Rhayader, at 3. Friday lath at Llaubadarn-fawr, at 11. Saturday 18th at Kerry, at half-past 11. Monday 18th at Aberystwyth, at 11. Tuesday 19th at A'berayron, at 11. Wednesday 20ih at Llanddewi-Brefi, at 2. .Thursday 21st at Lampeter, at 11. Friday 22nd at Llandyssil, at 2. Monday 25th at Kidwelly, at 2. Tuesday 26th at Llanelly, at 11. Wednesday 27th at Ystradfelty, at 2. Thursday 28th at Ystradgynlais, at 2. Friday 29th at Llanrhidian, at 2. Saturday 30th at Swansea, at half-past 11. Monday July 2nd at Laugharne, at 2. Tuesday 3rd at Tenby, at 11. Ditto at Pembroke, at 3. Wednesday 4th at Castiemartin, at 2. Thursday 5th at i I io r cl, a t 11. Friday 6th at Haverfordwest, at half-past 11. Saturday 7th at Nurberth, at half-past 11. 8th at Neweastle-Emlyn, at 2. Tuesday 10th at Cardigan, at,2. "Wednesday 11th at Newport, at 2. Thursday. 12th at Fishguard, at 2. .Friday l'llh at St. David's, at 2. By desire of theWhnp, VALENTINE DAVIES, N. P., Dy. Registrar. Registry, Carmarthen, 10th April, 1848, WEST OF ENGLAND FASHIONABLE TAILOItlNG ESTABLISHMENT^ No. 10, SMITH.STREET, CARDIFF. WILLIAM LEWIS, TAILOR and DRAPER, begs most respectfully to inform his numerous Friends and Supporters, as well as the Public generally, that he has just received A large Assortment of New and Fashionable Goods suitable to the forthcoming Season. An early inspection will greatly oblige. All orders executed on the shortest notice. W. L. begs also to add, that he has a large stock of WOOLLEN GOODS of every description and price for sale. N.B.—BEST LONDON AND PARIS HATS. 10, Smith-street, Cardiff", April 19, 1849. ANCHOR HOUSE, DUKE. STREET, CARDIFF. ■' $' THOMAS DAYIES E, GS most respectfully to express his sincere acknowledgments to the Sentry and the Inhabitants generally of Cardiff and its 13 Vicinity, for the distinguished patronage he has been favoured with siace his commencement iii Business and to assure them that his best endeavours will be exerted to merit their future support. With this object in view he has just visited the Metropolitan and other Markets, and has selected with the greatest care an extensive assortment of the Newest and most Fashionable Designs in DRESSER, SHAWLS, HANDKERCHIEFS. RIBBONS L ICE STRAWS, FAMILY MOURNING, &c., &c., with a large and varied Stock of LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPERY, including CARPETINGS, FURNITURES, and FAMILY LINEN of every description. His attention will be particularly directed to the punctual execution of all orders that he may be entrusted with. He further begs to announce that the whole of his New Goods for the Season are now ready for inspection, and the favour of a call will greatly oblige. NEW TEA AND GROCERY 1VAREHOUSE, n; IIIGILSTRRET, CArWfT OPPOSITE THE BRANCH BANK OF ENGLAND. ^-■ HIC11 Alii) CALDIOOTT T> ESPECTFULLY apprises the Gentry, Clergy, and Families of Cardiff and its neighbourhood, that having now completed his J\, arrangements, he will open the above premises on SATURDAY, MAY 12th, with an entire new STOCK of TEAS, COFFEES, and GENERAL GROCERIES, and respectfully invites atrial, assuring, all who may so favour him that their ordere shall have the most prompt attention, and the quality of his articles such as cannot fail to give entire satisfaction. BLACK TEAS. s. d. GREEN TEAS. s. d. COFFEES. d. Good Congou Tea. 3 6 Twankay 3' 6 GoodConee. 1 0 Strong Rough ditto. 4 0 Young Hyson. 4 0 Fine Plantation 1 4 Full-flavoured Souchong. 4 8 Very Fine Wiry Leaf 5 0 Rich Mountain, Mellow Flavour 18 The Very Fiiie-st 5 0 Fine Pearl Gunpowder 6 0 Real Old Mocha 2 0 The Very Finest 7 0 FRY'S FANCY AND PLAIN CHOCOLATES AND COCOAS. BISCUITS, MANUFACTURED BY J. W. MACKIE, PURVEYQR. TO THE QUEEN.