Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Nearest Tobacconist's Shop to the Parade in High Street. GENUINE CHOICE Tobacco. Cigars. J. MELLARD, TOBACCO AND CIGAR DEALER 3a High Street, RHYL. Try OUR NOTED 3d Cigars, 5 for Is. Cigarettes of the Choicest Brands. A TRIAL SOLICITED." FANCY GOODS Pppepnfc I Suitable for rl UaCIISa Note the Address-3a HICH STREET, RHYL. 542) EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THAT DICKS:1 1 Boots, Shoes & Slippers the BEST, MOST RELIABLE & CHEAPEST in Rhyl. DICKS have Boots and Shoes to suit all classes. Repairs well and quickly done. 10 WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL, AND TOWN HALL BUILDINGS. PRESTATYN C. F. CUNNER, Proprietor. Terms Strictly Cash. 944 MRS. WEDGWOOD, 4 BODFOR STREET, RHYL In returning thanks for past patronage, wishes to inform the Public and Gentry of Rhyl and neighbourhood that she has now an entirely New Stock, and a NEW AND SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF USEFUL China, Glass & Earthenware Goods And Table Ware, In WEDGWOOD, WORCESTER aud other noted manufactures. Also a quantity of FANCY ARTICLES, suitable for Presents. A 1'1(1 a quantity of OLD STOCK, including "^pner, Tea, & Toilet Sets, he' At Greatly Reduced Prices. An Inspection is cordially invited. 410 JEWELLERY JEWELLERY: JEWELLERY! All the Newest Designs and Latest Novelties at Birmingham Prices to be obtained from 19a 0 19a High RHYL. RHYL. Watches, Clocks, and a Optical eading Goods Feature. J. E. COMEY, Late Argent, WAIIORMAKER. JEWELLER, and OPTIOIAN. The Oldest Jewellery Business in Town. Special Line. Home-made LEMON CURD. Made from Fresh Butter, Eggs, & Lemons only) 111). Jar 6d. only, D. J. PRICE, GROCER AND BAKER, 32 High Street, Rhyl. ESTABLISHED 1892. The Old Armoury Upholstery WORKS, BACK WINDSOR STREET, RHYL. JOSEPH JONES, Proprietor. Suites of Furnltnre (New) from jB4 4s. Upholstering of every description in the best of materials and workmanship. Linoleums and Floorcloths supplied, and laid free of charge. Carpets taken up, beaten and laid by experienced men. Blinds of every description supplied at most reasonable price Postcard will receive prompt attention. 862 Private Address 32 GRONANT STREET DAVID GRIFFITHS & SON UNDERTAKERS, WINDSOR STREET RHYL. Funerals completely furnished. Hearse r < and Mourning Coach proprietors. ——- W It Walter C. Dawies, ¡ House & Church Decorator, Sign Writer, Gilder, Paper-hanger, Glazier, etc,, 1 Waterloo Villas, Wellington Road. All the latest designs in WALL PAPERS, including the latest tints in Plain and Ingrains, Anaglypta, Lignomur, Cordelova, Japanese Goods, &c. An inspection invited., Estimates* Free. QUEEN'S BUILDINGS RHYL CONNAH'S Spriing Show OF Second-hand Children's a Carriages.. CALL AND INSPECT. WINDOWS FULL OF THEM. BOOMS FULL. WAREHOUSES FULL. Single '0. from 4/6 Single hooded 7/6 Double » 6/6 Double, hooded — » 12/6 EVERY MAKE, SHAPE, AND PRICE. EVERYONE OVERHAULED AND IN PERFECT ORDER. MALTBY and SON, Butchers, WATER ST., (opposite Market entrance) RHYL. Dealer in prime home fed meats of the best quality, purchased from the most experienced graziers of the Vale of Clwyd and the adjacent mountains. WELSH WETHER MUTTON (A Speciality). Orders for meat to be sent to all parts of the Country, despatched per fast trains, packed clean and secure the lowest market price being charged for all joints. Visitors to the town are promptly attended to. 3328 PHOTOGRAPHY For the Best Work go to ERNEST JONES, 8 Queen's Arcade, RHYL: See the Windows. Note New Address. S. GINSBERG, 36 Abbey Street, RHYL, General Draper, Hosier and Clothier, Begs to thank his numerous customers and friends for their patronage in the past; and to express a hope that the same will be continued. He has now enlarged his premises, and