Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



[A CARD.] DAVID LEWI'S, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and General Agent, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. 15SS ALBUM T~ T)EGS to announce that her SCHOOL will EE-OPEN on J) THURSDAY, the 18th INSTANT. (if Charles-Street, July 9th, 1850. CONVEYANCE FROM HAVEBFO&DWEST to SWANSEA! DUTFCCT IN OE DAY. DEOil HAVERFORDWEST, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, starting from the SWAN INN, at Eight o'Clock, A.M., and /.•DM the CAMERON AUMS, SWANSEA, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridav, at the same hour. WILLIAM JAMES, Proprietor.. THE CARDIFF STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY'S FAST SAILING t, I .STEAMER I tiM A 9) "TALIESIN," I (D. DAVIS, COMMANDER) |TS intended to ply between CARDIFF AND BRISTOL during j|_ the Month of JULY, 1850, as follows:— CARDIFF, FROM THE BUTE DOCICS. 12. 6 ditto tfftturday, 13. 61 afternoon yuesday, 16 9J morning Thursday, 18. 11 ditto Saturday, 20. It afternoon Tuesday, 2:3 ii morning Wednesday 24 5 di £ t £ 'Thursday, 25 5 ditto Friday, 26 5 ditto -Saturday, 27 51 afternoon Tuesday, 30 7i morning BRISTOL, I FROM CUMBERLAND BASIN. Friday, 12 7 ditto Monday, 15 .10 morning Wednesday, 17 ..114 ditto Friday, 19 11 afternoon Monday, 22 4| ditto Tuesday, 23 5 ditto Wednesday, 24 5,1 ditto Thursday, 25. 6 ditto Friday, 26 6J ditto Monday, 29 81 morning Wednesday, 31.. 94 ditto FARES.Cabin, 3s.; Deck, Is. 6d. To and Fro from Cardiff-9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th. FARES TO AND FRO.—Cabin, 4s; Deck, 2s.—Children half-price. For further Particulars apply to Idr, THOS. JOHN, Agent, Packet Office, on the Wharf, or at the Bute Docks, Cardiff; or to fvlr. R. H. JOHNSON. Clare-street Hall, Marsh-street, Bristol. Goods hauled to and from the Packet at the Company's Expense. N. B.—No fees to Porters. Classical, Commercial, and Mathematical Academy for young Gentlemen, 26, CROSS HOUSE, STOWHILL, NEWPORT. MON. CONDUCTED by the Itev. W. L. SANDERSON, Independent V Minister, a Member of the College of Preceptors, formerly a student in Cheshunt College, Herts, some years ago Master of a Proprietary Boarding School in Devon, lately Head Master of an "Institution for educating Mini.ters' sons. Mr. Sanderson returns his grateful acknowledgments for the large and increasing patronage with which his Establishment has been fevoured during the past year, and feels confident that when ;tb.e candid and liberal public shall become generally aware of the extent of his literary attainments, his extensive knowledge of 41leient fUld modern languages, and mathematical science, his inti- mate acquaintance with all the routine of Commercial as w ell as Classical education, his long experience in tuition, his unwearied -;siduity, and untiring patience, the health, the comfort, and rapid improvement of his pupils, the, strict attention paid to their morals u'ul behaviour, and under Mrs. Sanderson's kind superintendence, their unrestricted supply of food of the very best quality, most parents ""ill be tnxious that their children should enjoy the superior advan- tages of his Academy and his school will become, both in number *ud respectability, the first in this part of the United Kingdom. As no Midsummer holidays are given to the Day Scholars, the School remains open for the reception of pupils. The Boarders Nvill resume duir studies on Monday, the 22nd of July. r- TERMS FOR BOARDERS. render. 