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---LITE1L.Jil Y llfc 1-11.


LITE1L.Jil Y llfc 1-11. "T,E A.H'HIf: l'i E:G,D." H\" THE .l"ïi!:J!{ OF A YE,\lt 1:'01 SPAI:2 \"(L.< lh:¡thy, LO:1d():I, It I,- or it is t rtict;.ve of at(!i!s'i'[tt'0!tMofou:-o\v,). I[!sin:)nn'ionat (,III- o%vii ";i(,e in ii rii!rror subject, ofcon!-sp.toof;cHs:o')at di,t()rt¡()II fro, tile fl,,t%vs or iiieqtla!ities ot, tile relic(,tii I rfit-(.e. 'l'e ¡'l1th(Jr of th 'vork ¡'I qllestÎun, '.ir\Vt"<'?.??"?"?"tt''eL'.S.NaYY,i8 n!rf.nty.ostfa?<)ura:)!ykr.o?!)t!)ythc!)t0sttr))e ivork oil inilicil late Nlears have making itl(,waiiecs for Sl)m: Ha:íoual alld pO\¡I.:cal prejudices, hisbouk ')\1 EL',land thoug;1 1I.ter:(Jr to that 011 Spain, oi' iio c()Illlllotl iller,t. \Ve give ùll, ;)1" "v') ex!r¡:c1,; w!licll will lIa¡J1:: (lur ?t'hf pop"?''?<(.Pottsnt.'u:h,wh"ro (hcAn!!t<?(:!st).-tnde())t)id).ut,h"wet?-)'t-?tnto ",u¡f..r iu health, or allow (!lelll,c!('s to ue depn's..ed by the ae:i< of .Y such causes as the..l', they were (Iddy, hdle, and l'.o\)U"I. <llId !'ecllled very well "alis- ne:t with their c'i"<'at.dt))efrcom;i[io! (Whdt wou)d i\ Roebuck <iy?) MallY lIa.1 breeches, ¡¡!Vllt wool:ciI itockll\s tlad ¡;ulO<fruck:1l, alld the variety of their <.o'e \\Ill,. very pleain af'er the ui, SO ill Aiiiel-jed. o ,Omell 1,(i t)etter colliplexioiis and a brighter hok than those t had seen a,4 t rode down Broad way to embark, but 'heir fiurelj were robust, atatw.u-t, and redundant. wi'h ?''?e extremiiics, nnd a deier- 'oi?cd and heavy t'cad their drc?s !o", was far iesa clt'g;wt nno tasteful, a;ld evinced a fesa h.'ppy judgment in the s(-iectioil and cotnt'ination of co- tours; stiti it hud 'he appparaoce of bein!f both alld alld the thick -tio", the heavy stiawl)a,.d circling boa, acemed much IDql'e cotijfoi-tut)le ti) right i*easoti and the fitne%s of' thii, that) the 'i!!k<<, ti'e t.'ce aod the feathf-rsofour tipht and tripditio- country women. Upon the whole, these had a sturdy, whotesunte, substaitti,it, elldur- itig, axd serviceable look, as conlradi..lillguished froll1 t'ie somewhat too foi-riis, the raceflll and di..liuishcd air of the Attcrican t'.)ir." "Ataxy rate, I teamed on this occasion one tesi-on o< oationa' mattners, which wawconfirtned by an my subsequent expptipoce. ']'Iiis tvie sell- sihic cu-.totu uf Eitgtis!) peoptp, or always goillg sr:ti<'d with eóíthles to suitaiii their energies, ami kfep ative their elitliuiiiasm. The p:t-asurf8 aud excite'nt'.ttofajfm-ttey.theraptm-eMhichi.ipn- k)n<pd by the cotucntptation ot ttoe soffery, or the ex'ncywith which the sou) is «)ovedbythetriu)nuh" otmutic.)tanotato)tooritfestiva),.tret)eve) in EI/gldud allowed to lie dinunished &y the inwatd discu:))turt ofao empty sto.aeh. Thereisasytn pathy of ft'e\ill!: on thi:'subject throughout the laiid and lIever slra:1 I forget the loud and ettthu- '-tastic hurst of toyahy. with which! once'-a.w Kitig WiiHam greeted by .