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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

11 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



1 FROM THS LONDON GALE;TTES. London, Friday, July 14. { D INSOLVENTS. •pintifr" 16 ^Un"' ^'iaw Edge, Lancashire, cotton JaUles Standen, Grosvenor street, victualler. Rich- 1 ANI^RUPTCY ENLARG KD. chard Reynolds, Leeds, bill broker. Henrr 1- BANKRUPTS. i Kli»Li.Pi?aTd,.GreatSt- Helen's, vine merchant. Willi-. r< atcrtield, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, dealer. • fcrocer. ^m <Lrver> HorsfortU and Idle, Yorkshire, J clin* ^i°^au< 'rmingham, iron tube manufacturer f'*ori*p lr i"1?'11.' Kt'arsley, Lancashire, sin,^keeper. ManchS.;™ 'l''am Hav.ortli, Crawshaw Booth and • vviiii .cal,co P"»^. • Will; TV\ Ridiar<1 I'ilgrim, Nottingham, drapers. l>anca*}.; "'kinson and Thomas Throp, Blackburn, Gpot rT>' ,ronfonndf'rs. J°serfh A ar^er' ^anchester, baker. Henry H now.sni'l'1> Hinuinir'iain, japanner. Thoin.. a«-R Manchester, horse dealer. \I lIlshall, Worthing, Su«*ev, broker. V draper 01&ai1.jan., Ylaceynlleth, Montgomeryshire, London, Tuesday, July 18. INSOLVENTS. I hom'11. ^ainfreM, jun., Mark lane, wine merchant. Guilder ann' Great Malvern, Worcestershire, Ci|nii,r:'lS- Macleod, Adam's Court, Old Broad Street, '"»Mion agent. Josen>, BANKRUPTCY ANNULLED. -"inanuel, Birmingham, jeweller. Georsre W BANKRUPTS. drap,.r° ;tgner, Southampton Street, Strand, linen SlrJuhn Michael Schaap, and John Dankaerts, George Pl't J\' wili,J .morIeS, mercbants. Xv'np rnc se» Dover Street, Piccadilly, hotel keeper, Wir *'°hn^n ^a'VRrt» Worthing, Sussex, woollen draper. Sj,u.^| ar,l>r. Rninbridge, Hampshire, tanner. Hichara T°rter' Ch(!Ster> attorney at law. draper ones, jun., Newtown, Montgomeryshire, 0 N ^Siu ^rv',lp> New Shoreham, Sussex, timber mer- Th" SetK*1^! /jj^berer, Birmingham, cheesemonger. ^rapet. "'hps Lewis, Dark Gate, Carmarthenshire, "peo'. b jo Barnsley, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Sarajfij 00^' Manchester, boiler maker. John lr01™' Cambridge, butcher. lionr.r °°d Cough, Dursley, Gloucestershire, sta- 11 Fisher, Manchester, calico, printer. LATEST INTELLIGENCE. -j.. ga Queen held a Drawing Room on Thursday, Slid > ,nort! numerously attended by the nobility PHSt," any Drawing Room for some time '•Misf ,^onsorvative canvass is proceeding auspi- | I""osp,'„jlrwun''out tlie country—and the city; and the ''aily j s the city and the Metropolitan boroughs llow c'ass °f politic ians arc in the itoi't; ° ^onservative Radicals—brushing off con- •llat liasT.u, a mischievous and treacherous faction, 'nvitin» t rto ',U"S upon them for support, and (jev I "to all union the whole society of honest men 'IOIIO „ the interests of their country. Are there Merthyr? TO THE ELECTORS w OF THE 0|,°u§h of Merthyr Tidvil, ABERDARE, & VAYNOR. £.Gf:NH'BMF.N, A VtNG been invited by a highly respectable 4body of your Brother Electors to offer myself as .I fc0fg ATE for the honour of Keprcscntlllg your •obpy atr the ensuing Election, I only hesitated to |)rP ''le ca"» from the disinclination 1 felt to cause agitation. °round upon which the requisition has been l>rp« 'S ''ie ^approval of many of the Votes of your Member. t,,ne has now evidently arr'ved for the expression -of that disapproval, and I therefore solicit the houor support. tlie c',cunistance of that Gentleman having sought lrefer t'n,lan(C °f your Sufirages, and having since cife address the County, will, of course, ex- you Uf °'>Serv^'ation, and will be duly appreciated Lt [j.. All "'lures# it will not be possible to state all the ^C,RS 10 IHOSE VOTES many opportunities will occur j ^0,*eveCr Cuimmin'ca,'°u during my Canvass. There is, the jj. otle prominent subject, and which vitally affects e ha *0(1 0f'i^)'ness numerous Inhabitants of this Borough, IJoor of the I^and,"—I mean the New Poor 3tn,j 1 lo the obnoxious clauses of this Act I am, hity^ 1 d (,ee" < decidedly opposed and, should I be tirn y°Ur Representative, I shall ever consider it my y to labour for their Total Hepea) firmly attilclHd to the British Constitution, 1 Prn^. eV6r f°und ready to amend all abuses, and to r U|*inte „,i 4)t0v "natever may tend to solid and rational im- eelit. I remain, Gentlemen, Yourifaitliful Servant, U JOHN BRUCE BRUCE. bl"rr.vtl. Aberdare. July 14, 1837, <



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