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l- II THE CiEDirr AND BRISTOL. • r STEAM PACKETS c,' F HINGE OF WALES MATTHEW JONES, Commander, t ADY CHARLOTTE HENRY JEFPBRY, Commander, AEE INTENDED TO SAIL ^flnTOj!kv\ Daring the Month of MARCH.. FL/NLFFLMYV FOLLOWS :— CARDIFF. V' 4, .#atttr<I*y. /Lady Charlotte 6 morning KondiW Prinse of WmJos 7 morning I..Tueadiy .Lady Charlotte. 7morning 8.. Mridnesday.. Prince of Wales 7.1 morning a.. Thursday. Lady Charlotte 8 morning I, 10.. Friday Prince of Wales 9 morning U..Saturday. Lady Charlotte 11 morning 13.. Monday Prince of Wales II afternoon 14.. Tuesday. Lady Charlotte 2-21 afternoon IA.. Weduesday..Prince of Wales 3t afternoon IS..Thursday ..Lady Charlotte. 4 afternoon 17.. Friday Prince of Wales 5-L morning 9 18;.Saturday ..Lady Charlotte 20.. Monday Prince of Wales 7morning 2t..Tuesday .Lady Charlotte. 7 i morning 2Sl..Wednesday..Prince of Wales 8 morning 23..Thursday Lady Charlotte 8J morning U.. Friday rrinceofwates morning 25.. Saturday. Lady Charlotte 12 noon .27.. Monday .Prince of Wales 2 afternoon 28..Tuesday Lady Charlotte 3 afternoon FROM BRISTOL. • J 4.. Saturday Printfe of Wales 7 morning 6..Monday Lady Charlotte. 7.1 morning 7.. Tuesday Prince of Wales 8 morning 8..Wednesday..Lady Charlotte 8 morning O..Thursday ..Printe of Wales 9 morning 10.. Friday Lady Charlotte 9* morning 11..Saturday. Prince of Waies Ill morning 13.. Monday Lady Charlotte 2| afternoon 14. Tuesday Prince of Wales 3 afternoon 15;. Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte. 5 morning 16..Thugsday ..Prince of Wales 51 morning I?..Friday Lady Charlotte 6 morning 18..Saturday. Prince Of Wales 6-1 morning 30 .Monday .Lady Charlotte 7± morning 11.. Tuesday Prince of Wales 8| morning 22.. Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte. 9 morning 23.. Thursday Prince of Wales 91 morning 24..Friday. Lady Charlotte. 11 morning 25.. Saturday Prince of Wales 121 afternoon 37.. Monday Lady Charlotte H afternoon 28.. Tuesday Prince «f Wales 3 afternoon Ccttitgti lid Horict muit be along side an hour and a half Eireviou* to tk< time of Salting, otherwise they cannotbe Shipped, a consequence «f Lock ia&th rough the New Docks. PARES: —After {Skin, 6s.— Fore Cabin, 3s. 6d. Children under 12 Yeari of Age, Half-price.- Dogs, Is -each. A Female Steward attends on Board both Packets.. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four Wheel Carriage, 2.1 st j ditto Pheaton or Gig. 10s. 6d.; Two Wheel, drawn by One Horse and Driver, 19s; Horse and Mider. After Cabin, 10s. Horse and Rider, Fore Cabia. BID. 64. Sheep, Pigs, and Calves. Is. 6d. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to Landing and Wharfages, at Bute Docks." Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Vvatglltera are requested to order all Goods intended for the -Pttlxlwop WAMM, trtM sent to No-. tg. Qnny Street, o* to Hobert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks} and for the LAiDy OIJARLOT-1-19. to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled irom the Warehouses to the Packets* at the MpetMe of the Companies. Mertkjft, Newbridge, Aberdare. Cowbridye, Bridgend, Lion- M4 Caerphilly.—Goods forwarded to these Places in Spring Waggons and Lock up Canal Boats immediately on Arrival, unless ordered by any particular conveyance, in which, catethey will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till Called for.-Freight to be paid on delivery. Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom without delay, when sent to either of their Steam Jacket Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, will be readily obtained by Applying to the Agents, Mr. Woodman, Agent, at the Packet' Office on the Wharf. Cardiff; or to Mr. G. C. Glasson, Agent, 190. 