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RHYL DISTRICT. 1 NOTICE TO SMOKERS.—Geo. Brookes' establishmen Club Building, Market Street, is the cheapest and bes house in town or obaccos. Post orders attended to with promptness. For "Home-made Bread' and Confectionery, you can't do better than call at JONES BROS', Liverpoo House, Prestatyn. SPECIAI. PURCHASE of Household Drapery, Table and other Linens, Lace Curtains, Sideboard Covers, Towels, Towellings, etc., and are now being offered at tempting low prices at Hubbards, The Cash Drapers, Commerce House, 21 and 25 Wellington road, Rhyl. JONES BROS, Prestatyn, still ead with their Challenge Blend Tea," and are unsurpassed with their Bread and Cakes. STILL LEADING.R. Lloyd, Bodfor Street, begs to call attention to his SIMNEL and EASTER CAKES. Made on the premises, and of excellent quality. Orders now taken. Denbighshire and Flintshire Show held at Mold.— 1st, 2nd, and two Highly Commended Dairies of Cheshire Cheese were bought by ROOSE & Co., S.P.Q.R. Stores and are on Sale at Ordinary Prices. GKAND Snow of New Goods in all Department neluding special purchase of Dress Materials bought a advantageous prices, and will be found worth you earnest attention.—Hubbard, The Cash Drapers, 2,1 and 25 Wellington Road, Rhyl. COOL Refrigerating Rooms for Meat are most valuable during hot weather. They are in use at Lawrence's butcher, 13 High Street, Rhyl. Denbighshire fand Flintshire Show held at Mold.— 1st Prize Honey bought by RoosE & Co., S.P.Q.R. Stores. C.E. Zenana Mission. The Local Secretary begs to acknowledge with thanks, receipt ot the foHowing sums collected on the sands -Misses 0 & M Summerhill and E Walter, 15s 6d; Miss Hubbard, Commerce House, 3s 6d; Miss Jane A Williams, 32 West Parade, 2s. Royal Alexandra Hospital. The Lady Superintendent gratefully acknow- ledges the following collections :—M, Bournville, Miss Price, Reggie and Frank Elcock, Reggie and Laurence Price, George and Kathleen Perrins, Lily Stowe, Norman Cliff and Gwendolen Hum- phreys, The Misses Rainsford. Rhyl Amateur Swimming Club. The second annual championship of the above was held at the Marine Lake on Thursday last. There were six competitors: W Thomas (holder), W Denton, Ivor Morris, Trevor Jones, Vernon Jones, and R Salt. A capital start was made, and W Denton immediately took the lead, which he maintained to the end Ivor Morris being a good second Mr F J Gamlin officiated as judge, whilst Mr J Roberts Jones acted as starter. Rhyl Choral Society. As will be seen in our advertisement columns the annual general meeting of the Rhyl Choral Society will be held at the Board Room, Town Hall, on Fri- day next. The chair is to be taken by Mr W J P Storey, J.P., and all members of the Society are earnestly invited to attend. As is well known, the Society has done excellent work in the town during the two years of its existence, and it is pleasing to note that a substantial balance in hand is left over from last year. Mr. E. H. Williams' Benefit Concert. We have great pleasure in calling the attention of our numerous readers to the fact that on Thursday next, Mr E H Williams, proprietor of the Rhyl Merrie Men, will take his complimentary benefit. It would be usefess for us to repeat the many qualities of Mr Williams as a public enter- tainment caterer, for they are well known in fact his name is a household word, and his troupe have, by their excellent performances, earned praise from the press and public alike. The programme on Thursday will be an entirely new one, and a splendid entertainment is guaranteed. The Town Hall is sure to be full, so our advice is Go early and secure a front seat." Royalty at Rhyl. Princess Louisa Augusta, daughter of Princess Christian, paid a visit to Rhyl on Tuesday after- noon, accompanied by Lady Florentia Hughes (wife of the Lord Lieutenant of Flintshire) and the Hon Mary Hughes, who is companion to Her Royal Highness. The day was beautifully fine, and Rhyl was seen at its best. The Princess was shown all the places of interest, the Promenade and Marine Lake being visited, and appeared much pleased with all she saw. She frequently acknowledged the salutes of the many persons who recognised her. The Princess left about tea-time for Kinmel Hall,where she has been staying for the past fortnight, Grand Pavilion Theatre. Lovers of a good, hearty, honest laugh will have their fill for the first three nights of next week at the