the same will be stocked with an assortment of really reliable articles, consisting of GENERAL & HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY and which will be marked at moderate prices. Great Variety of Ladies' Dress Skirts, Under Skirts, and other Kinds of Underwear. Special Lines in LADIES' SHIRTS, to suit all Customers. The Public are invited to test the Goods and to examine their Prices. Ill Robert Chadwick & Sons, FFORDDLAS BRICK AND POTTERY WORKS (Close to Electricity Works), RHYL. FLOWER POTS in large or small quantities for Sale. Makers of all kinds o Horticultural Pottery and Red Rustic Ware. I Vase and all kinds of Garden Pots made to order. Write oi caU for Price Lie iy (603 Motto:—"THE BEST OF EVERYTHING (The Oliast Confectionery Establishment in Rhyl) M EVANS, 56a High Street, Note—Next door to Compton House Fancy Cakes and Pastry. Cakes of any description made to order. Dish Tarts a speciality. Fancy Chocolates in great variety. Agent for London Tower Tea & Hornman's Tea. TEA and LUNCHEON ROOMS. Caterer for Balls, Parties, Pic "THE BON," la, Market Street, Are now showing the most Up-to-date Goods, At the LOWEST CASH PRICE In Town, in < Gentlemen's Straw & Felt Hats, Caps, Shirts, Ties, &c. SEE OUR Windows for Latest Novelties. 531 No Go /y & 4 '/S # /o /^V<- qj 1 PLOUGH HOTEL, St. Asaph Under entirely new management. RDFLDTDTC ( Late of the • rtUDLfl I O V HESKETH HOTEL, Abcrge c. ) Everything of the Best. Wines, Spirits, Ales, Stout and Cigars. Luncheons, Dinners, Teas, etc. provided for picnics, shooting, fishing, and private parties. Large room for Dancing parties, entertainments, etc., Splendid Stabling and Posting. Best accommodation for Motorists, including inspection pit, P3trol and fine Motor Garage. (96 PHOTOGRAPHY For High-class work 'combined with Moderate Prices call at J. B: SHEPHERD, GLANMORFA STUDIO 127 Queen Street, Rhyl. Enlarging & Copying a Speciality. All orders promptly executed. Inspection invited MRS. INGHAM Art Needlework, Wool & Fancy Goods, Depot: 5 High Street, Rhyl. All the Newest Designs & Material at reasonable charges. —— 1——Trout—————— ii i ■mil Charles Egerton, HOUSE, SIGN. AND DECORATIVE PAINTER, PAPER-HANGER, &C. 10, Elwy street, Rhyl. ESTABLISHED 1883. Oils, Paints, Colours, and Varnishes always in Stock. A good selection of WALL-PAPERS and Pattern Books, by the best makers. Agent for Messrs John Line & Sons' Art Wall Papers. 6188 ESTABLISHED 1874. WILLIAM LLCKERSGILL, Undertaker. SllOPS- bOFk 161 Wellington Road RESIDENCE- 50 Wellington Road. The Trade Supplied. E. Angel, Wholesale & Retail Butcher 3 WATER STREET, RHYL. A constant supply of Meat always oy hand including Beef Mutton, Lamb, Veal and Perk, (881 otd, 23oariftng out, &t. Alexandra Commercial Hotel, RHYL. CHOICE Wines, Spirits, and Cigars. LIVERY AND BAIT STABLES. Carriages of every description. HEARSES & COACHES for Funerals. — Billiards. — J., J., and M. WILLIAMS, 5777) Proprietors.! Telephone No. 0168. I THE Claremont Hydro, I BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. „THE BATHS are Open Daily to ) the PUBLIC (Sundays excepted) from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. For LADIES on TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS from y ;1 Ill. till J p.m., and on WED- NESDAYS from t p.m. till 8 p.m. GENTLEMEN at all other times. Turkish, Russian, Douche, Vapour and Hot & Cold Sea Water. Thoroughly experienced Male [and Female Attendants. VISITORS TO RHYL Will find every accommodation at THE GROSYENOR FAMILY & COMMERCIAL TEMPERANCE HOTEL (Facing the Station), BODFOR STREET, RHYL. j First-class Dining and Tea Rooms upstairs. Good 1/- Dinner and Teas on ground floor. Chops and Steaks at any time. Passengers changing trains a Rhyl can have a snack or bowl of Soup at GROSVENOK RESTAURANT. Prompt Service and Moderate Charges. Beds (including attendance) from 2 All kinds of Parties catered for. Wedding Breakfasts. Ball Suppers. Light Refreshments for Dances. Before applying elsewhere write to GROSVENOK HOTEL, Rhyl 4 -r- PENYDON HIGH-CLASS Boarding Establishment, EAST PARAD Situated in its own grounds. Facing Sea. Splendidly sheltered from winds. BATHS. BILLIARD ROOM. Excellent Cuisine. Late Dinner. 