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yuTiujab, &c. THE CARDIFF AND BRISTOL STEAM -PA.CKKTS PRINCE OF VI ALE S j MATTHEW JONES, Commander, A D Y CHARLOTTE HENRY JEFFERY Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL lO^M /f\ During the Mouth of JUNE. AS FeH 7 OWS t c.> (From the Bute Ship Dock.) ° FROM CARDIFF. 3.. Saturday Lady Charlotte J morning 5.. Monday' .Prince of Wales 9 mornmg Tuesday Lady Charlotte 10 monlj"& 7..Wednesday..Prince of Wales 105 morning 8.. Thursday. Lady Charlotte 12 n°oa 9.. Friday. Prince of Wales 1 10.. Saturday. Lady Charlotte j a L 12..Monday*Prince of Wales !iel 13.. Tuesday. Lady Charlotte 4 r, aftei noon 14..Wednesday ..Prince of Wales 15.. Thursday Lady Charlotte ran1" ° 16.. Friday .Prince of Wales 6| morning T 17..Saturday ..Lady Charlotte 7 mo™|^ 19.. Monday Prince of Wales 8S mo 11 « 20..Tuesday .Lady Charlotte !) morning 21..Wednesday..Prince of Wales O5 mor j, 22..Thursday ..Lady Charlotte 11? morl » 23. Friday Prince of Wales 1- n°on C 24..Saturday Lady Charlotte H a^nocm 26.. Monday Prince of Wales 3 afteri 27 Tuesday Lady Charlotte 4 afternoon 28.. Wednesday.. Prince of Wales 43 aftemoo r FROM BRISTOL. 3 Saturday. Prince of Wales 8 morning 5, .Monday Lady Charlotte 9 monnng 6.. Tuesday Prince of Wales 10 morning c 7 Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte 12* afternoon 8.. Thursday Prince of W ales 12* afternoon <j 9 Friday Lady Charlotte 2 afternoon lo.. Saturday Prince of Wales 3afternoon y 1, 12.. Monday Lady Charlotte 43 aftc. noon 13..Tuesday.Prince of Wales C morn ng 14.. Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte 63 mornin, g 15..Thuisday ..Prince of Wales 7 morning 10.. Friday Lady Charlotte 8 morning 17.. Saturday. Prince of Wales 8 morning ( 19 Monday -Lady Charlotte 9$morning 20.. Tuesday .Prince of W;.les .10 morning ( Charlotte 12 noon 22.. Thursday ..Prince of Wales 12 noon j 23..Friday Lady Charlotte I3 afternoon 24.. Saturday. Prince of Wales 2 afternoon j 26' Monday Lady Charlotte 4 afternoon 27 Tuesday Prince of Wales 4§ afternoon < 28! Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte 6 morning Cairiates and Horses must be along side an hour ami a hat j jnevious to the time of Sailing, otherwise they cannot be binned, In l'oJlsequence of J.ockillg throngh the New Docks. FAit JIS: fter Cabin, 6s.— Fore Cahiu. as. 6d. Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.— Hogs, Is. c ael). F cmale Steward attends on Hoard both Packets. > I Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four Win cl Carriage, 2ls. ditto l'heaton or Gi^. 10s. 6d 'J'«o Wheel, drawn by One Horse and Driver. 19s llorse and ] 'filler. After Cabin, 10s. Horse and Kider, Fore Cabin, s. t>d. j Sheep, Pigs, and Calves, Is. fid. each. Caniages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to Landing and AVIiarfages, at Bute Docks. Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. liters a RE REQUESTED to onlcr uH CJOOIIS INTENDED for the I'H iNCU OF WALKS, to be sent to No. 12, Quay Street, or 1 lo I'obert Cliaplin, Cumberland 15nsin Locks and for the '•A])Y CHARLOTTE, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, 1'iisiol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets 'he expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridi/e, Aberdare. Cowbridije, Bridgend, Llan- lr>usent, and Caerphilly—Goods forwarded 10 these Places in ( spring Waggons and Lock up Canal Boats immediately on "r|ival, unless ordered by any particular onveyance 111 which they will be deposited in ihe Steam Packet VVaie joust i call,ed for.-Freight to he I'nid on delivery. Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., forwarded to a par Kingdom without delay, when sent to either 01 1 ackt't Offices in Cardiff or Hiistol. Further information as to Freight, «ill be readily obtained I,y alM>lyine to the Agents, Mr. Wooduian. Agent, at the latket <>nieo on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. G. G. Glasson, Agent, N<>- 12, Quay Street, Uristol, for the PUIS CI'- Ol- WALLS. ''ackct; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, ontho larf, Caidiffj or to Mr. W. 1L Owen, 2!), Avon Crescent, HotwelU, Bristol, for the LADY C11ARLOTTH Packet. T NO,I,IC I, -,I,lle Proprietors of the above Steam 1 ackets give "otice, that they will not be accountable for any 1 assenger s lJ"ggage, nor will they he for any Goods, Packages, Or I arcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage or o lerwisi.) "nless Hooked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or liri-tol, if above the value of 40s., unless cnu red at its value, and carriage 111 l"eportion paid for the same, at the time of Hooking ,0°'s consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o c oi'K in the evinii,g of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and exp<:iisc of the consignees. All goods to be considered as ueus nOt nuly for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to ll,c 1'rop'rietors of the said Packets, Disputed weights re cliiin.% for loss or damage, &c- cannot he allowed "hless a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the di,y of delivery. LONDON MARKETS. GENERAL A VERA G li PRICES OF OOiN, per Quarter computed from the Inspectors' Returns. GENERAL AVERAGE. ^Vheat 46 G Rye 10 Parley 28 3 Beans 4 17 4 Peas 2d 1 "ts 17 4 Peas 2d 1 1 DUTY ON FOIUWJN CORN. S. d. 8 ll; ^beat 20 0 Rye. 1' ^'»rley. 9 0 lieans '1 Qat8 8 0 | Peas 11 r' CORN ICXCHANGK—Monday. "HEAT..Essex red 43s — 50s White. 51s — 5-Hs Chittum. 57s -61s Kent .do 39s — 48s Ditto 47s 48 Suffolk do 40s 478 Ditto 46s — 53s Norfolk, York, and Lincoln _s __s Ditto 43s — 50s Norlhumber- land,&c. —s — —s K* E 28s — 32» tt'UtLEY*. Grinding 23s — '27s Chevalier 31s — 33 s Malting. 298 318 Irish. 22s-28s Scotch 2os — 27s Distillets 27s — 2Js °Ars .York and Liu. colushire.feed Ifis — Ifis Small J ,s W* Ditto.. Poland 17s — 20i Potato 'os 21s Nortlitiiiiberid. and Scotch, feed 17s 20s Mealing IRs — 22s Ditto.. Poland 17s — 22s Potato IBs — 23s .Devonshire, &c., black 15s — 18s White Ms — Ids Welsh, ditto.. Its — 17s Ditto 13s — Ifis Jrish fd, white 12s — 165 Dlack 14s — 17s Irish Potato.. 16s — I -is Limerick ,&c.f 16s — 19s Distilling.. 19s — 2ls "R:\NS ..Ticks, new.. 25s — 27s Mazagan, new 24s. — 2(is Old 26s — 29s Od 27s — 2iis Harrow, new 27s — 29s Small, new 31s ,^3s e>ld 3 s — 32s Old 35s — 37s 1 EAS fin,v 25s — 27s Rlue 35J — 50s "*Maple 27s — 29s Suffolk 30s — fO Ditto, Scotcli —s s White 28s — 30s A 8 S.M ITII FIELU M %It K 11, I'S -M,)i?,,Itiy. taterneiit Comparison of the Snpplies and Prices of Fas Stoc Exhibited and Sold in Smithfield Cattle Market, on toondav, jMav 30, 1842, and Monday, May 29, 1843. A1 ay 30, 1842. Nl,-y 29, 184,1. r s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. °arsc and inferior Heiists. 3 0 to 3 2.2 10 3 0 is for>d qualitv ditto 3 4 3 6.3 2 3 4 rinie large Oxen 3 8 4 0.3 6 3 8 _r,"ie Scots, &c. 4 2 4 4.3 L) 4 0 "oarse and inferior Sheep 3 4 3 6.2 10 3 0 pC'°nd quality ditto 3 8 3 10.3 2 3 4 pr"ne coarse woolled ditto 3 10 4 0.3 6 3 8 • r,rne Southdown ditto 4 0 4 2.3 10 4 () '^oibs 5 6 6 2.4 4 5 6 coarse Calves.• 3 8 4 6.3 0 3 8 » r'nie small ditto 4 8 5 2 3 10 4 2 varE« Hogs 4 0 4 8 2 10 3 2 '"at small Porkers 4 10 5 2.3 8 4 0 su IT I.IKS. Beasts 2,770 2.952 Sheep and Lambs 27,150 30,140 Calves.. 