above place of entertainment, when the Pavilion Management will present Mr George Robertson's band of players in "Facing the Music." This piece was originally produced at the Strand Theatre, London, where it ran for nearly 200 nights. The company includes that sterling comedian, Mr J J Dallas, connected for many years with the Gaiety, Strand, Avenue, and Lyceum Theatres, and who has toured with some of the most successful productions ever sent out of London. Miss Bessie Major will also play her original part of Mrs Pouting, the character which she made so entirely her own at the Strand. The comedy will be preceded by a very clever little one-act play, entitled The Setting of the Sun," by Charles Hannan, author of A Cigarette Maker's Romance." Sacred Concerts. A capital audience assembled at the Grand Pavilion Theatre on Sunday night, and were rewarded for their attendance by hearing an exceptionally good programme. Madame Juanita Jones and Mr Thomas Thomas were the specially engaged vocalists. Both acquitted themselves in a manner which left nothing to be desired, and they were several times encored.—On Sunday next the Sacred Concert should be largely patronised, inasmuch as Augusta Van Biene, who has made his name famous in the musical world with his 'cello solos in the "Broken Melody," a play of great popularity, will appear while Miss Helene Valme, the renowned contralto, is also announced to appear. Comic Football Match. The Merrie Men" have added yet another form of entertainment to their already long list They recently proved themselves to be experts at cricket, at which they hold the world's record but according to their form at football they look as if they could provide a sensation in the English Cup, that is, of course, if Mr Williams can see his way to enter them in the national competition. On Monday afternoon the Niggers accepted a challenge from the boarders at Chilwell's Hotel, and in spite of being without their sturdy chief, they put paid to the lodgers'" account in no mean style, and ran out winners by five goals to one. The" Merrie Men" danced and pranced all over their opponents, in fact they jumped on them several times. In running, kicking, shooting, and for skilful manipulation of the ball there was only one team in it, and that team was the Niggers." It is a pity the directors of one of our large football clubs were not present, or it is certain that such men as Charlie Drew, Fred Lake, Squire Wyndham, and several others would be seen figuring in one of our prominent clubs. Rhyl Yacht Club. The race for the challenge cup on the Marine Lake last Saturday was very close and interesting. Six of the 12 feet C.B. class competed, viz. Zaza, Mr Fielding Kate, Mr E H Lewis Nanna, Mr H Hughes; Magnet, Mr H T Roberts; Gloria II, Mr J Pierce-Lewis; and Eileen, Mr Shepherd. There was a fairly strong breeze from the West North-west. Captain Stubbs, the officer of the day, started the boats at 3.36. It was a pretty sight to see the boats manomvering for places between guns, all the boats being capitally handled, and they crossed the line close together. Gloria worked out a fair lead before the first mark was reached, but the rest of the fleet got there in a cluster, and very careful handling was needed to prevent fouls. Eileen was the second boat to get round, but Magnet quickly got into the second position, and a hard race throughout took place between her and Gloria, 30 seconds only dividing them at the finish, Gloria maintaining first position. A still harder and more exciting race ensued between Zaza and Nanna for third place, Zaza ultimately beating Nanna by 10 seconds only while Kate and Eileen had a great fight for the next position, Kate winning by seconds only. It was decidedly one of the best races of the season. After the race was over the crews were photo- graphed by Captain Stubbs. The boats, while under way, were snapped at almost every flag, the knights of the camera being present in force. No doubt some very pretty pictures were obtained. The next race will be sailed on the Marine Lake to-day (Saturday), at 3.30 p.m. The Sign of the Cross at the Grand Pavilion. Mr Wilson Barrett's great dramt The Sign of the Cross" was the bill of fare provided at the Grand Pavilion Theatre on Monday and two fol- lowing nights. It is the intention of the owner of the copyright to withdraw the piece in a few weeks' time, and therefore it is quite possible that the public