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The Harbinger of Christmas.


The Harbinger of Christmas. The harbinger of Christmas—Raphael Tuck -has once more distributed over the empire the greet- ings for which the Dame is famous. Christmas without Raphael Tuck would be like a Christmas pudding without the plums. For many months a large army of authors, artists, printers, and paper makers have been hard at work preparing for the huge orders entrusted to the firm. Orders coming from all parts of the empire and from every quarter of the globe. The result of these labours is now apparent. gv-ery season we imagine that the cards, calendars &c and other art novelties have reached the highest pitch of perfection, and yet again we have to acknowledge them more beautiful than ever. It would be impossible in a brief notice to comment upon more than a fractional part of these art wonders. It must be sufficient to write the productions are magnificent." No lass than 1,600 entirely new sets of cards are offered to the discrim- inating art public. Many of theie are exquis-itely painted fliwers farmed of satin and velvet, raised over a surface of transparent celluloid. One ee- pecially beautiful specimen in this class is a crystal vas3 of graceful proportions containing a bunch of purple pansies and ferns. The black and white and monochrome are worthy of the highest praise. Artiste of high repute have been emptjyed, and the workmanship is executed with great skill. The enormous demand for humorous cards has necessitated t,he issue of double the number published last year. Boxed cards are issued in about two hundred designs, and the ordinary coloured greeting cards are more numer- ous than ever before. Christmas postcards will doubtless be exceedingly populir this [season, sad some 150 packets aro published especially for Christmas and New Year greetings, many of them being hand-painted. A special feature of the collection is the prevalence of lovely women, not only on the carda but also on panels and calendars; the Asti series alone is represented in thirty separate series, all being engravings after the costly original paintings of the great French Master, who has so recently pissed away. The Calendars are nearer pertection than any previous issue, and include representations of the worka of the most famous artists, with quotations from many master miuds. The children have not been forgotten. "Father Tuck has spared no pains in catering for their amusement and edification, and many childish hearts will be filled with gladness when they re- ceive gifts of hooks issued by this world-wide famous firm. We venture to predict that few homes will bo without Rome specimon of Raphael Tuck's work on the coming Ciirigtinas__I).ty of 190-3. )


Our Football Column.





Only a Sweet Hunch of Roses.


Y Golofn Gymreig.



Bywyd Heb Ddim Beiau.