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CLIFTON HOTWELLS. r^AMILIES and GENTLEMEN visiting this NEIGHBOURHOOD, or PASSING THROUGH by the Great Western Railway will find the YORK HOTEL, DOWRY SQUARE, near the STEAM PACKET LANDING PLACE, a very comfortable quiet House, combined with moderate charges, &c. Omnibuses, to and from the Great Western, Exeter, and Birmingham Railways. Good Stabling. Lock-up Coach Houses. Private Flys, Britzskas &c. N.B.—No charge made for Private Sitting-rooms. WILLIAM HOOKE, Proprietor. Families would greatly oblige by sending a line per post previous to their arrival. PAPER HANGING. A. BEVAN, PAINTER, PAPER HANGER, &c., PATENT PLATE AND CROWN GLASS WAREHOUSE, No. 5, CASTLE-STREET, CARDIFF, Bpr o t f-nnniinee to the Gentry, Clergy, Tradesmen, and other Inhabitants of this Town and its Neighbourhood, that he has just received SEVERAL THOUSAND PIECES of PAPER, of the NEWEST AND MOST EXPENSIVE DESIGNS, from the London ind Birmingham House's; and that he has made his purchases upon such terms as enable him to supply the Public at very Reduccd Prices. Patterns forwarded on Application. Experienced Workmen sent to any Distance. Cardiff, April 18th, 1849. IJ, PURCHASE, SEN., & COMPANY, AUCTIONEERS, ACCOUNTANTS, BROKERS, COMMISSION, GENERAL, AND ESTATE AGENTS, Castle-street, Castle-gate, CARDIFF, and George-street House, BATH. J J PURCHASE, SEN.. & CO., most respectfully and urgently direct public attention to their system of business guaranteeing implicit confidence, punctuality, and despatch in all transactions of the various brauches committed to their charge, studiously persevering to deservedly merit the honour of a large share of patronage. A personal acquaintance with importers of commerce throughout the United Kingdom, places them in a position to effect business on most advantageous and economical terms. 24, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. H. GRANT BEGS most respectfully to inform his Friends and the Public that he is now SELLING OFF the whole of his well-selected Stock of Watches, Clocks, Musical Boxes, Jewellery of every Description, Plate and Plated Wares, Optictil, Nautical, Mathematical, and other Instruments, Charts, Log and Cargo Books, together with a large assortment of CABINET and FANCY GOODS, TABLE and FANCY CUTLERY, PERI1 UMERY, &c., &e. The whole of which he is disposing of at a very great reduction. p g _TT q takes the present opportunity to return his grateful acknowledgments to his numerous Friends and Supporters for all Pa t favours •' and assures them it shall be his constant study to merit their future patronage. All work in the above business executed 0n\he premises at the shortest notice at very moderate prices. May 31, 1849. T E Å SAT WHOLESALE PRICES, carriage free, No. 2, BUCKLERSBURY, CHEAPSIDE. r HE heading of our Circular sufficiently indicates the basis of our system, viz.—that of supplying the Public with Teas and Coffees at JVlwlesale Ready 11Ioney.. appealsome what presuming; and the question may naturally arise-How one party can sell at Wholesale Pnia onnthpr rpnuires a Retail Profit ? The answer is simply this Our arrangements are identical with those of the largest and framed on the most Economical Scale. Our Warehouse, situate in a bye thoroughfare, is one of the rrwif 0 •, T nnflra, 'v.iA affords the Greatest Facilities for the most Extensive Transactions, and is entirely unencumbered with thn=!