Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



NOTICES, &c. THE CARDIFF AND BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS PRINCE OF WALES MATTHEW JONES, Commander, LADY CHARLOTTE HENRY JEFFERY Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL During the Months of MAY and JUNE. CFrom the Bute Ship Dock.J AS CFrom the Bute Ship Dock.J FROM CARDIFF. 29.. Monday Prince of Wales 4 afternoon 30.. Tuesday. Lady Charlotte 5 morning 31.. Wednesday..Prince of Wales 5 morning 1.. Thursday Lady Charlotte 6 morning 2..Friday Prince of Walss (j morning 3.. Saturday. Lady Charlotte 7 morning Monday Prince of Wales 9 morning ♦> Tuesday .Lady Charlotte morning 7..Wednesday..Prince of Whales 10J morning 8.. Thursday. Lady Charlotte. 12 noon 9..Friday Prince of Wales 1 afternoon 10.. Saturday. Lady Charlotte 2* afternoon 12.. Monday Prince of Wales 4 afternoon 13..Tuesday.Lady Charlotte 4 afternoon 14..Wednesday ..Prince of Wales morning 15.. Thursday ..Lady Charlotte 6 moining 18.. Friday Prince of Wales 6; morning 17..Saturday ..Lady Charlotte 7 morning FROM BRISTOL. 29..Monday Lady Charlotte. 5 morning 30.. Tuesday.Prince of Wales ;H morning 31.. Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte. morning 1.. Thursday ..Prince of Wales 7 morning 2..Friday Lady Charlotte 8 morning 3.. Saturday Prince of Wales 8 morning 5..Monday Lady Charlotte morning 6.. Tuesday Prince of Wales 10 morning 7..Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte ll afternoon 8..Thursday ..Prince of Wales 12 afternoon 9 Friday Lady Charlotte 2 afternoon 10 Saturday. Prince of Wales 3 afternoon 12.. Monday Lady Charlotte 4* afternoon 13.. Tuesday Prince of Wales (j morning 14.. Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte 65 morning 15.. Thursday Prince of Wales 7 moining 1 ().. Friday. Laùy Charlotte 8 morning 17 Saturday. Prince of Wales 8 morning Carriages and Horses mast be along side an hour and a half pieviuui to the lime of Sailing, otherwise they cannot be Shipped, in consequence 01 Locking through the New Docks. FA ILES:-After Cabin, 68.-Fore Cabin, 3s. Cxi. Children under W Years of Age, liii f-pt ice.- Dogs, Is. each., Female Steward attends on Board both 1 ackets. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. FOllr Wheel Carriage, 2U. ditto Phealon or Gig. 10s. bd Two Wheel, drawn by One Horse and Driver. 19s; Horse and Hiiter, After Cabin, 10s. j Horse and llider, tore Cabin, 8s. (id. Sheep, Pigs, and Calves. Is. 6d. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to Landing and Wharfages, at Bute Docks." *„* Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the riUNCIi OF WALKS, to be s.-nt to No. 12, Quay Street,or to Hollert Chaplin, Cumherland Basin Locks and for the I.ADY CHARLOTTE, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, Bristol, Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Coivbridye. Bridgend, Llan- triseetit, atid C(sei-philly.-(;ootis forwarded to these ill Sprint Waggons and Lock up Canal Moats immediately on arrival, unless ordered by any particular < onveyance, in which ease tliev will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.-Freight to be paid on delivery. Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom without delay, when sent to cither of their Steam Packet Offices in Cardiir or Bristol.. Further information as to Freight, will he readily obtained by applying to the Agents, Mr. Woodman, Agent, at the I ncket Office on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. G. C. Gla^on, gej'Ji No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the PKlNCh OF Packet; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, onthe W huf, Cardiff; or to Mr. W. 15. Owen, '29, Avon Crescent, Ilotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CH A ItLOTTH Packet. NOTICK. 'The roprietors of the above Steam Packetii give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Lu»itaee nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at cither of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 40s., unless entered at its value, and Carnage in proportion paid for the same, at the time of J'ooking — («oods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o clock in the ev(ining of th,. day (,f I;inditig, wil I be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets, Disputed weights re measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot lie allowed unless a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the day of delivery. LONDON MARKETS. GHNIUtAL AVRRAGH PRICES OF CO N. per Quarter computed from the Inspectors' Returns. GENKHAI. AVERAGE. s. d. *• d. Wheat 46 3 Rye 28 10 Railey 2b 5 Beans 2fi 2 Oats 17 3 Peas 27 II DUTY ON FORBIGN COltN. s. d. s. d. Wheat 20 0 Rye 6 Birlcv 9 0 Beans 'I 6 Oats 8 0 J Peas H r> CORN EXCHANGE—Monday- WHEAT.. Essex red 42s — 49:; White 50 s — 57, Chittum. 5!>S — (>()< Kent .do 3Hs — 47s Ditto 46s — 4-ls Suffolk do 40s 47s Ditto 46s — 53s Norfolk, York, and Lincoln -II -3 Ditto 42s — 49s Northumber- land, &c. -I -K IIYK 28s 32 BARLEY. Grinding 23s — 27s Chevalier 31s — 33s Malting. 29s 31s Irish. 225 2Hs Scotch 25s — "27s Distillers' 27s — 29* OATS York and Lin- colnshire,feed Hi" — 10s Small 16s — 19s Ditto.. Poland 17s — 20s Polato. 188-205 >fcrthu:nberld. and Scotch, feed 17s 20s Mealing 18s — 20s Ditto.. Poland 17s — 22s Potato 10s — 23s Devonshire, &c., black 15s — IRs White 141-18, Welsh, ditto.. 14s 17i Ditto. 13" IGs Irish fd, white l'2s -163 Black 14s — 17s Irish Potato.. 16s — 18s Limerick,&c., 16,; — 19s Distilling.. 19s — 20s BEANS ..Ticks, new.. 22s — 26s Old 25s — 285 23».— 2r>s O,d 26s — 27s Harrow, new 26s — 28s Old 30s — 31s Small, new 30s — 32s Old 34s 36s PICAS r- rey 25s — 27s Maple. 27s — 20s Blue 35; 50s Ditto, Scotch —s — s White. 