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ATROCIOUS ASSAULT AND DARING HIGHWAY ROBBERY. On Wednesday morning, shortly after daybreak, a daring high- way robbery, accompanied with the most violent assault, took place in a field at Pont Cana. This place, which is well-known to contain, during the celebration of Llandaff fair, the most degraded and dis- sipated of the visitors to that fete, has a number of booths erected in the lane leading to a public-house called the Half-way house." In these booths assemble characters of all sorts and kinds, and on the morning we have alluded to, which is generally the wind-up to the fair, such was the case. A person by the name of John Rees, a labourer of Llandaff, was also amongst the rest, but a stranger to the gang we have just alluded to. Fancying from his respectable appearance he possessed money, they took the opportunity of watching him and upon his leaving for the purpose of returning home, several fellows followed him to the stile leading into an ad- joining field, where they commenced cruelly beating him; they then allowed him to pass on into the field, but having got but a short distance thev commenced a second attack—threw him down, kicked him several times violently in the head, and rifled his ,pockets. lie was conveyed home in a very lamentable condition by a person who was with him at the time, but who with others dared not interfere, under the dread of being similarly treated by a re- served force of the ruffians, who remained a short distance in the batk-grbuhd. The dress and appearance Qf, some of the black- uards were given to the police by two or three bystanders, and on the same morning three fellows Were taken into custody and charged 'with the robbery. They are but mere lads, and bcazidg itrong re- semblance to the Jack Sheppard and Dick Turpiu schooL They stated their names to be Daniel Ryan, aged 18, John Collins, 19, -and John Thomas, 13 years. They were taken -before the Llandaff magistrates at once, but owing to the impossibility of the prosecutor to attend, he being suffering from the brutal treatment he had re- ceived, the matter was adjourned till the following (yesterday) morning, when it was heard at the Cardiff gaol, before the Rev. G; Thomas, of Llandaff Court. The evidence, which was brief, was as follows John Rees deposed; I was at Llandaff fair on Tuesday, and went to Pont Canna to one of the booths about twelve o'clock at night. I remained there until about three o'clock the next morning, when I left to go home to Llandaff. I was followed to the stile by some persons, who knocked me down when I got into the field. I had about 2s. when I went to the booth, but do not know whether I spent it all or not; I was so tipsy that I only recollect being ill- treated and losing a handkerchief. I cannot recognise either of the prisoners, nor do not know whether I saw them in the booth. I also lost my hat. William Francis, examined I am a labourer residing at Cardiff. L I was at Pont Canna on Wednesday morning about four o'clock. I saw prosecutor in a booth, and heard him call fur a pi .t of beer When it was brought to the table the prisoners and others took it up, but he succeeded in getting it away from them. said, Pay for another jug." The prosecutor said he would not. He then left the booth, and they followed him to the stile, where Collins knocked off his hat. When Rees had got one leg over the ,stile, l'bomas held the other leg, and Ryan commenced beating him dreadfully in the face, holding him at the same time by the hair of the head. He bled vei-y much. They then left him, and after-he was over the stile, the little prisoner [Thomas] said, Come on you — let us get something out of him." Rees had got about 40 yards from the stile, when Collins put his leg before the prosecutor and threw him down on his face. They then turned him on his back, and Collius and Thomas beat and kicked him very severely, whilst Ryan Was engaged taking the money out of Rees'a pocket and the handkerchief from "his neck. When Ryan got off the prosecutor I saw him show money to the others. I was about a yard from the affray whilst it was taking place, but was afraid to say anything, as there were six or seven sitting on the stile ready to- pitch into me if I did. Before they left, Thomas said," Lets give the -1>- another kick," and he kicked him on the head. The prisoners then left. I went with Rees to Llaindaff, who was in a Shocking state; his face was entirely covered with blooel, I in- formed the police-constable of what I had seen. David Evans examined: I am a painter anel glazier., residing at Cardiff. T was at Pout Canna assisting Miss Roberts, who had a booth there. About half-past