« if*10.115 ^voenses inseparable from the show of a Retail Shop, and for which indirectly the purchaser is taxed. Our business, the branches, extending throughout the United Kingdom, is of such magnitude, that our purchases are necessarily large, and we tlius"derive every advantage the market affords." It will, therefore, be seen that we are in a position to supply the pubile on the best and most economical -in fact, to supply at first hand by which all intermediate profits are saved. In quoting a partial selection of our prices, we have appended a few recommendatory remarks, and we wish particularly to be Understood as" holding ourselves responsible for each character so appended. We mention this, in consequence of tile too frequent Practice of late particularly in the Tea Trade—of gulling the public with false alluring titles—and while some are distributing their rubbish at half a crown a pound, others adopt the ingenious appellation of best Black Tea, which, for quality, is on a par with Best Ha's, 4s. t)a Best Boots, 8s. 6d.; and Best Coats, a Guinea. It is, in point of fact: pretty candid confession that they do not keep the finer descriptions of Tea. TTIP followinff List is composed from the Latest and most Favourable Quotations in the Market. Q BLACK TEAS. s. d. Go an OKDINAUY CONGOU ( a very fair common Tea) 2 8 ^OOI) USEFUL CONGOU (a useful Tea, decidedly cheap) 3 0 Strong CONGOU TEA (a very good lea for domestic use) .3 4. PINE STRONG CONGOU, PEKOE FLAVOUR (Ihis is an excellent Tea, and deservedly in repute) ° ^N'K PEKOE SOUCHONG • • V-* "*I •" (We might here refrain from publishing a higher price tor ■' positively a higher price is unnecessary but we keep the Superior Pekoe Souch'onCi (from the Kongshing estate, rich^ and rare) "r Q ^G SOUCHONG (This is the acme of perfection in Tea, and bears comparison in renute to old Beeswing Port.) GREEN TEAS..8. d. GOOD USEFUL GREEN (this will mix with Black at 2s. 8d). ,3 0 FINE TWANKA Y (this with the Black at 3s.) .3 4 YOUNG HYSON (a very good Tea, and with the 3s. 4d. Black, makes an excellent mixture) .3 8 FINE YOUNG HYSON (a little on the Cowslip flavour) 4 0 GUNPOWDER TEA (very strongly recommended) .4 4 SUPERIOR YOUNG HYSON (This is a most excellent Tea, and is really the most useful of all our Green Teas; it pos- sesses great strength and a fine aromatic flavour.) 5 0 FINEST HYSON (This is a choice Tea, possessing all those rich and delicate qualities fine Hysons are celebrated for) 6 0 FINEST GUNPOWDER .7 0 (This is The Gunpowder, and is quite a treat; not many years since it was sold at 16s, per lb.) COFFEE. We wish to direct particular attention to Coffee, from the feet of our having, after great trouble and expense, succeeded in perfecting he machinery for roasting, which has never before been discovered. Letters patent are already taken out for the invention, which preserves the aroma, and removes that acidity, so frequently complained of by delicate persons. s. d. 8 d. GOOD CEYLON COFFEE (Good sound Coffee)..0 10. FINEST JAVA COFFEE (much and deservedly in request) .1 4 PfNi- CEYI OX COFFEE (a very good Coffee) 1 0 THE FINEST CTJBA COFFEE (strongly recommended) 1 0 PLANTATION (recommended) 1 2 FINEST MOCHA COFFEE 1 8 It will be naturally inferred from the above that it is a favourable time to lay in a stock, as prices never were so low, nor can a greater fall reasonably be anticipated until the excessive duty of 2s. 2jd. is reduced. For example, we arc now selling Good sound ,C'ungolt at 38. per lb., which, after deducting the duty, leaves but 9|d. to remunerate the merchants and pay all expenses of importation— a price by which the importers must be great losers. Referring to the above list we venture to solicit a continuance of that support hitherto so liberally bestowed. Having- now established one of the Largest Businesses in the. kingdom, we refer with pride to the progressive increase during ■the last twenty years, proving that our System of Business, based on liberal principles of commercial enterprise, and holding out Unprecedented advantages, is fully appreciated.. T, ruK n o All orders are expected to bo accompanied by a remittance or Post Office order or it a reference in London be made, payment on receipt and approval of the goods will be sufficient. Our Terms are Cash, and we seek remuneration only by magnitude of business. ^ur motto is, Small profits and quick returns." NOTE. Teas are delivered carriage free to any part of England when the quantity ordeied exceeus six pounds, but tne carriage of Coffee is not paid unles3 accompanied by Tea. T T NRN nn 2, Buckl'ersbury, Cheapside # MANSELL AND CO. Delivered Carriage Free to any Part of the Kingdom. oA 0, t4 D ¡ f GUTTA PERCH A TUBING being unaffected by moisture, acids, al kalies, grease, &c., is useful for the con- veyance of Gas, Water, Oil, Chemicals, I/quid Manure, &c. It is peculiarly va- riable for Drain and Soil Pipes.