<)) oterrtowing house a) Druty Laf)t-, as he acco'npattied hi- cup uf <pa by the custolliii-y bread and butter. eutiiig, as oncre- marked beside me, exact)y tike a cottknioti per<t0t)." Lvn the conag'eit of the peastttxry were not ouly cOlft(ortahle and scruputoutiy neat, but were ovcrr()\Q with creepers whose d<3ep verdure added t" the brightllcss of the freah)y Mhitewanhrd wa))t'; white here too, unweta tastefutty arrhanced in thf wiu()ows, and a few eve'grpcn p'autf covering the narrow -pace which usually r-epai-ated them f'om the high road, g'ave evidence of a pervadiug good 'atte nut the exciu-ive attribute of the rich, and that ('n)be)li<thu)entwasuotwhotty8')Ut out by the mandates of ulicotnpl-uniisiiig utility. it waM !;illlIll.Ir to contpa'e the livety and conMC- cutive com'crt.ation of the French gir), in her btuken ith the .ill)- randon), tLtgillg di"cour¡;e of herct)t))paniou)-,(tuur En!lsQ .Itiit' maids,) which watofteninterruptedby tone pauses e you warm, Susan?' '1'\0, ungry; whctearethe sandwiches?' 'Weateaofortunae to have uch fine weal her-what we have donchaditon)y)'.u)'ed? Sunday wasa very fine (lay, it %vas so li,elj- oil lite pier.' ''L'hewittdwa'' very igh,' naid M.*na, 'it rained very ard/rejo)ne<! Susan, who juftt before had huded the beauty of the weather. Atter pauses of sitencf, foUowed each time by ame-at,their ide.<swou)d start forward and the convertimion be resumpd. We were s)ow)y ascending a hill when one who seemed'iteepy, roused to ask if we were goillg <101\11, 'No,' !iaid I the guard, (;hu<:k)i"g at the idea of the good thing he w.ts about to utter we be qOIIl). up, a<) we of!e" does in <h)s wortd.' Tht" afterwatd)) fot)ttd might I A .1_ .41' .1. II ¿. popular %%it. Countrymen otS.<nchoPa«za'what .)< )hi-!a))d of popu!ar dllllle.8, shall consott- me for Ihy hrewd and illgfnioIJ8 cleverues! alld thy sea- "o"shun.our? Presetitiv 'hey a'llal.kPII fa!!htoll; they askedif any bodywas 'own; )t was decided that there waa nobody "?ere, an() t))at it was eruc) to have to ?o thfrp. In ??)' or Junf, indeed, the town Moutd bp?dfti?htfu) -dOtecouutryf.oodiou". thadexpectedtonnd "ea! two mi'tion., of peopie in London, axd wa" now 8110c!,e(i to hear there wou!d be nobody (here, or the "€\t thi;? (o j? nobody but nobodi?.' The)ip f'iir nia'ds seen?d to hi?e the same tort ?f con 'emptier IIlas!il'salJd for Ihe i:lIo\¡!e lJlgal', IhulltH" lIeg:roe!l of rich planl!rs in VÍtjtillia have (or those ""tortonatg people who fall under the denoninatiun 0( poor white fo)k- ? '-r/:<?<7<f!