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[*P:). mMi»ristx»I. 'STEAM PACKETS A «• E> • i>WiA^WhWW <JOMBS» Commander, -WWfBt C& A B I. P T T E iilfBERY. GomnnpAtf) »AKX INTENDED TO 'Silt Bniajftiie Month of MARCH. ,r CFrm &* *< <&&# <> j i AA ,r CFrm &* *< <&&# <> j i ,.c, JRQ* ewtmSiv: '■ M '&StfuwUy,» .Udy^kMlotte, ll ttUrhoon LOT < afternoon 28..Tuesday Lady Charlotte afternoon Vi • • -Wale* «• • • • H morning < m^OT%hM4Mi»y ■*•< L*dyCharUtte -6} morning F .Frin«* of 1|IUI 0 morning .ii5>ri<y» »■■• • LaiyCharlott* 6 morning of Walis 7 morning 7.. Tuesday Lady Charlott* 1 morntng •41 USu.TMms&f;Priiw •{ Walt. -7J morning 9.. Thurtdty.Ltdy Charlotte 8 morning i!.t &Mridjq, Prince, of- w%lss. 9 morning ,ttt*«i*wd4y.iLady Charlott* 11 morning •SOittaMtiWdiy Prince of Wales H afUrnoom 14.. Tuwday. Lady-Ch*rlott« 2j afternoo* .J»gW»aii#*d«y.,Prm«r ofWal*I r -Sf. •*fiu..Ufc..JChu*4«y iLfciy Charlott* .<vPrtne«*afWriei .»;* morning !»- ..l-aiiyCharldtte morning UM.tOj4M««day A..Prine« Wal«* -7, morning tiftl^SDueaday ,<LkdyChariotte. i ..ft -morning •H,: Mi..W»doe«day..Prittc# of Wales 8, Morning 23.. Thutvdiy i. ('Lady Charlotte. 8 morning ,t U: W.idq Wales 9t morning »..tatttfday. .LadyCharlbrt* 12 Jióbn 27.. MoaSay .yPrinee of Wilell 9afternoon S»:dT**tof.. v:Ii«dyGharlMtfr 9 .dhnoon' .1 w: > ^ROM BRISTOL. < 25.. Saturday. Priuee'of Wales Ii afternooo 1" 21. AVOOO" Lady Charlotte morning! JM Priac* of Wale* ,5^ morning; v r ..eltilfKdnWay..Lady Charlotte < morning ..Prioc* of -Walei 6 morning fiuiifa jSniiay.Lady Charlotte morning "1. ifk Saturday Frince,of Wale. 7 morning i 11\ .pad" ^.v„Lady Charlotte H Morning. n Waies 8 mormng **» .&,Lad1.Charlott. 8 morning S.. irktire"y Print* of-Wales 10. ^Friday Lady Charlott* morning 11..Satarday. JP*m*e ef Wal** Ut ramming U( Moiviay ^<liady Charlotte. >.< afternoon 14..Tuesday .Princ* of Wales 3 afternopn 15.. Wednesday.. liady Cftaritftt* morning lti;.Thursdxy nsorAing 17Friday Lady Charlott# ipwrxUng IS.. Saturday. Prince of Wales 20..Monday .Lady Charlotte 7| morning 21.. Tuesday Prince of Wales morning 9 ^2..Lady Charlotte. &ornii\g 54.. Thtiradky Prifiee of Wales 9 J morning. r Hi .Fifday.•. Eady'Charlotte. V.. 11 morning » i5;.Sat*td*y.Prince of Wales 131 aftefnobn *7.: Monday U&f 'Charlotte. 2& kftetnooi 28: Tu. Prine..r afternopn Ctrflagfcs »tf<H'Uor»e« dkuit b«s a\ong aide an houif a»U a ^*1' Priilaifi m iHtiweof SiuHog,atherwi»«tl»«y c»ntlotL« 3"hJypcd, in conseqiiaiice *f katkingthrongH the iNew Docks. PA4l)S»: — After Cabiu, 69.1-Fore Cabin, 3si, 6d. '11 C{u|dr«n mider 12 Yearsjuf Age,-Halfrp'ice.—Dofs, Is.each. It 4 Feuxals Stow;Lcd attejws on JJoard both Packets. (>. ftefr^shments may be had op Board, on moderate term*. t'our Wheel Carriage, 2ls.; ditto Pheaton or Gig. I0s.,6d.; tTwo Wheel, drawn 4«'y One Horse ahd Driver, 19»; Horse and Rider, Alter Cabin, 10* Horse and Rider, Fore 'Cabin* Sheep; Pigs, *nri Calves. 1». 6d, each. Carriages, Herses, Cattle, And Goods, will be suhjeot to Landing Whttrfages, at- Ehie Dockit." Not accdftntalbte for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighter* are requested lo order'all Goods intend'ed foT the PlUWCB OFiW ALCS. to be sent to No. 12, Qoay Street, or to H<^rt i^lraplin, Camberlaid Basin Locks; and for toe 'l'A%V,,CH4:R.MWXE, to Clare direct Hall, Marsh Streot,- k.Uristo^ „ Goods *^ilf be tiauteii no the Warehoas^i to the Packets^ <kt the expense of the Companies. 