12 9uay Street, Bristol, for the PRINCK OF WALES,, Packet; fend of Mr Donovan, atthe Packet Office, onthe Wharf, Cardiff- or to Mr. W. B. Owen, 29. Avon Crescent, Hotwella, Bristol'for the LADY CHARLO'ITB Packet. No,rieF.The troprietorl of the above Steam Packets pive Notice, that they will n01 be accountable for any Passenger* si Wage. nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire. Leakage or otherwise) Unless Booked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if beve the value of40s.. unless entered at its value, and Carriage Ilk proportion paid for the same, at the time of Hooking —Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, freight and charges due thereon, but also for all1 previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets, Disputed weights or: Ineaaaremellt. claim* for loss or doin.ape..&c.. cannot be allowed unless a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the day of delivery. =:: DEATH-BED CONFESSION.—A moat revolting murder was committed in hroad daylight, on the 26th of April, 1817, (26 years ago) at the house of Mr. Little-wood, grocer, Pen- dleton. Tke victims were Mrs. Marsden, the housekeeper, 4ged 75, and HannahPartingtou, the servant, aged 20. The °bject of the perpetrators of this foul deed was robbery. their skulls were dreadfully fractured with a poker and leaver. Five men, named James Ashcroft, the elder, David A 48bcroft, James Aahcroit, the younger, William Holden, and John Robinson, were tried at Lancaster for the mnrder at the Summer Assizes, 1817 Although not direct, the evidence Was strongly circumstantial, and the jury found the three Asberofta and Wm. Holden guilty, hut acquitted Robinson. O. the following Monday the Ashcrofts and Holden were ex- fteled, but every one of them, calling their God to witness," died protesting their innocence and singing a bymn. Never- theless the public were perfectly satisfied of their guilt, about -bich there never seemed a doubt. until the 9th ult., when ulel man, aged 74, named John Holden (the uncle, we believe, of the man wto was hung), living in a very disreput- able place, between Leigh and Chowbent, finding himself on point of death, confessed to twU women, whom he called to the bed-aide for the purpose, that he was the perpetrator of *>e mdrder above referred to, but that he did not commit the robbery. On the following day he died,—Manchester Courier. KING EDWABb THE SIXTH'S PRAYER-BOOK.—This very ftre and curious volume, said to be unique, the property of the late Rev. Z. H. Biddulpb, waa sold by auction on Wednesday week, by Messrs. Fargus and son, for ten pounds. It was purchased by Mr. Strong, bookseller, of this city. WASTE P APER.-A.geats of the Anti-Corn-Law League "te distributing tracts by dozens (enclosed in a flaming blue envelope, with wheat sheaves, sacks, and other such devices) to Elector. in the country. Mas. HONEY AND TiigATRICALS.-A curious petition ""a. laid on the table of the House of Commons lately, Which is thus described in the vote:—"Theatrical entertain- ments.—Petition of Laura Honey, complaining that an Action has been commenced against her, for performing in a theatre at Liverpool which was not duly licensed, and pray- ~>g for a bill to exempt her from the penalties, and to cause the action to be discontinued." The petition was ordered to lie on the table. THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND Dr. Candlish and Mr. Dunlop of Edinburgh are now in London on business rela- tive to the affairs of the church of Scotland. It is under- stood their object was to advise with Mr. Fox Maule on the subject of his motion, which stood for Friday last, but which J"as postponed by the death of the right hon. gentleman's ather-in-law, Lord Abercrombie. It is stated that in the **ent of the prayer of the petition being granted, that the church may be heard at the bar of the house, Dr. Candlish himself plead the cause of non-intrusion at the bar of House of Commons. BANKBUPTCV ANNULLED, Friday.—John Ward, Instead, JJprfolk, cattle jobber. BANKRUPTS.