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HOUSE OF LORDS.—TUKSDAY, JUNE 18. The Ercumbered Estates (Ireland) Bill, was read a third time. 0:1 e rtriuor bills were then discussed, and the House adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS.—TUESDAY, JUNE 18. Mr. BRIGHT moved an address to the Queen, praying for the appointment of a select committee to proceed to India to inquire into and report upon the obstacles that now prevent, and the means of hereafter extending, the cultivation of cotton in that country. Mr. MILKER GIBSON seconded the motion, which, however, was negatived without discussion. SABBATH OBSERVANCE. Mr. FonsTER moved for leave to bring in a bill to repeal the prohibition-Contained in preceding acts, againgt transmitting letters otherwise than through the post on Sunday afternoon. The prohibition, lie argued, was designed to protect the revenue, and as the Post-office intended to give up carrying letters on Sunday it would save perpetual infringements of the law to allow correspondence to pass through other channels. Colonel THOMPSON seconded the motion. The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER admitted his belief that the vote of the House on a previous night, respecting Sunday labour at the Post-office, had been unfortunate, and would lead to much evasion and many inconveniences. But having adopted that vote, he could not consent to the present motion, which was an indirect mode of rendering it nugatory. The motion ulti- mately was negatived, and the House adjourned at a quarter to TWO, HOUSE OF COMMONS.—WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19. On the motion of Lord NULGUND, the School Establishment (Scotland) Bill, was read a second time. .RRY— '— PHILIP BIRD'S WINE AND SPIRIT S T O-R 22, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. AGENT FOR THE SALE OF BARCLAY, PERKINS, AND co.'s SUPERIOR BROWN STOUT & PORTER. BASS$Co.'s EAST INDIA, PALE, BURTON ALES. Wiltshire Old, and the celebrated Norfolk Mild, and Scotch Alloa Ales, A constant supply of which may at al times be had in the finest condition in Cask or Bottle, at the following Reduced Prices: Quarts. Pints. £ s. d. Barclay's London Stout 6s. Od. 0 4 6 per doz. The Norfolk Mild Ale 0 4 6 do. M'Nellam's Scotch Alloa Ales ) it 0 4 6 do of very superior quality i Bas or Allsopp's India Pale Ale 0 4 6 do. Allsopp's or Bass's Pale Ale,, in Casks of 18 Gallons 111 6 ,kllq Barclay, Perkins, and Co.'s London Stout, in Casks of 18 Gallons 17 6 "With Wines and Spirits at Wholesale Prices, in Small Quan- tities, to suit the convenience of Private Families. Parties can he supplied with a Sample-Case, containing the fol lowing (ease and bottles included), and warranted of the very bes quality fur 20s.:— 1 Bottle of Martell's Cognac Brandy. 1 do. Strong London Gin. 1 do. Old Jamaica Rum. 1 do. Irish or Gienlivett Whiskey. 1 do. Fine Old Port. 1 do. Superior Sherry. CARDF,.June 13, 1850. BUTE DOCK BRICK COMPANY. THE Proprietors nfthe above BRICK and TILE Manufactory beg tL to inform the inhabitants of Cardiff, and the Public generally, that in consequence of the duty being taken off Bricks, they are now enabled to reduce their prices to the following rates:— £ s. d. per, 1,000 Good Building Brick, 1 2 O! Best Front Bricks and Well Bricks 1 7. 0 Hollow Bricks, 13.1 by 4J by 3, for Parti, tioni, &e. 1 14 0 £ s. d. Gutter Bricks, 3 inch Bore per dozen 0 2 6 Pantiles PER 1,000 2 10 0 Plain tiles DO. ,1 5 0 Ridge Tiles, per dozen 0 3 0 Skylight Tiles, do.. 0 3 0 I Flooring Squares, do. 0 3 6 DRAINING PIPES, 12 INCHES LONG. I X, S. CL. per 1,000 1 Inch bore 0 11 0 1 i do. 0 13. 