'iterlh'yr, Newbridge, Aberdare. Cowbfidge. Bridgend, Llak- triuent, and Caerphilly.—Goods forwarded to these PUces in Spring Waggoiis ai5d -fiOck u|> Canal Boats immediately dn •rrrvMl, unless ordered by any particular convey ahce, in whiih ♦asethey %iU be deposited ili the Steam Packet Warehouse till Cai|«d for.—Freight to be paid on delivery. Goodt, Pack-ages. Parcels., &c., forwarded to all pairtsoithe tiiifdom without daisy, when sfent to either of their Stealn I'acket offices in Cardiff or Bristol. to Freight, will be readily obtained by •p|jiyin"a: to the Agents, Mr, Wpodman, Agent, at;tlie Packfet pBSce"on- the' Wharf, CardlfiF: or to Mr. p. C. Glasson, .Agerjt, o. Siteet., Brii(Oli,' for the PRINCE OF VVALEjS, Jacket;and of Mr Donovan, atthe Padfcet Office, onthe Whaif, or to Mr. W. B. 'Owen, 29. A von Crescent, Hotwells, l^Jok-for the LADY GHAtiLOYTB Picket. j 'Th* Proprietors of the above Steam Packets;give Police, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's l>aggage,or will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, or lost or damaged- by Fire, Leakage or otherwise) -.Ouiigi Hooked at either of their ;Officcs at Gardiff or Bristph-if boe the wttue of 40s., unless entered at its value, and Carriage In proportion paid for the same, at the time, of Ilooking .-Goods consigned to order,'or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at tlierisk and 4APSOUSubt consignees. Allgoodsto be considered as liens, not only forireight and charges due thereon, but also for rill e previously dftsitisficd Freight and Charges due- by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets, Disputed weights or Measurement, claim*for loss ori damage C!çcf.. cannot be allowed Unless a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the clay of delivery. "C,; LONDON MARKETS. General AVERAGE PRICKS OF COicN, per -Q'uttrte'r compbted from, the Inspectors ""Return*. U. QeWF.RAL AVERA0B;A' d. I g_ Wheatt 46 I Kye.«.»,.v.. 29 1 arley. ST 0 Beans.b*. 27 7 ,h 16 11 v| Pea* ^29 1 arley. ST 0 -Beaus 27 7 ,h 16 11 v| Peaa 29 1 ? >7 *Ui ON FpilElGN CORN. «ar s. d. *• d. SO 0 J Rye. 11 6 .«"ley. 9 0 Beans 11 6' Paii 8 o /'Peas' JI 6 KXCHANGE—Monday. HE AT.. Esse*. Kent, and Suffolk. i. red 43s — 54s Ditto .white 64is 599 urt: -Norfolk attd Lincoln*red 43s — 52s DittO'.t.r.r.k.white 50s — 57* t Northumberland and Scotch red —s — —s "■'t Ufiu-t'fiifcU»-k.white-r-s — -*s RYTS-0ld ..30s —32s New, a4» — 37s Brank — s s ARLEY. (;rinding.iii; — 23s. Distilling 122% — 27* «. jMalting. 27s — 2J). ifliT.'i>.itrown.5Ss 54s P*Je — SjBi i,« Wart .i. 56*.— 5BS B8AN8.4Ticks, old and new. 2^8 -— 3j0» HanrrOw.. 8Oi — —s Pig'eon^ tit — 37s PEAS- .(irey Ms — 33s Maple 31s — 33# ft W-hite ;4. 30s — ^}s •■wA«W5>Liflcoln«!hire and Yorksh?re.. Feed '2'ls — 23* "Î.I"(" Poland..20s — 24s Scotel), new. Ajigue 20s -23 Potato..20s —24s Irjsh, white 10s— Is# .Ditto,black 15s — 17g SMITllPIELD MARKETS—Monday. Statement and Cohiparlson of the Supplies and Prices of P Iat ^'ock, Exhibited'and Sold in Smithfielfi Cattle Market, on Monday, Feb. 21, J842,a'nd Monday, Feb. 20, 1843. Feb. tit 1842. Feb. 20. 1843. r d. s; d. s. d. s. d ^oarse and inferior Beasts. 