137 176 1'igs. ^17 324 NOTICES, &c. 1 SIB C2 £ A2X £ Z:S mOSCJAN, Bart., HAS FIXED THE l N N U A L SHOW OF STOCK, AT COTTRT-Y-BELTJA FARM, r NEAR NEWrOllT, FOR WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13th, 1843. F ILYiiil CUPS GIVEN BY SIR CHARLES MORGAN For the best yearling Bull, North Devon breed For the best two-years-old Heifer, ditto For the best yearling Bull, short-horned breed E For the best two-years-old Heifer, ditto A For the best yearling Bull, Hereford breed For the best two-years-old Heifer, ditto For the best yearling Bull, Ayrshire breed For the best two-years-old Heifer, Ayrshire breed tl For the best yearling Bull, Glamorganshire bleed For the best two-years-old Heifer, ditto For the best Boar, under a year old For the best Fat Pig P For the best Ram Lamb, long wool he Stock to be bred and fed by, and the property of, the exhibitor at the time of showing. TIIE FOLLOWING SILVER GUPS GIVEN BY OTHER GENTLEMEN apel Hanbtiry Leigh, Esq.—A Cup, for the best yearling Steer, bred by the exhibiter. rederick Justice, Esq.—A Cup, for the second best ditto, bred by the exhibiter. J. Blewitt, Esq. A Cup, for the best pair of two-years- old Hereford Steers, bred by a Tenant Farmer in the r County of Monmouth, being his property at the time of showing. F olonel Laseelles. -A Cup, for the best G lamorganshil e a Fat Cow. homas Powell, Esq.-A Cup, value Ten Guinea-, for 11 the best yearling Heifer, bred by the exhibiter rilliam Mark Wood, Esq.—A cup, value Five Guineas, for the second best ditto, bred by, and being the bona fide t] property of, a Farmer not Farming his own Estate. f, amuel Homfray, Esq.—A Cup, for the best two-years-old Ji Heifer, bred by the exhibitor and being his property at i the time of showing. a r en oral Mundy.—A Cup, for the best Fat Cow, bred by the s exhibiter. 1 leorge Morgan, Esq.—A Cup, for the best Fat Ox, undei five years old. 'hillio Jones, Esq.—A Cup, for the best two-j ears-old Bull, „ bred by the exhibiter., t lugh Owen, Esq.—A Cup, for the best Pen of Four t breeding Ewes, long wonl, bred by the exhibiter. ir Benjamin I-I.ill.-A Cup, for the best Pen of Four Breeding Ewes, Mountain breed, bred by the exhibiter. lajor-Gencral Milman.—A Cup, for the best Rain Lamb, I South Down breed, hied by the exhibiter. ley. Leyson Peiio.)-re.-A cup, for the best Pen of Five yearling Wethers, long wool, bred by the exhibiter. 1 lobert Jenner, Esq.-A Cup, for the best Pen of Five 0 South Down Wethers, bred by the exhibitor, in the (, County of Glamorgan. „ jady Hall, Llanovor Cotirt.-A Silver Cup, value Five ) Guineas, for the best Pen of One Black Ram and Three li Black Ewes, Welsh breed, not to be under the age of i twelve months, and to have been in possession of the I owner at least, six months previous to the show. ,o.;ei)li Bailey, Juu., Esq.—A Cup, for the best Cart Stallion that has covered in the County of Monmouth in 1843. rViiliain Jones, Esq., elytlta.-A Cup, for the best Brood Mare, half-bred. ( rolm E. Rolls, Esq.—A Cup, for the best Pony, under five years old, bred by the exhibitor. « lev. Augustus Morgan.—A Cup, for the best Galloway, under five years old. s Charles Morgan, Esq.—A Cup, for the best three-years-old < Colt or Filly, got by a thorough-bred Horse, and bred in Glamorganshire or Monmouthshire. )ctavius Morgan, Esq,—A Cup, for the best Bo,tr and Sow, r of the improved Berkshire breed, under a year old. r. Bruce Pryce, Esq.—A Cup, for the best Ayrshire Cow, bred by the exhibitor. THE FOLLOWING PRIZES GIVEN BY SUBSCRIBERS:— A Piece of Plate, value Ten Guineas, for the best Bull, Cow, and Offspring being under two years old; the Cow and Offspring having been bred by the exhibiter, and the Bull, Cow, and Offspring being his property at the time of showin. -Cross breed excluded. A Piece of Plate, value Ten Guineas, for the best Fat Cow, fed by the exhibiter, and being in his possession twelve calendar months previous to the day of showing.