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FLINTSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. The quarterly meeting of this Council was held on Wednesday, at the Town Hall, Rhyl, Mr Thomas Parry presided, and there were also Present Aldermen William Davies (Vice-chairman), P P Pennant. G A Parry, A Lloyd, W Jones, JV Elwy Williams, Robert Jones, J Hall, Dr Easterby, J Herbert Lewis, M A Ralli, Councillors SDa vies. C Dawson, J Bellis, E Morgan, J Pringle, F J Gamlin, H Goodman Roberts, G H Allerton, C P Morgan, E Pierce, Robert Jones, H Lester Smith, J Kerfnot Evans, J Phillip Jones, J H Warburton, Urias Bromley, C W Jones, R Llewellyn Jones, Lord Mostyn, Dr J Humphrey Williams, S Peaks, J L Muspratt. John Jones. A Hint to the Rhyl Members. At the opening of the business the Chairman appealed to the Councillors, and especially to the Rhyl representatives—(laughter) to make their speeches as short as possible as there was another important function that day at Rhyl. Vote of Sympathy. The Council passed a vote of condolence with Mr Kelly, Clerk, who was reported to have met with an accident. Fees Remitted. It was reported by the Standing Joirt Police Committee that during the last quarter 911 Os. 6d. had been remitted in fees. Of that sum jM tOs. 6d. was credited to the Prestatyn and Rhuddlan divisions. Rhyl's Main Roads. In the minutes of the Main Roads Committee it was reported that the Main Roads Inspector had examined the roads in the Rhyl Urban District, towards the cost of which the County Council had voted f,200, viz, Grange, Brighton and Wellington Roads, and Bodfor Street. He found that a large portion of the roads had been macadamised with Penmaenmawr granite and steam rolled. He had also been informed that the remainder would be done during the winter months. The Committee considered the report satisfactory. The Condition of Prestatyn. Dyserth and Bodelwyddan Roads. The Main Roads Committee had received a report as to the condition of the road leading from Gronant to IMeliden within, the Urban District of Prestatyn, and it was stated that it was not in a very satisfactory state owing to inferior material having been used. The Sub-Committee having charge of the roads in the Rhyl District, recom- mended that the sum of £ 70 be paid to the Prestatyn Council on condition that Penmaenmawr "tones were used. The Main Roads Committee approved of the recommendation of the Sub-com- mittee. With regard to the highways in the St. Asaph Rural District, the committee had received a report to the effect that as the traffic on the Rhyl and Dyserth Road is very heavy, the sum of £100 Voted should be used in improving the road, which ^ill require 300 tons of Penmaenmawr granite to Put it in a satisfactory condition. Bodelwyddan Road was reported to be in fair order, and the sum of 920 already voted was recommended for payment, together with;CIOO for Dyserth Road, subject to the carrying out of the conditions laid down. Taxation of Cycles. The Main Roads Committee reported having considered a resolution passed by the Bodmin Rural District Council recommending the taxing of cycles, but the proposal was opposed by several members. Mr Bellis had proposed and Dr Easterby seconded, that the Committee support the proposal, but the Committee decided to pass on to the next business without making any recommendation to the Council. The Taxing of Steam Carts. The Main Roads Committee recommended that the Council require the licensing of steam carts. Mr J P Jones proposed that the licence be not required. Mr Alletson seconded, and said it was a tax on industry. He asked that the charge be reduced from f5 if imposed. Mr Muspratt opposed the proposal, and said that carts driven by steam should be licensed like traction engines. Mr Gamlin supported Mr Muspratt, and said that a like charge would be made in other counties. Mr H Lester Smith considered that they should obtain control by means of bye-laws of vehicles driven by motor or steam power. It was decided to licence the steam carts, a fee of X2 to be charged. Volunteer Rifle Ranges. The following resolution was passed by the Main Roads Committee on the question of voting of county money towards the acquisition of volunteer rifle ranges" That in the opinion of this Council the cost of providing volunteer ranges should not be defrayed from the rates, but should be provided for as part of the general military expenditure of the country." Cetting at the Responsible Parties. The attention of the County Council had been called by the Home Secretary to the fact that the owners of vehicles excaped scot free when they sent out carriages, &c., unprovided with lamps. It was the driver who was convicted and punished Under the existing bye-laws, and it was suggested that the terms of the bye-laws should be so amendcd as to make the person liable for penalties 'Who caused or permitted a vehicle to be used after dark on a highway without lights. The Council altered the bye-laws as suggested. Looking after the Sea Fishery. The Council passed the payment of a precept of £ 36 14s. 6d. towards the expenses of the Joint Committee appointed to deal with the Lancashire and Western Sea Fisheries. The payment was at the rate of 3-64th of a penny in the jE. The Representation at the Denbigh Asylum Board. Mr R Llewellyn Jones called the attention of the Council to their very unsatisfactory represen- tation on the Board of the Denbigh Asylum. It appeared that the representatives of the people were outvoted by the persons who represented a few subscribers. He believed that for JE2 2s per annum a subscriber could be represented, and he believed that they got their money's worth out of the splendid luncheon? provided (laughter). He thought it would pay him to subscribe if he had business that would necessitate him going to Denbigh pretty often. It would be well if the Flintshire and Carnarvoushire Councils were to