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THE BISHOP OF EXETER. IIENRicus-so the prelate signed his name- Was Lord High Chancellor in things religious; With him church militant in truth became (Nam cedant anna toga)) church litigioui • He kept his deacons notably in awe By flowers epistolar perfumed with law. No man more stern, more fortiter in re, No man more mild, more suaviter in )njclr, When knots grew tough, it was sub'^e to see Such polished sheers go clipping in nodo: A hand so supple, pliant, glib a-"ld quick, Ne'er smooth'd a band or bn-aed a heretic. He seem'd to turn to you his willing cheek, And beg you 11"t to smite too hard the other He seized his victims witil a smile so meek, And wept so fondly o'er his erring brother, No wolf more righteous on a lamb could sup, You vexed his stream—he grieved—and eat you up. King Arthur. --MM7:=

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