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MONMOUTHSHIRE- MONMOUTH—A sermon was preached on Sun- day evening last, in St. Mary's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Fayle, on behalf of a Society formed in London, for the Scriptural Education of the native Irish, through the medium of their own language." The preacher, who is connected with Ireland, in an eloquent extempore discourse (from the lstThessa- lonians, 1st chap. latter part of 9th verse) which occupied more than an hour in the delivery, exposed, with great ability and energy, the unscriptural doc- trines, and idolatrous worship ot the Church of Rome, as well as its mutilation and suppression of portions of the Word of God. But the simple facts that 800,000 of the lower class in Ireland are inca- pable of receiving instruction through any other medium, and that a very great number have, like our neighbours of the Principality, an inherent preju- dice iu favour of their national language, plainly demonstrate the necessity (if nothing urged upon us the expediency and policy in the present lament- able state of that unhappy country) endeavouring to promote the temporal and eternal interests of our Irish fellow-subjects by the means which this Society has so laudably undertaken. The collec- tion at the doors amounted to 10f. 9s. Gd. Another meeting in furtherance of the objects 0 this Society, was held on Thursday evening, f1 the Borough Court, at which the Rev. Mr. Beddy presided. Most interesting and eloquent appeals were made in promotion of this work of manifest vital concern and duty. The gentlemen who toO an animated share in the proceedings were the B-fV Mr. Hunt, Lieut. Cook, R N. Secretary to the Society, the Rev. Mr. Tottenham, Secretary of the Reformation Society, and the Rev. Mr. Fayle. Froill the particularly unfavourable state of the weather, the company was not numerous, and the collection this eveniug amounted to but 4/ 7s. 7d. The con- tents of a small box which by the express desire of the donor is not to be opened till after leaving Mon- mouth, will no doubt increase the aggregate amount contributed in Monmouth. MONMOUTH PAVING RATE.—At a meeting held at Monmouth yesterday week on this subject, John Tyler, Esq in the chair, resolutions were carried f(r forming a committee of rate payers, to inspect thio branch of disbursements for whIp" numose thecoSft" mittee have applied to the proper quart-o fl, for an it" spection of the accounts, which applicatic has been complied with. SIR CHARLES MORGAN'S CATTLE SHÚW. This splendid exhibition of Agricultural Stock al Court-y-Bella Farm was thronged 011 Tuesday 'a8j with a more uuinerous assemblage of gentlemen and-■ farmers than have been seen there for many year. Not only all Wales, but the counties of Hereford, Gloucester, Worcester, Salop, and several other counties in England sent gentlemen or farmers, either as competitors for prizes, or as witnesses of the ex- hibition. The collection of cattle also was admirable both for number and breed. There were at least 100 head of cattle, principally of the sbort-born, Hereford, and Glamorgan breed, all remarkably fine animals about 50 horses, some of them noble creatures, and nu- merous peps of beautiful fat sheep. A beautiful specimen of a fatted cow was sent from the farm of Mrs.Strickland, six miles beyond Gloucester. The competition for fat cows lay chiefly between Mrs. Strickland, Sir Charles Morgan, and Mr. J. D. Collins, ofDuffrin. After much consideration the judge, Mr- A. U. Jones, of Court Calmore, Montgomeryshire, awarded the prize to Mr. Collins. A couple of year- ling steers, bred by Sir Charles Morgan, excited great admiration. We never knew competition carried to a greater height than for the cup given by the gentle- men of Newport for the best pen of yearling ewes- The discernment of the judge in awarding this prize was tried to the utmost; and the universal satisfaction expressed of his award, shews that he was not found wanting." After much deliberation, this prize Itlllo was decreed to Mr. Collius. The award of these and and all the other prizes was as follows :— Silver Cups given by Sir Charles Morgan. For the best yearling Bull, North Devon breed—Charle* Morgan, Esq. Ruperra. For the best two-years-old Heifer, ditto-Mr. Willialll Phillips, Tredegar Arms. For the best yearling Bull, short horned breed—S'r Charles Morgan, Bart. For the best two-years-old Heifer, ditto—Sir Charle* Morgan, Bart. For the best yearling Bull, Hereford breed-Mr. John Turner, Court of Noke. For the best two-years-old Heifer, ditto—Sir Hungerford Hoskyns, Bart. For the best yearling Bull, Glamorganshire breed- Messrs. K and C. Hraùleys, Treguff, Glamorganshire. For the best two-years-old Heifer, ditto—Messrs. E. and C. Bradleys, Treguff, Glamorganshire. For the best Boar, under a year old-Mr. Sallowfir Newport. For the best Fat Pi-Nir. Daniel Evans, Ragland. For the best Ram Lamb, long wool-J. Monkhouse, Esq* The following Silver Cupsgiven by other Gentlemen. Lord Rodney,-A Cup, for the best Galloway, under five-years-old—-Mr. John Probyn. The Hon. W. Booth Grey.-A Cap, for the best twO- years-old Glamorgan Bull-Mr. Edmund Lewis, Derry Farm, Glamorganshire. Cape) Hanbury Leigh, Esq.—A Cup, for the best year ling Steer, cross breed excluded-Sir Charles Morgan, Bart- Frederick Justice. Esq.