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CORN TRADE. The supplies (if Wheat received in Mark Lane at the commencement of the present week from two of the principal counties, Essex and Kent,were rather liberal, and a general improvement in the condition of the samples was also observed. The recent im- portations oC Foreign Wheat, with the prospect of art-iyals (lull trade to be experienced, it being expected that a considerable portion will be released even at the present high rate of duty. The probability also of the farmers sending better supplies to market now that seed lime is drawing to a close, has an influence iu limit- ing operations amongst the niillcr, an(I the opinion of many inclines to lower prices. The sales of Foreign Wheat have been particularly slow of late, hating had so little oOllntry demand, and there is more disposition al present to press sales, in some inslances even at a considerable reduction. The transactions that occurred al the beillnillg of the present week in Foreign Wheat wcte chiefly amongst town millers. For Mailing Birlcy we now expe- rience a very slow and limited demand, so many of the maltsters having entirely ceased working for the present season, and, with f be exception of a few very fine parcels, which obtain an extreme price for seed, the value of this article continues 10 decline. In Grinding Bailey no change in prices has oc- curred for some time pasi, having had scarcely any Foreign arrivals on account of the presenl high duty, and Ihe qua ity of English has been too good lo sell at prices suitable for this purpose. Contrary lo our expectation, the Bean trade has declined to a greater extent than we anticipated, from titeadinitted (fericielley of last season's crop; but it has chiefly arisen from the many cargoes of Egyptian lately arrived, anil the probability of duties being paid to release them. The relative cheapness of Oals and While Pease a!so, as compared with this article, have no doubt tended 10 limit the consumption of Beans, which has been less than u>ual at this season of the year. Iu tlie value of Maple, Grey, or White Ilea-se there been no m.A,ei-ial viit-iati,,ii (,f late, supplies in general heillg" unly hrought forward in moderation. We have received a considerable accu- mulation of Oats within the last fortnight from Ireland, Scotland, and many parts of the English coast, and there is every reason lo believe that before long additional supplies willeoine to hand from the two former countries, the farmers there being now more at liberty to ship. The Malt trade laley ha been particularly dull at a reduction in prices; und the maltsters make great complaints at ihe unremu- j nerating lerms at present obtained, even for fine j qualities. There is nut milch doing in Flour, and though no material alteration in prices has yet occurred, the bakers are now rather caulious buyei-e. -John Bull.