28s — 30s Suffolk 30s — 40 SMJT1IF1ELD MARKETS—Monday. s A Statement ar.d Comparison of the Supplies and Prices of Fa Stoc Exhibited and Sold in Smithfield Cattle Market, on Monday, May 23, 1842, and Monday. May 22, 1843. May 23, 1842. Mi-y 22. 1843. a. (I. b. d. s. d. s. d Coarse and inferior Beasts .32to 34 3032 Sf-cond qualitv ditto 3 6 3 8.3 4 3 6 1'rime large (ixen 3 10 4 2.3 8 3 10 Prime Scots. &c 4 4 4 6.4 0 4 2 Coarse and inferior Slieep 3 6 3 8.3 0 3 2 Second quality ditto 310 4 0.3 4 3 fj I'rimc coarse woolled ditto 4 0 4 2.3 8 3 10 Piiino Southdown ditto 4 2 4 4.4 0 4 4 I,htni)s 5 6 6 6.4 8 6 o Larjie coarse Calves.. 4 0 4 S.3 4 8 10 l3riuiesmall ditto 5 0 5 6.4 0 4 (> Large Hogs 4 0 4 8.2 10 3 (> J Neat small Porkers 4 10 5 2.3 840 SUPPLIES. Beasts. 27;5 2503 Sheep and Lambs. 27,320 26,110 Calves 185 120 rigiMIMIIMIIMDOMlM t 11 317 NOTICES, &c. THE CARDIFF Advertiser and Merthyr Guardian, AND EIIEMIL reraTOis AT THE OLD BANK, BUKS STREET, C A RD IF F: WHILST a continuance of the patronage and support of the Friends of this Constitutional JOURNAL is respectfully solicited by the Proprietor, lie begs to call attention to the facilities which his Printing Office presents for executing, with elegance and precision, Ðnokt 13Litn, nnU |3rtnttng IN ALL ITS BRVNOIIR.S, WHERE ALSO MAY EE HAD dJJ @@@ fJ)1 ¡¡jj''[f1 MANUFACTURED \Nl) RULED TO ANY PATTERN; BOOKBINDING IN MOROCCO, RUSSIA, OR PLAIN; &tattonrrg of rúrrll fSfsmptton: LETT:?, NOTE, FOOLSCAP, DKM Y. MEDIUM, ROYAL SCPUIt ROYAL WHITING PU'i'.RS; PENS, QUILLS, E\'Y KLOPES, I)!! A WIVG-PESCl LS DRAWINij-l'APEH, AND CARD B Bibles and Common Prayer Books, In Morocco or other Binding; POCKET AND MEMORANDUM BOOKS, &c., &c. ALL AT MOW.RATE CHARGES. THE NEWEST AND MOST POPULAR WORKS OF DAY, NOVELS, MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS, &c., PROCURED AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE; SCHOOLS SUPPLIED ON LIBERAL TERMS. TO iSDFMriSEBSf. TIIF. extensive CIRCULATION of the "CARDIFF ADVERTISER, AND MERTIIYR GUARDIAN," through the Counties of GLAMORGAN, MON.MOUTH, and BRECON, coupled with a well-condensed Summary of General and Local intelligence, presents a very desirabl# medium to ADVERTISERS for giving full publicity to their views. HENRY WEBBER, Agent to the "Sun Fire Office." CASTOR OIL. H. TAYLOR, CHEMIST, 10, PALL MALL, LONDON, HAS prepared CASTOR OIL, in a concentrated form, inclosed in Capsules of Gelatine, by which the dis- agreeable taste of this medicine is entirely avoided. They will be found the most pleasant method of taking that safe aperient medicine. The dose is from one to four capsules the average doses, two capsules. They are sold in boxes, containing twenty-four, at 2s. (id. each, and can be procured of all respectable Chemists throughout the Kingdom, and wholesale at Edwards', St. Paul's Churchyard Barclay's, Farringdon-street; Newbury's, St. Paul's Churchyard; Sutton's, Bow Churchyard Thomas Ittitler, St. Paul's Churchyard; G. Phillips, Cardiff; A. Clements, Newport; and s. Maria Jenkins, Merthyr Tydlil and Dowlais.  t:iij No. 1333. OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, April 29, 1K-13. Contract for Walnut Tree Timber, the Urowth of the United Kingdom, for Gun and Pistol Stocks. "^TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all Persons desirous XN of supplying WALNUT TREE TIMBER, (lie growth of the United Kingdom, for Gun and Pistol Stocks for the Ordnance Service. That proposals, in writing, addressed to the Secretary to the Board of Ordnance, sealed up, and marked on the outside Tender for Walnut Tree Timber," will be received at the Ordnance Office, Pall Mall, on or before TUESDAY, the Thirtieth day of MAY, next. The Form of Tender and Specifications of the Contract may be obtained upon application (by letter or personally) to the Secretary of the Board of Ordnance, Pall Mall, London. Persons who make the Tenders are desired not to use any Form but that which is issued by the Board of Ordnance. By Order of the Board, R. BY IT AM, Secretary. Just Published the 12th Edition, Trice 2s. (H" inclosed in a Scaled envelope, and sent Free to anv part of thc United Kingdom on receipt of a Post-office Order fur 3s 6:1. THE SIXiENT FRIEND A MEDICAL WORK, on the concealed cause that de- stroys physical energy, and the ability of manhood, ere vigour lia* eslalili-lied her empire; with observations on the baneful effects of YOUTHFUL JiXOESSHS and INFECTION, with Means of Restoration. The influence of mercury Oil the kin is pointed out and illustrated by engravings; followed by observations on MAKRIAGE, with directions for the removal of disqualifications, BY R. AND L. PERRY AND CO., CONSULTING SURGEONS, BIRMINGHAM AND LO N D 0 N. Published by the AUTHORS, and Sold by STRANGE,21, Pater- noster How j Wll.soN. 18, Bishopsgatn Street; PTNTKIS, Com pion Street, Solio J ACKSON and Co., 130, New Hond Street, l,oti(lori GUEST.51, Hull Street. Hirmiiitrhain HITCKTON, 5, Bllg-sate. Leeds; ADVEllTISER" Office, Cardiff; NV. Haverfordwest; JenVins, Merthyr and Dowlais; and by all Booksellers in Town and Conn rv- PERRY'S Purifying SpeciHc Pills k3 Price 2<. 9d., 4. 