3 4 to 3 6.2 10 3 '2 ^cond quality ditto 3 8 3 10.3 4 3 6 rime laxge <ixen 3 10 4 0.3 8 4 0 r>"»e Scols. fcc 4 2 4 4.4 0 4 4 °arse and inferior,Sheep 3 6 3 8.8 0 3 2 .Cond quality ditto 3 10 4 0.3 4 8 6 r>>ne coarse'woolled ditto 4 2 4 6.3 o 4 0 r>one Southdown ditto 4 8 5 0.4 2 4 6 j J-aotbs 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 'fKe coarse Calves. 4 6 5 0.4 2 4 6 r"»esm^d5tt6 5 2 5 6.4 10 5 4 ttHrge Hog» 4 6 4 10.3 4 4 16 e,"»»nan Porkersi. .56b2 4 8 5 2 SUPPLIES. Beasts 2,602 3.113 SllWep And Lambs 19,650 26,220 • Calye,j 61 94 P«g«. 419 £ 87 I v i )-; AND. LETTINGS. 'i -Wtii? U> V ,1 .1 "W. '■■I' I" JiLHM WARD, CABINET-MAKER, UPHOUTEREft, 4c., ■; J HI GH-SX^ EET, 0All t) IFF, T3 E6S mg*t respectful^ to. 0uwijc the Nobility, Gentry, fl and inhabitants of CARDIFF and jits -Vicinity, for the TW*y liberal support he h&s received since his commencement and to inform them, that he has now. a yrell- assorted'Btock of CABINET GOODS, consistibg of Loo, Oce^sion* ,CiliIJ1. Work#* Dining; Penibroke, and 'ó ^Skhtt* 7^Gheffonieres,N 8 Wefeoard# A^^drobes {' Mahogn^ty, (JRosewood, and nther Chairs,- 199 a a coue If,; And E"I" bhai Ts, ;Fo-ut-post Tent And Trench Bedstelid.; Fringes, Floor Cloth, Bed*, Mattresses, &c. An Assortment of Chimney, Swing, and other Looking Crlasse8. Also, a great'-variety of Fancy Goods, such a? Ladies' and Gentlemen's Rosewood and Mahogany Dressing Cases, Wliting-Desks, Work IkuxeB, Tea C&ddies, &c. 'C J. W. begs, to call particujar attention to his Stock of PAPER HAl^OlNGS, ;which he has just deceived, of the Newest Patterns, and which he is able to offer at .Tory reduced Trices. Bed-room and Passage Papers, from Jd. to 3d. per yard Drawing, Dining, and Sitting-room Paper, 'from Id. to Is. i pet ditto, 5 lM|CrRATI0]V TO THE IAITEPJSTATES. FIRST SPRING Sflip"^ A | I" POR NEW, YORK DIRECT. THE SCMKIOB FAST FIRST CLASS, COPPSB SAILING, ^GJYY||I FASTENEQ SHIP, m & & & a m: Q. w.m m dw,» > .800. TONS BURTHEN, i Will$9# on or about the 20th February, 1843, Wind and Weather permitting, THIS. VESSEL is.a regular Trader to America, and hae superior accommodation for Passengers. As s|ie will,btv. only partially loaded, and this being-the best season of the year for making n. QUICK PASSAGE, the oppor- .tunity thus offered to Emigrants is in every respect desirably. HAS ROOM -LI Gli'r GOODS. For furt* parbculaq. apply to EDWARDS, ROGERS and Co., (late. John Copper & Co.), Ofaw, CoWrStreet, 'Newport. i I Bass's East Mdia 7 Pale Ale. THEAboN-e CELEBRATEIX BEKR, in CASKS and BOTTLES, may. be HAD OF *V"M. HENBY MORGAK, (Wine-merchant, Bridgend, January, J843., T OWN OF CARD IFF. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A, GOOD HOUSE, situate opposite the West of England Bank, ST. MAHIE'S STR £ ET. For further particulars apply to Mrs. ALEXANDER, on, the,Premises.. L. BRIDGEND,' .GLAMORGANSH IRE. r 1l1. -1b; 0 (F 0 Jl.4, T ERM, IF D ES I RED,) WitJi JrqmediQte Possession, THAT Desirable and Commodious FAMILY RESI- ^pENCE. cjlM I'^P fAWR," With ,cowniei»t Out-O.ffices and Farvn-$mldjngs, comprising Coach, Cow, ihd Ckrnage-houses; iBarn, Stables, Brew-house, Dairy, Pigg'eries, &c., together with -,well-stocke4 Gardens and Orchards, anid about 36 ACRES OF LAND adjoining, ,situate; within three miles of the improving Market and Post-Tow^n •of Bridgend^ in this County. To view, apply to John Martin, on the premises; and for particulars, to Mr. Samuel Cox, Solicitor, Bridgend. