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MERTHYR. CHULICII PASTORIAL AID SOCIETY.—The Rev. G. Kelley, who attended as a deputation from this Society, preached at St. David's Church, on Sunday last. We understand the rev.. gentleman made two most eloquent discourses. There was iils:) a public o:i Monday, at which the Rev. Mr. Camp- bell presided, and at which the (irsl-named rev. gentleman, *poke with considerable effect. THEATRE. —On Wednesday the play was "The Wonder, or a Woman Keeps a Secret," for the benefit of Mrs. Wallace, and the farce of" Hunting a Turtle." This excellent comedy of iNI i-s, ^entlivre, was performed with much spirit, and went of with eoiisid(,rai)le a,,)plauie. On Monday, The Rivals," and The Irish Lion,' lor the benelit of Mr. W aldroll, junr. The performers exerted themselves, and Mr. Mendham, as Acres, and Mr. \Val- ilrun, junr., as Sir Lucius O' Trigger, acted with a good deal of tftste. Mr. Groves looked very like Sir Anthony Absolute, and his acting of the passion scene was very effective. iNi rs. Wallace, Mrs. Malaprop, was also above the common nun. So also ^ra. Rogers, as Miss Languish After the play, Mr. Waldron, lelir. recited Collins's O.le on the Passions," with considerable judgment. "The Irish Lion,"with Mr. Waldron, junr., as the £ '-on, went off amidst much laughter. ELT.lS ROBERTS'S (HARPIST TO HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE l'ttl:CR OF WALKS,) CONCERT.—This geRLleiiiati, a iiiive of the Principality, whose skill in harp playing is duly appreciated even lriUie metropolis, having appeared with signal siucess at Jullien's Ct)'ie<!rts and other places, where musical critics most do con- 'Ile te, gave, with the aid of Miss Vaughan. a concert at the Bush '^embly-rooms, on Friday night last. Knowing by fame the grat abilities of Mr. Hobcrts we thought that he would meet with powerful support, but we were much disappointed. Miss ^'H'Jghan sanf with great taste and feeling such songs as Taliesin's ^^rophecy, the Rock of Cader Idris," "Prince Madoc's j a!'e.veil, and -'Press on my Steed, and, when encored iu the a sweet ballad, by-Glover, instead; and Mr. Huberts |dayed the "Rising of the Lark, "Sweet Richard, "Rule **r't;i:inia, and "G id save the Queen," as solos, with beautiful ya,'iations. To Us, who have heard some of the finest Welsh larp players botH of North and South Wales, it was a musical ett of a very high kind, and most assuredly whenever there lriay he Welshmen who love to hear music of their native land /°!n Mr. Roberts it can be heard in perfection. We may, also, ildd llut he illustrates the songs by anecdotes and historical lore, j W-h makes the entertainment instructive as well as'amusing. e purpoes,alollg with Miss Vaughan, to visit several of the tOwns of South Wales, and we hope he will meet with encourage- Illellt, as he suiely deserves it. DIL- PERFITT'S LECTURE.—This gentleman, of whose lectures uf>0n Temperance we have heard high encomiums, closed the ^"es, for which he was engaged on Friday night. He is, so we un- er<>taud, far above the ordinary range of Temperance lectures. c&'nbinir'g a good mode of handling his subject, and a correct and naive knowledge of physiology, and comparative anatomy. lle attendance atthese lectures was not by any means what j°.u!d be expected in a place so populous as Merthyr. It con- taiis a great number of teetotalers, and many well-disposed, Ul"ards the temperance movement, but there seems just at present '"U in every thing calculated to rouse the public mind. We do ;ot think from this that the cause retrogrades, and we must, in ^tiCe £ 0 the members of the English Temperance Association, K te, that they exerted themselves with all diligence to secure yU(l audiences, and the failure does not rest with them. In the taken by the doctor, of the matter, it certainly was placing v 6 question on much, higher grounds than we have heard cefetofore, and we cannot do less than suppose that he has1 added ^jjsiderably to the information which the members possessed Ql,e of the question at issue. Q ^QUESTS BEFORE J. MORGAN, ESQ., DEPUTY CORONER. CvV1'' 13th instant, on the body of William George. From the atl(Wee of D niel Jenkins, a labourer, it appeared deceased was Y on the branch rail way; now being made from the Taff dj, to Dowlais, and that a large piece of earth, of several hun- Weight, fell upon him. He saw it falling, but in trying to V^fVV!>y his foot slipped, and the whole mass came upon him. 'CH Accidental death." til0 15th instant, before the same gentleman, at the Wheat tL^011 the body of Thomas Philips, miner. It appeared, from Wh eVidence, he was at work in the Drift Cyfarthfa mine pit Vi|j n a large stone, of nearly two tons weight,, fell up'oti hihi and instcsqtaneously. The witness was about tert yards ni- A ma:i named John Thomas had cautioned lum the danger of the stone. Verdict, Accidental death. ON the 12th instant, before the same gentleman; upon the body of William Morgan, at the Bush Inn, Dowlais. James Williams swore that deceased was an archer, working tor the Dowlais Company, at one of the Pantywain pits. That they were at dinner when the haulier came and said he could not take the horse out, owing to a large stone having fallen down. They went there and found deceased under it, and it weighed more than a ton. When he was taken out he was quite dead. There being no blame attached to any one, a verdict of "Accidental death was returned.







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