6ii., and lis. per hex. Observe, the signature of It and L. PKRllY and Co. on the outside of each wrapper). Are well known throughout Europe and America to be the most certain and effectual cure ever discovered for every slage and symptom of the Venereal Disease, in both sexes, including Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Secondary Symptoms, Strictures, Seminal Weakness, Deficiency, and all diseases of the Urinary Passages, without loss of tune, confinement, or hindrance from business. They have effected the most surprising cures not only in recent and severe cases, but when salivation and all other means have failed and are of the utmost importance to those afflicted with Scorbutic Affections, Kruptions in any part of the body, Ulcera- tions, Srrofulous or Venereal Taint, being justly calculated to cleanse the blood from all foulness, counteract every morbid affection, and restore weak and emaciated constitutions to pristine health and rigour. They are particularly recominended to be taken before persons cuter into the matrimonial stdte, lest the indiscretions of a parent are the source of vexation to him the remainder of his existence by afflicting his innocent but unfortunate offspring with the evil eruptions of a malignant tendency, and a vrriety of other complaints, that are nios, assuredly introduced by the same neglect and imprudence. The Cordial Balm of Syriacum is intended to relieve those persons, who, by an immoderate indulgence of their passions, have ruined their constitutions, or in their way to the eOllSulfllnation of that deplorable state are affected with any of Iho-e previous symptoms that betray its approach, its the various affections of the nervous system, obsti- nate gleets, excesses, irregularity, obstructions, weaknesses, total impotency, barrenness, &c. A perseverance in its use has been the happy means of relieving many thousands, and of restoring a great number to the permanent enjoyment of iite. It is remark- able for its efficacy in all disorders of the digestive organs, and is especially recommended to those, who, from the irregularities of youthful age, babits of studious application, or a lIfe of pleasure, have fallen into a despoudent statl of inind, and that distressing train of symptoms commonly denominated the nervous. In such persons the mental are not less enfeebled than the corporeal, and to them a remedy that acts with efficacy, without interfering with domestic habits, is peculiarly desirable. Sold in Bottles, price lis. each, or the quantity of four in one e nottle for for 33,. by which one I li. Bottle is saved. (Observe the signature of it. and L. PERR Y and Co., on the outside of each wrapper.) The Five Pound Cases (the purchasing of which will be ,i saving of One Pound Twelve Shillings,) may be had as usual at 1, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and 19, Berner s Street. Oxford Street, London; and Patien's in the Country who ie quire a course of this admirable medicine, should send V iv< Pounds by letter, which will entitle him to the full benefit of lh, advantage. AGKNT FOR CAHDIFF, MR. H, WEBB Ell, ADVERTISER" OFFICE, Looking Glasses, Picture Frames, Burnished Gilt Window Cornices, Room Mouldings, Weather Glasses; ALSO, THE NEWEST DESCRIPTION OF EASY CHAIRS, 20 PER CENT. CHEAPER THAN ANY HOUSE IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND. FOR READY MONEY. mriE rCBLIC are respectfully invited to inspect the most Brilliant and Chaste STOCK of all kinds of LARGE i UPRIGHT PIER and CHIMNEY GLASSES, CHEYAL and TOILET DRESSING GLASSES, GILT and FANCY WOOD PICTURE FRAMES, At M aYSE'S London Looking Class Warehouse, 18, Clare-Street, (The Second Door from the Drawbridge), BRISTOL. Mr. M. assures the Public that he is the only Looking Glass Manufacturer in that City; and that all Goods at his Establishment arc of the very best make—the Glass as good as any can be had for Money, and that such an Extensive Assortment was never yet seen in any House in Bristol. He earnestly solicits an inspection to prove the above facts. All kinds of Re-Gilding, Old Glasses Polished and Rc-Silvered, Prints Framed and Glazed, Paintings Cleaned and Yarnishcd in the Best Style, at very Reduced Prices. N.B.—The Trade supplied with Large Size Gold and Silver Leaf, as well as Gilt Moulding for Picture Frames, cheaper than any House in that City. -0-0- A very spacious DWELLING-HOUSE, beautifully situated, 22, ST. JAMES'S BARTON, TO LET, with immediatp Possession. Enquire at 18, CI.AUK-STUF.KT. NOTICES, &c. Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation Fly Boats, BRISTOL AND LONDON. rn S. SII AW & Co. (late E. Shaw and Son) respectfully i # beg to intimate to their Friends, and the Public in South Waies, that they have adopted the Fly lioats instead of heavy Barges, for the transit and dispatch of Merchandise. The Fly Boats leave Bull Wharf, Upper Thames-street, London, three times a week, viz. — Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings. The Boat leaving Monday will reach Bristol (in time to forward the Goods into Wales) on the following Friday. Wednesday's Boat on the succeeding Monday, and Friday's Boat on the succeeding Wednesday. T. S. Shaw & Co. also deliver their Goods in London on the fifth day. TIIE USUAL LOW FREIGHTS CIIAUGED. Bull Wharf, Redclift'-street, 1 Bristol, May 18, 1843. J GUANO ON SALE, as imported, in any quantity, direct from the Bonded Stores, either in London or Liverpool. ALSO, NITRATE OF SODA. Apply to II. IiouNT[IWAITE and Co., Merchants, (i, Cable-Street, Liverpool. STXVL- NS' UXaiYALLED GIUEN-GIXGElt WLVE, A Luxurious and Cooling Beverage in Cold Spring Water. rpHIS delicious and wholesome beverage, so highly re- I commended by the Faculty as a valuable Speciiic in cases of Flatulency, Spasms, &c., and patronized by the Nobility and Gentry, is composed of Jamaica Green Ginger, Raisins of the Sun, Citrons, and Seville Oranges one of the most useful and pleasant Cordials extant. It has long been deservedly popular throughout the kingdom and though the price is a trifle higher than what is commonly sold for Ginger Wine," the superior richness of tho iu- gredients renders it impossible to charge a lower price. CAUTION.