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POLICE.—MONDAY, MAY 21.- [13efore…


POLICE.—MONDAY, MAY 21.- [13efore the Rev. T. Stacey.] John Stephens, imister of the Union, was charged by Lieut. Dornford with entering the gut of the Bute Dock before the bull was hoisted. Fined 40s. and costs. James Bryant, Mary Bryant, and Cox, were charged with committing a nuisance by depositing liltli and putrid potatoes at the back of the houses in Waterloo-buildings. Mr. Stockdale complained to the bench of the parties, and he was directed to report them to the Street Commissioners. Joseph Brown and Daniel Beddows were charged with having on Saturday last, in company with a man named Bryan, stolen from the person of George Nash, St. Mary-street, aged 17, 6d. in copper, by cutting off his pocket whilst he was held down on some baulk of timber in a field near the wharf. The boy's evidence was confirmed by police constable Morgan, and the case was adjourned. A warrant was issued for the apprehension of Bryan, who has escaped. The superintendent of police, Mr. Stockdale, in discharge of his duty com- plained of Joseph Thomas, for having created a nuisance by burying the entrails of a horse in adungheap, inalane near the free school, inWhitmore- street. The defendant stated that the horse had died, and been given to an Irishman whom he did not know. The case was dismissed. The nuisance was so great that it prevented the usual routine of business at the school, and might have been perceived at a great distance by the stench, which was sufficient to cause fever. George Bull against Mr. Cosslett. This was another of those wages cases, which have lately been so shamefully prevalent, and it was remanded on account of the death of the defendant's mother; but Mr. Cosslett will have to pay the man for his time. „ Mr. Dawe, of the Custom House, Cardiff, applied to the bench for the remand of the prisoners, GuisejipeSanguinetti and JSicholas Gasparini^ of the Nuovo Aurora, of Ancona, charged with smuggling, in order that he might hear from the authorities in London. The following evidence was taken;— Mr. Jenkins, officer .of Customs, sworn: From information I received I went to the station-house on Saturday night and broached two kegs of all inferior kind of brandy, which I placed under detention. In one was three gallons one pint, and in the other one pint short of two gallons. John Rawlins sworn: On Saturday night last I was on duty in Bute-street. I happened to meet police constable Nash; I observed the prisoners coming up Bute-street, and carrying something bulky under their clothes. 1 followed with Nash, and we took them into custody, when they dropped the two kegs, which, with the prisoners, were taken to the station-house. Police constable Nash confirmed the statement. Kemanded.




MONDAY, MAY 21.-[Before II.…