—Cross breed excluded. A Piece of Plate, value Ten Guineas, for the best pair of Oxen, bred and fed by the exhibiter, and being his pro- perty at the time of showing.—Cross breed excluded. A Piece of Plate, value Ten Guineas, for the best pair of two-years-old Steers, bred and fed by the exhibiter, and being his property at the time of showing.—Cross breed excluded. A piece of Plate, value Five Guineas, for the best pair of yearling Steers, bred and fed by the exhibiter, and being his property at the time of showing.—Cross breed excluded. A Piece of Plate, value Ten Guineas, for the three best two-years-okl Stock Heifers, bred by the exhibiter, and being his property at the time of showing.—Cross breed excluded, A Piece of Plate, value Five Guineas, for the three best yearling Stock Heifers, bred by the exhibiter, and being his property at the time of showing.—Cross breed ex- cluded. A Piece of Plate, value Five Guineas, for the best Pen, coiisisling of four yearling Wedders, bred and fed by the exhibiter, and being his property at tlje time of showing. -Cross breed excluded. A iiece ot 1 late, value five Guineas, tor the best I en, consisting of four yearling Stock Ewes, bred by the ex- hibiter, and being his property at the time of showing.— Cross breed excluded. A Piece of Plate, value Five Guineas, for the best Pen, consisting of four Breeding Ewes, under three years old, bred and fed by the exhibiter, and being his property at the time of showing.—Cross breed excluded. A Piece of Plate, value Ten Guineas, for the best Piece (not being less than five acres) of Swedish Turnips, grow- ing within the County of Monmouth. A Premium of Two Guineas and a Half, for Farm Servants and Labourers, for the longest servitude under the same master. A second Premium, of One Guinea and a Half, ditto. A third Premium, of One Guinea, ditto. The qualification of the Stock to be exhibited for the above Prizes to be proved to the satisfaction of three Gentle- men, to be named by the Subscribers previous to the exhibition. The proprietor to the Stock to be exhibited for each of the above Prizes to reside within 25 miles of the Show-yard, at Court-y-Bella, and such distance to be ascer- tained by admeasurement along the nearest road to the residence of the contending parties. The exhibiter for each of the above Prizes to be Tenant Farmers, or persons farming their own Estates, whose Landed Property shall not exceed E200 per Annum. No person to be admitted a claimant for any of the above Premiums unless a Subscriber, and his name appears as such previous to the 24th June, 1813. c Subscribers for the Town Cups are particularly requested to pay their Subscriptions to Messrs. Williams and Sons, Bankers, on or before the Show Day. All Animals having won a Prize at a former Cattle Show at Court-y-Bella arc disqualified; and it is not permitted that any Animal be exhibited for two Prizes in the same year. N .13. All cross-breeds excluded. Half-a-Guinea to the Proprietor (being a Cottager) for the best Couple of Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, or Fowls. One Guinea to the person having the greatest quantity of Honey in 1843, to be produced at the Show. Stock for Prizes to have the Preference of Stalls. Nomi- nations to be sent to Frederick Justice, Esq., Newport, Monmouthshire. All Stock to be entered and the Certificates to be delivered before Five o'clock on the Evening before the Show to the