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON AT LADY-DAY NEXT, DARHAN CJOTTAGE, SMALL GENTEEL HOUSE, 9 miles from Merthyr, \r\ -3 from Newbridge, and 15-from Cardiff; containing 12 Sitting-rooms, 2 best Bed-rooms, 1 Servant's Bed-roonji. ,Y.itc-heri, Bc-Kil1en. Cellar,. &c., with a good Garden, and ,a Si^e, A Daily Post, and a.,I^fulway Station, within, a moderate distance' of the House. Application to be made if by letter, post-paid,) to. Mr. George Forrest, Navigation House, near Cardiff. BHJT1SH FIRE OFFICE, ,429: STRANIX & 21CRNBILL. DIRECTORS, &C. The Hon. G. C. Agar George G. Mills, Esq. Richard S. Cox, Esq. George Palmer; Esq. James Colquhouti, Esq.' C. H; C. Plowden, Esq. James Henry Deacon, Esq, Henry Webb, Esq. James Colquhouti, Eiq., C. H; C. Plowden, Esq. James Henry Deacon, Esq, Henry Webb, Esq. Charles Francis, Esq. Richard Williams, Esq. Elijah .Banyell Impey,. Esq. John. Helpai, Esq., Seoretary. John Malcolm, Esq. ESTABLISHED in for Insurance against Loss or Damage by Fire, on the most equitable terms, and on a principle which conveys PERFECT SECURITY WITHOUT ANY RESPONSIBILITY whatever to the l Insured, at Reduced Premiums. Persons effecting Insurances for 7 years, by one payment, are entitled to an S2V £ /,>lIIX>^a.TB HETVat-N*, equal to £ 15. per Cent, .on bolh Premium and Duty,; WHICH RETURN IS CERTAIN AND NOT DEPEN- DENT on nny contingency. Policies will not be charged ] for sums of £ 300. or upwards, nor to persons removing In- j surances from other Offices. i This office has always paid ifor damage by Fire froiin Lightning. Receipts for the Renewal of Insurances, may be had at- < the. principal Offices in the Strand and Corrihill, London, ii and of their Agents in the Country, who will receive FrcJ- il posals for new Insurances. Policies should be renewed within Fifteen days from the, j day on which the Premiums become due. » ■■ AGENTS i Cardif.. Mr. H. WEBBER, at the Office of this Paper. IV 'Kra IV-bf.,PQWELL, Saddler. t THE OFTIOIN OF "THREE Timits THREE."—The enjoy- ments <jf/the festive boasd recal to mind the friends of athtr days and, hasring- ifrst performed libations to the godfe, those best and purest qf frfeAds^ people drank to the health and ptospèrity. of, ibrmer axtsbciatetr now far removed by, circumstances, and this they did not in the mixed beverage which formed their hahittarl potations, but in pure wine. There was-something extremely delicate in this idea, for tacitly it intimtted,.that their lo've -,placed the objects of it almost on a latrel with their divinities, in whose bonour, also, on these occasiqns, a portion of'the wine was spilt as libations upon the earth. The young, in whose hearts a' mistress held the first place, drank deeply in honour of their;! beloved, sometime equalling the number of cups to that ofl the letters forming her name—which, if the custom prevailed;, so early would account forJEgisthas's being a sot. Some- j times, however, taking the hint from the number- of the •Graces, they were satisfied with three goblets but, when an excuse for drinking bottle deep" was sought, they chose the,Muses for their patrons, and honoured their mis- tress's names with three times three. This is the number of cheers with which favourite political toasts are received at our public (dinners, though every one who fills a bumper, and cries (i Hip, hip, hip, hurrah on this occasion, is, probably, not conscious that he Is keeping up an old pagan custom in honour of the Muses. 