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Llandudno. The Town's Finances. The monthly meeting was held on Tuesday Mr. J 0 Thomas presiding. The report of Mr William Griffith, of Colwyn Bay. the district auditor, with respect to the accounts of LIan- dudno for the year ended March 31st last. stated 1 that there was a balance to the credit of the gen- eral improvement fund account of il,165, a bal- ance to the credit of the electric light fund of < £ o3 (alter applying X400 to the purchase of new machinery), a surplus to the credit of the gas account of £ 603 (after carrying £ 1.000 to the credit of the general improvement rate account).! and a deficiency in the water supply fund of £ 40. The total outstanding loan debt of the Council amounted to £ 233,832,as compared with £ 245,629. Mr. Griffith proceeded as follows:—"During the year it was decidpd by the Council to admit resident patients to the hospital free of charge. It seems to me that section 132 of the public health act, 1875. does not contemplate that the cost of maintenance in hospital should become a burden upon the ratepayers generally where it. is evident that the patient is in a position to repay the cost. But although the section provided that the patient shall be liable for the cost in- curred, it is within the discretion of the Council to decide in particular cases whether they will or will not take measures for recovering such ex- penses." Mr. E E Bone. the chairman of the Finance Committee, stated that the amount of the sinking fund had to be deducted from the figures of the total indebtedness of the Council, as stated by the auditor. With these deductions the net loan debt on March 31 amounted to £ 226.979. compared with £ 235,610 at the end of the preceding year. Having reached the high-water mark of £ 245.000, the indebtedness ol the town was now coming down steadily. Three final payments on loans had been made this year. and a further one would be made in February (applause.)


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