Clerk in the Yard, at Court-y-Bella Farm and no Stock to be taken away before One o'clock on the day of the Show. An Auction for Stock on the day of the Show. Applica- tion to be made to E. Pritchard, Secretary, on or before Eleven o'clock on the day of the Show. Aai Ordinary at the King's Head Iun, Newport, I coking Glasses, Picture frames, Burnished Gilt Window Cornices, Room Mouldings, Weather Glasses; j ALSO, THE NEWEST DESCRIPTION OF EASY CHAIRS, r 20 PER CENT. CHEAPER THAN ANY J-OUSE IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND. FOR READY KONEY. rHE PUBLIC are respectfully invited to inspect the most Brilliant and Chaste STOCK of all kinds of L YRGE UPRIGHT TIER and CHIMNEY GLASSES, OHEYAL and TOILET DRESSING GLASSES, GILT and q 'ANCY WOOD PICTURE FRAMES, At M&'YSK.'S London Looking Glass Warehouse, 18, Clare-Street, a (The Second Door from the Drawbridge), BRISTOL. 0 Mr. M. assures the Public that he is the only Looking Glass Manufacturer in that City and that all Goods at his Establishment are of the very best make—the Glass as good as any can be had for Money, and that such an Extensive Ii kssortment was never yet seen in any House in Bristol. He earnestly solicits an inspection to prove the above facts. All kinds of Re-Gilding, Old Glasses Polished and Re-Silvered, Prints Framed and Glazed, Paintings Cleaned and Varnished in the Best Style, at very Reduced Prices. 0 N.B.—The Trade supplied with Large Size Gold and Silver Leaf, as well as Gilt Moulding for Picture Frames, cheaper g ban any House in that City. n t< A very spacious DWELLING-HOUSE, beautifully situated, 22, ST. JAMES'S BARTON, TO LET, with immediate it lossession. Enquire at 18, CLARE-STREET. d NOTICES, &c. WANTED, A RESPECTABLE YOUTH as an APPRENTICE 4 □L to the IRONMONGERY BUSINESS. He will be i! i-eated as one of the Family. A moderate Premium is xpeeted. Apply to Mr. JENKINS, Ironmonger, Cardiff. May 23rd, 1843. Important Information. rHAT excellent Ointment, called the POOR MAN'S 1 FRIEND, which is confidently recommended to the "blic as an unfailing llemcily for Wounds of everv description, nd a certain cure for Ulccrs, if of twenty years' standing. Cuts, a turns, Scalds, Bruises, Chilhlains, Scorbutic Eruptions, Pimples f( ii the Face, Weak and Inflamed Kycs, 1 iles, and Fistula, 'Jan- « tene, and is a Specific for tliosn Krup'ions that sometimes follow 2 raccination.—Sold in pots at I3.j,d. and 2s, 9J. each. Also bis PllvLM.jE A\TlSCilOI'HU1 -JE, confirmed by more lian forty years' successful experience as an invaluable; remedy )I. that distressing complaint, called Scrophula. nlandular Swel. ings particularly those of the Neck. &e. They present one of he best..Alteratives' ever compounded for purifving thcltlood, ml assisting nature in all her operations. They form a mild and uperior Family Aperient, that may tie taken af. all times without entitlement or change of diet. —Sold in boxes at 1:3,1 and 2s.9d. By thc late Dr. ill, Messrs Heach and Itarnicotf, I who have been confidently intrusted with the preparation of his ledicines for many years past), are left joint proprietors of the Poor Man's Friend," anti Pilulae Antiscrophulas," Ike., with he exclusive, right, power, and authority to prepare and vend lie same. If To Messrs. Uracil and Barnicott, liridporr, Successors and Executors of the late. Dr. Roberts. "Gentlrm. il,— For the hClldit of others, I think it my duty J o inform you of the good I have received by the use of the Hutment called the Poor .Mail's fri, nd, lately prepared by Dr. ohcrts. but now prepared by VOII. and of the particular service t has been to many other afflicted persons, together with the iccasional use of the