0 li do. 0 15 0 2 do. 1 2 0 24 do. 1 14 0 3 do 1 18 0 r., s. u" per 1,000 1 4 INCH BORE 3 0 0 5 do. 3 15 0 6 DO 5 0 0 9 do.. per dozen 0 4 6 10, DO. (OCTAGON) DO; 0 10 0 DRAINING TILES, ROUNDS and FLATS, at Reduced Prices. Three months' creiiit, or 21 discount for Cash. Orders received at the Manufactory, eastern side of Bute Docks or of Mr. RICHARD STOWB, MASAGEA, 17; Trinity-street, Cardiff. Cardie, 8th April, 1850. LEGAL AND COMMERCIAL LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE SOCIETIES. OFFICES, 73, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. ADVANTAGES OFFERED TO BY THESE SOCIETIES: r IFE—Bonuses every fifth year, equal to 80 PER CENT, OF PRO- J J FITS ECONOMY OF RATES, especially for young lives An Assurance of £100, at age 25, for El 18s 3d. per annum or on Bonus Scale for JE2 Is. 8d. or at age 30, for £ 2 3s. lOd. per annum on the Bonus Scale, £ 2 7s. 8d.; Several NEW TABLES have been added to the pros- pectuses of this Society exhibiting features of great advantage to Assurers, and attention is especially called to the plan for acquiring Assurances by the payment of small sums at convenience. Payments to cease at any time. Half-vearly or quarterly payments received ASSURERS for jE999 are entitled to ATTEND AND VOTE at the General Meetings of the Society. liTRE-All extremely hazardous risks are excluded: LOWER RATES of premium are therefore charged on various important risks A" BSDUCTION of 50 per cent. will be made on the seventh year's premium of all policies continued for that period: Losses settled liberally and promptly paid The receipts for policies falling due at MIDSUMMER are now in the Agents' hands, and should be paid within fifteen days of that date. for full particulars, with rates and prospectuses, apply to the Secretary at. the office, or to any of the undermentioned Agents :— PLACE. AGEXTS. MEDICAL EXAMINERS. CARDIFF Mr. Jas. Barry Savings- T. Evans, Esq., bank. ABBRTSTWITH Messrs. Parry and Att- R. Gilbertson, Esq. wood. BRECON W. Games, Esq. T. Armstrong, Esq. BRIDGEND E. Loveluck. Jno. Williams, Esq. BANGoa 1. Annside Dr. Roberts. BARMOUTH J. H. Jones, Esq. T. P. Davies, Esq. CARDIGAN.. W. Thomas. W. L. Noot, Esq. CARMARTHEN John White. John Jenkins, Esq. COWBP-TDGE David Davis. CORWEN R. Williams, Esq.. CAERNARVON. J. Thomas. R. Connel], Esq, D ENBY John Jones, Esq. Evan Peirce, Esq. DOLGELLY. G. J. Williams, Esq. W. Williams, Esq. TESTINIOO J. Cooper. FLINT J. Evans. P. Williams, Esq. HAVERFORDWEST Messrs. Greenish and G. Miller, Esq. Dawkins.. IIOLTTTE YD H. G. Hughes. H. Duncan, Esq. HOLYWELL C.E. Ashworth, P. Williams, Esq. LLANKLLY. R. W. White. LLANDOVERY Jolin, James. David Thomas.. LLANGOLLEN C. Richards, Esq.. J. Price, Esq. LLANWIST. E. Jones. W. Hughes, Esq. MOLD. C. Parry, Esq. W. Williams, Esq. MACHYNLLETH C. J. Lloyd. Dr. Lloyd. NEATH T. H. Wood, (Craig H. Green, Esq., Fawr) (Queen-street). NEWPORT W. T. H. Phelps, Esq. NEWCASTLE EMLTN Timothy Thomas. Jas. Thomas, Esq. PORTMADOC E. Anwyl. R- Williams, Esq. PWLLHELI J. C. Pring. J. G. Jones, Esq. PEMBROKE W. Trevent. J. W. Payntee, Esq. RUTHIN J. Pierce. J. C. J ones, Esq. SWANSEA John Tripp, Esq. TENBY Thomas Thomas. TEEMADOC D. Jones. R. Williams, Esq.. WTF.LCHPOOL E. Price. Wftsstus-M J, Ilugher, W. Rowlands, Esq. LOST, ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON last, in the Road between LI.ANDAFF and CARDIFF, a GOLD ALBERT CHAIN. Whoever will bring the same to A. B., PRINCIPALITY OFFICE, Cardiff, will be handsomely rewarded. CARDIFF DISTRICT OF THE INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS, MANCHESTER UNITY. Under the Distinguished Patronage of the Marchioness of Bute, the Mayor of Cardiff, #e.,$c. A TEA PARTY WILL take place on TUESDAY, 25th JUNE, 1850, at the If MARKET HOUSE, CARDIFF, in behalf of the WIDOWS' AND ORPHANS' FUND. CHA1 LES VACHELL, ESQ., IN THE CHAIR; When the Meeting will be addressed by the following gentlemen W. D. Bushell, Esq., Whitlock Nicholl, Esq., the Rev. Thomas Stacey, Rev. Leigh Morgan, Rev. Mr. Conway, Rev. Mr. Brittain, Rev. William Jones, Rev. Mr. James, Rev. Charles,Tucker, Rev. David Jones, Mr. James Reynolds, of Cowbridge, and Mr. John Emlyn Jones. TICKETS-ONE SHILLING EACH, To be had of Mr. John Jenkins, Angel-street; Mr. Underwood Church-street; Mr. Joseph Elliott, Bute-street; Mr. Woodman' St. Mary-street; Mr. William Lewis, Smith-street; Mr. M. Marks* St. Mary-street; Mr. S. Marks, Bute-street; Mr. Robert Nicholl) St. Mary-street; Mr. Bird, Working-street ;• Mr. James Morgan, Working-street; Mr. George Bevan, Croekherbtown; Mr. Thomas Evans, Bute Docks; Mr. Phillip Bird, St. Mary-street; Mrs. Williams, Womauby-street; Mr. C. S. Twigg, St. Mary-street; Mr. Lewis, Hayes; Mr. James Howells Bute-street; Mr. John Williams, Croekherbtown; Mr. Taylor, Bute-street; Mr. W. Howells, Bridge-street; Mr. Joseph Richards, Frederick-street; Mr. Reynolds, St. Mary-strees