—The extensive demand for STIVENS' GINGER W INK has induced some dealers in sweets to imitate the labels, and, in many instances, to re-fill the empty bottles with the labels on. To check such deception, the present bottles are labelled in blue letter, and each envelope over the cork stamped STIVENS, BRISTOL." To imitate this is forgery. Agents are appointed in all principal towns. Messrs. J. and.J. BETTS, GROCERS, CARDIFF. Charles Bassctt, Newbridge.. Edward Gilbert, Dowlais.. George Baker, Newport..Edward Cook, Neath..Benjamin Davis, Aberavon..W, Leyshon, Bridgend..Joseph Pugh, Tredegar..Mrs. Thomas, Brynnvawr..William Crump, Ust J. Sanders, Abergavenny..James Maskcll, Brecon.. Jos. Owen, Hay., H. Newman, Gloucester.. Thomas Giller, Cheltenham Thomas Yarnold, Chespstow. Editors of the Times and Journal, Hereford.Jones, Merthyr ..Samuel Davis and Co., Aberdare. Thomas Lewis, Cowbridge.. F rancis M'Keirnin, Llanelly Thomas Jones, Carmarthen Richard Chase, Carmarthen.. G. Franklyn, Laugharne.Messrs. Griffith and Nicholas, Narbeth. Charles Clark, Tenby..J. Ormand, Pembroke..Abel Hicks, Haverfordwest..N. Owen, Pater.. C. Thomas, Cardigan.. H. Humphries, Aberrstivith James Evans, Lampeter. John Williams, Landilo.. William Christopher, Crickhowcll ..Powell and Prin, Builth..Messrs. Jull and Co., Chel- tenham. » v (^oRACiou<$< of w U'> a QJ MANY SHOP-KEEPERS of apparent respectability, but destitute alike of honour and of talent, for the sake of gaining a liifle more profit, ha.ely attempted to impose their pernicious compollnds upon the public, as the real" MAC ASS Alt OIL for the Hair, aud "K ALYDOH ''for the Complexion; they copy the bills and labels of the oiiginal articles, substituting either a FICTITIOUS NAH or tlll word CIENUINE," in the place of" ROWLAND'S. To frustrate such Imposition, it is necessary on purchasing either article, to see that the word ROWLAND'S is on the wrapper, as follows-without which None are Genuine. Rowlands Macassar Oil. The only article that produces and restores Hair; prevents i from falliii,, off or turning grey to the latest period of life a changes grey Hair to its original COI.NUR— it from sCIrf, and makes it beautifully SOF T, CURLEY, and G LOSSY. In .dressing HAIR, it keeps it firm iu the curl, uninjured by damp weather, crowded rooms, the dance, or in the exercise of riding. To Children, it is invaluable, as it lays a foundation for a BEACTIKUL HEAD OF HAIR. ON PURCHASING (!?!•:WARE OF COUNTERFEITS !) ask for "ROWLAND'S MACASSAR Oil. a see that those words are oil the svrapper. To ensure the genuine article, soe that the words RotL- land's Macassar Oil" are engraved on the hack of the envelope nearly 1,500 times, containing 29,028 letters—WITHOUT THIN NONE ARE GENUINE. Trice 3s. 6d., 7s. Family Bottles (equal to four small), 10s. Gd. an,1 double that size, 21s, per bottle. ROWXiANB'S KAIiYDOR. Its yritucs are commonly displajcdin thoroughly eradicating all pimples, spots, redness, tan, freckles, and other unsightly cutaneous defects, in healin& sun burn stinys of insects, and in rendering tn'e most longh and uneven skin pleasantly soft and smooth. To the coniplexion it imparts a juvenile roseate hue, and to the neck, hand, and arm, a delicacy and fairness unrivalled (LENTI.F.MEN will find it peculiarly grateful after shaving in allaying irritation of the skIn. Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per Bottle, duty included. Rowland's Oslonto: or, Pearl Dentifrice. ice. A WHITE ROWDER of OMF.NTAI HER US of the most NR. I.IGHTFUL FRAGRANCE. IT eradicates TARTAR and decayed Spots from the TF.KTH, preserves the fvNAMfcL, and fixes the I EETH firmly in their sockets, rendering them DF.I.ICATEI.Y WHITE being at) it eradicates the Scurvey from the GUMS, STRENGTHENS, P.RACEs. and rendeis them of a healtby RED, and imparts a DELIGHTFUL FRAGRANCE to the Breath. I rice 2s. 9J. per box. duty included. NOTICE-A ROWLAND and SON, 20, HATTON (T A It D LN, LONDON, is engraved on the Government Stam. which is pas-ted 011 the KAI.VDOR" and "ODONTO;" also printed, in KED, on the Wrapper in which the MACASS\R Oil. and K.AI YDOR are enclosed. lie sure to ask for ROWLAND'S Articles." Sold by every respectable CHEMIST and I'EKFUMER, LETTINGS AND SALES. LLANDAFF. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, AN excellent FAMILY RESIDENCE pleasantly situate 011 the GREEN, in LLANDAFF, and suitable to a Family of the first respectability, and consisting of an Entrance-hall, Drawing and Dining-rooms, and small Library, Four best, Bed-rooms, N ursery, and Two Servants'- rooms, with the neccssary Domestic Offices; and also, a Six-Stall Stable, Coach-house, excellent Garden, Pleasure- ground, and Orchard, and late in the occupation of S. Barber, Esq. RENT MODERATE. Apply to EDWARD STEPHENS, Notary, LlandafF. ELIGIBLE INVESTMENT. TO BE SOL D B Y AUCTION, By Mr. E. LEYSHON, AT THE ANGEL INN, CARDIFF, On THURSDAY, the First day of JUNE, 1843, At 2 o'clock in the Afternoon, Under an Assignment for the benefit of Creditors (sub- ject to such conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced)— THREE well-built MESSUAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES and PREMISES, situate in DAVID-STREET, CARDIFF, two of them being in the occupation of .Mr. Edward Davies, and Mr. John Edwards, at the respective yearly rents of 1:13 and C12, and the other being unoc- cupied. Also, FOUR MESSUAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES and PREMISES, situate in LOYE LANE, CARDIFF,—three of them being in the respective occupations of Figg Gravel, Lawrence Ilead, and John Mellow, at the yearly rents of L7 lfis. Od., and the other being unoccupied. Also, a Ground Rent of E4 7s. 6d. per annum for the remainder of a term of 897 years. The above Premises are held under Lease for the remainder of a term of 897 years, at the yearly rent of t I I per annum. For further particulars apply to Mr. TIIOMAS HOPKINS, Junr., Grocer, Cardiff; or, to Mr. H. MORGAN, Socilitor. Cardiff. GLAMORGANSHIRE, BRECONSHIRE, AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. EVAN LEYSHON, At the Angel Inn, in the Town of Cardiff, On MONDAY, 29th day of MAY, 1843, at Two o'clock in tha Afternoon precisely (subject to such conditions of Sale as shall be then produced)- LOT 1. A FREEHOLD BUILDING, situate in ST. MARY STREET, in the lown of CARDIFF, now let to the County of Glamorgan, and occupied as an Armory, at the net Annual Rent of 1:31 10s. Two undivided third patts of this Lot are Freehold, the remaining one third is held for the Life of Mr. John Wood, now aged about (>5 years. LOT 2.