Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

6 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



GENUINE BREAD AND FLOUR ESTABLISHMENT, No. 17, St. Mary-Street, Cardiff. C. TXMKXS BEGS respectfully to inform the Inhabitants of CARDIFF and its Vicinity, that he has Opened a Baking Esta- blishment. The above concern to be conducted on a system that cannot fail from its strict integrity to procure general support. In order to supply a desideratum so much want- ing in Cardiff, he pledges himself to sell Bread, the produce of pure unadulterated Worcestershire Flour—every Loaf to be Weighed at the Counter—and at Prices whilst they defy competition are barely remunerating. The following is the list of prices 41b. Loaf, 1st Quality for C) d. 21b. ditto ditto 3d. I ilb, ditto ditto 2d. Allowance to dealers of 2s. in the Pound. Flour, whole- sale, at from L 14 to £ 16 per Ton; ft 15s. to jE2. par Sack. In less quantities at proportionably low prices, Delivered, if required, at any of the Railway Stations between Cardiff and Merthyr. TEA and COFFEE (from London) carriage free, at the Wholesale Prices.—One of the most formidable articles of expense in all large Establishments is Tea, and yet the difficulty of obtaining it good and cheap is much complained of. The want of an Establishment devoted exclusively to the interests of large consumers has long been felt, and, to remedy this, we have made arrangements with the principal Carrying Establishments to deliver all orders exceeding in amount JE5 Carriage Free. This arrangement will enable the country purchaser to procure this very necessary article at a saving of from 10 to 30 per cent. The following is a list of our present cash prices, and we rely on a multiplicity of business to enable us to carry out our plans successfully:- BLACK TEAS. Good Breakfast Congou, 3s. 4d. (ordinary much lower.) Fine Congou of the Pekoe kind, 3s. 8d. (an excellent tea strongly recommended.) Pekoe Souchong, 4s. (few persons require better tea.) Fine Pekoe Souchong, 4d. 4d. (This is decidedly a first class Tea a higher price is unnecessary.) GREEN TEAS. Good useful Congou, 3s. Sd. Fine ditto Hyson kind, 4s. Genuine Hyson, 4s. 4d. Finest Hyson imported, 61;. Young Hyson, 4s. 4d.; fine, 5s. finest, 5s. 4d. Gunpowder, 5s. 4d. finest, 7s. The young Hyson at 5s. and 5s. 4d. is particularly recom- mended-equal to the finest Gunpowder. COFFEE. The low price of Coffee has considerably increased the demand and the price. We were the first to reduce the price at the fall, and although now much higher in the market, we retain our former quotations. Good Common Coffee, 9d. Ceylon (an excellent Coffee), Is. Fine ditto, IF. 2d. Finest ditto, rich mellow flavour, Is. 4d. Finest Java, Is. rd. Finest Cuba, Is. 8d. Finest Mocha, 28. We invite the Trade to send for samples of the above r which are under market value. It is obvious the above will admit of neither, risk, credit, or trouble of collecting we therefore expect every order will be accompanied by a remittance or Post-office order, and at least a day's notice for the execution. G. T. MANSELL AND CO., Wh olesale Tea Dealers, 2, Bucklerabury, Cheapaide, L • ■. 7 ft- -.3' X 0 Silurian Lodge Z5 OF FREE & ACCEPTED MASONS, No. 693. THE ANNUAL DINNER to celebrate the Festival of J_ St. John the Evangelist, will take place at the WEST- GATE INN, NEWPORT, on WEDNESDAY, the 27th instant, when the Brethren are respectfully requested to attend. Lodge to be opened at 12 o'clock, and Dinner on the Table at 4 o'clock. Dinner Ticket, including a Bottle of Wine, 10s. Cd. Newport, 12th Dec., 1843. TEETH. MONDAYS and TUESDAYS, ABERGAVENNY; WEDNESDAYS NEWPORT TIIURSDAYS, CHEPSTOW FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS, MONMOUTH Until the 31 st of December. MR. L. MOSELY, BURGEON DENTIST, OF 12, JlEIiNKIl'g STREET, OXFORD STREET, LONDON, HAS the honour to announce to his Patients, Friends, and the Residents generally of the County, that his 17th periodical visit will commence on Friday the 24th inst., and that he may be consulted as under, Mondays and Tuesdays, Angel Hotel, Abergavenny Wednesdays, King's Head Hotel, Newport; Thursdays, George Hotel, Chepstow and on Fridays and Saturdays, at Mr. Powell's, plumber, Mounow-atreet, Monmouth. Attendance, from 10 to 4. From Mr. L. extensive and well-known practice at | his old-established town residence (No. 12 Berner's-street, Oxford-street, where patients can always be attended) he is enabled to offer his Country Patients advantages never yet attainable except in the metropolis. The whole of the me- chanical department is designed by himself and executed on the premises, by which means an accurate and sure fit is guaranteed, all pressure on the gums avoided, and the Teeth are