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Lit TST INTELLIGENCE LOVDON, THURSDAY EVENIn'G' V' fa Marin, the person who was tried at the murder of Miss Bethell, by poisoning ber "UplofC peculiarly attrocious circumstances, was found guilty than innocent" by the Petty Jury, a'|)(], wards claimed, according to tiie laws of the to be tried by the Grand Jury, which returlluillJ verdict, to the astonishment of every one, of g isP' of homicide only. He has been sentenced to bat 00 ment from the island for ever, not to return to I pain of death. n a" We are glad to learn that the the part of England, between America and fra has been accepted by the American Governmeot' rftfll' A most extraordinary attack has been „ upon tiie Editor and the office of the Brussels t 'of by some corporals and privates of tiie Guides, amounting to twenty men. It seem8 the soldiers conceived that the Editor had i"sU (,f rill their Captain, and they af -.eked him and the P jtb who defended hiin, and demolished the l'urniture their sabres. On the approach of some neigb the gallant soldiers decamped. The speech of Sir J. Colborne at the of the session of the Legislature of Upper on the I4tii instant, is not of any material W0 Little change has occurrcd in the province sioce last meeting of the Houses. Important | ments in the internal navigation are now in c°" plation by opening direct channels to the 8^ lakes, &c. Tbe works connected with the St- rence are fast advancing.—The direct en"^|,jr(i during the last season' had been scarcely °"e that of the preceeding, for which various cause5 assigned.11 is Excellency recommends tbe and support of township schools, and var'oUS(juti^ local improvements.—The amount of the collected at tiie port of Quebec in 1835, that of 1834, and the duties collected in the pr° considerably exceeded it. b_f It appears that Lord William taken it into his head to join that miserable k0^ madmen, who compose the gallant and we" army of Westminster's hero—General vails- letter from Vittoria, dated the 16th instant, "Lord William Paget has safely arrived hereof Santander, with two troops of the 2(1 Regi,ae'1 síS Lancers, and two companies of artillery, pt twelve-pounders. He appeared greatly surprlS the wretched state of the Legion, without CIO al food, or pay, and the hospitals filled with sic b#' invalids. There are at present about 1,500 11111 1.1 9 to less state. On an average our loss is frolIl 1 frOØI men a day by the typhus fever, brought °n being exposed to the excessive cold dainps» too free indulgence of the new wines a«d SP ef besides those who desert to the enemy at nigh' ^(r than continue in the service. The'legion, t')efe^^ presents a most wretched appearance, and is i" of insubordination. The officers are disgustedly the conduct of the Queen's government, resign. Colonel Dickson, Colonel Fitzgerald upwards of thirty others, have left us since the r ij January, with six months' pay due to them, ai Iorl the expense they have been at in joiuing the '$0 cause.' Evans is, therefore, driven to despeI^_ and lias expressed several times the regret he ever having attempted this romantic expeditlol1 ± t P,os such i set of adventurers." What a brilliant for young and enterprising recruits!" Ho* ing the career of military glory, with sta^ J nudity, sickness, typhus, and death, staring the 1 in the face! t if Lord William may ask with Falstaff-" honor V J j Lord Eldon, who has been confined by a the gout, is getting better. the gout, is getting better.




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