10 years of age £ 4 0 0 per quarter. Above 10, and under 12 4 5 0 Abovel2, „ 13 i 10 0 Above 13.$0 0 Ministers' soils boarded and educated for.. 3 15 0 TERMS FOR DAY SCHOLARS. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. 0 10 0 per quarter. Wtto, with Book-keeping, English Gram- q j. q niar, Geography, and Mathematics. V Latin, French, Greek, Hebrew, German, o 10 6 extra and Italian, each Navigation, the whole course. 2 10 0 The Evening School will be resumed the first Monday in October. Mrs, Sanderson's Seminary for Young Ladies (terms same as above), will re-open on Monday, July 22nd. Music, One Guinea, alld French, Half-a-Guinea per quarter extra. References kindly permitted to the Rev. Mr. Jones, and the Rev. l" Havard, Independent Ministers, of Talgarth, Brecoushire Davics, Esq., Surgeon, Cowbridge, Glamorganshire; Mr. Edwards, of Liiiiover, Monmouthshire and other respectable .Persons, whose children are pupils in the school. Mr. Sanderson intends to deliver, in his school-room, a Lecture to his pupils, their parents, and the public generally (adinis ion :r°e), on the Advantages of Education, on Tuesday, July 23, at *lldf-past seven in the evening. Wanted a steady Youth about 16 (a good writer), as an Assist- He wonld be instructed in the Languages and Mathematics. -l.:J, NEW COACHES FROM SWANSEA. rUE Public are respectfully informed, that, on and after the v- 8tli of Ju LY next, Fast and well-appointed COACHES, with .^l'Ur Horses, will start from the MACKWORTII ARMS INN and WALES RAILWAY STATION, SWANSEA, for the following °Wns: I'd- ABERYST WITH, at 9 a.m., London time, via Pontardu- Carmarthen, Lampeter, and Aberayron, and arriving at Abery.stwith at 8 p. m.; returning thence, at 7 a. m., to arrive at ^marthen to meet the Haverfordwest and Tenby Coaches, and Ilig at Swansea, at 6 p. m. p or HAVERFORDWEST, at 12 noon, London time, ma ^utardulias, Carmarthen, and Narberth, arriving at Haverford- 0;,t, at 7 p. m.; and returning at 6.30 a.m., and arriving at Swan- at 1.30 p.m. i'or TENBY, at 12 noon, London time, via Pontardulias, Car- afthen, and Begelly, arriving at Tenby at 7 p.m., and returning b 30 a. m., arriving at Swansea, at 1.30 p. m. p *°r LLANDILO, at 9 a. m. London time, via Vale of Swansea, 00,Hardawe, and Raven Inn, to arrive at 1 p.m.; returns at nl., arriving at Swansea, at 7 p. in. All OMNIBUS will run from the MUMBLES, to meet the ptli Wales Railway Trains. 8W. Mongers and Parcels may be booked at the Mackworth Arms, ^;lsca • Red Lion, Pontardulias; Ivy-bush, Carmarthen; Black a 11 • Lampeter; the Feathers Hotel, Aberayron; Belle Vue Hotel, Ceryswith 5 Coach Office, Narberth; Castle Hotel, Iiaverford- q ft; (lull's Arms, Begelly; Lion Hotel, Tenby; Raven Inn, •iiannnaii; and the Coach Office, Llandilo. JONES, PROBETT, REES, ARTHUR CUMMINS, MARSHALL, BOWERS, AND PHILPOTT AND SONS, PROPRIETORS. foments are making for running SPRING VANS, for ruu •'eyance of Luggage and general goods from the Railway ntrClw», to CARMARTHEN, &c.,via