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iCtomnotttHgftfre. SHERIFF'S COURT—WESTGATE INN, NEWPORT [Before A. WADDINGTON, Esq.] Jones v. Roberts. This was an action brought to recover the sum of £2. 10s. 4d., claimed by the plaintiff for certain iron work done to the bed of a waggon. Plaintiff is a blacksmith, living at Pontypool, and the defendant is a wheelwright at Lantarnam. It appeared from the evidence that in the year 1840, a Mr. Morgan, the farming bailiff to T. Prothero, Esq., em- ployed the defendant to make a new bed to a waggon, and agreed to pay £8. for the job complete defendant, how- ever, afterwards charged him £10., which he paid. The plaintiff was employed. to do the iron work, and it was admitted that he had done his work properly, the only quea- tion was who was to pay The defence attemptod to be set up was, that Mr. Morgan, ordered the iron work, and employed the plaintiff. Mr. Morgan flatly denied this, and the jury, without a'moment's hesitation; returned a verdict for the plaintiff for the amount claimed, £2. 10s. 4d. Attorney for the plaintiff, Mr. Frederick Webb for the defendant, Mr. Thos. Woollett. NEWPORT POLICE,—MONDAY, MARCH 27. [Present: The Mayor, T. Prothero, T. Hughes, Wm. Brewer, and T. Hawkins, Esqrs.] ASSAULT. Michael Power, charged with assaulting Thomas Ford, was discharged, and Thomas Ford, who is a frequent visitor at the bar," and a troublesome customer to his worship, was committed to the care of Mr. Merrett, at Usk, for one month, for refusing and neglecting to maintain his wife and family. RIOT. Gloster Overton, was placed at the bar charged with a riot. Mr. T. G. Phillpotts, appeared for the prosecution. The circumstances were rather strange. The wife of Frederick Eyres, the prosecutor, keeps a straw and bonnet shop in Commercial-streetr The prisoner called there and sold them some" flowers," (artificials of course). On passing the window on Friday evening, he saw a lot *of flowers in the window that he claimed as his property, alleging that he had never sold them to prosecutor. He entered the shop and protested that he would not leave it, without the value of, or the goods. A crowd assembled, and a warrant was obtained against the prisoner for riot. Mr. Prothero was of opinion that there was no riot, the prisoner was not shewn to have gone there in company with two other persons the other magistrates concurred, and the prisoner was discharged. The bench enquired if he wished to prefer any charge against Mr. Eyres. He said not, and the mayor told Mr. Eyres that he left the court without any imputation on his character. Samuel Voyes, Wm. Brown, and tVm. James, for ab- senting themselves from their ship after signing articles, were fined eight days' wages each. POOR RATES. Edward Dowling, Henry Clapperton, and Wm. Clark, Overseers of the Borough of Newport, were summoned by Mr. Cornelius Evans, the collector appointed under the Municipal Act, requiring them to pay the sum of £604. 5s. into the Borough fund. Mr. T. G. Phillpotts, appeared on behalf of the overseers, and objected to the information, on the ground that it did not negative the fact of the council having sufficient funds in hand, which it was necessary in law to be. Mr. Woollett appeared in support of the information, and a long, dull, uninteresting argument took place upon points of law, c., and the cqmplainant was dismissed, it appear- ing that the necessary preliminaries had not been complied with.

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