620) MISS STREVETT, Prop J. POZZI, Artistic English and Continental Pastry cook and Confectioner TEMPERANCE HOTEL & RESTAURANT, The Swiss Cafe, 24 QUEEN STREET, RHYL Superior Accommodation for Commercials, Cyclists and Visitors. PARTIES, Large and Small, CATERED FOR. Beds. Terms Strictly Moderate. Noted for the Largest and Best Assortment of Fancy Boxes of Chocolates, Sweets, &o., by the best makers. Best Dinners & Teas at Popular Prices Ye Little Supper Shoppe HODGES (Late CROCKFORD) 17 High Street, Rhyl. The Noted Shop for Supper and Breakfast Delicacies. Home-Cared Boiled Hams. A-La-Mode Beef. Pressed Ox Tongue. Rich Melton Pies (Veal and Ham, or Pork). Malvern Brawn. Cambridge Sausage (Plain or Tomato.) FRESH DAILY. Potted Ham and Beef. Chicken, Ham, and Tongue Rolls. n Best Shetlield Polonies. Refreshments. Refreshments. (274 THE EMPIRE Private and Commercial Hotel and Restaurant, 40 High Street, Rhyl. Superio Accommodation for Cyclists." Parties Catered for. Special Terms for Families. Proprietress-MRS WATSON, Late of the Compton Hotel, Liverpool and White Lion Hotel, Rhyl. f 1 nil tif uffrmifflrwrffim—» Telephone No. S Rhyl. THE Rhyl Mineral Water co.. LIMITED, Aerated Water Manufacturers and Bottlers of Worthington's Pale Ale and Guinness's Stout, WINDSOR STREET, RHYL, Are in a position to supply all kinds of their Noted Aerated and Mineral Waters. Ordara by Poet 0 Telephone promptly attended 112 M DUKES ASON pits III WINE Iffll MERCHANTS |lj|jf| AGENTS for |Mf Allsopp's pMLa Lager, 10 High Street THLEPIIONIM 0185 Nothing but Well-fed Meat is Supplied by I LAWRENCE, Butcher, High Street. Tel. 2y3. J (522 H. K. OSBORNE, (From Burborry's, London), CIVIL, MILITARY, CLERICAL, xind LADIES' Tailor. I BREECHES AND LIVERY MAKER. HOSIER, HATTER ASD PRACTICAL SHIRT MAKER. I A Carefully Selected Stock or TJIK NEWEST AND BEST PRODUCTIONS. I have never shown a Finer Assortment. 26 BODFOR STREET, RHYL 7. Ew JONES, Wholesale & Family Butcher, Bryngwyn, Rhyl. Shop- 151 WELLINGTON ROAD Always a Grand Selection of Prime Meat in Stock. Hughes & Son, Merchant Tailors, Hosiers, Hatters, and General Outfitters, 56, High Street, Rhyl W The largest and most complete Gentle men's Outfitting Establishment in the town. Large and well-assorted stock of t, 1 BUNKS, BAGS, PORTMANTEAUX, B UGS. &c OH YES! OH YES! OH YES! NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. jlgfe* U. R. Hereby advised to place your orders for BILLPOSTING In RHYL and DISTRICT WJTH BEECH BROS., YE OLDE FIRM, Practical Billposters, Distributors, and Advertising Contractors. oto- 16 Wellington Ed., Myl. Telephone—No. 5 Y 2. THE Billposters for Rhyl, 1'restatyn, Meliden, Dyserth, Rhuddlan, and St As;%ph districts. °SR 50 PRIVATESTATIONS listricts. I Membe for Rh 0 the United Billposters' Association." Send for estimates for any Billposting required in the above districts or any part of the United Kingdom. A work under the direct persona Jsupemsion of FRANK J. H. BEECH, Practical Billvoatet auti! router Advertising he Oldest Established Fish & Game Dealers in the Town. WALTER CLARKE AND SON, FRUITERERS, FISHMONGERS Poulterers &Licensed Dealersin Game 18 Bodfor 8treet 2 and 3 Water Street, and 2 and 3 Market Hal], RHYL Boning and Larding a Speciality. Sole Agents in the Market for Horner's celebrated Cream Cheese, Clotted Cream, and Special Thick Rich Cream