-This beautiful article is made by machi- nery, without handling, and pronounced to be superior to all others. RICH SAUCES and PICKLES, by the best Makers; SMOKED, GLOUCESTER BACON, very mild; WILTSHIRE, CHEDDAR, and AMERICAN CHEESE; YORK HAMS; &e. Cardiff, May 12, 1849. P A P E, R IIANGING., —' A. BEVAN, PAINTER, PAPER HANGER, &c., PATENT PLATE AND CROWN GLASS WAREHOUSE, No. 5, CASTLE-STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS to announce to the Gentry, Clergy, Tradesmen, and other Inhabitants of this Town and its Neighbourhood, that he has just received SEVERAL THOUSAND PIECES of PAPER, of the NEVEST AND MOST EXPENSIVE DESIGNS, from the London and Birmingham Houses; and that he has made his purchases upon such -terms as enable him to supply the Public at very Reduced Prices. Patterns forwarded on Application. Experienced Workmen sent to any Distance. Cardiff, April 18th, 1849. T. ATnifS BEGS to announce that lie has ready for inspection a variety of Materials for DRESSES, suitable for the present Season also Paisley, Barege, and Cashmere Shawls.—ia .axy i!.Luuxiuiig. jBunerais rnrnisiied. JIES. WHi.iE Respectfully informs the Ladies of Cardiff and its Neighbourhood that her STOCK of MILLINERY for the Season is now on view together with an Assortment of New Shapes in MANTLES, &c. Straw Bonnets. Children's Dresses. 21, Duke-street, Cardiff. TEAS AT- WHOLESALE PRICES, CARRIAGE FITEE, No. 2, BUCKLEESBUBY, CHEAPSIDE. THE heading of our Circular sufficiently indicates the basis of our system,, via.—that of supplying the Public with Teas and Coffees at Wholesale Prices for Ready Money. This announcement may appear somewhat presuming; and the question may naturally arise—How one party can sell at Wholesale Prices, while another requires a Retail Profit ? The answer is simply this Our arrangements are identical with those of the largest Wholesale Establishments, and framed on the most Economical Scale. Our Warehouse, situate in a bye thoroughfare is one of "the most spacious in London, and affords the Greatest Facilities for the most Extensive Transactions, and is entirely0unencumbered with those merciless expenses inseparable from the show of a Retail Shop, and for which indirectly the purchaser is taxed. Our business the parent of many branches, extending throughout the United Kingdom, is of such magnitude, that our purchases are necessarily large, and we thus derive every advantage the market affords." It will, therefore, be seen that we are in a position to supply the pubile en the best and most economical ternis-in fact, to supply at first hand by which all intermediate jjrofits are saved. a In quoting a partial selection of our prices, we have appended a few recommendatory remarks, and we wish particularly to be understood as holding ourselves responsible for each character so appended. We mention this, in consequence of the too frequent practice of late-particularly in the Tea Ti-ade-of gulling the public with false alluring titles—and while some are distributing their rubbish at half a crown a pound, others adopt the ingenious appellation offJest Black Tea, which, for quality, is on a par with Best Hals, 4s. 9d.; Best Boots, 8s. 6d.; and Best Goats, a Guinea. It is, in point of fact, pretty candid confession that they do not kccp the finer deseriptions of Tea. The following List is composed from the Latest and most Favourable Quotations in the Market. BLACK TEAS. s. d. Goon ORDINARY CONGOV ( a very fair common Tea) .2 8 GOOD USEFUL CONGOU (a useful Tea, decidedly cheap) .3 0 STRONG CONGOU TEA (a very good Tea for domestic use) .3 4 FINE STRONG CONGOU, PEKOE FLAVOUR (This is an excellent Tea, and deservedly in renute) 3 8 FINE PEKOE SOUCHONG .4 0 (We might here refrain from publishing a higher price, for positively a higher price is unnecessary but we keep the higher prices for Connoisseurs.) SUPERIOR PEKOE SOUCHONG (from the Kongshing estate, rich and rare) 4 4 LAPSANG SOUCHONG ..5 0 (This is the acme of perfection in Tea, and bears comparison in repute to old Beeswing Port.) .