4IJE LATP FIRES IN LIVERPOOL.-At the annual meeting- of the Liverpool Fire and Life Insurance Company, held last week, the chairman, Mr. S. H. Lawrence, stated that the loss which the company had sustained by the recent con- flagrations in the town had been confined almost entirely to ,the mercantle districts of Liverpool. The company was in a very excellent position, and, he trusted, with the experi- ence they had gained, they would continue to go on flourisfy-' ingl^r. They had been driven to a painful experience like all ph companies that the mercantile premiums formerly- charged were totally inadequate to protect them from the risk which they ran, and, though they regretted to place the commerce of the port under additional burdens, they had been compelled in their own protection to increase the pre- miums upon insurance. The repprt showed that the lops during the year had been £ 46,528, leaving a reserved fund of £ ?2T7i481, after discharging all liabilities. A dividend pf pqr cent. onjthe paidtup capital was recommended, BRITANNIA LIFE ASSURANCE COMPAN Y No. 1. PRINCE'S STREET", BAN-K, LONDON. Empowered by. Special Att, of Parliament I Y. Viet. cap. fX DIRECTORS. William Bardgett, Esq Robert!Egli»t«n, E»<j • S»iau*l H^Tingion, R«q Erasmus4toht. Fpster.,Esq, Win. F«cbneyBlacJt, K»q Al«*tlpi>bert Irvine, Esq. -h John Brightuiau, Esq. Peter Morrison Esq George Coheh,' Esq Henry Lewis Smalt, Esq Millii Coventry.EsJj' • ThomasTeed, Esq. j, v John tft-ej»ett,'gsq •• — j ,4 i; .AODITDRS. J. B. Bevington, P. Cdckerill. Esq.—J. D. Dow, Esij. MEDICAL OFPJCER; T John Cleodinnio(,M.D.j F.R S., 16, Witnpole St., Cavendish$q. STASHING COUNSEL. > The Hon. John Ashley, New Square, Lintalit's Ina. -Ut.Serjea'nt Murphy. Temple. SOLICITOR. William Sevan, Eaq., Old Jewry. j BANKERS- ■ I Messrs. Drewett and Fowler, Princes Street, Bank. This Institution is empowered by aSpecial Act of Parliament, and is so constituted as to afford the benefits of Lite Assurance in their fullest extent to Polity-Holders, and to present g'fentei facilities and accommodation than are usually offered by other Companies. The decided superiority of its plan, and its claim to public preference and support, have been pi-oved incontestably, by its extraordinary and unprecedented success. Assurances may either be effected by Parties on4heir own Lives, or by Parties interested therein on the Lrtet of »t%eri The effect of an Assurance on a persen/s own life is to create at once a Property in Reversion, which can by to other weans be realised. Take. forinstance, the case of a person at the age of Thirty, who by the payment of 51. 8.4-d. to the Britannia Life Assurance Company, can become at once possess, d of a beqiieathable property, amounting to I000i.,< subject only to the condition of bis continuing the same payment-quarterly during the remainder of his life,-a condition which may be fulfilled by the mere saving of EIGHT SHILLINGS weekly in his expenditure Thus, by the exertion oJ a very slight degree of economy-guth indeed, as can scarcely be felt as an inconvenience-, he may at once realize a capital of 10001., which be can bequeath or dis- pose of in any way he may think proper. A Board of Directors in attendance daily .it "two