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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



SHEER HUMANITY L -:1- ( thp Pa"igjnn JournaL.) An individual, the whole style of whosr. carriage and cost time forcibl y brought to Ii, i :\11 that great mythical id. til, Iiobe:t 1Wacairc. with whose ciiaraefer atui cjcplohs, thanks to French Cl:.nC;ltllri15, ail Europe is acquainted, was placed 1ft Ih, bar of the Police COrreC(WlIuelle His name was Guillaume Uiuiot, and his imputed deliu- aqiieucy ,!ug stea1illg. President.—Of what e.Mlirte are you? DetenJant.-I',n a s)¡avel' of d'gs, Cilctcr of ears to ditto, and ampnta'or of rats' til". President.—What is your diire-iS ? Defendant —Hers is my adde s<, if the e^mpany will do me ihe honour to aceept it. (tl:-re I)itiiot u'rew fortli from his coat pocket a haudfu: of cards, which he threw among tbe auditors.) i'resid.nt — hat yati are d,>in>i there is in tbe last degree improper. You are not h re to distribute cards of address. Endeavour to conduct yourself with mjre dcc-new Defendant.—W by, yon asked me for mv address and so 1 thought I might as well lake the opportunity to give mv business a lift. I diti'iil know it% it. President.—Enough you af( charged with having stolen a dog, the property of M Pichard. Defendant. — I never the ani.ntil it >vasvhe came j and ins a,Ed hi i self in my house. Pr,.i.,Iollt.-Yoki knew very well the dog was not i your oun Defendant.—^ es of course bit, I did not know the genii, in .n iie belonged o. H"si<jes, be camcto uie, and I could not refuse to ree -ive him. Tjrsident.—Say ratiier that yet! enticed him. D 'ftndaut.— Entic.chim! No, come, that's not at all my line it doSnt agree with uiy ideas of AJor«Ii'v. I like d >es they're an aiimal I'm partial t<>; t- Ikn >w it; everybody knotvs it but th"n. i's my poii cs I was broiigiit up among them from a eUild, I wash them; eoiiibthe.n. sh.ive tii,in d"t: th ma regular fi :d;ed toilet. It's -in animal v 'at set 1\'tad",d to like—just no ■ mere nor l", t.all a we' reuse with her little ones. ïr,id iit. — Uut it aotiears that \o i have r.iear.s by J win. h yi u can make lii'as follow you, and that in tS s maun, r you st« ai a gieat many; in fact.tUa* you m.ike it yont ( iily .'iiisiness. 1) eu la t.—C .me, you d-mi mean to say T bewitch tbe p :or au:m<s s Piesi ieni.— I' not pretend obe ignorant. The means yo eimdoy are known. H V -dat'.t—Are tbey ? i wl«!» some good gentleman wo ii, il me then. I suouid be very milch obliged to hi.t.. 1'1-; ..1. Vv' en "oJ. Piehard found his in vour pis- S" • nae shaved it iu order to prevent his vcro • it ion I) f tidani.—1 eg p udon; not at ail When the IIIlld, So 1 said to iiim, What, you've come to be poli-litd up a hit eb, old telloiv ? When a gentleman waiks nit > íl earher's silo.) with a long heard, of course the -»iti«t takes up bis razor very wcil s.» did I I to,, k up ray sbeers, a.jd made him look quite another animal, ail ),.t of l,wite P:esi lent. -A great nuinbor of dogs na''2 been missing about th.» quarter wt re you resido, and you are accused of having sto en thein. lot iliv feiilt if the aiiiinzls be va. rants. There are dogs th.,t are vagrants just the same as men. I you pick t'iem ui I)c[et"Jau'. '\h v. I i?t, s: i -,f I d 0 w i t !I t),- m ? You don't take me for a dog police t Or my house for a station bouse ? President.—Shall I tell you what you do with them? YOIl sea tllnn. Defendant Let them r ive it; if they prove it-why, ibeti, they'll prove il, thA >s As, however, the tlie;t of M. Pichard's dog was very snPirie tly proved, the Court sentenced Didiot to one mouth's imprisonment.

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