-Ill case of any stoppage, an incision can be made in the tubing with a sharp knife, and readily closed again by means of a warm iron. Its strength is extraordi- nary the small half-inch diameter tub- ing, having resisted a pressure of 280 lbs. on the square inch without bursting. GtTTTA PERCHA is totally imper- vious to wet, and may be steeped in water, r buried in damp or marshy ground for years witnout undergoing any material change; it is not so liable to incrustation, and from its opeculiar property as a non-conductor, is not affected so soon by the frost of winter or the drought of summer, as metal or leather. The smaller sizes of the Tubing may be had in lengths of 100 feet, and the larger sizes of 00 feet each. Gutta Percha Tubinw being so extraordinary a conductor of sound, is now being extensively used as speaking-tubes in mines, Manufactories, hotels, warehouses, &c. This tubing may also be applied in Churches and Chapels, for the purpose of enabling deaf persons to listen to the sermon, &c. For conveying messages from one room to another, or from the mast-head to the deck of a vessel, it is invaluable. It is also an excellent medium for ventilating mines. MILL BANDS.—The increasing demand for the Gutta Percha strapping for driving bauds, iathe-straps, &c., fully justifies the *trong recommendations they have everywhere received. GUTTA PELICHA PUMP BUCKETS, CLACKS, &C,Plow applications of Gutta Pereha appear likely to be ofsneli extensive "le to manufacturers, engineers, &c., as the substitution of it for leather in pump buckets, valves, &e. These bucket can be had of any or thickness, without scam or joint, and as cold water will never soften them, they seldom need any repair. GUTTA PERCIIA ORNAMENTS.—In imitation of the finest wood carving, suitable for the decoration of Houses, cabinet- "rork, GUTT A PERCH CRICKET BALLS are superior to any others yvt invented. Tney are never softened by the grass however *ot, and being made without any stitching are not liable to rot like the leather ones GUTTA PERCHA BOUNCING BALLS may be had m every variety of colour. GUTTA PERCH A CLOTHES' LINES.—Being unaffected by the weather, they may be left out in the open air without sustaining '3 Ury n GUTTA PERCHA BALSAM.—'Valuable for stopping the bleeding from cuts, &c. GUTTA PEilCHA WINDOW BLIND CORD is easily joined by heating tne ends. Does not contract and expand like tne •'diuary Cord. It may be had of various colours.. Gutta Per "hi su'es solution flower-pots*, inkstands, card-trays, medallions, picture-frames, brackets, mouldings, window-blind son-dishes tap-ferules, cornices vases, fire-buckets, bowls, pen-trays, stethescopus, thin lining, thread, ear-trumpets, &c., &c.. ) ^aaiifi'c^'ared at tho Company's Works, Wharf-road, City-road, London; and may bo haa of their wholesale dealers in town or country, < FURNITURE EMPORIUM, II ILL. S T R E E T, NEWPORT. MARY JONES, Widow of the late Mr. S. JONES, Cabinet-Maker, &c., Hill-street, in retiring from the business carried on by LV her late husband, for thirty years, and by herself during the past three years, begs to return the public her most grateful acknow- ledgments for the patronage bestowed on the business, during these terms; and to announce that she has now retired in favour ot livr Son and Mr. Taylor, from Cheltenham, for whom she solicits a continuance of the kind patronage of the public. JONES AND TAYLOR, In succeeding to the above business, assure those who may favour them with their orders, that no exertion will be spared