LLANELL, at 11 p.m., 1,].!r t.'u> arrival of the last Railway Train; to arrive at 2 a. m., at "Ilv, and at 7 a. m, at Carmarthen: returning from thence at 'Iil■ > and arriving at Swansea at 5 a. in. THE RAILWAY HOTEL, CARDIFF, IS pleasantly and healthily situated, within three minutes' walk from the centre of the Town, having on each side detached ~S illas in front a well-laid Nursery Ground—a romantic view of the WELSH MOUNTAINS—adjoining the TAFF VALE RAILWAY STATION, and is the only convenient Hotel in Cardiff for the transit of Passengers intending to go by the BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS AND SOUTH WALES RAILWAY, to and from which an OMNIBUS is contiinially running. Families and Gentlemen visiting this neighbourhood will find this a quiet and comfortable House, combined with moderate charges.—Horses, Flys, &c., &c.; Shillibier's Patent Funeral Carriage, let on hire good Stabling and Lock-up Coach-house. J. W. cannot let this opportunity slip by without thanking his numerous friends for their kind support and begs to state that he intends, about the middle of August, running a Two-horse Omnibus from the Railway Hotel to the Bute Docks six times a day, taking the route of the South Wales Railway Station. Fares:—Inside 3d.; Outside 2d. J. WINSTONE, PROPRIETOR. Railway Hotel, Cardiff, June 27, 1850. DELJVE\RED CARRIAGE FREE TO ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND, TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. TEA WAREHOUSE, 2, BUCKLERSBURY, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. fTlHIS Establishment was commenced in the year 1830. Its successful progress during 20 years has gratified our anticipations. I The patronage of the Public has elevated its position to one of the largest in the Trade. Our main object has been, and still is, to supply the Public on TltADE TERMS. Great and assuming as such an undertaking appears to be, it is obvious that to do Business on a Wholesale Scale, it is necessary to have wholesale appliances. In conformity with these ideas, our locality was chosen in a bye thoroughfare, where space and accommodation are sufficient to carry on trade to any extent, but without those merciless and enormous expenses inseparably attached to retail shops in prominent situations, whereby an extravagant profit is rendered necessary. Hence its will be seen that we are in a position to supply the Public on the best and most economical terms-in fact to supply at first hand, by which all intermediate profits are saved. The immense variety of Teas now imported into this country, demands the most scrutinising caution. In this we have considerable advantages, as from the extent of our trade we are enabled to employ a qualified and experienced Person, whose sole duty is that of carefully selecting, tasting, and appropriating Teas for consumption. The following areour present ouotations Black Teas..«• d- Common Tea 2 8 (The duty on all being 2s. 2|d., renders comment on the 4 quality of this Tea unnecessary.) Sound Congou Tel 3 0 (A good, useful Tea for economical and large consumers.) Strong Congou Tea 3 4 (A Tea very much approved of.) Fine Souchotig Tea 3 8 (Pekoe flavour. Strongly recommended.) Fine Pekoe Souchong 4 0 (This Tea is more in repute than any other it is a very superior Tea.) Finest Pekoe Souchong 4 4 (This is a high class Tea.) Finest Lapsang Souchong 5 0 (This is a rare Tea, very scarce, of an extraordinary flavour.) Green Teas. s. d. Common Green 3 0 Young Hysoa. 