consider the advisability of promoting an Act to Sever their connection with the asylum. Mr P P Pennant agreed that alterations were desirable, as the condition of things had changed since the asylum was founded. Mr W Elwy Williams said he believed it would Pay to buy out the visitors' representatives. The asylum should be carried on by the people who Paid the rates. No action was taken in the matter. Adulteration of Food. In the report of the County Analyst it was stated that during the quarter 45 samples had been received for analysis, three of which had been found to be adulterated, or in the proportion of 6i per cent. Milk, butter, spirits, coffee, Camphorated oil, bread, tartaric acid, cream of tartar, arrowroot, golden syrup, honey, turpentine, lard and cheese. A sample of butter was found to contain 83 per cent of foreign fat, and the seller Was fined 5s. and fl 4s. 10s. costs. A sample of whiskey was also found to contain 241 per cent. ot added water. In this case the fine was 91. and ;El Os. 6d. costs. The analyst had also found a sample of milk containing formalin as a pre- servative, and the vendor was cautioned by the ■Inspector, and he promised to discontinue the Use of this very objectionable preservative, which, added the analyst, is much more powerful than boric acid, and it was known to be specially lDjurious to young children. With regard to the sample of butter found to be adulterated, the colouring matter was a yellow aniline dye of an objectionable character. When the General purposes Committee considered the report Dr Humphrey Williams again called attention to the danger attending the use of formalin, and pro- Posed a resolution that steps be taken to prohibit its use, together with like preservatives in butter and milk. Mr J L Muspratt seconded it, and it ^as sent as a recommendation to the Council. Dr Humphrey Williams asked if the police had found any more formalin in milk and butter. The Chief Constable replied in the negative. Dr Williams said he thought that the Council should know that the person cautioned since the last meeting against using formalin was the same had been previously warned. It had been deci- ded not to prosecute in the past because it was -fund impossible toguage the amount of formalin uSL'd. He had to point out that the Bolton magis- trate had had a case before them, and although the vendor admitted that he had only put 10 drops of formalin in the milk he was heavily fined. He :hoped that the county magistrates would back up 1he police if any cases of the use of formalin were hrought forward. Tile Council confirmed the resolution passed by tlle Committee. County Nurses. The Technical Instruction Committee reported that the four selected candidates, under the County Nursing Scheme, had commenced their ttudioik the Nnrsea'Home Plaistow. J I Lectures on Bee Keeping. It was announced that the Technical Instruction Committee had voted the sum of f2 2s. towards the expenses of a lecture on bee keeping delivered at Caergwrle Flower Show. The Future of St. Asaph County School. An application had been laid before the Technical Instruction Committee for a special grant towards the expenses of providing a building, tools, and appliances for manual instruction purposes at St. Asaph County School, but the matter was adjourned until the future of the St. Asaph School is decided upon. County Rate for the Half-year. The Finance Committee recommended that a rate of 3d. in the £ be levied to meet the require- ments of the County for the ensuing six months, and it was agreed to. The Foot and Mouth Disease. Mr Gamlin asked if the Executive Committee of the Council had ordered the prosecution of the persons charged at Rhyl Police Court on Tuesday for offences under the Foot and Mouth Disease Order. Mr R. Llewellyn Jones and Mr P. P. Pennant protested against the Council discussing matters which had been before the Magistrates. The matter dropped. Foryd Bridge. It was decided to ask the Lord High Admiral of England to hold a local public inquiry as to the closing of Foryd Bridge to navigation. Magistrates for Llanasa. A letter was received from the Llanasa Parish Council, calling attention to the fact that there was only one magistrate in the parish. Mr E Pierce urged that more should be appointed. Mr F J Gamlin considered it a question upon which the County Council should not interfere as it was like dictating to the Lord Lieutenant. Mr R Llewellyn Jones proposed, and it was carried, that the matter be brought to the notice of the Lord Lieutenant. In reply to a question, the Chairman said it would not be etiquette to name anyone. On Mr Gamlin saying there was no one at Llanasa possessing the required qualification, it was stated that there were plenty of people qualified in the parish as magistrates, Mr Urias Bromley then observed that they were not Tories (laughter). The Bread Act. Mr F J Gamlin proposed That it be an instruction to the Chief Constable to rigidly enforce within the County of Flint the provisions of the Bread Act, 1836, and in accordance with his circular dated the 1st day of March, 1899." The Chief Constable replied that the police did carry out the Act to a certain extent, but he thought that the matter had better be discussed in committee, and it was according deferred. Agricultural Education. The Council also referred to a Committee the following resolution passed at a Conference of Primary Teachers, held at Rhyl, on the 21st July last: That the Flintshire and Denbighshire County Councils be most ureently requested to offer facili- ties (through their respective Technical Education Committees) to Teachers of Elementary Schools by establishing, on Saturdays, Classes for special in- struction in Agriculture and Manual Instruction." Several other communications on various sub- jects were also referred to Committees, and the Council then rose.




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