in truir execution, in the most modern styles, with the very best workmanship, in the most prompt manner, and at the lowest remunerate, e prices. The present stock in the ware-rooms and show-rooms consists of an extensive assortment of sideboards, cheffioneers, extensible and other dining tables, loo and card ditto, in rosewood and mahogany, sofas, couches, lounge, and other chairs, in rosewood, mahogany, and other, woods, bedsteads, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressing and chimney glasses, dressing and wash tables, &c., &c., and every variety of furniture fit for the mansion or the cottage. A large Assortment of floor-cloths, matting, and paper-hangings always on hand, at the manufacturers' prices. Also feather and millpuff beds, hair and other mattresses, palliasses, &c. GREAT BRITAIN STORES, NEAR THE POST-OFFICE, CARDIFF. L. WALTER, TAILOR, WOOLLEN DRAPER, HATTER, AND GENERAL OUTFITTER, RETURNS his sincere and unfeigned acknowledgments to his numerous Patrons and Friends, for their valuable custom, and the extreme liberality evinced by them m the recommendation of their Friends; and begs to assure them that no exertion will be spared on his part, as far as capital, industry, human exertion, and practical experience, may enable him to ensure a continuance ol their Patronage. The success that has marked his progress in the bespoke department, proves that such an Establishment was wanted in Cardiff; and it is scarcely necessary that he should remind the Public that the great governing principle upon which his Business is conducted, is that of furnishing, at its original Wholesale Price, and for the lowest remunerating profit, the most necessary article that enters into the expenditure of every family, and every individual in the Kingdom; therefore, it is as much the interest of the Public as the Proprietor to recognise and encourage the justness and fairness of this system of Business. Having completed a New and Fashionable Stock of Clothing for the ensuing Season, comprising such an assortment as, for beauty of material, excellence of style, and lowness of price, by far exceeds any ever before offered to the public of Cardiff, L. W. solicits an early inspection, confident that the result must be the general approbation and support of all persons who rightly appreciate the advan- tages of Fashionable Dress. The Proprietor of this Establishment, while he courts the custom of the wealthy, and renders it worthy their patronage by furnish- ing the very best material, and making up the same in the,first style of the art, places the most elegant articles within the reach of all to whom economy is an object, with the additional advantage {not to be obtained elsewhere) of returning any article ordered which, decs not meet with their approbation either as regards Cut, duality, Colour, or Make, though previously seen, chosen, and approved. In nothing is public opinion so unsettled as in Dress and the Proprietor trusts, that bv thus liberally meeting the difficulty of public taste and choice to the extreme, to merit and increase the extensive Trade, Patronage. autl Confidence with which he has hitherto been honoured. 2,000 Summer Coats from 3s. 6d. SUIT of BLziCK, COMPLETE, f2 10s. 6d. MEN'S SUITS of BEST MOLESKIN, Ready-made, 18s.; to Measure, 20s. L. W. having now commenced the manufacturing of CLOTH CAPS, will be able to supply the Public in that branch 20 per Ctilt cheaper than any other House, and the advantage of selecting from an immense Stock, or having them made to order. Paris and London Beaver Hats, from 2s. to 20s. White and Black Felt Hats, 5s. 6cL Hosiery, Stocks, Cravats, Gloves, superior White and Coloured Shirts, Silk Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Drawers, Shirts, Flaninls Shoes, Oil-Coats, &c., &c. >->•••» Sole Agent for the Patent Black Waterproof India-Rubber Coats, Overalls, &a., Of which a general assortment is kept, and sold at the Manufacturers List of Prices. QUALITY THE TRUE TEST OF CHEAPNESS. THE OLD-ESTABLISHED TEA AND GROCERY WAREHOUSE, No. 15, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. J (LATE SILAS PHILLIPS.) TEAS. d. Excellent Black Tea, strongly recommended 4 0 Rich Pekoe Flavour, and very strong. 