-The LIFE ESTATE of Mr. JOIIK WOOD, in TWO FREEHOLD MESSUAGES, or Dwelling-Houses and Shop, nearly adjoining Lot I, now in the occupation of Mr. John Williams, at the Yearly Rent of f27 (is. LOT 3.-TWO SHARES, of :£100 each, in the ABER- DARE and CANAL NAVIGATION. LOT 4. THREE other SHARES in the said Aberdare Canal Navigation. LOT 5. A DEED POLL for £100, secured on the Tolls of Rumney Bridge, between the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth. LOT Cl-O"c undivided Fourth Part of a FREEHOLD TENEMENT, called Bi-:r>w, situate in the parish of Llan- trissent, in the County of Glamorgan, containing 107 Acres, more or less. This Farm has a bet of Coal of the best quality under it, and a Tramroad, used by Mr. Coffin, passes over it. LOT 7—One undivided Fourth Part of a FREEHOLD TENEMENT., called PENYLAN, in the Parish of Lango- noyd, in the County of Glamorgan, containing 92 Acres moie or less. This Farm has a bed of Coal of the best quality under it, and the DufFrvn Llynvi Tramroad runs over it. LOT 8.—A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, called the HEATH FARM, situate in the Parish of Lanishen and LlandafF, in the County of Glamorgan, con- taining about 114 Acres, more or less. This, and Lot 9, are now in the occupation of Mr. Edward Daniel, as Tenant at Will, at the low Yearly Rent of £ 00. LOT 9.A FREEHOLD PIECE OF LAND, called CEFN COED, in the Parish of Lanishen, and adjoining to, and now held with Lot 8, containing 3o Acres, more or less. There is a fine growth of Timber on this Lot, which is to be taken at a Valuation down to One Shilling per Stick. LOT 10.—A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and Premises, situate in DUKE-STREET, in CARDIFF aforesaid, now in the occupation of Miss Todd, and Mr. Charles Vachell. The Dwelling-house and Shop is held by Lrasc for 42 Years, from the 2nd of August, 1821, at the Yearly Rent of £ 55. The Premises at the back, consisting of a Malt-house and Court, are held with Lot 11, by Mr. Charles Vachell, for 21 years, from the 1st of September 1832, the apportioned rent of such premises payable to the purchaser of this Lot will be L5. 4 LOT 11.—A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and Premises, adjoining Lot 10, now in the occupation of Mr. Charles Vachell. These Premises, with a Malt-house and Court at the back of Lot 10, are held by lease for 21 Years, from the 1st of September, 1832, at the Yearly Rent of £ 35, of which Rent, C30 will be apportioned to this Lot, as the other part of the Premises comprised in such Lease are at the back of Lot 10, and properly belonging thereto. LOT 12.-A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP, situate in ANGEL-STREET, in CARDIFF aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. Harris, Seedsman, as Tenant at W ill, at the Yearly Rent of £35. LOT 13.-A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, called the OLD BANK, in DUKE-STREET, in CARDIFF aforsaid, now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Webber, as Tenant at Will, at the Yearly Rent of E30. LOT 14.—-A COTTAGE and TWO CROFTS, Copy- hold, called TYI. DOWNTON, in the Village of Rumney, in the County of Monmouth, containing about 2A. OR. 25r. For further particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Daltoii, Attorney, Cardiff. Sale Postponed. rxlIIE SALE BY AUCTION of the Farm called the X CWM FARM, and Three Fields called COED Y PERTHI, in the Parish of LANGORSE, in the County of 13recoll, being Lots 15 and 16 of Property Advertised for Sale on tho 29th May, 1843, is Postponed until further Notice. WORCESTER AND CARDIFF JUNCTION RAILWAY, To connect the great populations of the Midland counties and the North of England, with the populous districts of South Wales and the South of Ireland. To the Editor of the Advertiser and Guardian. The Birmingham and Gloucester Railway Com- pany having adopted measures, for the construction of a branch from Spetchley to Worcester, at the eastern extre- mity of this intended line, to connect it with their main and the Tatf Yale Railway Company, having commenced their Lpper or Morlais Castle Branch, at the western extre- mity, to connect it with their main line to Cardiff; these reasons, together with the low price of iron, and manual labour, are inducements for now bringing forward this measurs, which, for a long period has been called for by absolute necessity, as the agricultural produce, of the coun- ties of Hereford, Radnor, and Brecon, has been shut out of the South "W ales mineral districts, by the hi^h price of car- t iage, and the low price of carriage of the produce of Devon- shire, Somersetshire, and the South of Ireland, all of which is sea borne to Cirdiffaiid Newport, and also as regards the excessive price of coal and lime for the supply of these counties, north and east of Brecon, and which will he reduced to one half of its present charge on the construction of this railway. It is intended that this line of railway shrill be com- menced at a station nearly adjoining the Bason of the W orce.ter and Birmingham Canal, and be carried by a viaduct a cross the Severn, immediately