Mr. Cornish, Melin Griffith; Mr. Joseph Norman and Mr. Ebenezer Moses, Llandaff; Mr. Green- field, Trinity-street; Messrs. W; Bird and Son, Duke-street; Mr. H. Webber, Guardian Office. The AMATEUR BAND have kindly volunteered their services, and will play some of the most favourite pieces of music during-tea time. Tea on the table at six o'clock precisely, and the entrance to the Market House will be at the ;Arcade Gateway. TO GROCERS AND PROVISION DEALERS. TO LET A WELL-SITUATED SHOP, in one of the best populated neighbourhoods in the Iron District, fitted up in modern style. Satisfactory reasons can be given for the present proprietor de- clining. Apply to Mr. WATKINS, Canton Tea Warehouse, Merthyr Tydvil. NEW SPRING CROP OF TEAS, AT THE LONDON & SOUTH WALES TEA ESTABLISHMENT, TRINITY STREET, CARDIFF. THE recent consignments of TEA contain the choicest specimens j of China-growth ever imported, some indeed being of extra" ordinary quality. WHIFFEN and Co. beg to inform the public, they have selected from the London imports, some of the finest sorts, which ttiev are now retailing at a very low profit, and have no doubt but that extended sales will bring adequate returns. Observe the address, WHIFFEN and Compy., Trinity-St. Cardiff. Bonded Stores AT Bristol and Cardiff. EISTEDDFOD ABERDAR. EYNHELIR Eisteddfod yn Aberdar ar y 26ain O Awst, 1850. Gellir cael bob hysbysrwydd am y testynau a'r gwobrwyon, dnvy anfon dau Post Stamp at y ''Parch. W. Edwards, Aberdar,. T> F PARCH. EVAN JONES, (Ieuan Gwynedd.) Beirmaia J PARCH. JAMES JAMES, (lago Einlyn.) NOTICE OF REMOV AL; J. MORGAN, HOUSE AND DECORATIVE PAINTER, GLAZIER, PAPER HANGER, &e. IN returning thanks to his friends and the public, for the very liberal sujiport he has met with, during the seven year3_he has carried on business in Cardiff, begs to inform them that he has re- moved from his late premises in Lewis-street and Wharton-piace, to more commodious premises, situate at No. 6, JOHN-STREET, opposite the Spirit Vaults of Mr. Nell. Where he still solicits a continuance of the kind favours he has hitherto received. A large Stock of the choicest Paper Hangings continually on hand, at all prices.—The Trade supplied. FOR SALE, A FINE-TONED COTTAGE PIANO FORTE, in, elegant Rosewood Case, Truss Legs, Curved Caps, and all the latest improvements, String Plate, Full Scale, Six and Three-Quarter Octave.-Ma v be viewed at Mrs. LEWIS'S, 32, Wharton;Street.1 N.B. Instruments Tuned and Repaired. CARDIFF FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY. OFFICE, No. 6, CASTLE-STREET. rpHE members of this Society are informed that tlieir SUB- X SGRIPTIONS, will be received at the Society's Office, on MONDAY, 24th instant, and every succeeding Monday, between the hours of seven and nine p.m. Persons desirous of becoming members are requested to apply to the Secretary. Those persons who have already paid their entrance fee, are re- quested to send in their names and addresses in full to the Secretary, that they may be properly enrolled as members of this Society, The Committee are prepared to receive proposals for the purchase of any Eligible Freehold Property.—All communications to be addressed to Mr. PEr Piticl, Secretary, 8, Working-street.. WAUNTREODA FLORAL AND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY, I^HE Members and the Public in general, are respectfully, informed that the FIRST SHOW for the Season of the above Society, will take place on WEDNESDAY, tlie 3rd of July, 1850, next ensuing. OPEN FROM ONE TILL FIVE, P.M. Holly Bush, June 20th, 1850. W. LEWIS, SEC. TWO GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS, the OFFICES of Mr. D. J. LLEWELLYN,■ Coal Merchant, Bute Docks, Cardiff, were BROKEJST INTO on FRIDAY NIGHT, or-early SATURDAY the 7th or 8th in June, and Stolen therefrom a 6-inch Circumft-rentor, in a maho- gany case, with one of the spirit levels broken, maker's name Jones, Holborn, London; and also a Silk Waistcoat, nearly new. Whoever will give information, so as to obtain the above articles, will receive the above reward, by applying to Mr. D. J. LLEWFL- LYN, Cynon Colliery, Navigation, near Aberdare; or to Mr. JENKINS,^Mineral Surveyor, Wine-street, Aberdare. THE CRISIS OF BEIKG. Second Edition, foolscap 8vo., 2s. Bd. cloth. "TJELIGIOUS DECISION: Six Lectures to Young Men. L By the Rev. D. THOMAS, Stockwell. They are no common-place productions, nor are they adapted to minds of a common place order. It were easy to select passages full of thought and power"Brit. Quarterly Feb,.1850. A volume pregnant with manly and Christian thoughts."