</?. "wa8thani0).tt.p!endtdbni[din?..t'theneinh- "ourhuod.bui)twith8or<)<-ntt)carehitee)nra)e)e. !t"ce, wlio-e et}rct was mag'liifie;J by the unadorned eh..ractr and gloomy air of tDe "urroulldill t-di- ces. A beautiful gas-!ihl, in a rich)y ornamellted 'P, IUlld a an itiviiii!g beacon, iitible in tnnny dl,verglng direclion". The windows, well glazed wtll C'ostly pIalI' gl<1sfoI, bearing inscribed, in it'u- 'n)nute(t tcm-ts, the wotJ<(—"Gin, at three- pence- Gnerou¡¡ WinM—Hub spiced"—and the aoo)- '.urrounded by ..t:iined p-mcit of rich dtp, h',Ivillg ''osettee, bunchy of 8'rapca, and say de- ttccs. The art which was once i-etiei-vt-d for the oruaoiettt of temp)es, and watt fnade to idea'ize onGuthicw ndowsthe lives of lIaillls a"d tnaoyrt, here 110 IOlltYcr the attribute of rt )iyion atone but !'enes to ture the poor and the ticious of Ei;gi;4iid to reater poverty and more abjec! vice. There wa* astnguturtnorai in the contrast betweet) the macr. tnhcence of ttiittemp'e of misery and the wan and tattered aspect of )ta\ota)ip&. ttwasanobviout exaiiq)ie ot the connexion of cause and etfect, and teetned intended as a ludicrous illustratioil and mockery ofthfir fate; and yet they entered tHeu and women; the taat, in numbers, not inferior to the fncn; someiunes too with chitdx-n by the hand, son.etjmes preyed in tt.e hetptess staye of infancy to their Polluted bus,,niq, 1 know nOllling more ex- h)te<at)ngthnn to he !uddc!i)y ushered )t) the into a popu)ou< quarter of a reat city. My recoi. iectton readi'y conjurea up the impressions made upon n'e uuder iiiruiltly ci.'cumstances in entering Par)! Brussf))s,Mi)an,or.cayandJiv<-)yNap!ca. The tower clbISC!f, with thfi) good humour, their quaint droHery and IIjHightlint'lis, there ofter the niost agreeal,le objects of coittemplation. Here, however, there was, in the corresponding ctMaei'. nothing p!easing- or even picturesque. All scented in search of food, of the means of intemperance, and of gratifying low and brqtal passions. The idea of aimuf,titetit had evidt-pily no ptac?, The streets swarmed with abandoned women, filthy in thei) dress, ope)),brutai, and indecent in their ad- raucclI. 7Ae C'rott-Ti Jeivels. The regalia of Fiiglaiid are preserved in a very mjf.tite ¡;Iron: tOWl'l" wilhout %vindows and quite (j.nk frcm without, bC'inO' tit by a powertui ta't.p which exhibits the bi-illiii)cj, and vatue of the pre- cious atones; every thing it admirabty urranged for exhibition; the crown and othct of the moitt preciouit urticica are turned round t.o ai' to be seen on all sidfs hv means o( an illgenjulIs ma- chinery touched by the ancient damewho exhibits the'm. She hashftdthesamc ration it):dsu"f?'he "'me son g-fro)n daylight to da.k, during a score of ypars—it was chanted in a sort of %viiiiiijig recitative, and sotnepar'* of it ran as fot- )ow!t 't'his is the oldell font what bap'izes halt the princes and of the KoyM)fattu'.y; the hamputer or zul(leit hea:;te ait o'ds the Gly oH what hanuims the KinR hat tht- coronation the guldcD foun- ):H)t "hat piaysthe winfa! ihe coronation thegoiden saltcel'cls of stiUe, iu the (orm of the \Vlute lo.wer what stands at th.. King's 'abte hat the coronation; Ha.mitia, I)t)r bi:ijcelets; Curt;ii)a, the ..word of jus- tice at.d hot cy the gotdcn spoo" T/tc ?M/.e o/ ?t-M"??"