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CANADA. New York papers to the 1st inst. have been received by the packet-ship Mediator, which arrived on Saturday last at Portsmouth. The intelligence which they com- municate is so far important, that it proves all appre- hension of serious disturbances in the Maiden district to have been groundless from the beginning. A few hundred vagabond pirates and traitors, fugitives from the Eastern districts, collected first at Bois Blanc, a British possession, and then retreated-to Sugar Island, ^hich is part of the States territory. Here they were easily disarmed and dispersed by the civil authorities of the republic. So far the war seems to be at an end in pper Canada, and along the whole frontier line. We °hserve, however, with more regret than surprtse, that the conduct of the French of Lower Canada is of a cha- ncier to excite unpleasant suspicions They are, says tlo Montreal journal, generally removing from their uSUal places of residence, without any apparent motive. ""Standard, Feb. 26.

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