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I We Carry Ml Before Us. CLEAR THE WAY! FOR TEN DATS, Commencing Wednesday, December 13th, and positively ending Saturday. December 23. WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING DELICACIES FOR CHRISTMAS At a Price which ALL can afford to Pay— THE PRESERVE OF THE SEASON. 31b jar* Chylong Preserved Ginger for Is. Splendid Muscatels at 8d. per lb. The Finest Jordan Almonds at Is 6d per lb. A Large Box of Figs for 10ld. Our Famous 2s. Bara Brith for 1 s. Is. „ for 6d. Christmas Crackers—A Grand Variety. Canadian Apples, Oranges and Nuts. NOTE THE PBICES. DON'T FORGET BE MERRY-BE WISE—BUY NOW AT The People's Popular Stores, WATER STREET & HIGH STREET, RHYL E. P. Jones, Son & Co. PROPRIETORS. NOTICE. VAUGHAN, Chemist, VaughanSt. I All Patent Medicines are Sold at the above Establishment at Lowest Reduced Store Prices For Cash. I j Telegrams: National Telephone: CI SHEFFIELD, RHYL." "No.7." Alfred Sheffield, IRONMONGER, Silversmith, Contractor, and Builders' Merchant, 170 Wellington Road, Rhyl. Agent for the Welsbacih Incandescent Light Co. A Large Stock of Mantles, Burners, Fittings, suitable for all Classes. Acetylene Gas. Estimates given for Installation in Churches, Chapels, and Country Houses. Oil Lamps t In Great Variety. Special low priue for Petroleum Oil in bu Kitchen Ranges Tile Register Stoves, Mantel Pieces, Tile Hearths and Kerbs, shown in suites complete. Oils, Paints, Colours, Glass, Varnisb, and aJl Painters' requisites. Wall Paper A Speciality. New S&ason's Stock just arived. ESTIMATES given for Sanitary, Hot and Cold, Water, Range fixing, Plumbing, Ticn-work, and all repairs. A large staff of W orkl nen employed on the Premises. I