>. GREEN TEAS. s. d. GOOD USEFUl, GnBBN (this will mix with Black at 2s. 8d) 3 0 FImTwANKAY (this with the Black at 3.) 3 4 YOUNG HYSON (a very good Tea, and with the 3s. 4d. Black-, excellent mixtui-e) g FINB YOUNG HYSON (a little oil the Cowslip flavour) .'4 0 GUNPOWDER TEA (very strongly recommended) ""4 4 SUPERIOR YOUNG HYSON (This is a most excellent Tea, and is really the most useful of all our Green Teas; it pos- sesses great strength and a fine aromatic flavour.) 5 q FINEST HYSON (This is a choice Tea, possessing all those rich and delicate qualities fine Hysons are celebrated for) .§ 0 FINEST GUNPOWDER 7 0 (This is The Gunpowder, and is quite a treat not'inariy years since it was sold at lGs. per lb.) COPP We wish to direct particular attention to Coffee, from the fact of our having, alter great trouble and expense, succeeded in perfecting he machinery for roasting, which has never before been discovered. Letters patent are already taken out for the invention which preserves the aroma, aud removes that acidity, so.frequently complained of bv delicate persons. -Y _pl I" I I S. (I. GOOD CEYLON COFFEE (Gootl sound Coffee)..0 10 FINE CEYLON COFFEE (a. very good Coffee) .1 0 FINE PLANTATION- (recommended) 1 2 S. d. FINEST JAVACOFFBE (much and deservedly in request) ,1 4 THE FINEST CUBA COFFEE (strongly recommended) !l 6 [- FINEST MOCHA COFFEE g It will be naturally inferred from the above that it is a favourable time to lay in a stock, as priccs never were v0 low nor can a greater fall reasonably be anticipated until the excessive duty of 2s. 24d: is reduced. For examnie, we are now sdW Qo-id siunil Congou at 3s. per lb., which, after deducting the duty, leaves but 9fd. to remunerate the merchantsund pay all expends of imDort-ifii»n a price by which the importers must be great losers. 1 poiwuan— Referring to-thc xvbpve list we venture to solicit a. contmuance*of that support hitherto so liberally bestowed. Having now. established one of the.Largest Businesses in the kingdom, we refer with pride to the progressive increase durin» the last twenty years, proving that our System of Business, based on liberal principles of commercial enterprise, and holding nut unprecedented advantages, is fully appreciated. All orders are expected to bo accompanied by a remittance or Post Office order or if a reference in London be made, payment on receipt and approval of the goods will be sufficient. Our Terms are Cash, §»d we seek remuneration only by magnitude of business. Our motto isSmall profits and quic/e returns." "j NOTE.—Teas are delivered carriage free to any part of England when the quantity ordered exceeds six pounds, but the carriage of Coflcc is not paid unless accompanied by Tea. 2, Bucldersbury, Chcapside MANSELL AND GO. Delivered Carriage Free to any part of the Kingdom. NEWPORT, MtMMOUTHSIintE. TO PRINTERS, STATIONERS, &o. i TATIONERY, Books, Printing Presses, and Household Fur- |i^ niture, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, on the premises, 1§0, Commercial-street, Newport, Monmouthshire, by order of the Assignee under a fiat in bankruptcy, Mr. GRAVES begs respectfully to announco that he has received instructions from the Assignee to Sell by Auction,- -pa Monday, the 21st of May, 1849, and following days, until the whole is sold, the Stock in Trade of Mr. W. L. Kelly, a bankrupt bookseller and printer. The Stock is in first-rate condition, and will be offered in lot:; to suit families and private individuals. Full particulars in Catalogues, which may be had on the pre- mises, or of the Auctioneer, 38, Commercial-Street. Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock iu the forenoon, and Six in :hc evening, of each day. BAPTIST COLTEGE, PONTypaoI. R S 'HE EXAMINATION and ANNUAL MEETING of this X INSTITUTION will be held 011 TUESDAY arid WEDNESDAY, the 22nd and 23rd inst, I ho \EESH SERMON will be nreaclied on the evening of the 22ud, by MIt. W. ROBERTS, TREDEGAR and the EXGLISH SmulON on Wednesday evening, by THE ^RESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE. TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. WAITED IMMEDIATELY, an ACTIVE YOUNG MAN. lY He viJ be expected to make himself geuorally useful J. oatistactory testimonials will be required. t0 Grocer and Draper, Tredegar Iron E40,000 J"S ready to be ADVANCED upon FREEHOLD asd )o»g LEASEHOLD SECURITIES, at a low rate of Interest, in iigland, Scotland, and Wales, in sums of no less than £ 1,000. Apply to Messrs. Baillie, Gale, and Co., Surveyors, 20, CulernuH- street, Moorgate-strcet, London. None but principals need apply. Postponed from May 19th,. to June 2nd. LLANCARV AN. FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALE. To be Sold by: Auction, by Mr. Mark Marks, ON SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND, 1849, at Two o'clock in the after- noon, at the CROSS KEYS, CARDIFF (subject to such eoii- ditions of sale as shall be then produced), A LL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- _i- HOUSE, with Stable, Garden, and Orchard attached as4 also all that piece or parcel of PRIME LAND adjoining, con- taining together, by estimation, nearly sixteen acres, situate in the Village of Moulton, in the parish of Llanearvan, in the County Glamorgan, and late in the occupation of Mr. William Jenidns, the Proprietor, unless previously disposed of by private contract, on application to Mr. G. S STRAWSO.Y, Surveyor, Cardiff. The Orchard is walled round, and well stocked with fruit-trees. The land-tax on three acres adjoining the house, and including it, the Garden, and Orchard, is redeemed. THE SALE ~™~ OF THE FREEHOLD GROUND-RENTS AT MERTHYR, IS UNAVOIDABLY Postponed from May 8th, until Tuesday, 22nd May. MERTHYR TYDFIL. FHEEROLD GROUND RENTS. To be Sold by Auction by Mr. John Jenkins, At the CASTLE INN, MERTHYR, on TUESDAY, 22nd of MAY, 1849, at Six o'clock in the Evening, (in such Lots as shaIHic agreed upon at the time of Sale,) ALL those GROUND RENTS reserved under the several Leases granted by the late Samuel and Thomas Rees, Esquire*, deceased, for the term of 99 years to various parties, of BUILDING GROUND in and near to High-street and Twyn-yr-odyn. in Merthyr Tvdfil aforesaid. And also the FREEHOLD and INHERITANCE thereof, after the expiration of the said several Leases, together with all Iiousrs, Buildings, and Erections thereon; which Premises are now in the several occupations of James Millward, John Millward, Thtnnajj Millward, John Ferrent, William Todd, Mrs. Evans, Thomas Shep- herd, Josiali Atkins, Daniel Asprey, David Jones, Printer, David Miles, Mrs. Woodman, Walter Thomson, Banker, Thomas Davies Innkeeper, and the Trustees of the Unitarian Chapel. For further particulars apply at the Office of Mr. OVERTON: Solicitor, Merthyr; or to Mr. JOHN JENKINS, Auctioneer' Abcrdare. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. I I THE following steam vessels are intended in sail from Cumberland Basin, Bristol, to and from Cork, Juv^rna and Sabrina; NVater- felil; ntf{f'{u'm'll{i,é/tt'oid''¡vt, Osprey; Car- -re, marthen, Phoenix and Torridge, direct; Swar- ea, County and Beresford; Newport, Swift and Usk; Cardiff', Xiar and Prince of Iflaies, as under-mentioned, during MAY, 18-49 f- FROM BRISTOL TO [_. u s rt • ] £ tc II È MAY. -z fe -g <2 u js 53 g '■ £ ^$* j s s J Tuesday i 1 pin l pm 1 pin 1 p;n 1 p:n 1-iS pai;12 DiW Wednesday 2 2| pm! 1 pm Thursday. 3 3 am PM| JXB Friday 4 p 4 am Saturday. /> -i\ pm 5 au) 4j pIU 5 a,u T °nd,ay '"I ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■">? pm 6 a 5 P Luesaay fe 7 am 7 am 7 am Si aa (U am r,i a Wednesday s 7 am ;\m Va Thuisday. 8 am 7 am am tnrtay n g am g am 3m g aili satuiday .I-' Sam 9 am 8| am 8} an, 13 nd, Monday. li s oj am 9 Tuesday .15 10 am 10 am m 11 am lej am 10. sui Wednesday]*; 12 noon g 111 am 11 u;i. Thursday. 17 3 14 am pm 12nticn Friday 18 2 pin 2 am 2^ pin pjii Saturday.H) 3 pm a 35 am 3 pm 2s jrni Thursday I 3 14 am I pm 12nticn Friday .18 2 pin .8 2 am 21 pin I pjii Saturday.H) 3 pm a 35 am 3 pm 2:1 jrni Monday .21 W 4} pm 5 am :\Iouday .21 I ,11 am Tuesday .22 5pm 6am 6 am 6am 5.j am G a 5 p Wednesday23 7 am 6 am (!l a5'.p Thursday.24 V, am 7 am '7 am Friday 25 8am Sam 7i am 8am Saturday .26 3 am 9 am S§ am Si avn Monday .2? 10} am 10'am 27 Monday .2? 10} am 10'am Tuesday .29 11 am !1 am II am 12noon 111 anv' 10J am Wednesdays'- 13.noon 12$pm 12 noon Thursday.31 w am 1' pin 1 lms June 1 The Torridge will make as many voyages to and from Carmarthen as she can get loaded and the weather will permit. FOR BRISTOL FROM -3 .73 a s 3 S S's MAY. £ a g ,0 tJ p « S. 8 Tuesday 1 12noon 1 am II-} am 11 Wednesdays ] 2 noon 12> mw Ihursday. 3 4 am 14 pm l^jin Friday 4 4 pm 5 am 12ni-lit 5 am 2 pm 2A ™ Saturday. 5 G am 5| am 3 pm 3 ym 6 Monday 7 4 pm 5J a 4J p luesday 8 7 am 8 am 4i pm 6 a 5 p Wednesday!) 5 pm 6 a 5' p T'au sday.10 8.$am 53 am 6 am Friday 11 9 am 8 am 9 am 6 am "> am Saturday .12 9} axn 4 am 9 am 6J. am 7 axu Monday .14 » 7} am tTZa Tuesday 5 11 am g II am 84 am s| am Wednesday 16 g 94 am 94 am Thursday.17 £ 1* am 1 li am 11 am Pm t2i pm 10 pm 0 2i am 12noon 12.J pm Saturday..J9 4 am 4 am Ij pm It pm Monday .21 .77 77 "7" 7T 3 pm 20 Monday .21 .77 77 "7" 7T 3 pm Tuo^Ux am 7 am 4 pin 5 a 4p Wednesday 23 q s« 5liam%a^ s'tu?d>v" in S am ■- 9 a3il 6 acl 6 al" y•- "'j 10 4 am 9 am 6 £ am G.} am Monday .2S c. TT- Tuesday .29 1 am 1U am 91- am s'am WednesdaySO •* ™ ,AidlU ThnrqfjTv •" *•* aJU 2 am 1_11 am lltsm whole of the above vessels are fitted up for the convey- ance ot passengers and goods.—Female stewards on hoard. Carriages and horses shipped with care.—Horses and carriages to be shipped two hours before sailing. 0 Particulars^ may he obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation Company s Office, Quay, Bristol; where all <ra-)V package3, parcels &c., should be ad-.lrossed :-For Swans^'a^ «• +'rr u -T' v' 0wen' Bll!! Whnrf, RedclifF-street and Clar- stieet Ha.l, Marsh-street; and-E. T. Turner, -12, Quay-street; and or Newport, to J. AGENTS—Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby; Mr. J. Rer>s, Haver- .ordwest; Mr. Palmer Milford Mr. Bowen, Pater Mr. John N Smart and Mr. W. Poc*ett, Swansea; Mr. W. R. Harvey and TV'- ft' 5rU o Ir' ,IarLin' Ilfraconibe; Mr. Thomas IWr, Lyntou; Mr. Robert Siascy, Carmurlhen and Mr. P. Jones. Newport.