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HOUSE OF COMMONS.—TUESDAY, MAY 15. EMIGRATION FROM IRELAND. Mr. MOSSELL, pursuant to notice, called the attention of the House to the question of emigration with reference to the neces- sities of Ireland. Wherever the remedy had been tried it had succeeded. It would be objected that the voluntary emigration already going on was excessive; but this was owing to the class or the emigrants, whose flight from the country augmented^ the ctii, increasing the disproportion between capital and population. He described, on the other hand, the vast absorbing power of our colonies, in which the labour of emigrants might be profitably ap- plied to public works, as well as to the impiovemeut ot the land. Jie then-suggested the modes by which emigration trom Ireland be encouraged, namely, giving greater facilities to Poor- !¡: w boards to borrow money for that purpose, and enabling landed proprietors to raise loans on the security of their estates for a limited time, the fund for making the advances to be created en- tirely from Irish resources. He concluded by moving an address t, the Crown for papers. After an amendment had been moved by Mr. O'CONNELL, and a short debate, the original motion was carried by forty-five to ten. ilir. PEArso.-T then rose to move for a select committee to in- quire into the practicability of establishing an uniform system of discipline, punitive, reformatory, and self-supporting, to be applied to all persons sentenced to imprisonment for crime. He adverted to the enormous expense of the present system. But, in addition to the expense, there had been an immense increase of crime, which had advanced 400 per cent., whilst population had in- creased only 05 per cent. He charged the present system with inflicting an enormous injurv on the rate-payers, the poor, and even the orisoners themselves, the mass of whom were men who, in a of freedom, would be able to support not only themselves but five others. His object was to make continuous- labour the means of punishing the criminal, of reforming lum, and of enabling him to support himself-a scheme which had been successfully carried into pr -ctice in other countries. Sir George GUHY gave credit to Mr. Pearson for the pains and a'Ueution he had given to the subject, and concurred in many of Inti opinions but his motion embraced too wide a field of inquiry. After a few words from Mr. PALMER, Mr. BUOTHERTON mo%ed the adjournment of the debate.




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