3 4 (This will mix with the 3s. Black.) Fine Yf%m$>•••••♦ ,»»» 3 8 (We recommend this with the 3s. 4d. Black.) Superior Young Hyson 4 0 Fine Ilysen .*„»,».f 5 0 Gunpowder Tea 4 4 The Finest Young Hyson 5 0 ,(This is fit for any use.) Fme Shot G unpowder 6 0 The Finest Gunpowder Imported 7 0 Coffees. The Coffee market is very uucertaiii-prices-chtnging daily. We quote the present prices •s. d. Fine Ceylon Coffee 1 0 Fine Plantation (recommended) 1 2 Finest Java Coffee (superior Coffee) 1 4 Finest Java Coffee (superior Coffee) 1 4 s. d. Finest Cuba Coffee (strongly recommended) .9 1 6 Finest Mocha Coffee 1 8 Our Coffee is roasted by the latent improved patent machinery. Much discussion having recently taken place in Parliament about Chicory, we are induced to keep on sale the best imported, at 8d. per lb., for those who prefer its admixture. Having briefly alluded to the principle on which we conduct our business, we respectfully solicit the attention of Hotel Keepeys, Schools, and all Large Establishments, who will derive considerable advantages from these arrangements. — NOTE. TEAS ARE DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO ANY PART OF ENGLAND, when the quantity ordered exceeds six pounds; but the carriage of Coffee is not paid unless accompanied by Tea. Returning our best thanks for past favours, we refer to our system of business as a satisfactory inducement for your further patronage and recommendation. 2, Bucklersbury, Cheapside. v MANSELL, HORNE & Co, P.S. Agents are appointed in eV(;l'y+TfJlC¿ and Village. fjtesps0^ible Persons only will be treated with. AR WERTH YN NGHAERDYDD GAIT PHILLIPS KERNICK THOMAS MORGAN COLEMAN EVANS BRADLY M'CARTHY JAMES A chan bob CYFFERIWWlt Cyfrifol yn y Dywysogaeth. Pawb ag ydynt yn prisio Bendithion Iechyd, a wnant yn dda i gymmeryd PELENI TKULUOL SYDENHAM. Gwrthwj-nebweluldynesiail afiechyd."—" Mae ei attal vn well na'i wella." PELENI IECHYD TEULU0J, AGORIADOL A GWRTHERIOL S Y D EN H A M, .1 WYR A GWRAGEDD, YN EOLLOL LYSIEUOL, WEDI eu parotoi, trwy gyfarwyddyd y Meddyg enwog liwnw. DR. SYDENHAM, yr liwn yn gyfiawn a gyfenwid, "Tad Meddyginiactli ddiweddar." Y Feddyginiaeth fwyaf werthfawr rhag Bolrwymedd, ac Achwyniadau Geriawl, Gwalldreuliad, Gwynt-chwytli, Anliwylderau y Cylla a'r Coluddion, Syrthni, Colliad Chwaut Bwyd, Gwendid Golygon, Dolur a Syfrdandod yn yn y Pen, Llyngyr, Clwyf y Marchogion, y Graianwst ac Anliwyl- derau Dyfrglwyf, yr Wrwst, ac Iselder Ysbryd, ac y maent hefyd yn dra ciieithKjIat Buro y Gwaed. Mae yn bwys&wr ac yn deilwng o sylw, ac yn llawer o glod i'r Meddygou enwog, yngystal a'r Gclfy'ddydFeddygol yngyffredinol trwy y wlad, fod un o'r personau mwyaf ardderchog ac hynod yr oes, sef Louis PHILIPPE, Brenin y Ffrancod gvnt, yn gwneyd defnydd o Feddyginiaethau y divveddar ddawnus ac Iiygled Dr. SYDENHAM. PELBNI TEULL-OL DR. SYDENHAM ydynt wedi coel eu parotoi yn ffyddlon a gofalus gan y Perchenog presennol er ys mwy na 30 o flyneddoedd: ac y maent wcdi ennill y gymeradwyaeth