below the intended Lock across that river, in the city of Worcester thence to the village of Wick, and by the vale of the Teame, to Nights- ford Bridge, Stanford, Newnham, and Ten bury, to the- village of Brimfield, (3 miles south of Ludlow); thence to Leominster, near Torrington, Monkland, Dilwyu, Weohlev Eandisley, Winferton, Whitney, Clivow, to Glazebwr, crossing the river Wye, to Pontithel, Talgarth, Llanfihangei Tally Llyn, Skethrog, (there crossing the river Usk, and the Monmouthshire and Breconshire Canal), to Derwain-v- groes, (from whence there is to be a branch of 4t miles to the town of Brecon) and by the vale of the Collwng to Glyn Dew, and by a tunnel of j of a mile under Bryit-y- gluciea Mountain to Llwyn-derllean, thence by the vale of the Taff Vechan, to Blaen-y-garth, the terminus of the Upper Branch of the Taf fVale Railway; a distance of 80 miles from the city of Worcester. It is intended that this line shall be constructed upon the same guage as the Taft' Yale and Birmingham and Glou- cester Railways, so as to permit the engines and carriages to be available for progression on either it is likewise intended that the rails shall be 701bs. to the yard and the outlay for a.double line WILL BE Ij MILLION. The gradients being highly favourable, and materials for the construction of this railway being found upon the spot, when necessary, either for building the viaducts, or for stone blocks, the whole of this line of country being over the old red sand stone lerics, as the secondary formation), and timber for sleepers and transomcs being at a cheap rate, along the whole line this sum will be fully adequate to the whole expenses of Parliamentary and other charges in obtaining the bill, and in the construc- tion and completion of the line. I have taken the opinion of many noblemen and gentle- men, amongst whom are several Members of Parliament, and also of most of the landed proprietors Oil the line, and their general opinion is highly favourable to the project as one fraughl with great advantages to all property on the line, and I have received promises of support, which induce me to bring forward the measure, in connection with another en- ginecj of the greatest 'eminence and talent; and, also, in conjunction with Messrs. Hunt and Co., Solicitors, 10, Parliament-street, White Hall, London, and my present in- tention for publishing this statement is to prepare the public mind for the project as I intend to call meetings, to be held in London, Worcester, Tenbury, Ludlow, Leomin- ster, Kington, Hay, Brecon, and Merthyr Tydfil, to explain fully the advantages of this projected line of railway, in the course of the ensuing month of June to obtain support to carry out the measure, so as to deposit the plans, and give the necessary notices for going to Parliament, to obtain the bill in the spring of 1844, for this line, which is intended to form the most direct communication by Passengers' Traffic between the Midland counties, and the Noith of England, and the populous districts of South Wales, and by means of the Port of Cardiff, (which has recently been im- proved, at the cost of nearly half a million of money, by the Marquess of Bute) and the South of Ireland at the same time supplying lime and coal to the middle of Herefordshire, both from the South Wales coal field, and from Stafford- shire, at half its present price; it being also intended to construct a branch of railway from the vale of the Teame, south of Toulinay, to connect the Staffordshire and Wor- cestershire Canal, at Stourport, with this line for that pur-, pose, and to carry agricultural produce to the mining dis- tricts of Worcestershire and Staffordshire The Tafl" Yale Railway Company at the western extremity of this line, and the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway Company at the eastern extremity thereof have expressed their approval of the measure, as one which will much bene- fit both their lines when completed, and the Chamber of Commerce of the City of IN-orcester, have likewise approved of the measure, as a great advantage to the interests of that city, and at a numerous meeting expressed their wish to call upon the member for the city, to give his interest and assistance to forward the undertaking. As regards the merchant and man of business, this line offers great advantages to persons having business to transact at Birmingham and Worcester, and leaving London to South Wales and the South of Ireland, as Cardiff may be reached from London in the course of the day, allowing sufficient time for the transaction of business in'that town and city, and this line also will afford great facilities to the trade of the river Severn, and the Staffordshire and Wor- cestershire Canal Navigation, rendering a great saving in expense both to the agriculturist and tradesman, in a saving of carriage, and a reduction of price,-tllose necessary and useful commodities lime and coal. It is, therefore, my earnest wish, that this project may be FAIRLY investigated, and well considered, with IMPARTIALITY, at the same time considering that this projected line passes through the best producing agricultural counties in the kingdom, and will not only connect the greatest populations of the Midland counties with South Wales and the South of Ireland, but that the same is intended to be formed as the only one passing through South Wales from such districts in England, without any other paralell thereto and the carriage of both passengers and goods, must of necessity BE VERY GRE AT offer- ing ample remuneration for the outlay of capital, to those persons who may be inclined to promote the measure by taking shares for the completion of the scheme, and that this line will really prove a great benefit and convenience to all, as affording a ready and certain communication to the passenger—the delivery of produce at the best markets to the agriculturist, and the advantages of cheaper carriage to the consumer. I am, sir, Your most respectfully obedient servant, EDWARD POWELL, Civil Engineer. RETALIATION.