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BANKRUPTCY OF A WELSH CLERGYMAN. EXTRAORDINARY STATEMENTS. On Tuesday, at the Wrexbaui Baukrupicy Court, the Rev Hngii Thoma.s Owm, ul Liangoilen, was pablicy examined. The liabilities were staled to be £ 500, and the assets X2,i 10j, leaving a deficiency of X176 158 5d. The bankrupt is incumbent of i'revyr, a chapel-of-ease uf I>lin*ollen, and custodian of Valle Cracis Abbey. In reply to the Official Receiver (Mr L H Joaesj, the deDtor s:iid he had been in holy orders 37 year<, and had beu incumbent of Trevor 35 years. He bad no ell e of son!s, anti his dut e* were confined to Fuudav work. Tht, alue of the iving was about £ ii0 per annum, derivea from th, rents of three farms aid Queen Anne's Bounty. One of the farms bad recently beea closed on the application of the District ConDeii owing to it having been reported by their inspector as unlit for human habitation. The sum of £ 70 was .-el aside for him for dilapidations when he went t') Trevor, bat he had never received it. The late Bishop cihort gave it t,) the registrar, Mr R Roberts, bat he did not USJ it for the purpose for which it was intended, and when he died, ] 8 years after, the ni Wtts not to be found. There was no rectory at Trevor, and he lived in a biuss at LUugollen. He liad been keeper of the Valle Cracis Abbey for 17 years, aud this he held from the proprietor, who was 81.0 patron of the living. He paid ni thing for the rent of the abbey, but the expenses came to about £ 5U a year. He received abint £ (C0 a year fum visitors, and consequently made a clear 1:50 a year. The abbey ws given into his charge real'y as a Christmas box for his wife and children, but the money had gone to keep up the house. His principal c. editor was the representative of the late Isaac liordou. He had dealings with him twelve months ago, but he jid not know it was C-oidui). as he dealt with a man named Dean. He borrowed flOO, and promised to pay £ 150 back. He refused to pay after he had paid the first instalment when be found out he was dealing with Gordon. He knew he was pajing slightly more man 50 per cent interest. He was summoned by Gordon, but the judge reduced the amount of his chim. He had been pressed by bis creditors ever since he had been married—34 vearf. His wife ha i money, but kept a separate banking account. She bad paid zC600 ont of her own funds, mostly to get rid of executions. But for her doing this they would have been smashed up long ago." The Rsv Canon Williams, an uncle of his wife's, died 20 years ago, and in his will left her £ 10,000. He was stated to have been very wealtay. The estate was thrown into Chancery, and she had never received a penny. His daughters had each received a legacy of zClOO from a relitive. Questioned aq to a valuable collection of old Bibles in the abbey, the debtor said they were mostly given to him as caretaker of the abbey, to remain in the abbey museum. The examina- tion was adjourned, and the Registrar asked the Official Receiver to inquire further into the ownership of the Bibles.

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