uchelaf oddiwrth bob graddau o'r bobl. Y darpariad gwerthfawr hwn a gynnwys y cydgyssylltiad goreu o'r meddygiaethau llysieuol agor- iadol niwyaf rliiuweddol a tliiiion yn eu gweithrediadau ac nid oes eisieu aros yn y ty, nahewid yr ymborth, tra fyddo yn gweithredu. Ymarfer cymmedrol a gwaith a gynnydda ei effeithiau daionus. Gellir ei gymmeryd unrljyw amser pan fyddo y coluddion yn rhwym, ueu a gwaew yiiddytit, neu pan fyddo y cylla yn anhwylus; a dylai Peleni Sydenham gael eu cymeryd gan bawb; o bob oedran asefyllfa, gao eu bod yn rhwyddhau treuliad ymborth, yn gwrth- weithredu effeithiau glythineb, yn dwyn y cylla i hwyl a gweith- rediad iachus, yn symud pob anhwyldeb perthynol i'r peiriannau treuliadol, ac yu eyssylltu rhinweddau agoriadol a chryfhaol, yr hyn a arweinia i iechyd, a hen oedran. Rhoddir cyfarwyddiadau digonol ar yr amlen a. amgylchyna bob blwch, hefyd tystiolaethau o linweddau y Peleui hyglod hyn, oddi- wrth Feddyg enwog mewn ymarferiad a chvnimeradwyaeth mawr yn Mrvsto a Clifton, a dynion creill o'r cyfrifoldeb uchelaf. BLYCIIAU BYClIAIN, Is. lie. a 2s. ge,-BLYCHAU TEU- LUOL, 4s. 6c. ac lis. Mae ennill mawr wrth brynu y Blychau Te-al-uol. A Barotoir ganyr Unig Berchenog, J. lluics, No. 1, St. James's Place, Kingsdowll, Bristol;" ac a wertliir, trwy bennodiad, gan bob Fferyllydd a Gwerthwr Meddyginiaethau Breiniol yu Mrvsto, Clifton, a tlirwy yr hollDeyrnas Gyfunol. Gelwir sylw neillduol at y cyfurwyddiadau hyn i'w cymmeryd.- Teimlad o Lawnder yn y Cylla, a Gwall-dreuliad o herwydd bwyta i ormodedd—Un Belen i gael ei cliynimeryd wrth eistedd i lawr i giniaw. Dolur yn y Pen ac Anliwylder yn v Cylla—Dwy neu Dair o Beleni i gael eu eymmeryd ar unrhyw amser pan deimlir y cyfryw yn boenus. Bolrwymedd—Cymmerer un neu ddwy Belen, wrth fyned i'r gwely. Dolur yn y Pen ac Anhwyldeb yn y Cylla trwy yfed i ormodedd —Cymmerer d\yy neu dair Pelen wrth fyned i'r gwely, neu un- rhyw amser arall. Coll Arch w ae th-Cymm erer Un Belen awr eyn ciniaw a swper. Mewn Anliwylderau Geriwl a Gwelwder Gwynebpryd—Un Belen nos a borcn. Y Gymmalwst-Cymmerer Dwy Belen yn y nos, ae Un yn boreu, yu achlysurol. Tarddiant ar yr Wyneb—Un Belen liwyr a boreu, dros bvthefnos, fel y gweithredant 11 I HLANT-Pan fyddo y Cylla a'r Coluddion allan o hwyl, cym- m-erer Pelen, neu "haimer Pelen, yn ol en hoedran, RHYBYDD-Gofyner am SYDENHAM'S FAMILY, PILL OF HEALTH;" a bydder yn ofalus rhag prynu unrhyw Beleni clan enwan cyffelyb, gan fod dynion diegwyddor yn gwneyd cyn. nygion i dwyllo y wlad, trwy wcrthi rhyw ofer-gymmysgiadau o'u heiddo eu hunaiu, yn llePELENi gwir werthfawryDR. SYDENHAM. •Rhaid i Brynwyr fod yn ofalus i weled fod yr enw 11 J, ItLus-, BRISTOL," ar Stamp y Llywodraeth. I I REGULAR TRADER FROM LONDON TO CARDIFF, NEWPORT, &c. /U, rpHE Schooner "GRATITUDE," D. JONES, I Master, is now loading at TOPPING'S WHARF, Tooley-street,' London, for Cardiff, Newport, Mer- thyr, Dowlais, Aberdare, Abergavenny, Brecon, Monmouth, Pontypool, Cowbridge, Bridgend, and places adjacent, and will sail positively on TUESDAY, JULY 23rd, 1850. For Freight, he, apply to the Master on Board; Mr. Rd, Burton, Wharfinger, Newport; Mr. Thomas Richards, Aber- gavenny; Messrs. Prosser, & Co., Brecon; Messrs. J. II. & G, Scovell, Topping's