—William Russell, Ingtton-upon-Thameø, innkeeper—John Harrison Curtis, oho-square, bookseller—Joseph Pickering, Bedford, uphol- er—James Imray, Old Fish-street-hill, stationer—John *J»gue, Thames Iron Works, Rotherhithe, engineer—John "omas Linford and John Weeks, Canterbury, chymists— Award Morris, Brighton, Tunbridge ware manufacturer— q °mas Wringley, Halifax, Yorkshire, silk waste spinner — e°rge Cobb, Nottingham, licensed victualler—Jesse Tarns, e'ton, Staffordshiie, earthenware manufacturer—George eaboru, Berkeley, Glostershire, baker—George Newmarch, and Nottingham, furrier—David Duncan, Derby, fci&eer-—James Wright, Horsforth, Yorkshire, com miller. i NOTICES AND LISTINGS. A CARD. JAMES MILLS, iano Forte Maker, Tuner, and Repairer, FROM .&.m> MAKERS TO HER M^ESTY. ,1 ',[, 21, WILLIAM STREET, HAMPSTEAD ROAD LONDON, BEGS most respectfully to return his grateful thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of CARDIFF, MERTHYR, COWBRIDGE, and their vicinity, for the liberal encouragement with which they have honoured him, and to inform them that he is now making his usual Half-yearly Tour, and has brought with him some of his splendid toned i 6^ Octave Cottage Piano Fortes, and a Second-hand Square, by Tomkinson; warranted of the best Material and Workmanship, not to be surpassed by any Manufacturer, which he offers at remarkably low prices. N.B. J. M. has also a large assortment of new and ap- proved Music, in great variety. INSTRUMENTS BOUGHT, SOLD, EXCHANGED, OR LENT ON Hirx. Ail Orders, addressed to the Guardian Office, Cardiff; or, the Bush Inn, Merthyr; will be can-fully attended to. 3. Mills's visits to this County are in JANUARY and JULY. References from some of the most respectable families in the County can be given. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. THE TAFF YALE RAILWAY COMPANY are ready to receive TENDERS for COAL AND COKE, for the use of their Engines, &c., delivered upon any part of their Line, for THREE YEARS. Tenders to be addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, before the 13th of March next; and the conditions of the Contract may be obtained at the Railway Office, Cardiff. By order, IN A. F. MORCOM, Secretary, Cardiff, February128, 1843. Pro Tem. EMIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES. FIRST SPRING SHIP FOR NEW YORK DIRECT. THE SUPERIOR FAST 1 FIRST CLASS, COPPER SAILING, FASTENED SHIP, OJ m 0 tP U W (Q W Si W s 800 TONS BURTHEN, Will Sail on or about the 20th February, 1843, Wiijd^nd Weather permitting, THIS YESSELIS a regular Trader to America, and has superior accommodation for Passengers. As she will be only partially loaded, and this being the best season of the year for making a QUICK PASSAGE, the oppor- tunity thus offered to Emigrants is in every respect desirable. HAS ROOM FOR LIGHT GOODS. For further particulars apply to EDWARDS, ROGERS and Co., (late John Corner & Co.), Offices, Corn-Street, Newport. Cardiff Turnpike District. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the GENERAL ANNUAL MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the said District will be held at the CARDIFF ARMS INN, in the Town of CARDIFF, on SATURDAY, the Twenty- fifth day of MARCH next, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, in pursuance of an Act passed in the Third and Fourth Years of the Reign of his late Majesty King William' the Fourth, intituled An Act requiring the Annual Statements of Trustees or Commissioners of Turnpike Roads to he transmitted to the Secretary of State, and afterwards laid before Parliament." WILLIAM JENKINS, Clerk to the Trustees. Cardiff, Feb. 28, 1843. Just Published the 12th Edition, Price 2s. 6d., inclosed in a Scaled envelope, and sent Free to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of a Post-office Order for 3s. 6d. THE- SILENT FRIEND; A MEDICAL WO"RK, on the concealed cause that de- stroys physical energy, and the ability of manhood, ere vigour has established her empire; with observations on the baneful effects of YOUTHFUL KXCESSliS and INFECTION, with Means of Restoration. The influence of mercury on the skin is pointed out and illustrated by engravings • followed by observations on MARRIAfJH, with directions for ti.e removal of disqualifications, BY