— Evangelical"Magazine. "Some of the most striking and well-timed discourses it has'evcr been our good fortune to meet with. They abound with thought, and may be regarded. as models by those friends of reform who would render the modern pulpit a true and influential exponent of the spirit of the times. "Eclectic Review, Feb., 1850. Original, striking, burning thoughts on an overwhelming and important subject, delivered in perspicuous and vigorous language." Wesley Banner. Just published, in foolscap 8vo., 5s. cloth. THE MAN OF GOD: A Manual for Young Men contemplat- ing the Christian Ministry. By JOHN TYNDALE, of George- street Chapel, Oxford.. "I trust that I have obtained some good from it, and hope to obtain much more. To our students I have earnestly recommended it, and shall still more urge the practical regard to it. A book which, not offering a compliment, but using only the word of simple truth, I must call' an inestimable treasure.:—Rev. Dr. J. P. Smith.. "A manly and genuine book. Mental health and vigour are conspicuous, and not less so spiritual elevation and devotedyess. The best single manual on the subject to which it relates. Nonconformist; "W ARD & Co., 27, Paternoster row. ,¡ ADMISSION FREE. OPEN EVEliY EVENING. THE BUTR SALOON, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. Proprietor, Mr. W. TAYLOR. MR. TAYLOR most respectfully begs leave to inform his Patrons, Friends, and the Public generally, that no expense has been spared to render the Entertainments of his Saloon worthy the attention of the lovers of harmony; and in order further to add to its attractions, he has engaged the following talented company —Miss E. CLIFFORD, of the Liverpool, Dublin, and London Concerts. This much admired Sentimental and Characteristic Vocalist will appear each evening, and sing most of the popular songs of the day. Miss Fi GUEST, the Morning Star. Mr. T. EVANS, the laughable comical Extravaganza and Butfo Singer, late of the Royal Concerts, Belfast and Dublin. Mr. J. F. VAN BR AMER, the great Juba Dancer. The Concert will be under the direction of Mr. J. BE ALE, Pianist. Doors open at Seven o'clock, the Performance to commence at half-past. NATAL CHRISTIAN COLONISATION SOCIETY. OFFICE, 80, FLEET-STREET. -AL FTIHIS SOCIETY, having secured 18,000 acrcs of _L land in the Colony of Natal, are now colonising the same with Christian families. Natal is a beau- tiful, healthy, and fertile country. A considerable number of persons have already proceeded to Veru- lam, the Society's first settlement. On arrival at the Colony, an agent will provide temporary accommodation, and convey the settler's and their personal luggage to Verulam, free of expense. The vessels of J. C. Byrne, in which this Society's colonists proceed, sail monthly from London, Liverpool, and Glasgow; and are fitted up with every convenience, and inspected by her Majesty's Commissioners. A Christian minister is appointed chaplain to each vessel. From Ship. Tons. Date of Sailing. London Globe. 450 IstofJune. London. Britis Tar 350 June. London Emily. 700 June. Persons of moderate means, or small farmers, tradesmen, me- chanics, and labourers, if approved of by her Majesty's Emigra- tion Commissioners, can obtain Steerage Passage, with Provisions, and 20 Acres of Land £ 10 0 0 Steerage. Passage, with Provisions, and 50 Acres of Land 16 10 0 Second Class Intermediate, with Provisions, and 20 Acres of Land 16 0 0 Second Class Intermediate, with Provisions, and 50 Acres of Land 22 10 0 First Class Intermediate, with Provisions, and 20 Acres of Land. 19 0 0 First Class Intermediate, with Provisions, and 50 Acres of Land 25 10 0 Cabin Passage, with Provisions, but no Land. 35 0 0 Children between the ages of one and fourteen years are charged Half-Fare, and will receive half the quantity of Land. For Prospectuses and further information apply, or enclose two stamps, to W. J. IRONS, 80, Fleet-street, London.