Wharf, London; or to Messrs. W. Bird & Son, Cardiff. London, July 9th, 1850. IMPORTANT PUBLIC BENEFIT. All persons labouring under the following diseases, viz., the Bile, Indigestion, Flatulency, Costiveness, Headache, Wind and Spasm, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Cramp, Worms in Children, Piles, Stone and Gravel, Stitches, Rheumatism, Eruption of the Skin, Spleen, Hysteria, Yellow Jaundice, Scurvy, Drowsiness, Pain in the Chest, Sore Legs, Nervous Affections, King's Evil, Palpita- tion of the Heart, Heartburn, St. Anthony's Fire, Lowness of Spirits, &c., should lose no time to use perseveringly Jones' (Tremadoe) Aperient and Antibilious Pills. A REMEDY that has stood the test of Chemical Analyses—the medical opinions—and a fair trial by thouands of the afflicted Public, is now becoming THE UNIVERSAL PILL OF THE AGE. A Testimonial from a highly respectable chemist in North Wales. Stit,-Your Pills continue to command a good sale here, which is steadily on the increase. They are now a standard family medi- cine among most of our local gentry, and becoming a universal favourite as a corrective of those organs most frequently liable to derangements, and to which in particular you point attention. Apart from all motives of interest or a desire to please the propri- etor, I have no hesitation in stating my candid avowal, that I con- sider your Pills, as an Aperient and Antibilious preparation, far superior to any Patent Medicine with whose merits I have been made acquainted, not excepting Cockle's justly celebrated com- pound, to whose merits as a preparation some of the most eminent of the profession have made no scruples in bearing their testimony, To Mr. R. 1. Jones. B. The particulars of many hundred cures may be had of the Agents throughout the Kingdom, too numerous to be inserted in an ad- vertisement. CAUTION.—Be sure- to ask for JoNrs' (Tremadoe) Pills, and see thatthe,signature is upon the Government Stamp. Retailed by all Patent Medicine Vendors in every town in the United Kingdom,, in boxes, Is. lid., 2s. Ocl., and 4s. 6d. each (the largest size the cheapest in proportion), Wholesale Agents^—Messrs. Evans, Sons, and Co., Thomas Bowers and Sons, Thomas Eyre and Co., Liverpool; Barclay and Son, Farringdon-street, Sutton and Co.. Bow Churchyard, London; Butler, Sackville-street, Dublin; and the proprietor. N.B.—May be had post free on receipt of 14 Postage Stamps for the Is. 1 itl. size 33 Stamps for the 2s. 6d:; or 60 Stamps for the 4s. 6d. size box.. CAUTION! T) UPTURES EFFECTUALLY CURED WITHOUT A It TRUSS!—DR. DE IIOOS still continues to supply the afflicted with his celebrated cure for Single or Double Rupture, the efficacy of which, for both sexes, and ail ages, is too well known to need comment. It is perfectly free from danger, causes no pain, conifnement, or inconvenience, and will, with full instructions, &c., rendering failure impossible, be sent free, on receipt of 7s. in cash, or by post-office order, payable at the Holborn-ofiice. A great number of trusses have been left behind by persons cured, as trophies of the immense success of this remedy, which will be readily given to any requiring them after a trial of it. Letters of inquiry should contain two postage stamps. Address—Walter De Roos, M.D., 35, Ely-place, Holbonv-hill, ondon At home from ten till one, and four till eight. Sundays excepted. CA UTION ,-Sufferers are earnestly cautioned against youthful impudent quacks, who copy th.u announcement, forge testimonials place I)r. before their names, make assertions the most extravagant and absurd, and have recourse to the basest practises to victimise the public. MONEY. 