l'ilu1:-e Antiscrophulae., Respecting myself, vhen a boy I had the misfortune to hurt my leg repeatedly, an distraction in the circulation, attended by violent inflammation nd several large wounds, was the consequence. I was attended ly several of the best medical men in the town and elsewhere, mt all failed in effecting a cure; after more than twenty years' uconvenience and suffering, I had recourse to the Poor Man's rI riend, and the occasional use of the I ills after a few times J tpplyini the ointment I pciecived an amendment, and the use II >1 two or tlllce pots effected a cure. I have repeatedly since, by .L iccidcnt, injured the leg, but by having recourse to the ointment ( t is soon made sound, I always keep it by me, and in case of iny inflammation in the leg or elsewhere, an application of the n lintment removes it. I am, Gentlemen, yours, very respectfully, St. Alban's, July 23, 1835." •« JO! tNT WINGU AVE. Prepared only by the Proprietors. BEACII and ItAltNK'nTT, and ,old wholesale, by them at their Dispensary, Tiridport; by the .ondon Houses; and retail by all respectable Medicine Venders n the United Kingdom, Onsi;livrr—No .Medicine sold under the above names can he lenuine unless Beach and Bamicott, late Dr.Koberls, ltridport," s engraved and printed OIl the stamp affixed to each package. B &ITANNIA LI FE A S S II [I A. N CK C 0 1 PAN Y v "1;" 1, PWINOK'S STRKHT, R A\K, 1.ONDON. n Empowered by Special Act of Parliament IV. Vict. cap. IX t DiUEcrous. c William Hardget t, Esq I Hobert Eglinton. Esq. c Samuel Revington, Esq Era Sill us ltobt., Esq, VVni. I'echney Black, Esq I Alex. Robert Prvine.Esq. T John liitghtnuin, Esq Peter A)orrison, Esq. c. George Cohen, Esq Henry Eewis Smale, Esq Mill's C oventry, Esq Thomas feed, Esq. John Drewett, Esq I a AtmiTORS. J. B. Bevington, Esq.—F. P. Oo.kerill, Esq.-J. D. Dow, Esq. M 1". 1) IC A L I > F F IC K H. John Clendinning,M.D F. H S., Ifi, Wimpole St., Cavendish Sq. STANDING CotlNSlU.. fhe lion. John Ashley, New Square, Lincoln's Ian. — Mr.Serjeant Murphy, ;\) 1' Temple. SOLICITOR. c William Bevan, Esq., Oid Jewry. 1 K A N K i: K S- t Messrs. Diewi tt and Fowler, Princes Street, Bank. ] This Institution is empowered by a Special Act of Parliament, and is so constituted as to afford the benefits of Life. Assurance in their iullest extent to Policy-Holders, and to present greater facilities and accommodation than are usually ottered by other Companies. The decided superiority of its pian, and its claim to public preference and support, have been proved incontestably, by its extraordinary and unpiece.iented success. A may either be effected by Parties on their own Lives, or by Parties interested thereat on the Lives of others The effect of an Assurance oil a person's own life is to create at once a l'ropeity in lte\ersion, which can by no other means be realized, Take, for instance, the case of a person at the age of Thirty, who lIy the payment of 5/. 3s. 4d. to the Britannia Life Assuiance Company, can bccome at once possessed of a hi queathable property, amounting to 10001., subject only to the condition of his continuing the same payment quarterly during the remainder of his life,i coii(iiiioti which may be fulfilled by the mere saving of LIGHT SHILLINGS weekly in his expenditure Thus, by the exertion of a very slight degree of economy—sucli indeed, as cau scarcely be felt as an inconvcnience, be may at once icalize a capital of WOOl" which lie can bequeath o/ dis- pose of in any way he may think proper. » a rot n, !It'>'uf" ..J.J. T.