—A Cup, for the second best ditto—Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Mrs. Strickland,-A Cup, for the best tbree-years-old Heifer in milk, taken out of pasture, having produced ber first Calf within the year 1S33, cross breed excluded- Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Thomas Powell, Esq.—A Cup, value Ten Guineas, for the best yearling Heifer, cross, breed excluded-Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Colonel iMilman,-A Cup, for the second best ditto- Capel Hanbury Leigh, Esq. Ponftypool Park. Octavius Morgaa, Escti-A -Cup, for the best Fat C; cross breed excluded—Mr. John D. C.)Hins, Duffrin. Rev. J. Leyson Penoyre.-A Cap, for the best three- years-old Steer-Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. James Haffenden,Esq.-A Cup, for the best yearling Colt or Filly, got by a thorough bred horse-M r. Robart Tyltr, Wenvoe. Benjamin Hall, Esq.- A Cup, for the best Scotch B\111-- Mr. Mathew Fothergill, Bedwelty. Hugh Owen, Esq.-A Cup, for the best Pen of four yearling breeding Ewes, long wool-Mr. Daniel De-, Llanbetherin. Charles Morgan, Esq—A Cup, for the best three-years- old Colt or Filly, got by a thorough bred horse, bred in the counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth-Messrs. J. W. J. and T. Morgan, Gladesbury. Robert F. Jemier, Esq.—ACup, for the best three years-old Colt, bred in the county of Glamorgan. To be exhibited by the breeder—Messrs. J. W. J. & T. Morgan, ditto. Joseph Bailey, Esq —A Cup, for the best Cart Stallion. that has covered in the county of Monmouth; in 1833-14r. William Jones, Lanthewy Rytherch. Rev. Augustus Morgan,—A Cup, for the best four-years- old Colt, got by a thorough bred horse, bred by and pro perty of the exhibiter-Reverend Augustus Morgan Rowley Lasccllcs, Esq.—A Cup for the best Yearling Heifer, Glamorgan breed, bred by a farmer-Mr. Eyan David, Rhadyr. Lieutenant Colonel Lasceiles,-A Cup, for the second best ditto. The winner of the cup for the best yearling Glamorganshire Heifer, not allowed to exhibit for thiscup —Mr. William Powell, Kglwsnynidd. William Jones, Esq.—A Cup, for the best half-bred Brood Mare. The owner living in the county of Monmouth* Brecon, or Glamorgan—Charles Morgan, Esq. Ruperra. Joseph Bailey, Esq.—A Cup, for the best Pen of yearling Wedders—James Godsall, Esq, Sweepstakes of Two Guineas each, for the best yearling Bull, cross breed excluded—Sweepstakes to close on Lady- day-Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Cups given by Gentlemen of Newport. A Cup, value Ten Guineas, for the best Bull, Cow, and Offspring, the Offspring being under two-years-old, all bred by the Exhibitor, and being his property at the time of shewing. Cross breed excluded—Mr. John D. Collins, Dull rin. A Cup, value Ten Guineas, for the best three two-years old Stock Heifers, bred by the Exhibitor, and being his property at the time of shewing. Cross breed excluded— Mr. Daniel Dew, Llanbetherin. A Cup, value Ten Guineas, for the best Fat Cow, under six-years-old, bred and fed by the Exhibiter, and being his property at the time of shewing. Cross breed excluded- Mr. John D. CIlins, Duffryn. A Cup, value Five Guineas, for the best Pen consisting of four yearling Wethers, bred and fed by the Exhibiter, and being his property at the time of shewing. Cross breed excluded., Mr. John D. Collins, Duffrin. A Cup,, value Five Guineas, for tbe best Pen consisting of four yearling e., bred and fed by tbe Exhibiter, and being b's^vrppiexty auUfi .U. of ^hewing. Cross bieed excluded. Mr. DanielDew, Lhmbetherin. For the best Geese, Mary Brain—Ducks, ditto--Turkies, John Rees-—Fowls, James James—Half-a-Gainea each. One Guinea to-glizabeth Davies, for having the greatest number of Hives of Bees, in 1883. Umpire, for Horses, tattle, Sheep, and Pigs—Mr. A. D Jones, Cdurt Calmore, Montgomeryshire. THE DINNER. About half past three the gentlemen and fa who had been present at the show, sat down to all excellent dinner, at the Kiug's Head Inn, which did high credit to the superititendance and liberality of supply of Mrs. Church. Sir Charles Morgan filled the chair at the principal table, Charles Morgan, F.,q- of Ruperra, at the second table. The gentlemen who dined were in number about 300; amaut 120 filled the principal room; while other rooms contained tb& remaining number. The wines as well as the dinner were excellent. After the cloth had been removed, ant'es.he usual loyal toasts had been drank, Sir Charles Morgan proceeded to the distribution of the prizes, in doing which he expressed very gratifying encomiums on the ditfereut gentlemen by whom prizes had been given, and on the spirit and perseverance of the, candidates who had brought the breed of animals to such high perfection. Among the observations made by the worthy Bart. on this occasion, be said that it had been remarked that those who fed on good meadows and on bad meadows did not meet on equal terms; but he considered that the desirable point was, as the artificial breeding remained quite in the discretion of the breeder, to adopt that kind of feeding, whether beau dust or any other material, which, in the cir- cumstances of the case, would most conduce to the preservation and perfection of the breed. The toast breeding and feediug" excited much merriment, and was most cordially drank The prizes having been distributed, the honourable Baronet expressed his hope that he should meet the same company again the following year, in equa spirits, and with increased improvements in agricU«-



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