made to answer all purposes of mastication and articu- lation, and are worn with perfect ease and comfort upon the most tender gums, without extracting the remaining stumps. Mr. L. M. is happy to state, from extensive alterations and iiiiprovernent, just finished in the Mechanical Depart- ment, he is enabled to Reduce his charges very considerably, so as to bring the aid of the Dentist within the reach of all parties. Mr. L. M.'s newly-invented incorrodible Teeth never change colour from the effects of medicine or ill health, and assimilate so closely to nature as to defy detection by the closest observer. Natural and Artificial Teeth of every description fixed, from a single looth to a complete Set, without wires or ligatures of any kind. Scaling, Stopping, Children's Teeth attended, and every operation pertainizig to Dental Surgery. Consultations free, and specimens shown in every stage of preparation. Mr. L. M-s references combine very many of the most influential I" ami lies (his Patients) resident in the county, and the Medical Profession generally. Constant attendance at Town Residence, No. 12, Berner's Street, Oxford Streot, where Patients can always be attended, and letters addressed will meet with immediate attention. CHARGES AS IN TOWN. Nov. 14th 1843.. NOTICES AND LETTINGS. MUSIC. A 125 Guinea Instrument for 65 Guineas. TO be Disposed of, a SPLENDID TONED 61 Octave CABINET PIANO FORTE,in a VERY ELEGANT ROSEWOOD CASE, with HANDSOMELY CAIIVED DOUBLE COLUMNS AND FEET, and Patent Metallic Plate, possessing a rich and powerful Tone, and beautiful touch. The Workmanship is of the very first order, it being of London Manufacture, and warranted to stand well in tune. Price, G.) Guineas, delivered free of all expense. An opportunity of obtaining such a bargain is rarely to be met with. To be seen at Mr. WEBBER'S, Guardian Office, Cardiff. GLAMORGANSHIRE* NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, TpHAT the Next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS 1 of the PEACE for the said County, will be IIOLDEN at the GULD-HALL, in the Town of CARDIi F, in and for the said County, On TC'ESDA r, the Second clay of J A NUAE^ next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, when and where all Jurors, Prosecutors, and Witnesses ure required to at- tend. All Appeals and Tiaverses must be entered before the Opening of the Court, and the several parties thereto be prepared to proceed therewith. At Halt-past Eleven o'CIock the Justices assembled will proceed to the business relating to the Assessment, Application, and Manaunent of the County Stock or Rate, and to the internal regulations of the County, and at Twelve at Noon the Justices then and there assembled will proceed to take into consideration the several Acts made and passed in Her present Majesty's reign relating to the Establishment of County and District Constables, and to make and enter into such Rules, Orders, and Regulations relating thereto, and to the Police estab- lished within the said County as may be thought expedient. All Bills and demands against the County Stock must be delivered into the Office of the Clerk of the Peace Fourteen days before the Sessions, and all costs given or allowed by the Court must be taxed at the same Sessions, or they will uot afterwards be allowed, the several acting Magistrates are requested to return all Depositions into the Office of the Clerk of the Peace at Cardiff, on or before the 29th of DECEMBER instant. WOOD, Cardiff, Dec. 2, 1843. Clerk of Peace. £ 100 Wanted. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, the Sum of £ 100., for One or Two Years, for which 6 per cent, will be given, with Good Security. Address (pre-paid) to P. Advertiser and Guardian Office, Cardiff. 22nd December, 1,843. Parish of Llansannor, County of Glamorgan. 1 HARRY PHELPS GOODE, the Apportioner duly 2 appointed for the Parish of LLANS ANNOU, in the County of GLAMORGAN, under the Provisions of the Act of His late Majesty King William the 4th, 6 & 7, c. 71, intituled an Act for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales, do hereby call a Public Meeting of the Proprie- tors of Lands in the said Parish, to be Holden at the BEAR INN, COWBRIDGE, on TUESDAY, the 26th day of DECEMBER, 1843, at which Meeting all Proprietors of Lands, having any Maps or Plans thereof, are required to produce the same, and such Proprietors will then and there be required to instruct the Apportioner as to what Maps are to be used for the purposes of the Apportionment, and when such other points as are required by the Acts 6 & 7 William the 4th, c.71, and Victoria c. 69, and in default thereof I shall proceed to such Apportionment, under the powers vested in me by the said recited Acts, Haverfordwest, December 19th, 1843. ABERDARE TURJPIKE TRUST. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT an Adjourned MEETING of the ABERDARE TURNPIKE TRUST will be held at the house of ROBERT JONES, the BLACK LION INN, ABEKDARE, on THURSDAY, the 4th day of JANUARY next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, for the purpose of LETTING THE TOLL GATES upon the Aberdare Turnpike Road, called and known by the names of Craig Evan Leyshon, Cefn Glas, and Aberdare Village Gates. (Signed) THOMAS WAYNE. Aberdare, Dec. 20, 1843. National Provincial Bank of England, 112, Bishopsgate-street, London, 15th December, 1843. THE DIRECTORS of the NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND do hereby Give Notice that a Dividend, at the rate of Six per cent. per annum, for the Half-year ending the 31st of December, 1843, will be payable on the Company's Stock, on and after the 15th of JANUARY next, when the Dividend Warrants will be obtained on appli- cation at the Company's Office, or at the different Branches. The Transfer Books will be Closed on and after Tuesday the 26th instant, until the Dividend becomes payable. By Order of the Court of Directors, DAVID ROBERTSON, Agent and Manager. To Gentlemen residing in, and having a connexion with the Mining Districts of North and Soutli Wales. WANTED, a Person of Active Habits to undertake an AGENCY for an Article of Considerable Con- sumption in the Colliery and Mining Districts of North and South Wales. Apply to A. B., at Mr. J. Truscott's Printing Office, Nelson-square, London. THIRD 10,000 WITH 108 PAGES AND 2 PLATES. 1844, TWENTY-FOURTH YEAR, PRICE HALF-A-CROWN. THE PROPHETIC MESSENGER, by RAPHACL, With an ALMANACK and EPHEMEIilS, by WILLIAM RICHARDSON, Esq., of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, for 1844. The former contains a Weather Guide, and Monthly Predictions of all the many exciting CVClIts about to fall out in England, Ireland, and all Europe and the awful Prophecy of Nostradamus, regarding the losses of Britain in 184.5, written 290 years ago. FAMILY OF THE RUS- SIAN ElPEltOH.-The Czar is afflicted, his family ill at ease, and some unseemly conduct is pursued in the palace of St. Petcrsburgh.— Vide Prophetic Messenger, 1843, page 28. —Thus verified :-A certain Duke, who married one of the Princesses, is said to have fallen in love with his sister-in- law, and the Princess has received orders not to leave her apartment for two moil th s. ,IIorit i?tg Herald. N.B. Great success caused a second Plate, and more variety of Poetry, Tales, and amusing Articles, to be given, so as to place it more completely at the HEAD of the smaller Annuals. There is a re-issue for 1842 and 1843, separate, at Half-a-Crown each, or bound in a Volume of 324 pages, with next year's Number for 1814, so that a complete view of its contents can be had for three years. London: Published on the First of every October, by WILLIAM CHARLTON WIIIGIIT, of No. 4, Paternoster-Row, Cheapside. The 24th Year of Publie,,ttioii.-IIALr- CnowN. Sold by all Booksellers. GLAMORGANSHIRE. To be Let, AND ENTERED UPON THE FIRST DAY OF MAT NEXT, THAT OLD ESTABLISHED And Commodious Plibile-House, WITH STABLES AND YARD, CALLED the iN E W INN, situate in the ancient C Market Town of LANTIilSSENT. The House has lately been Rebuilt, and conveniently arranged to command an extensive Business in the Public Line, containing on the First Floor a Parlour, Tap Room, and spacious Bar, with Kitchen, Larder, and Brewing Kitchen, with an underground Arched Cellar. The Second Floor consists of Five Good Bedrooms, with a large Dining Room, and a Roomy Attic adapted for a Storeroom. Rent Moderate, and no Stock, Plant, or Furniture to be taken by the incoming Tenant. The Tenant may also be accommodated on the 2nd of February next, with about 7 Acres of excellent Meadow and Pasture Land, close to the Town. Further particulars may be known by applying (postage pre-paid) to Mr. RICHARD HOWELL, llhiwfelan, near Cardiff. Dated Gth Nov., 1843. BRECONSHIRE. fco he Uct, And Entered upon on the 25th of MARCH, 1844, THB FOLLOWING FARMS:— A. R. P. Garth Demesne, containing 391 2 11 Brest y Garth 109 3 20 Troths. about 180 0 0 TT^HE above FARMS WILL BE LET either together | or separately,—they are in a good state of cultivation, and a responsible Tenant will meet with every encourage- ment. Distant 6 Miles from the Market Town of Builth, and 16 from Brecon, having direct Turnpike Roads to each Town. For further particulars apply to Mr. LAWRENCE, Solicitor, Brecon; or to Mr. CaLL SMITH, Garth House, near Builtli, LETTINGS AND SALES TO DRAPERS, HAWKERS AND OTIIERS. TO BE LET, AN old and well-established ROUND in the DRAPERS TRADE, situate in the neighbourhoods of Melin- Griffith, Pentyrch, Maesmawr, Treforrest, Newbridge, Basin, Nelson, Quaker's Yard, Llanvabon, Fleur De Leuco, Blackwood, Caerphilly, Machen, Tydee, Newport, Castle- town, Ely, St. Pagan's, Llundaff, and Cardiff; doing an annual business of £ 600. The Stock-in-Trade and Out- standing Debts, about £ 200, for which Four Approved Bills will be accepted, to suite the convenience of parties. