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IN PARLIAMENT.—SESSION 1905. LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY. (Additional Powers to Company with reference to Widening of Railway in the County of Lancaster; Works and Lands at Exchange Station Salford in the County of Lancaster and other Works and Footpaths and Lands in the Counties of Hertford Buckingham Warwick Leicester Lancaster Flint and Denbigh Extension of time for completion of deviation of Red Wharf Bay Railway in County of Anglesey Power to levy Rates &c. Extension of Time for Sale of superfluous Lands of Company and of Company and Great Western Railway Company and of Company and Furness Railway Com- pany and of North and South Western Junction Railway Company and their Lessees Powers as to Supply of Gas at Crewe Constitution of Joint Com- mittees of Company and Great Central Railway Company; Agreements with and Contributions to Undertaking of Dublin Wicklow and Wexford Railway Company Provisions as to Capital and Application of Funds Amend- ment of Acts). NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that application is intended to be made to Parliament in the ensuing Session by the London and North Western Railway Company (hereinafter called the Company ") for an Act for the following purposes or some of them (that is to say) [In this Notice any township or other place for which a separate poor rate is or can be made or for which a separate overseer is or can be appointed is referred to as a parish.] To empower the Company to acquire by compulsion or agreement and to hold the lands (in which term houses and buildings are included) for the purpose of extending their stations sidings warehouses coal wharves depots and other accommodation for passenger mineral goods and cattle traffic and for providing accommodation for persons of the working classes who may be displaced and for other purposes connected with their under- taking hereinafter described or referred to or some of them and to execute the works and exercise the powers hereinafter mentioned (that is to say) In the county of Flint- Certain lands in the parish of Holywell Rural lying on the north-east side of and adjoining the Company's Chester and Holyhead Railway and on both sides of Bagillt Station and to empower the Company to lay two additional lines of rails across and on the level of the roadway at the level crossing at Bagillt Station on the north-east side of and near to the existing lines of rails at the said level crossing And notice is also hereby gwen that on or before the thirtieth day of November instant plans and sections relating to the objects of the intended Act with a book of reference to such plans and a copy of the Notice of the intended application to Parliament as published in the London Gazette will be deposited as follows (that is to say) As relates to the works and lands in the county of Flint with the clerk of the peace for that county at his office at Mold. And that copies of so much of the said plans sections and books of reference as relates to each of the several areas hereinafter mentioned in or through which the intended works are proposed to be made or lands are situate together with a copy of the said Notice as published in the London Gazette will on or before the said thirtieth day of November be deposited as follows (that is to say) As relates to any parish having a parish council with the clerk of the parish council or if there be no clerk with the chairman of that council. Any parish named in this Notice which is not also a county or other borough or urban district or is not stated to be in a county or other borough or in an urban district or in a rural district is a parish having a parish council with the clerk or chairman of which the before-mentioned deposit will be made and such deposit will if made with the clerk to the parish council be made at his office or if he has no office at his residence and will if made with the chairman of the parish council be made at his residence. And notice is hereby further given that on or before the seventeenth day of December next printed copies of the intended Act will be deposited in the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons. [The foregoing is so much of the Notice of the intended application to Parliament as relates specifically to lands and works situate within the county of Flint and the whole of the said Notice has been published in full or sent for publication in full in the London Gazette in the present month of November.] Dated this 9th day of November, 1904. C. DE J. ANDREWES Euston Station and 35 Parliament Street Westminster Solicitor. SHERWOOD & CO. 7 Great George Street Westminster Parliamentary Agents. ———"—————



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