4 8 The very Best 5 0 Fine Green. 4 0 Young Hyson 5 0 Pearl Gunpowder 6 0 The Finest 7 0 COFFEES. v. ft. Good Useful Coffee I 0 Fine Plantation, an excellent article 1 4 Rich Mountain, Mellow Flavour 1 8 Real Old Mocha 2 0 FRY'S COCOAS and CHOCOLATES, Fancy and Plain. BUTTER- Gloucester Cheddar and American CFFFSP P.fn Wiltshire BACON; HAMS, TONGUES, PICKLES, SAUCES, &c., all o'f the verybestquality, and at extremely low^ic«: EICHASD CALDICOTT Proprietor. RICHARD CALDICOTT Proprietor. Y STIiAD YFOD YVG. To be Sold, by Mr. John Jenkins, A FREEHOLD FARM, called PENCELLY, situate in the Parish of Ystradyfodwg, containing, by admeasurement, about 50 acres of excellent Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land. It also abounds with ironstone and coal. Several scams of the latter have been proved, particularly Mr. Coffin's celebrated coking coal, generally known as the Bodringall vein, otherwise the Coskshate seam, and there are altogether upwards of 35 feet of marketable coal, in the stratification of which is included the Aberdare steam coal, knoAvii as the upper 4-foot, with several other workable seams, varying in thickness from 9 feet to 3 feet. Black band, yielding 48 per cent., has been found in the adjoining land, and there is no doubt of its being in this land as well. The line of the Rhondda branch of the Taff Vale Railway is laid within 60 vards of the boundary, and there is plenty of water- power passing through the estate, and has a most eligible site foi the erection of a small iron works. For further particulars, apply to Mr. David Evans, of Rhondda- fyenan. Ystradyfodwg, the proprietor, or to Mr. John Jenkins, laid and mineral surveyor, auctioneer, &e., Wind-street, Aber- dare. CAPITAL INVESTMENT, MONEY WAIvIED, fpHE SUM of £ 1,500 is required, on mortgage of freehold land. I Ample and satisfactory securities will bo given. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Jenkins, land and mineral surveyor, auctioneer. &c., Wind-street, Aberdare. DENTAL SURGERY. T FOURTEENTH YEALT OF ATTENDANCE. ATTENDANCE AT CARDIFF ON THURSDAYS. Mr. L. Mosely, Surgeon Dentist, of 30, Bemers- street, Oxford-street, London, r_I AS the honour to announce to his Patients, the Nobility, LJL. Gentry, Clergy, and the residents generally of Cardiff and vicinity, that he is now making his usual periodical visit to the Principality, and that he may be consulted on all relating to his profession, at his private apartments, the Cardiff Arms. Attend- ance from one to five. Mr. L. M. would wish most particularly to call attention to his peculiar and economical method of Fixing Artificial Teeth, whereby a great saving is effected. They are fixed from oue to a complete set; they never change colour, and assimilate so closely to the teeth remaining in the head, as to defy detection. Thevaren-ua- ran teed to answer every purpose of mastication and articulation, and are fixed without extracting the stumps, and are worn upon the most tender gums with ease and comfort. jAIr. L. M. would wish most particularly to call the attention of the clergy, and public speakers generally, to this his own peculiar and economical method of fixing teeth, as he can promise a full and perfect restoration of the voice, and complete pronunciation. Natural and artificial teeth lixed, from one to a complete set, at prices to suit all parties. Decayed Teeth restored (first removing the cause of decay, with- out which uo stopping will answer) with a perfect and white com- position, which will always retain its colour, and entirely supersed- ing the necessity of extraction. ing the necessity of extraction. Scaling, Extracting, and every operation pertaining to dental surgery. Children's teeth regulated. Constant attendance at town residence, No. 30, Berners-street Oxford-street, where patients can always be attended, and letters addressed] meet with immediate attention. Cardiff, May 23, 1819. I B&EC0H ISFDEPEHDEirT COLLEGE. THF A^'rU™ £ IEFTING aud EXAMINATION of the .1 ^LLEGE will be held on TUKSUAY and WKDNKSDAY, litu and 13th of JUNK. Iht Committee will meet at the COLL-OK on Tuesday at G r M The Committee will meet at the COLL-OK on Tuesday at G r M r- Ni v AV* XX UIU .a.1iv.u.u.v.u. v.