„ "J_ 1"1. DUf,I,JU ui lyui-uuio »" M^Mnuiuvi, uanj aL » nu v tiui'K, PETER MORRISON, Esq., Resident Oirector. Detailed Prospectuses, and every requisite information as to the mode of effecting Assuiances, may be obtained upon appli- cation to the following AGENTS— N I-Nv ilo It r Mr R. Jenkins. 'I'it F, I) F'G A It Nir. George Harrby, Bank. C- I I [..I's 'ro IV Mr. J. L. Baldwyn, Solicitor MONMOUTH MR. T. George, Solicitor. Price Is. ljd per box. THIS excellent Family PILL is a Medicine of lotv- J, tried efficacy for correcting all disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, the common symptoms of which are Costivcn. ss Flatulency, Spasms, Loss of Appetite, Sick Head-ache Gid- dincss. sense of Fulness after Meals, Dizziness of tlu: Eyes, Drowsiness and Pains in the Stomach and Rowels. Indigestion producing a Torpid State of the Liver, and a consequent in- activity of the, Bowels causmg a disorganization of eveiy function of the Frame, will, in this most excellent preparation, by a little perseverance be effectually removed. Two or three doses will cotivinectlie afflicted of its salutary etreets. TheStomach will speedily regain its strength; a healthy actio;, of the Liver. Bowels, and Kidneys, will rapidly take place; and, instead, of listlessness, heat, pain, and jaundiced appearance, strewn, activity .and renewed health, will be the quick result of tal,iii, this medicine according to the directions accompanying each box; and ,1 taKen after too frcc au illdul !u ^b|(= thcv quick!y restore the system lo ,« natural state of repose. lersonsofa FULL HABIT, who are subject to Head-ache, Giddiness, Drowsiness, ami Ringing in tlle Kars arising flom too great a flow of blood to the head, should never be without them, as many dangerous symptoms wdl be entirely carried off by their immediate ns«. J J • *^li*" f ''MM-'ISSJ these Pills are most truly excellent, remov- ing all obstructions the digressing Head-ache so ve.y prevalent with thc sex; Depression of Spirits, Dulness of Si-ht, Nervous Affections Blotches, 1'impies, and Sallow,icss of the Skin, and give a healthy and juvenile bloom to the complexion. As a pleasant, safe, easy Aperient, they unite the r< corn nientlahoij of a mild operation with the most successful eOVrt, and requne no restraint of diet or confinement during their use. And tor ELI) lilt LY PEOPLE they will be. fouud'to be the most comfortable medicine hitherto prepared. NOTICES AND LETTINGS. c THE CARDIFF Idveiliscr and Merttiyr Guardian, AND miimil [P[fllJ « AT THE s OLD BANK, DUKE STREET, t CARDIFF: 1 WHILST a continuance of the patronage and support of c the Friends of this Constitutional JOURNAL is espectfully solicited by the Proprietor, he begs to call tttention to the facilities which his Printing Office presents (3 or executing, with elegance and precision, c Boolt, t:nattt, antr Ornamental prntttng I IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, WHERE ALSO MAY BE IIAD a MANUFACTU15 CD Wl) KULKD TO ANY PATTERN a BOOKBINDING j IX MOROCCO, RUSSIA, OR PLAIN; s Stattciuro of cberg srscrtptton: n LIKTTKII", NOT! FOOLSCAP, DICMV. MEDIUM, ROYAL 11 sti P I, ROYAL WUiriNfi PAPPUS; PKNS, QUILLS, ENVELOPES. DH AWlNG-P EVCILS, DRAWI.VG'-PAPJifl, r AND CARD BOARD; Bibles and Common Prayer Books, I In Morocco or other Binding; I POCKET AND MEMORANDUM BOOKS, r HAIR, CLOTHES, TOOTH, NAIL, AND SHAVING d BRUSHES, "WINDSOR SOAP, &c., &c. j ALL AT MODERATE CHAPGKS. t THE NEWEST AND MOST POPULAR WORKS OF c TIIE DA Y NOVELS, MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS, &c., PROCURER AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE; ) SCHOOLS SUPPLIED ON LIBERAL TERMS. TO ADVERTISERS. ( riiK extensive CIRCULATION of the CARDIFF ADVERTISER, AND MERTHYIl GUARDIAN," t hronifh the Counties of GLAMORGAN, MONMOUTII, uid BRECON, coupled