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid), to A. B., Guardian Office, Cardiff. Cardiff, December 21st, 1843. BOROUGH OF CARDIFF. Market and Slaughter-Iiousc Tolls. To be Let by Auction, At the GUILDHALL, CARDIFF, on THURSDAY, the Iltli day of JANUARY, 1844, at Twelve o'clock at Noon precisely (subject to such conditions of letting as shall then be proJuced)- LOT 1. rni-IE several MARKET-PLACES in CARDIFF, known 1 bv the names of "THE NEW MARKET," "THE CORN MARKET," and "THE PIG MARKET." LOT 2—The NEW SLAUGHTER-HOUSE. Term One Year. or Three Years, at the option of the Tenant, from the 2nd day of February, 1844, free from Church, Poor, Street, and Highway Rates, which will be paid by the Landlords; and the New Market will also be Lit at their expense. £ 10 per cent. on the amount of the Rent for each Lot will be required to be paid by the highest bidder on the day of the Auction, and security for payment of the balance by monthly instalments in advance will be also required. The Market-places are held at tSOO, by Mr. Richard Morris, and the Slaughter-house at ES6, by Mr. Henry Hodges, for the present year. Further particulars may be known on application at the Office of Mr. E. P. Richards, Town Clerk, Cardiff. Cardiff, Dec. 16, 1843. TOWN OF BRIDGEND. To be Let, TI-IE SHIP INN, SITUATE in the Central Part of the Town, and1 well known to Commercial Gentlemen and others, as a highly respectable and commodious Hotel. There are suitable Stables and a spacious Coach House, locked up, together with other conveniences. It is now parted with by the present Occupier having another Business requiring his con- stant auperrision. The Slock-in-Trade to be taken at a fair valuation. For further information apply to Mr. RICHARD WIIAPHAM on the Premises, or by Letter, postage paid. Bridgend, Dec. 12th, 1843. 11 PANTEAGUE, near PONTYPOOL, MONMOUTHSHIRE. 4[0 be SoIti fjy Sinuate (Contract, A Freehold Estate, (Formerly the Property of JOHN WILLIAMS, Esquire, of Llaudatf, deceased,) iland Tax redeemed, WITH THREE COTTAGES and GARDENS thereon, forming Six Tenements, with Barn, &c., containing in all 48A. 3R. 18I\, or thereabouts, of most valuable and desirable Land, divided into convenient Fields, partly Arable and partly Old Pasture Ground, close adjoining the Town of Pontypool, and intersecting other Property belonging to Hanbury Leigh, Esquire, Lord Lieutenant of Monmouthshire, and commanding a near and fine view of his Mansion House and Park. The Monmouthshire Canal divides one Meadow from the rest of the Farm. The whole Property is most eligibly situated for Building or other pur- poses, with a fine Stone Quarry thereon, and will be sold with all Minerals under the said Farm, now occupied by Mr. Hanbury Leigh, of Pontypool Park, the Lessee, or by Mr. George, as his Under-tenant. Immediate possession can be given. The Property may be viewed by permission of Mr. George, of the Hanbury Arms, Pontypool, (the Occupant,) and Price and all further Particulars obtained on application to JOSEPH HOUSON, Esq., Solicitor, 19, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. I SAMUEL MILES, at present and for ten months last past, residing in the Parish of CADOXTONE- JU XTA-BARRY, in the County of GLAMORGAN, and being a Grocer and General Shopkeeper and Shoe-maker for Eleven months previously of the City of Landaff, in the same County, Shoe-maker, and Dealer in Butter and for Three years previously of Maesteg, in the Parish of Lan- eronoyd, in the same County, Shoe-maker, and Dealer in Bread and Flour, Do HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that I intend to nresent a Petition to the COMMISSIONERS of the BRISTOL DISTRICT COURT of BANKRUPTCY, praying to be Examined touching my Debts, Estate and Effects, and to be protected from all Process upon making a full disclosure and surrender of such Estate and Effects, for Payment of my just and lawful Debts and, I hereby further give Notice, that the time when the matter of the said Petition shall be heard is to be advertized in the London Gazette and in the Cardiff Advertiser and Merthyr Guardian newspaper, One Month at the least after the date hereof. As witness my hand this Twenty-First day of December, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-Three. SAMUEL MILES. Witness,—HENRY MORGAN, Attorney-at-Law, Cardiff.


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