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WORK. BY CHARLES SWAIN. Attend, O Man, Uplift the banner of thy kind, Advance the ministry of mind, The mountain height is free to climb, Toil on—MAN'S heritage is time Toil on Work on and win Life without work is unenjoyed; The happiest are the best employed!— Work moves and moulds the mightiest birth, And grasps the destinies of earth I Work on! Work sows the seed; Even the roc7; may yield its floiver,- No lot so hard, but human power, Exerted to one end and aim, May conquer fate, and capture fame I Press on! Press onward still: In nature's centre lives the fire That slow, though Sure, doth yet aspire; Through fathom's deep of mould and clay 1 t slJlits the rocks that bar its way I Press on If Nature then Lay tame beneath her weight of earth, When would her hidden fire know birth ? Thus Man, through granite Fate, must find The path-the upward path-of Jliud I Work on! Pause not in fear; Preach no desponding, servile view,- Whate'er thou wiil's't thy WILY, may do Strengthen each manly nerve to bend Truth's bow, and bid it's shaft ascend! Toil on Be firm of heart; By fusion of unnumber'd yeais A Continent its vastness rears A drop, 'tis said, through flint will wear; Toil oil, and Nature's conquest share 1 Toil on Within thySelf Bright morn, and noon, and night succeed Power, feeling, passion, thought, and deed; Harmonious beauty prompts thy breast,- Tilings angels love, and God hath blest! Work on! Work on and win! Shall light from Nature's depths arise, And thou, whose mind can grasp the skies, Sit down with fate, and idly rail ?— No onward Let the Truth prevail! Work on t

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