o'clock. PETER MORRISON, Esq,, Resident Director. Detailed Prospectuses, and every requisite information as to the ziode of effecting Assurances, may be obtained upon appH eakion to tho-following ■ i AGENTS- ORT »• tf Mr R. Jenkins. IREDKGAR ..Mr. George Harrhy, Bank. CHEPSTOW .Mr. 3. L. Baldwin, Solicitor MONMOUTH MR.T.Oeorge,.Solicitor. INFLUENZA, COUGHS, AND COLDS. SlMCO S ESSENCE of UNSEED is tbe most eCRca* ctods remedy ever discovered for the relief of persona suffering fidm Influenza • the two first doses generally arrcist the progress of this distressing complaint, and a little persever- aaee completely removes it. Children's Coujihs, as well as recent ones In adults, will be removed by a few doses (frequently by the first), and asthmatic persons, who previously had not been able to lie down,, in bed. have received the utmost benefit from the use of SIMCO'S' ESSBNCH OF LINSEED. $old by A.;Willoughb, and Co, late B. G. W'iadus, 61, Bishops- gate S(TF«t VVjtUou', London, and all' Medicine Vendors, in bottles at Is. IJd. or 2s. 9d. each. PINNEFORDS PUKE Ff^UID MAGNESIA. Under the immediate sanction of the PRESIDENT of tie COLLEGE of PHYSICIANS. F°r Acidities, heartburn, head^che,gout,indigestion, &c. npHE S,(.at ^taBtagea ofihjs preparation axe, tb^t, J.; being in a FLUID STATE, and possessing all the properties of Magnesia in general use, it is not liable to form dangerous concretions in the bowels; it corrects ACIDITY and HEARTBURN effectually, without/injming the COATS OP THE STOMACH," as Carbonate of Soda and Potash are known to do; it prevents Tltt FOOD OF INFANTS TURNING SOUR DURING DIGESTION; it IS very useful in cases of GOUT, GRAVEL,and other coui plaint* of the BLADDER and, in an Cases it acts a pleasing aperient peculiarly adapted for Fem ales, particularly during PREGNANCY. The high testimonials received in favour of Mr. Dinneford's preparation from the most eminent members in every branch of the medical profession, has established its,superiority on an irre- fragable basis, and placed it at once beyond the reach of com. petition. i DFT. WILKINSON, of Bath. whose familiarity with practical ohemistry to wellentiUes his opinion to respect, says— A bottle of the FLOID, MAGNESIA oi SIR JAMKS MURRAY'S, sent to me for analyzation by a, chemist in this town, gave me' of Magnesia, and three grains of Sulphate of Soda, <o«be ounce, whilst yours yielded SEVENTEEN GRAINS OF PURE. MAGNESIA to the ounce. I conscientiously bear testimony to the correctness of tliq above reanits. ■ii-n J i enrted) WILKINSON, M.D. Dated, Oct. 23, 1840." i j- fonc]usive testimony is further corroborated by the follow* Ing distinguished persons: — FRS" ch'm,ur> «">' Aut,,or °f 'e Pharmacologia, &c., &c. I ^ranslator of the Pharmacopceia, Lecturer on Pharmaceutical Chemistry, &c JEROME MORGAN, Esq.. Surgeon to the General Dispen- sary, and Practical Chemist, Dublin, who also analyzed Sir Jauies Murray's Compound. SIR HENRY HALFOKD says—"I have seen the machinery and the pTocesa by which you prepaire the PURE Solution Of Magnesia, and have been much pleased by all that I have seen; the preparation is a very good one." SlR S^A«tES,^1, ClaRKE says—Tbe Solution of Magnesia, prepared by Mr. Dinneford, is a very tweful and agreeable pre- paratiOL, v ?IR DAVID DAVIES says—" I consider it FAR SUPERIOR to any other preparation of the kind that 1 have seen. This 1 at- tribute to the perfect manuer in which Mr. Dinucford conducts the process." -I)R. (;ALRDNER.says-I' I lia%,e prescribed your Solution of Magnesia extensively. I have also made trial of the same remedy preparfdby others, and am satisfied), that for PURITY AND STRENGTH, yours deserves a very DECIDED PREFERENCE." The Acidulated temon Syrup, utuMy sold with the Solution, makes the most agreeable saline draughts, and materially in- creases the aperient quality.