R. AND L. PERRY AND CO., CONSULTING SURGEONS, BIRMINGHAM AND LONDON. Published by the AUTHORS, and Sold by STRANGE,21, Pater- noster How; WILSON, 18, Bisliopsgate Street; PITRKIS, Compton Street, Soho JACKSON and Co., 130, New Hond Street, London; GUEST,51, Bull Street, Hirminghain BRCKTON, 50, Briggnie. Leeds; -,ADVERTISER" oiffce, Cardiff; W.l ERKINs. Haverfordwrst; Jenkins. Merthvr and Dowlais; and by all Booksellers in Town and Couu ry. PERRY'S Purifying Specific Pills Price 2*.9d., 4s. 6d.. and I I q. per box. (Observe, the signature of R. and L. PERRY and Co on the outside of each wrapper). Are well known throughout Europe and America to be the ,mostcertain and effectual cure ever discovered for every stae and symptom o( the Venereal..Disease, in both sexes, including Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Secondary Symptoms, Strictures, Seminal Weakness, Deficiency, and all diseases of the Urinary Passages, without loss of tune, confinement, or hindrance from business. They have effected the most surprising cures not only in recent and severe cases, but when salivation and all othpr means have failed and are of the utmost importance to those afflicted with Scorbutic Affections, Eruptions in any part of the body, Ulcera. tions. Scrofulous or Venereal Taint, being justly calculated to cleanse the blood from all foulness, counteract ever) morbid affection, and restore weall and emaciated constitutions to pristine health and rigour. They are particularly recommended to be taken before persons cuter into the matrimonial state, lest the iudiscretions of a parent are the source of vexation to him the remainder of his existence by iifflictinv his innocent but unfortunate offspring with the evil eruptions of a malignant tendency, ami a variety of other complaints, that are most assuredly introduced by the same neglect and imprudence. The Cordial Balm of Syriacum is intended to relieve those persons, who, by an immoderate indulgence of their passions, l.ave mined their constitutions, or in their way to the consummation of that deplorable state are affected with any of those previous symptoms that betray its approach, as the various affections of the nervous system, obsti- uate gleets, excesses, irregularity, obstructions, weaknesses, total impotency. barrenness, &c. A perseverance in its use has been the happy means of relieving many thousands, and of restoring a great number to the permanent enjoyment of life. It is remark. able for its efficacy in all disorder* of the digestive organs. and is especially recommended to those, who, from the irregularities of youthful age. habits of studious application, or a life of pleasure, have fallen into a despondent state of mind, and that distressing train of symptoms commonly denominated the nervous. In such persona the mental are not less enfeebled than the corporeal, and to them a remedy that acts with efficacy, without interfering with domestic hahits, is peculiarly desirable. Sold in Bottles, price Ils. each, or the quantity of four in one Bottle tor for 35s. by which one I Is. Bottle is saved. (Observe the signature of n. and L. PERRY and Co.. on the outside of each wrapper.) The Five Pound Cases (the purchasing of which will be a saving of One Pound Twelve Shillings,) may be had as usual at 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and 19, Berner's Street, Oxford Street, London and Patien's in the Country who re- quire a course of this admirable medicine, should send Five Pounds by letter, which will entitle him to the full benefit of the advantage. AGENT FOR CARDIFF. MR. H. WEBBER, "ADVERTISER" OFFICE. I NOTICES, LETTINGS, AND SALES. Bass's Celebrated India Pale Ale, AND Guinness's Superior Extra Stout, SOLD by JOHN WOODS, WINE-MERCHANT, CARDIFF, who is appointed Agent for Cardiff and its neighbourhood. TO THE Proprietors of Iron -&i;flot,.orksj Mining Agents, &c. in Wales. IMPORTANT SAVING OF 50 PER CENT. IN THE ARTICLE OF GREASE. JOSEPH PERCIYAL, of Green Street, Wellington Street, Blackfriars