four, on Wednesday morning I saw a gang of fellowsin the field ill-treating the prosecutor, but was afraid to go farther than the stile, as there were so many ruffians present. I saw the three prisoners, and two more not in custody, chase him into the field. I could distinctly see the prosecutor thrown down, and the prisoner Thomas kick him on the head, and another pick his pockets. One of the men not in custody, whom I know if I see again, had a piece of paper in his hand. 1 heard him say, I thought the had a £ 5 note." I do not hesitate to swear most positively that the prisoners where among the principal of the gang. During the chief portion of the investigation the prisoner Collins continued to make the most discordant howls and noises, which was supposed to have been intended for crying, but although he worked very hard to make such an impressioB, Jet he could not produce one tear. They were all committed for trial. POLICE. -TnuRsDAY, MAY 23.-[.Before his worship the Mayor, APAI C, C Williams, Esq.) John Bryant, Timothy Bryant, Pat Bryant, Mary Bryant, Sudy Bryant> William Barrett, Ellen Barrett, and Margaret Barrett,-and a hos £ of othersi were summoned for committing an assault on Ellen Sullivan. It appeared that one of the Barretts wished to be married to a female of the Bryant family, and it had been arranged that the wedding should take place at the ltoman Catholic chapel, on Wliit-Monday—that being considered a lucfey -day by the Irish. Another faction, which we will .title the Malionoys, be- came determined that the Br yarits and the Barretts should not be connected- at least in marriage. The wedding, however, by the aid Of policemen, who prevented any disturbers tf!om entering the took i,late aiF intended but in the evening a "row" ensued, in "hid1 the prisoners were not slightly concerned. The row occurred in Mary Ann-stfeet. John Bryant was fined 10s.; Timot hy Bryant, £ 1 Mary Bryant, 5s., each including costs The rest were discharged- Thomas Wil!i"tns, before Known as Tom Quack," was charged with assaulting Ann Gould, an unfortunate, at Pont Canna, on Whifc*Monday. The complainant stated that he was returning from the fair with a "flett- II em nn" (?) when the defendant came up," and without the provoca- tion," offered to fight him. The "geiitlemaii," who was abrnic-d,imnie- diately ran away, and ou Gould remonstrating with Williams for depriving her of the society ot L-er lie struck her a severe blow in the eye, which ably testified to the treatment she had received. Fined;Clandeo,ts. THE TIUDKGAR AMIS AGAIN 1—Michael O'hagan, the landlord, was charged with assaulting Michael Donovan—a person who, it will be recol- lected, wae-coimected as a Tvitiie>ss with the late disturbance at the above house. Mr. Biid appeared fi r the defendant. The complainant stated that he was a member to a club held at the Tredegar Arms, and on a previous tvcning- called at that house- for the purpose of paying his ^subscription to prevent himself being ikied. He was ordered to leave the house by the landlord{ which iiot being complied with lie was seized by the collar and forced out. A policeman was called, and ordered to turn the complainant out, as he was charged by the landlord with being an informer, to the pecu. niary inconvenience of Mr. O'Hagan. Accordingly he did so, and thereby lost the privilege he was entitled to as a member of the society. The ma- gistrates considered it necessary to fflark this case; although anxious to protect landlords, yet, they could not allow them to exceed the power the law gave them. They fined O'Hagan 5s. and costs. William Joneg wa's charged with assaulting Jane Richards, the landlady of the Ship and Dolphin public-house, in Churbh-street, on Wednesday night. Fined 58: and costs. Michael CocAlva for leaving his wife and family thargeable to the union was committed for seven days. William W illiams, better known as Billy Boy," wa< charged with figlti .ing in Newtowni on Tuesday evening last. Fined 5s. and costs. Several persons, who had previously received notice from the Street Coni." missioners to place necessary conveniences to their houses, were brought before the magistrates this morning for not complying with the order. They each were ordered to pay the expenses incurred, and likewise to provide what was necessary within fourteen days. Ann Llewellyn was charged with stealing from the person of Thomas Gray, in the employ of Mr. Bland, of Sully, the sum of B2 7s. 6d. and a canvass purse, while in a house of ill-fame, in Whitmore-lam. As the prosecutor did not appear, the prisoner was remanded for a week, and an order given to compel the appearance of Gray.




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