- "Thcre is, however an imperious obstaee to :hcii!u..triousi;o)di<-rs, cuntemptatu? t'"? '?buteof ha.ionat Krn'"?!e r?f ?c/??, 'he ?hape of bnt'et-proof blinds, which were MH)xed to aH the win<iows ofA?:ey ho.,?, f. the pru.ectton of the iun,?es<rompopu)?vio?ce<.t?<'?." pubiicnundw?aci:at<-dby<hcq's"?"l?r. ha.-?tary!!efo.m, of which the i. Duke was the .t.enuou/opposer. n.c?.-y.esi?cL-w?chthe gratitude o! his countrymen had c-i!lit-r batoned on him or enalled hjlll to 11111:chase,. thell required to be f(-)rtifie< to protect bi@ life jAgLlitllgt file' l'ury. It \\as u sillgulal' iustittlce f II)c durability td \.alup uf poputar applause, that'he IJ/hvldllal who b, .hed .he nrst glury the Brititili Arnis, that they had kuowM M tttud ttoce the days Qf Mittt. b.()ugll, aflef tia% iii; becil raided by the Uftivc:'sa) acc!m"ation of a whole admiring nation to the fi* I-l"qt ),1acL-n<!nsu''jpc<i.'rank,l)unour,a))dpub'ict""i? m;uion.s'iou)d,w!thotH))tecotnn)is!<i')nofanyc;imc, ".¡'hout a..y-ch"t'authority.aud for thesunptf m'lilllell<1IH'e ollhal nghl ot °l'illillll which tiw COII- !I¡llu.iua pt'l"Iuilt<"d In him, fillrl himself; ¡¡¡'Ir'r ail ittt('rv.i!otnicwycars,so<))ue')!heo)ijpu[otpubHc r<l/ and de:l'staII!JlI as to UPt'd slIcil a PIOIt'CIÍOII !r hi.. liL' ill Ihe s.\lIc:uary of hi: firt'"ilf' Gild .ç[Jre the Kill! ''As we parsed the Hor<i" Guards where two soldiers of the btucs.iu caique am) cttii'a-s, sat a'. sei,tii)els oil their co.)! black our guard struck "p''G')f!t<are the Killg- t admire this lI"bh'I1llioi,lU( IIlItt:ell1, Ðnd I !Il1palhize with th(> [edin¡. \hleh 11 awakens in Ihe \)0';011} rJf evpry hO/list I"IiiZiisi)tllai)g a reelijig, not as cue mi[;h'fa:!cyoft.c)'vt)t'nttacha)entt(,)hc ppr"onof any individuu', but made '!P \\holIy of pri,l al¡d ()a)t-)oti<rt),an ardent love otcou)t)ryt-ti!:tu).)ttdbv t:e reeftec(ion of' tie,- lioi%es, lier \lIIÙ ht'r N!'I"oll. unll \\hatr of greatne;¡, and or ,Ioi-.v, O;d liis TilesI' alld /II¡IIIY ú!her pa"8ages comin\{ (rom the oen of a (allIlCil ¡!lid ell'n P"ejudjced llepuhlica", mllst he gall alld wOIII1".oud to uur ElIgli..h Radica's and P"rt))cbft)c-6).ofn)cr<'M- kin.,e.f we may ')'e..t)ou that our auth,ir iiiiiik, thaI it is oldy' ¡he very hihc"t cla"s of EIIlish society whicu the true '!olty quiet rfpub- hcM!) i))dt'ppt)de"ce of manner,' atn< that t}n' middle clasds ha',e unll"er..aliy amorechperfut audcouten'ed.Ht'tuauiuA'nenca. \<\lIt of .I!pacl' pl't'It'lIts Wi frolll I{ivin 1II.J1I'y pa!ó.agps u'elljl<lh! u¡¡k' to Ih h('art [\lId hl'ad (Jt Ihe writer—parti. cu)ariytuatonP"e!iC')')'er,t)nd those on the melt dra!nasofthe minor theatres, mj()mt)he)bfatre'. gpuerat'y. \V,OllIIil1'JIl'I' Hal, the Regent* Park, an<t)i)eStagf Coaches arethe subject in prJi"e of -hicti Ile i- most c'tthu-ia-.tic; but thcwhocwork ixwetlworthyoipctusa).


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