—The Cork Examiner thus concludes an article touching the effects of English legislation :—" Let us suppose the agitation of repeal to be rendered penal by act of Parliament; and let us ask, is there no mode by which England can be made to feel that Ireland has power to wound and gall, even without placing one of her 8,000,000 within the comprehensive meshes of British law 2 Yes, there is—even that which humbled her haughty pride b-fore now, and lowered the crest of her Minister, while it subdued the arrogant tone of her councils—and that is-tlie non-use of English manufactures by the Irish people! A successful invasion of England by a foreign foe would not be more destructive to her prosperity, more dreadful to her people, more startling, and, perhaps, more fatal to her Minister, than a quiet, sacred, solemn, and universal vow upon the part of gagged and coerced Ireland not to wear or use any one ar- ticle of English manufacture. A QUERY FOR THE CHARTISTS.—We notice that the house is always adjourned unless there are forty members present. Is not this number on a most suspicious parallel with that of the Forty Thieves'—Punch. The Duke of Sussex's library is forthwith to be disposed of. It is stipulated in the will that it shall be in the first instance offered to the British Museum, and that, in the event of such national establishment declining to purchase, it shall be sold in such manner as the executors may direct. BANKRUPTS.—Friday.—William Stent. Oxford-street, hosier. Henry Cundall, Little Hadham, Herefordshisc, innkeeper. George Flowers, Hammersmith, auctioneer. William Gordon, Colchester, coach proprietor. Philip Speyer and Joseph Schubach, High Holborn, tailors. John I Furze, Paington, Devonshire, victualler. Thomas Wilkes, Monmouth, innkeeper, Richard Pitt, jun., West Bromwicn, Staffordshire, hatter. SWANSEA FARMERS' CLUB. The third monthly meeting of the above society was held at the Theatre of the Royal Institution, last week. Amongst the friends and promoters of agriculture present, were the following :-J. D. Llewellyn, Esq., in the chair; T. E. Thomas, Iltid Thomas, Howel Gwyn, J. D. Berrington, H. J. Grant, Hrnry Lucas, J. J. Strirk, Matthew Mog^ridjr", X. Y. Edwards Yaughan, Charles Morgan, C. H Smith, and C. ollins, Esqrs., the Rev. Messrs. D. Jones, and James, Messrs. Dodds, J. G. Hancorne, Gros, Nickolls, White, Maxwell, John, &c. &c. The Chairman having read over the resolutions of the last meeting, Mr. Berrington moved the adoption of the series of resolu- tions, notice of which had been giver, at the last meeting. Mr. H. Gwyn seconded the adoption of the resolutions, which were unanimously agreed to. Messrs. Berrington, Dodds. Lucas, and Strick, were ap- pointed a committee to carry them into effect. Mr. T. Edward Thomas stated, that he had lately been to the eastern part of the county, and had seen Mr." Edward David, the president of the Cardiff Farmers' Ciub, who was a tit most intelligent practical agricvlturist. Mr. David congratu- latell him (Mr, Ultimas) on the formation of the Swansea Farmers CluJ., anll expressed a hope tllat the two societies would act in concert, and very kmdlv offered his assistance should any difficulties present themselves, and, intimated his readiness in forwarding any agricultural reports or any other information to this society. (Cheers). Several new subscribers to the society were named. Messrs, Glasson and Jenkins, of Cenordy, were proposed ns members. Mr. T. Edward Thomas suggested the utility of giving farmers an opportunity of inspecting the various improved agricultural iiiijilerdents. Mr. Tiiomas exhibited two or thrpe new implements, which had been brought to the meeting, and observed, that ploughs and other implements, too large to be I brought to the meeting, might be left outside, to give farmers an opportunity of examining them previous to leaving the monthly meeting. The Chairman stated, that in looking over the minutes of the last meeting, he observed that the growing of turnips, had been agreed to as the subject for discussion at this meeting. Mr. Berrington observed that as there were several gentle- men present who had grown large crops of turnips, lie would request any of them t offer a few remarks upon the subject. Mr. X. Y. E. I-atighan made a few observations relative to draining, which, he considered, was the first thing which ought to be attended to as the ground of all improvements in agriculture. He (Mr. Yanghan) would suggest a plan by which the society might make tiles to be used for draining, and dispose of them to farmers at a much cheaper rate than they could be procured from Bridgwater. He was of opinion the society ought to form a fund in the first instance, and the profit produced by the sale would afterwards be a source of emolument to the }• armers Club. By adopting that plan the interests ot agriculture in the neighbourhood would be furthered, by encouraging farmers to drain. The Chairman stated, that he considered draining to be of such great importance, that lie ould readily subscribe to any fiiDd similar to that suggested by Mr. Vaughan. He (the Chairman) intended sending a few boxes of the clay of this neighbourhood to a gentleman in Englant), to get it made into tiles. It was weil known that our clay would not do to make bricks, and it would be well to ascertain whether draining tiles could be manufactured out of it before they incurred any expanse in erecting kilns. el Mr. Iltid Thomas reminded the meeting, that they