Road, London, begs respectfully to inform the Mining Interest, that he Manufactures an IMPROVED PATENT ANTI-FRICTION GREASE, for Whims, Tram Waggons, Carriages, and all purposes for which Oil and Grease are now used. A sample will be forwarded free, on application as above. TO BE LET, ANDJENTERED UPON AT LADY-DAY NEXT, DARRAN COTTAGE, A SMALL GENTEEL HOUSE, 9 miles from Merthyr, 3 from Newbridge, and 15 from Cardiff; containing 2 Sitting-rooms, 2 best Bed-rooms, 1 Servant's Bed-room. Kitchen, Back-Kitchen, Cellar, &c., with a good Walled Garden, and a Stable. A Daily Post, and a Railway Station, within a moderate distance of the House. Application to be made (if by letter, post-paid,) to Mr. George Forrest, Navigation House, near Cardiff. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, BAGIiAN LODGE, SITUATE near the main road, Three Miles East of NEATH, containing—Entrance-hall, Breakfast, Din- ing, and Drawing-rooms, Nine Bed-rooms, Stable and Coach-house, Gardens and Pleasure-grounds, and any quantity of Pasture Land not exceeding 15 Acres. ALSO, BAGLAN COTTAGE; Situated near the main road, Four Miles East of NEATH, consisting of Entrance-hall, Dining and Drawing-rooms, Six Bed-rooms, Stable and Coach-house, Gardens and Pleasure-grounds, and from 65 to 12 Acres of Pasture Land The above Residences are well situated in the Parish of Baglan, and may be taken possession of immediately. Applications are to be made to Mr. William Llewellyn, Neath, Glamorganshire. BRIDGEND TURNPIKE DISTRICT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the TOLLS arising and payable at the several Toll Gates in this District Will be Let by Auction, (Unless in the mean time an offer by Private Contract be accepted, of' which due notice will be given,) at the WYNDHAM ARMS INN, in the Town of BRIDGEND, in the County of GLAMORGAN, on SATURDAY", the 18th day of-MARCH next, between tU ho-uri vf 12 o'clock atTNoon and three o'clock in the Afternoon of that day, to the best Bidder, on his producing sufficient Sureties for the Payment of the Money Monthly, for the term of One Year, or such other term as the Trustees shall then determine upon, to commence from 12 o'clock at night of the 21st day of March next, which Tolls produced last year the clear sum of £1680, and will be put up, either together, or in separate Lots, and at such sum or sums as the said Trustees shall then determine upon. WILLIAM MORGAN, Clerk to the Trustees of the said District. Bridgend, Feb. 11, 1843. TREBERFYDD FARM YARD, BRECONSIIIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WILLIAM JONES, £ Tmm m m In the Parish of Llangasty Tallyllyn within Six Miles of Brecon and Eight of Crickhowell, ON TUESDAY, 7TH OF MARCH, 1843, ABOUT 100 TONS of HAY, IE DOZEN of IRON HURDLES, nearly new, CART and other HORSES, IMPLEMENTS of IJU SBANDILY, &c., &c., the Property of JOSEPH HENRY COOPER, Esquire comprising 3 powerful Cart Horses, and their Gearing, 2 strong Harness Horses, 1 Hack Mare; about 100 Tons of prime ended Hay, (to go off the Premises); 16 Dozen Iron Hurdles, (nearly new) 2 Broad-wheel Wagons, 2 Broad-wheel Carts, 3 G. 0. Iron and Wooden Ploughs, 3 pairs of Wooden and Iron Har- rows; I new Corn-Drill, 1 Chaff Machine with three Knives, 1 new Hay-making Machine, 1 Bone and Turnip Drill, Horse and Hand Turnip Hoes, Heel Rakes, small do., 1 Roller, Malt and Bean Mills, Man and Vermin Steel Traps; 2 Boats, with Sails, Oars, &c., for the Lake a lot of Casks of different sizes a quantity of Lead Pipes and Sheet Lead; several articles of HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, with a variety of small Husbandry Implements, &c. &c. &c. The Sale to commence at 11 o'Clock precisely.—Three Months' Credit for Sums above Five Pounds, on approved Securitv. N.B.—A neat Cottage Residence, with from 6 to 7 Acres of Rich Meadow Land also, a good Farm, within 4 Miles of Brecon, each to be Let, with immediate possession. Apply to the Auctioneer, Belle-Vue Place, Brecon. 8

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