—Prepared by Dinneford: Family □hemist to her Majosty the Queen Dowager, 172, New Bond Street. ,-C.ÚJTION.-Be.;ø,.e/ulto ø,kfor DINNEFORD'S PURE FLUID MAGNESIA, to unoid the substitution of the impure Irish prepara- tions, which are imported in leaden and other deleterious metallic Vessels. Their impurity way* be readily detected by the TASTE, and is even obvious to th$SIGHT. None cap be teHed upon at GENCtNE. unless the Houae Stamp uf the Proprietor be pasted over the cork of each bottle. To be procured of the principal Chemists throughout the Kingdom. » Blair's Gout and Rheumatic Pills, To Mr. Prout. 229, Ibnden. Frituley, nea, Bagolkat. Surrey, Ilebruary 14th. 1M2. from acute Rheumatism, C^ISBBST/IF^ was induced to try your Blair's N luM Pills, and beg to bear my bumble testimony lo their efficacy, only in my own case, but in friend's who have taken them on my recommeuda ,'tidn. am, Sit, yoxir ibi ged, JOHN GILES. ;i he never-failing effects of Blair's Gout and Kheumatic Pills, curing eyery description of Gout or Hheumatism, has secured to them a celebrity unequalled by any medicine of past or present times. I hey nr»t only give relief in a few hours, whete the patient has heen driven nearly to madness by excruciating tor. tures, but restore to perfecthealth in an inconceivably short space Of time. See Testimonials of Lieut. Masters fof Hawley, near Bagahot), late at the Royal Newfoundland Veteran Companies, v who was invalided home by a garrison order the Rev. Dr. Blotn. berg the Chevalier de la Garde; Mr. Miskin, Dartford; Mrs. Ohamhers, Maidstone, &c., &c., which demonstrate this prepa- ration to be ODe lof the greatest discoveries in Medicine. They are equally speedy and certain in Rheumatism, either cnronic or acute, lumbago, .sciatica, pains in the bead and face, and indeed for every rheumatic or gouty affection in fact, sufch j-e-eU t*)c raPidity- Perfect ease, and complete safety of this tnedrcine, that it has astonished all who have taken it, and there ta nut a city, town, or village in the kingdom, but coutains many coateful evidences of the benign influence of this medicine. The .efficofey,of Blair's Gout and Kheumatic Pills is unparalleled for diseases, and it must be consolatory to the afflicted witn Gout to be assured that it possesses tbe property of prevent- rng the disease flying to the stomach, brain, or other vital part; So^d by Thomas Prout, 229. Strand, London; and by his aip- ppintment by Mr. T.. Stephens, druggist, Merthyr Tydvil; Mr. M w*i » Mr. Farror, Monmouth Mr. Williams. Brecon »i' NewP^rl» and all respectable Medicine Veuders throughout the united Kingdom. Trice 2s. 9d. per box. Ask for BLAIR'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS, and 'observe the name and address of •« Thomas Prout, 229, Strand, London," impressed upon the Government Stfmp affixed to eath b°* «h« Genaiae ^ledicitie,