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I RHUDDLAN PARISH COUNCIL. THE HARVEST FESTIVAL MISTAKE. The monthly meeting was held on Monday evening at the Boys' School, after the termina- tion of the Bible Society meeting, the pro- ceedings not being over until a late hour. Mr John Roberts (vice-chairman) occupied the chair, the other members present being Messrs R C Enyon, W Conwy Bell, R C Thompson, W Morris, John Jones, and the Clerk (Mr Jas Kilner). Mr Bell Exonerates Himself. The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the Olerk and confirmed. Before proceeding with the business on the agenda, Mr Bell asked the indulgence of the Council to refer to a matter which was brought up at the last meeting arising out of the letters then read from the Nonconformists re the harvest thanksgiving day, and more particularly to the remarks of Mr John Jones thereon. He looked at the whole difficulty as having arisen through a misunderstanding. No one regretted more than himself that the Council had failed in its attempt to remedy matters in that respect. They all knew that he had taken a prominent part in favour of the plan of having only one day set apart on which Church and Chapel could unite, but they as a Council failed this time, and he thought a big mistake had been made somewhere. The Nonconformists were not to blame in the matter, for he was inclined to think that they had been mis- informed in some way or other. They would recollect that when the Parish Council met to consider the subject that two dates were mentioned as suitable for holding the services, viz., Sept 24th or Sept 26th. Some objection was made to them, but it was ultimately passed that the Parish Council desired to suggest that one of those should be fixed upon, .9 and it was decided that a communication to that effect be sont to the Nonconformists, intimating that the Council left it to the majority as to which of those two days should be observed. Instead of adopting either of these dates the Nonconformists fixed upon a later one, and sent a communication to the Council that they, being al majority, had decided on a date. Of course, they had a perfect right to fix a day, but they had been misled if they thought they were acting in accordance with the suggestion of the Parish Council, for the suggestion made merely referred to the decision of the majority regard- ing the two dates named. Some remarks which he made at the meeting previous to the last one seemed to have been made the most of, especially by Mr John Jones. That gentleman had got an idea into his head that he (Mr Bell) had used insulting language towards theNoncon- formists. He felt Mr Jones' remarks very much, as the sentiments attributed to him by that gentleman respecting Nonconformists were altogether at variance with his known opinions and actions. He desired to live in harmony with all, and expressed surprise that Mr Jones had put such a construction upon his remarks. Some warmth was no doubt exhibited on both sides in connection with the matter under discussion, but he had no ill-feeling whatever, and regretted that Mr Jones should do so much in the direction of creating ill- feeling. Mr Jones referred to the action of the Nonconformists in fixing the harvest thanks- giving day, and still maintained that it was in accordance with the decision of the Parish Council. Referring to what Mr Bell had said, he was unable to change his opinion regarding that gentleman's references to Nonconformists. He was surprised himself to hear them, as he had always found Mr Bell most courteous and willing to assist Nonconformists. But he thought the term "blue-eyed monster" A Member Green-eyed monster. Mr Jones: Well, "green-eyed monster," as applied to Nonconformists was such as he could not allow to pass without raising a protest, and he maintained that it was a most improper term to use. Mr Bell had no doubt done his best to arrive at a proper understanding on this harvest fastival day, but he declared that the Council went the wrong way about it. Why should the Vicar have been present on the occasion when that suggestion of a date was made ? There were no Nonconformists present, and he maintained all should be treated alike. It was a mistake for one or two to settle these matters outside before coming in to the meeting. If it was desired to come to an agreement next year he suggested that representatives of all sections should meet the Parish Council. Mr Bell declared that the term referred to by Mr Jones as objectionable was not applied to Nonconformists, but used in a general sense. The words he used were to the effect that whether it was Church or Chapel, it was a pity the green-eyed monster should be so prominent. The remark was innocent enough. Mr Jones It has caused some consternation amongst Nonconformists. Mr Bell You seem to be making the most fuss about it, and if it was not for that, nothing further would have been heard about it. I had not the slightest intention of injuring any- body's teelings. With regard to arranging matters outside before coming into the room, the first I knew of this subject was when 1 saw it on the agenda at the time. I think Mr Jones should be more cautious in his remarks. Mr Jones The Nonconformists of this country are amongst the most loyal subjects of the King, and they are being slighted on all sides. That has been the case in this instance, and I mean to protest against it. Mr Enyon referred to the remarks about arranging things outside, and said that he had not seen anyone on the occasion mentioned by Mr Jones. Mr Jones: Well, I heard you had been talking about it. Mr Enyon What you heard is nothing to go by. Mr Bell: That is where the bungling comes in, by acting on hearsay. Mr Thompson also declared that he had not been guilty of the offence named by Mr Jones, and was sorry to say that he was absent from that most important meeting He moved they go on with the business of the meeting. Mr W Morris, as chairman of the Council at that time, said the reason he called that meeting was on account of the desire of the Parish Council (as shown in the minute book) of fixing a day for general thanksgiving, and he had not consulted with anyone. The Chairman Resumes. ? In fproposing that Mr W Morris be again asked to act as chairman of the Council, Mr Bell expressed his sorrow at anything he said being the cause of Mr Morris' resignation. They were a little excited on that occasion, and perhaps said things which caused some irritation. What he said then was not intended as a slight on the chairman, but more as a jocular remark. He hoped Mr Morris would agree to take the chair. Mr Enyon seconded, and Mr Thompson cordially supported, remarking that if Mr Morris took the office once more, they would overlook the irregular way in which he had resigned. Mr Morris, after demurring a little, was at last prevailed upon to re-occupy the position, and explained satisfactorily the reason how Mr Bell had been misled to make the remarks which led to his resignation. Lectures on Gardening and Poultry Keeping The Chairman referred to this question having been adjourned to that meeting in order to ascertain if there was a real desire in the town and district for these lectures. After inquiring he had found that they would be appreciated generally. All they as a Council had to do was to provide a room efficiently heated and lighted. Mr Jones agreed with the Chairman,and said he knew of several who would welcome these lectures. Mr Thompson proposed that the Council accept the offer by Bangor College to supply lecturers on these subjects, as be thought that a great deal of good would result therefrom. i Instead of disturbing their equanimity over the harvest thanksgiving and resignations, &c, they would do more good by being a little enthusiastic on matters of this sort. Mr Jones seconded, and it was agreed to. It was also passed, on the motion of Mr Bell, seconded by Mr Thompson, that the arrange- ments in connection therewith should be left in the hands of the Chairman and the Clerk. The Chairman desired to make it known that they would be delivered either in English or Welsh. Lighting, &c. The Clerk submitted the lighting account for the past year, which showed a balance in hand of 91 Is 8d, although a new lamp-post had been provided. After some discussion it was decided to fix two new lamps, one about the centre of Election Row, and the other one at Tan'r- eglwys, Messrs Jno Roberts and J Jones to choose the most suitable positions. Attention was called by Mr Thompson to the Coronation accounts which were submitted at the last meeting, and which showed a balance of RI 16s. It had been brought to his know- ledge that several of the women engaged to do some work on that occasion had not been paid. He would suggest that this balance be divided amongst them. It appeared that these persons were engaged by ;the Ladies' Committee, and in order to obtain fuller information on that point it was decided that the matter be left over.