fresh daily. Butter and Eggs from the choicest Dairies and Pontfaen Farms. Warranted to be fresh. Fresh Fish from the sea daily. Always a good supply of Poultry dailv. A large selection of Vegetables fresh daily. Telephone No. 21. (499 'III The China, Glass & Earthenware Depot Wellington Hall, 19 Wellington Rd, RHYL Mrs. E. BEECH, Dealer in all kinds of "l^a^ and Wares «if oUier (V-Uibra^ ed makes. Superior Stoneware and Buckley Brown Ware, Glass. China. Cutlery for HIRE in any quantities. Inspection invited. Large Stock of Presented & Coat of Arms China" in Stock. FISH FISH! FISH I T. BOYLE, ..THE.. Manx Fish Stores ABBF.Y STREET, | T) TTTTT SUSSEX STREET, KHYL And WATER STREET, J Begs to thank his numerous customers for their kind support in the past, and to solicit a con- tinuance of the same. Fresh arrival of Fish daliy. ICE always in Stock. Poultry-best in town— Dressed, boned, aDd larded on the shortest notice. Town and Country Orders promptly attended to. Abergele, Prestatyn and St. Asaph visited weekly. For FRESH FISH go to THE MANX STORES. Awarded 2 First Prizas, Loudon, it \16 High-Class Luncheon and Tea Rooms. Phillip Thomas Cook and Confectioner, Avondalc Restaurant, and Hygienic Steam Bakery, 63 HIGH ST.. RHYL. Geonese & Fancy Pastry, Fruit Tarts in Dishes, Veal & Ham Beef-steak and Kidney Pies to Order. Milk Bread, Hovis and Family Bread, delivered to all parts of the town Excellent Assortment of Lunch, Madeira, and other Kinds of Cakes for Afternoon Tea. A Good Variety of Fancy Box Chocolates, &c. Cutlery, Linen, Glass & Crockery Lent on Hire, at Note the Address-2 Doors from the Post Office. The Cheapest Drapery Establishment in the District. 39 Wellington lioad (Opposite Water Street). Every variety in Plain and Fancy DRAPERY, and useful articles suitable for Presents, o suit all classes of Purchasers at Prices that will command a large and speedy sale. Blouses and Corsets A Speciality. J. GOLDSMITH, PROPRIETOR Agent for Thomson's Dye Works, Perth. I fA OWENS and SONS, PURVEYOR OF MEAT TO HER MAJESTY BY COMMAND, and H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. 9, WATER Fil, RHYL. And at 51A HIGH STREET. PRIlúE BEEF, MUTTON, LAMB AND TTEAL FRESH DAILY. Corned Beef and Pickled Tongues in the belt possible condition always on hand. As nothing but the best ENGLISH and WELSH FED ANIMALS are selected for his Establishment (bought by a Member of the Firm' customers may rely upon the even quality of the meat supplied. Prime Welsh Mutton sent when desired to any part of England by Evening Mail, 80 as to be delivered Fresh Next Morning, Trial Orders solicited. Satisfaction GuciravMcd (bbl? BRAY, Hairdresser, 3 WELLINGTON RD. (Ne to Mostyn Hotel), RHYL. (341 J. ROBINS (Late Hughes), FIRST-CLASS PLAIN AND FANCY BREA7 BAKE The Grotto Temperance Hotel, and Restaurant, 15 QUEEN ST, RHY*. Only Best Materials used. Noted also for Veal and Ham Pies. Pasty & Cakes of every description fresh daily Good Accommodation for Visitors and Cyclists Luncheon and Tea Rooms. Goods delivered to any part of the Town. LE PAR1SSEN, 10 Queen Street RHYL. HIGH-JLAS8 /cPy Ladies' Tailor !f) n Dressmaker. HAUTE NOUVEAUTE /»cl.fcct Fit n Trimmings and W Materials. j ail(l Latest Style. gga *? BS Every Satisfaction Given. /§/ /Mons J. L. Vannier vHopes to merit your conli- r eiiec by a Trial Order. Ji NOTICE. W I. BEVINS, 3 Queen Street, BEGS to inform the public of Rhyl that he -D has now opened at the above address with a grand selection of Home-killed Meat At Lowest Possible Prices. A trial respectfully solicited. Orders called for daily. NOTE THE ADDRESS W I. BEVINS, 3 QUEEN ST KHYL. Lodging-house Keepers' Requisites Cards, Bill-books, Billheads, Noteheadings As cheap and as well-printed as anywlierc else and cheaper and better than in most places,