1,000, £500, and other Sums, WILL be ready to be advanced in the ensuing month of August, on Security of FREEHOLD LANDED PROPERTY of adequate value, at Four per Cent, interest. The larger sum would be allowed to remain for a term of years. Also several smaller sums, on security of long LEASEHOLD St. PROPERTY, at Five per Cent, interest. Apply to Mr. GEORGE WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Cardiff, or Hendredenny, near Cardiff. July, 1850, NOTICE OF REMOVAL, J. MORGAN, HOUSE AND DECORATIVE PAINTER,. GLAZIER, PAPER HANGER, &c. IN returning thanks to his friends and the public, for the very liberal support he has met with, during the seven years he has carried on business in Cardiff, begs te inform them that lie has re- moved from his late premises in Lewis-street and Wharton-place, to more commodious premises, situate,at No. 6, JOHN-STREET, opposite the Spirit Vaults of Mr. Nell. Where he still solicits a continuance of the kind favours he has hitherto received, A large Stock of the choicest Paper Hangiugs continually on hand at all prices.—The Trade supplied. Deafness and Singing in the Ears effectually Cured, without Pain or Operation. The application of this wonderful discovered remedy to the ears of those afflicted with deafness for 40 or 50 years; enables them to hear a watch tick at arm's length. DR. JAMES VERBRUGAN, Surgeon Aurist, and consulting jy Surgeon to the Infirmary for the Cure of Deafness, begs to otfer this valuable discovery to the public from benevolence rather than gain, and will forward it to any part, carriage free, with full directions, packed in a small case, on receipt of five shillings in postage stamps or money order, directed to Dr. James Verbi ugan, 6, Beaufort Buildings, Strand, London. This is not one of the usual Quack Advertisements, the effect produced on the application of this remedy being houesdyaiul truly magical, painless in its use, even to an infant, many of whom, bora deaf, together with grown up persons who had not heard the human voice for fifty years, have, after using this remedy, enjoyed the society of their fellow creatures. Dr. V. daily applies it, and has cured thousands in his privct-a practice, and also at the Ear Infirmaries, in the presence of the most eminent physicians, who have been utterly astounded at the cures effected. —No Agents to insure the genuine, apply to Dr. V. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. It I, I- rpi-IE following-steam vessels are intended to JL sail from Cumberland Basin, Bristolto and from Dublin, Shamrock; Cork, Juvcnm and Sal-rina; Waterford, Victory and How; Tenby, Osprey (Tuesdays) and Phcenix Mil. ford, Pater, and Haverfordwest, Osnreu: Carmarthen, Phcenix; Swansea, County and Beresfofd; Newport, Swift and Dart; Cardiff, Star and Prince of U ales, as under- mentioned during JULY, 1850:— mentioned during JULY, 1850:— FROM BRISTOL TO JUIA*. i I Dublin. Cork. Watcriord. I Tenby. Aliltord, I'atrr. and _B.Vcst. Carmarthen, j Swansea. Cardiff. -1 r J Newport. Slon ll 19 m 9 m Tiies 2 lD-iaiP LO am!i() am 10 am lOJamjlO m !0i ui Wed 3 U am U m ll m Tliur 4 1 am 12 no' 12 m Fri. 5 14 pm li pill 1 puij 1 pm I am 1 £ af 1 :!f Sat. 6 2 pm 3 aiu 2 af 2 .