had de- parted from the subject appointed for discussion, which was the cultivation of turnips." Several gentlemen called upon Mr. Dodds, to offer a few remarks upon that subject. Mr. Dodds thought it very necessary, in growing turnips, particularly Swedish turnips, that the land should be culti- vated to that degree, as to render it verv fine and light. He (Mr. Dodds) would recommend that the drills should be made about 27 inches apart. A sufficient quantity of the best and most rotten dung should be put into the drills, close above which the seeds should be sown. The latter precaution would have the effect of making the young plants grow up healthy and strong; they would also escape the fly, which w as fre- quently so ruinous to a crop of turnips. The time he (Mr. Dodds) would recommend for sowing the seed, would be about the 20ih of May In cases where the climate was high, I I' a week earlier would be preferable. Guano had also been successfully applied as a manure. Mr. Dodds read some extracts on the subject, from the Mark-lane Express news- paper, and also from suggestions given at an Agricultural meeting, held at Edinburgh, in which the best guano, pro- cured from a respectable dealer, was recommended as a manure, mixed with earth, and the ground well pulverhted. Mr. Grant observed, that great difference of opinion existed as to the proper time and weather for sowing turnips. Some agriculturists recommended them to be sown in wet weather. c A conversation took place between the Chairman, Mr. T. Edward Thomas, and Mr. Grant, relative to the use of stable- dung, mixed with guano, as a manure. Mr. T. Edward Thomas asked, if the seed were mixed with the guano, wouid the latter have the effect of killing the seed, or otlierwise ? The Chairman replied, that it was well known, if the seeds came in contact with the guano, it would have the effect of killing them. The distance of one inch between the guano and the seeds would do. 2\Ir. White stated the results of experiments made by him, with guano, in growing cabbage. After a short conversation upon guano, as a manuie, Air. Moggridge stated to the meeting, the results of experiments made by him to try the efficacy and value. of Fix. different manures; and if he knew it would prove interesting to the members of the society, he would continue making experi- ments upon the same manures, and state the results at each monthly meeting of the society. The experiment was made on a piece of ground belonging to Mr. Diiiwvn. The effect of the various manures were tried upon grass only. He (Mr. M.) had made a smali map of the spot ot ground, and marked the place of each diiierent manure. The manures were guano, procured from the Ystalyfera wharf, nitrate of soda, muriate of ammonia, and nitrate of potash, all mixed with coal-ashes. He also tried another kind of guano (as some doubt had been expressed as to the other being the best), lately procured by the secretary of the society for Mr. Dillwyn. The grass produced by the latter sort of uan:) Is more forward, and appears greener than the other. Next in quality to that, came the guano first had, which is decidedly better than the other artificial manures; then comes the muriate of ammonia then the nitrate of soda; the next in quality was the nitrate of potash and the last, and wosrt kind of manure, and the grass from which was very little better than if it had no manure, was what was called the con- centrated manure, or what he (Mr. Moggridge) would call, "the essence of nastiness." He had also tried coal-asbes -if alone, and found it very little better than no manure, which proved that there was very little due to the coal-asbes, when mixed with the other manures. Mr. Moggridge also described the proportions used in the above manures. The prices of the different manures he was not exactly prepared to state, but on the whole, was of opinion, that the best manures were the cheapest. The result produced by mixing together guano and lime, was exhibited to the meeting. A quantity of coal was placed JE upon a board they were mixed, and the ammonia (w hich is the source of fertility) contained in the guano, evaporated, and the whole was reduced to the condition of smeiling-salts, and emitting precisely the same odour.—A field of wheat belonging to a gentleman residing near this town, was lately destroyed by the mixture of lime and guano. It was then agreed, that "draining" should form the subject for discussion at the next meeting, which is to be held at the Yictoria Rooms. IMPORTANT TO JURYMEN.—In the Exchequer of Pleas Easter Term, 1843,—Edwards v. Davies and others. This cause was tried at the last Swansea. spring assizes, and occu- pied the time of the court nearly two days. Mr. E. V. Williams now moved for a rule to shew cause why the verdict in this case given for the defendants should not be set aside, and a new trial granted, on the following grounds First, that the verdict was given contrary to evidence and the summing up of the learned judge who tried the cause j- secondly, that improper evidence was adduced on the part of the defendants,—and thirdly, of improper conduct on the part of the jury who tried the cause; and in support of the latter objection, the learned council put in the affidavits of several persons, deposing to the fact of some of the jurymen who tried the cause having, on the morning of the second day, previous to going into court, been seen in conversation with some of the defendants in the cause, and that one of the jurymen had expressed his determination to find for the de- fendants, be the evidence what it would. Rule granted. Attorney for the plaintiff, Alr. James Wjlliam Melvin, of Swansea Attornies for the defendants, Mr. J. G. Jeffreys, Mr. William Walters, and Mr. Lewis Thomas.