will not get another chance of witness- ing, what has proved to be the most remarkable play of modern times, at least not for several years to come. The Press, ministers of all denominations and many public men have never ceased to applaud Had praise its many qualities, aud the valuable lessons which it has placed before the public, has made it a piece which will ever be remembered. The late Mr W E Gladstone, great churchman that he was, is reported to have said that the Sign of the Cross was as good as half-a-dozen sermons, and it must be admitted that there is a good deal of truth in the remark. The fact that Mr Ben Greet's company appeared at Rhyl was sufficient guarantee to the public of a proper interpretation of the drama. The company was an excellent one, the leading parts being taken in a manner which left nothing to be desired. The music was capitally played by the orchestra, and the '• mounting of the piece, which is one of its most essential features, was excellent, and the dresses, etc, were most pleasing to the eye. Let us hope that the piece will prove profitable in a religious sense to many of the thousands who have been touched to the heart by its enthralling powers. Animated Pictures. Edison's animated pictures are still to be witnessed daily at the Bijou Pavilion on the Pier. Those who have not yet seen them should do so without further delay. The pictures include subjects that appeal to the tastes of the enthusi- astically loyal, to those interested in maritime matters, to the athlete, to the student and to the frivolous. Especially interesting to Rhyl spectators is the splendid view of the Lifeboat Saturday procession of 1901. The members of the fire brigade, lifeboat crew, the Ie Merrie Men," and the Pierrots are easily recognised, and often one is much amused to hear a very audible that's me from some member of the audience when that picture was being shown. It is evident too that such a picture when exhibited in large towns in the winter must bring our seaside holiday resort to the minds of thousands of people, and prove a novel advertisement for the town. The recent events are splendidly illustrated by a series of pictures depicting various scenes in the South African war; the departure of the Duke and Duchjess of Corn- wall and ork on board the Ophir'' a surprise by Boxers at a Chinese mission station; the accident to Shamrock II a visit of torpedo boats to Man- chester, &c. A capital selection of comic sketches are given, and the risibility of the audience at this portion of the entertainment is constantly affected. Taken throughout the entertainment is capital, it is cheap, it is varied, it is instructive, it is amus- ing, and it is not long enough to weary the audience. Those who patronise it cannot fail to be pleased and will recommend their friends to visit it also. A Popular Attraction. A splendid attraction is promised at the Town Hall, Rhyl, on Monday and two following nights, when the latest success "San Toy," a Chinese musical comedy in two acts, will be staged. The piece will be produced by Mr George Edwardes' Company, and is an exact replica of that now being presented nightly at Daly's Theatre, London. The Belle of New York at Rhyl. An enthusiastic welcome was extended to that evergreen musical play The Belle of New York,' at the Grand Pavilion last night. There was a very large audience, and the manner in which the piece was receivel showed that it has lost none of its hold on the public. From the rise to the fall of the curtain, the piece goes with a delightful swing, in fact there is not a dull moment, and Mr Ben Greet's Company are to be congratulated on their successful efforts in providing the public with nearly three hours' amusement. The music is bright and sparkling, and the many songs are still pleasing to the ear, the whistling solo being one of the hits of the evening. The jokes are good and up-to-date. The dresses are splendid, in fact the whole piece is produced in first class style, and should be seen by all. The engagement con- cludes on Saturday night. We are asked to state that there will be a special matinee to-morrow afternoon. Alexandra Hospital. A small Sale of Work will be held in the Westminster block of the Hospital on Friday, September 20th, at 2 o'clock. Coutributio B especially clothing for the poor, will be gratefully received by the Lady Superintendent.



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