-if Moil 8 4 iif 4.5 af Tues 9 :5.J pai j.V ami5| am 51 am 5j am 5 m 5 af 5 af Wed 7 am 6 m 6 al PJ jn ThurU 8 am 65 111 TinMuf Fri.12 8 am 8 am H am: \1h am 8 am 114 ru 8 in Sat.13 S.J am 9 am-$^ ln ••• ••• jl» m n? Tueslo U am 11 am II uni 11 am lUamiin.lrn It m Wed.17 12 110 ] 14in n Thar 18 1 am|12{af | »+: Fri 19 2 pm 2 i>m 1.J pin iU pm 2 r.mllA af 3 af Sat 20 3 pm 3i am;2] „f 3 a-f Hon 22 |4.J af Pf Tues 2:) 5 pm 5J am5.\ am 15} am-3.1 am! 5 af Tues 2 5 pm 5J am5.\ am 15} am-3.1 am! 5 af Wed 2S SJ am I5.J m 5| af <>m Ca' Tliur25 7 am| 6 m at G.l p, Fri.20 7 am 1 am 7 ami am 7 am;6j m 7" m Sat.27 7 am 8 am 7 111 7.J in Mon 29 s m fi; n; Tues 30 9 am 9 am: 9 am 9 am 9J am S| m 9' »•: Wed 31 10 am 9^ nv in t FOR BRISTOL FROM I- JULY. Dublin. Waterford. Tenby. Havci ford- west. Mil ford. I I Carmarthen. Swansea. I -i i Cardiff ) Newport, i Mon 1 7* m 7* m Tues 2 11 am 2 pm ho.j mS! m si >n Wed 3 1 pm lOJam 9 m 9' ra Thur 4 1 am 10.1m !o m Fii. 5 2 pm I2Jpm 9ngt 2 am 11 Jm 114 m Sat. 6 3 am ljvpm:3i an; 1 af 1 af Mon 8 af 3 af Tues 9 8 am 9 am C am 4 m 3j af 4 af Wed K) 7i am 5 am 5 111 4 al 4i af ThurU am 5* afi Gmitaf Fri ..12 8 am 8 anj s| am 6 af 6i'm Sat.13 9^ am 3 am 7J am 9 am 6$m 7" n* Mon 15 N s m! 8 m Tuesie lUam 2 pm ll am 9 nil !) ni 14 Mon 15 N s m! 8 m Tuesie lUam 2 pm ll am 9 nil !) ni Wed 17 1 pm 10 £ am 9} mi lo 7„ Thur 18 1\ am >1 mi 11 m Fri 19 3 pm 1 pm 10 ngt 2$am llftai 121 af Sat 20 4 am 2 pm 3J am 1 af l.j af Mon 22 3 af 3 af Tues 23 8 am 9 am 6^ am3{ a) at" Wed 24 7} am 5 am 4 in 4 af 3m4"jaf Thur25 7j am 5 111 5 af 5 Thur25 7j am 5 111 5 af 5 Thur25 7j am 5 111 5 af 5 Fri.26 S am 7 am 1 S am 5i af 5} Sat 27 Si am 2} am 6.J ami 8 am 6 m c" af Mon 29 <34 m 7 m Tues 30 10 am 12 no j$>i ain17i m 71 m Wed 311 II Ham i&raml V Tj S 8 m N OTICE.—From 1st April and during the summer tho Juverna wili leave Bristol for Cork on Wednesdays instead bf Tuesday*. ó9 !:r The whole of the above vessels are fitted up for the contevr anca of passengers and goads.-Female stewards on board. Carriages and horses shipped with care.—Horses and carriages t be shipped two hours before sailing. All Goods for Shipment must be alongside before 4 o'clook in the afternoon. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all goods, packages, parcels, &c., should be addressed-For Swansea and Cardiff, to Messrs. W and H.. Hartnell, at their warehouse, coraor ^J^Pk^'s-aTenue, on the Quay, instead of Clare-street-hall and Bull-wharf; and E. T. Turner, 12, Quay-street; au for New port; to J. Jones, Rownhain Wharf, Hot wells. AGENTS.—Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby; Mr. J. Rees, Haves-' ford west; Mr. Palmer, Milforil; Mr. Bowen, Pater; Mr. John N. Smart and Mr. W. Pockett, Swansea; Mr. W. It, Harvey and Mr. C H. Be van, Cardiff; Mr. Martin, Ilfracombe; Mr. Thomas Baker, Lynton; Mr. Robert Staeey. Carmarthea; and Mr. It 1 Jones, Nwort.