&. -1 AVU VY PI I'J VN <;■ NII E SCHOONER L Al E S S E G E R, r. HTGHES, Master, is now loading at Cotton1* v7harf, Tooley-street, London, for Cardiff. N eWDor Merthyr, Dowlais, Aberdare, Abergavenny, Brecon, Monrncnuh, Pontypool, Cowbridge, Bridgend, and places adjacent, and will- Sail positively on Saturday, June 23rd, 1849. For Freight, &c., apply to the Master on Board; Mr. Richard Burton, Wharfinger, Newport; Mr. Thomas Richard;, Aberga- venny; Messrs. Prosser & Co., Brecon; Messrs. J. H, an<> (i. Scovell, Cotton's Wharf, London; or to Mr. W. Prichard, Wha-rf. Cardiff. London, June 6th, 1849. TO FOLLOW THE FANIZA. EMIGRATIoiTrb AMERICA. EROM Bristol to NEW YORK, will sail about the 15th June, the fine A 1 coppered and fast' ;ailing Ship SIR HOWARD DOUGLAS, 1,100 tons burthen. This magnificent vessel is, in all respects, admi- rably adapted for the conveyance of Passengers, being seven feet high between decks, and will be fitted up in conformity with the Act\f Parliament. Passengers »31 be taken direct from this Port at faros equal to the Liverpool liners. No charge for Passengers' Luggage. Early application is recommended to secure Berths. Address to the undersigned, at their General Emigration Office, lo, Pri'k-i- street, or on the Quay. C. F. THOMAS and CO.. Bristol May, 1849. Licensed Passenger Brokers. SECRETS WORTH KNOWING. Important to Brewers, Publicans, and Beer Eetailc-rsi. IT has loiia been matter or surprise that so much difFerer.f* g_ should exist in the clearness of Ale and Beer, where the same quality and quantity of Malt and Hops are used. The apparent excellence and superiority of some Ales over others has been ascribed to various causes: some affirm that one Brewer, in order to make fine clear Ale, employs deleterious drugs in the preparation of his liquor; while other-! more charitably ascribe the difference to" the excellence or otherwise of the water used; neither of thc-v inferences are correct. GEORGE ALSOPP, of High Park House, near Sheffield, affcr thirty years' experience as a wholesale Brewer, having retircl that business, has compiled in a neat and comprehensive form, H.\ŒII- invaluable instructions for brewing Ale and Beer, and a plain and simple method (for publicans and others) of proouci-ilg fine spark- ling Ale in a few hours, however thick or muddy it may previously have been, without adulteration or in any way infringing tfjw excise regulations T° which is added an APPENDIX, with full and complete directions for making LEMON A DR, SODA WATKR, and GISOBR BEER, by which a single individual, without machinery 0: any outlay whatever, except purchasing the (glass) bottles, may ma&e and bottle <vll or any of those beverages ready for immediate use- ily six dozen in one hour-at a cost of 41d. per dozen the whole ren- dered so clear and intelligible as to make it impossible to be misun- derstood. Forwarded, post free, to any address, on sending thirty postage stamps to Gkouub Alsopi*, Oliiee, No. 6, Westbar Gr^ii, Sheffield. JAMES COL EM AIT A himself of the earliest opportunity of expressing hi* i\ grateful thanks to those persons who so k'indlv and promptly assisted in arresting the progress of the flames (of the late fire at Mr. Harris's) from his premises; and at the same time to to the Town Council, and others in authority, the necessity of esta- blishing a Fire Brigade, or some regular force, in cases of similar occurrence. Cardiff, High-street, June 4. 1S49.