with a well-condensed Summary of ( general and Local intelligence, presents a very desirable ) Tiediutn to ADVERTISERS for giving full publicity to s Jwir views. Il E AT R Y T- E, B B E R, Agent to the Sun Fire and Life | AsBurs-ncc Offlca." > CAST Oil 0 1 -T-J. H. TAYLOH., CHEMIST, 10. PALL-MALL, LONDON, } HAS prepared CASTOR, OIL, in a concentrated form, j inclosed in Capsules of Gelatine, by which the dis- igreeablc taste of this medicine is entirely avoided. They ivill be found the most pleasant method of taking that safe iperient medicine. The dose is from one to four capsules ( the average doses, two capsules. They are sold in boxes, •ontai;ii;?L,r twenty-four, at 2s. nd. each, and can be procured j Df all respectable Chemists throughout the Kingdom, and ivholesale at Edwards', St. Paul's Churchyard; Barclay's, Farringdon-street; Newbury's, St. Paul's Churchyard; button's, Bow Churchyard Thomas Butler, St. Paul's < Churchyard; G. Philips, Cardiff; A. Clements, Newport; ind Airs. Maria Jenkins, Merthyr Tydfil and Dowlais. GlaMorgansMre Canal Xinigatiou- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rpiIAT the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING or JL ASSEMBLY of the Company of PROPRIETORS of this Navigation will be held at the CARDIFF ARMS INN, in tite Town of CARDIFF, on WEDESDAY, the Seventh day of JUNE next, at the hour of Eleven in the Forenoon. GEORGE FORREST, Clei-k to the Company. Navigation House, 1 May 15, 1843. G L A M ORGANSHIRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that at the next Ge- neral Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be holden in and for the said County, on TUESDAY, the 27th day of JUNE next, the Justices assembled at such Sessions will proceed to the appointment of a GOVERNOR for the HOUSE of CORRECTION at SWANSEA, in the room of Mr. Win. Cox, deceased. The salary is £100. Candidates are requested to send Testimonials to the Clerk of the Peace, at Cardiff, on or before the 23d day of June next. WOOD, Cardiff, 17th May, 1R13. Clerk of Peace. NEW LEICESTER HAMS. 111R. PALMERS ANNUAL SHOW of RAMS, for Selling by AUCTION, by T. DYSON SMYTH, will be held oil WEDNESDAY, the 7th day of JUNE, 1813, at PENCOYP, near Ross. T. I). S. strongly recommends all Flock Mast era, who have no knowledge of Mr. Palmer's ILuns, to see them in their Wool before the 21st instant; and he assures those. Gentlemen who have been in the habit of inspecting them for 20 years past, that the Tegs arc not only more beaut.ful to look at, but in the opinion of the breeder, decidedly the best ever exhibited at Pencoyd. N.B. The Hams are new Leicester Blood, without alloy, and are wholly Fed on Vegetable Food. Hereford, 1st May, 1813. TOWN OF CARDIFF. To Malstcrs, Innkeepers, fiud others. TO Lr With immediate Possession, all that Old-E-tabJished and well-accustomed House, known as T II E THREE CIIAHES, With a MALT-HOUSE attached. FOR PARTICULARS apply to Mrs. THOMAS, on the Premises, or to Mr. C. SAWYER, Auctioneer and House Agent, Trinity-Street, CaidifF. L L A N D A F F TO n LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, AN excellent FAMILY RESIDENCE pleasantly situate on the GREEN, in LLANDAFF, and suitable to a Family of thc first respectability, and consisting of an Entrance-hall, Drawing and Dining-rooms, and small Library, Four best Bed-rooms, Nurserv, and Two Servants'- rooms, with the necessary Domestic Offices and also, a Six-Stall Stable, Coach-house, excellent Garden, Pleasure- ground, and Orchard, and late in the occupation of S. Barber, Esq. RENT MODERATE. J Apply to Emvaiui ij-m-iiJiFS, Notary, Llauduii,

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