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LONDON HOUSE, DUKE.STREET, CARDIFF. npHOMAS ANTHONY respectfully annoances to JL the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of the Town and Neighbourhood, that he has just returned from the London, Manchester, and other Markets, with a very large assortment of Silk Mercery, Manchester Goods, Linens, &c. &c. Having made considerable alterations on the premises, in fitting up and appropriating a large Show Room, for the better description of Goods, he flatters htmsetf that those Ladies who honor him with their patronage, will find a most extensive variety of all the Novelties of the Season connected with the Silk Mercery and General Drapery business. Slraw and ?'f«es<t Donnrt#, FlowerF, 4-e. <te. A respect&bte W4\l\.edutated YOUTH, who can write a good hand, wantedmnmedtttely as an APPRENTICE. Applieatio post paid. MOCESE Or ItLANDArr. ?HE VERNAL VISITATION of the Reverend ?. and Worahipfo! WILLIAM BRUCE KNIGHT M. A., Chancellor of the Diocese of Handaff, WILL BB HELD at the times and places foDowing At CoWBRtDGE, on TUESDAY, the 7th of May At LLAKBAFf, on FR!DAY. the tOth of MJiY, AtABERpAVENt<Y.onTUES!)AY,thel4(hofMav At NEWPORT, on THURSDAY, the t6th of May. The Chancellor takes this opportunity of express his hope that a!) such defects as were presented at the fast V.s.tat.onw,!l have been set in order. and that Certifi- es M that en-ect w, be regularly delivered to him at the.evera) p!aces of meeting, hy a]) such parties as have not ttready certified. He will also fe.) greatly indebted to the several Rura) Dean. for any information with which they way be pleased to favor him in regard to the eon- dition of the Churches, Churchyard.. Glebe Housee and Lands, &e., in their respective jurisdictions. Registrar's Omce, 1st April, 1839. TITHE COMMUTATION. '??E? the underaigned, be:ng Landownera or "y authorized Agents of Landowners, in the P'nsh of LLANGUICKR. in the county of GLAMOR- fArr???''?C??' ? PAROCHIAL MEETING of LANDOWNERS. within the said parish, for the purpose of examining the Maps prepared by Mr Joaea. the appor. tioner appointed at a former meeting, and for other important purposes connected with the apportionment' "?t such meeting wilt be he)d at the DYNEVOR? ARMS, in the village of PO\TARDAWE,on THURS. DAY, th. 18th Day of APRIL, I8M, at 12 o'C!ock at Noon. JOHN LEWIS. Agent for Richard Doug)asGou"h, Esq. FRED. and on behalf of himself and Mrs Fred. ricks, and a)so on heha!f of Miss Jane Magdalene Wiltiams, and Miss Elizabeth Wii'iamx. HARRY PHELPS Agent for Henry Leach, Esq., and Mrs Leach. T ?? "nder?ned, beiog- a Tithe.O?aer of A ?J?"? ?'<LfLL).:BE);tLL. in the County of GLAMORGAN, whose interest is not tess than one- fourth part of the whole vatu. of the Tithes in the said Parish, DO BY THIS NOTICE in writing under my hand. CALL a MEKTiNG of LAND.OWNERS and TITH8.0WNERS within the limits of the said Parish for the purpose of signifying a request to the Tithe Commissioners for Engtand and Wates, that they, the laid Commissioners, Aiiould into and seule the boundaries of the said Parish, so far as the boundaries of the said Pafish abut upon the Parish of Dangaicke in the said County of Gtamorgao, pursuant to the pro- visiou. aE At-I d in of her presect Majesty, intitxted An Act to amend an Act for the Commutation of Tithes in Engtand and Wates." And, I do hereby also give Notice, that such Meeting will be held at MY DWELLING HOUSE, in the said Parish, on the Nineteenth day of APRIL next, at the Hour of Twetve at Noon. Given under my hand this Twenty-second day of March? 1839. WM. THOMAS. TAFF VALE RAILWAY, From Merthyr Tydvil to the Port of Cardif. Tenders for ItO&ns. fTT?HE Proprietoreofthia Company having reaotved .? to take up on LOA\ tbe Sum of 0!<E HUNDRKD THOUSAND POUNDS, which they are authorised by tbeir Act to do now their Capital is paid liP, NOTICE IS HRRgBY GIVE,4. That the Directors will receive Proposats for the Loan of Money on Deben- tures, for a pertod of not iess than 5 years. Interest at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum, will be paid balf. yearly, at Cardiff or in London. Proposats to be addressed to the undersigned at the Raitway Omee, C'ardi<r. or to Messrs Swain, Stevet)s.& Co., Solicitors, !0, Whitehall, or London and West- minster Bank, London, or to the West of Engtand and South Wales District Bank, Bristol. JOSEPH BALL, Secretary. (Citrtiiff Curnpitte ototrirt. "\TOTtCE Is HEREBY GIVEN, That the ?.? TRUSTEES of the TURNPIKE ROADS in the said District, under an Act passed in the Seventh and Eighth years of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Fourth, intituled An Act for the better and more effectually Repairing and otherwise Improving the Roads in the County of G)amorgan/' WILL MEET at the house of Elizabeth Barrett, innkeeper, caUed and known by the name of the CARDIFF ARMS INN. in CAR- DIFF, on SATURDAY, the Founh day of MAY next, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, in order to consult about Erecnng a Toll Bar on the Road leading from Roath Church, over CardiET Heaths, to the Second Mile Stone on the MerthyrRoad; and al?o a Side Bar or G<tte leading from the Main Road on the North East Side of the East Gate, in front of Plwcca Lane in the aaid District; and if agreed upon, to erect both or one of them. Dated the 9th day of April, 1839. WM. JENKINS, Clef" to <A< TTrMtM*. ,flItrtbvr 91)1)bil ttrnpikt gruot. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the TOLLS arising and payabte at the several Toll Gates within this Trust, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, (subject to the written Conditibus to be then and there produced), at the CASTLE INN, in the Town of MEMTHYR TYDVIL, in the County of GLAMORGAN, on THURSDAY, the 25th Day of APRIL next, be- tweeD the Hours of Twelve o'Clock at oon, and Four in the Afternoon of that day, to the best Bidder, on his producing sumcient sureties for payment of the money monthly, for the term of one year or more, as the Trus- Twetve o'Ctock of the night of Friday, the 14th day of June next; which Tolts produced )a:t year, the ctear aum of .ei330. and they will be put up together or in one lot at that sum. But in case the said Tolls shait not be let together of in one lot at such meeting, then they will be let in parcels or iots, and each patcel or lot will be put up at -Guch sum as the Trustees shall then think fit. WM. D\VTES, Clerk to the Tru,tee, o/'<A<'M<d Turnpill8 Tr-t- Merthyr Tydvil, 14th March, Io39. Abemant and Rhydyblew Turnpike Trust. T?TOTICE IS HEREBY GfVEN, <hat the 1.?) TOLLS artStng and payable at the several Ton G*<es within thts i rust. WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, (subject to the written Conditinna to be then and thei-e produced), at the CASTLH I?<J'<, in the Town of MER. THYR TYDVIL, in the County of GLAMORGAN, on THURSDAY, die 25th Day of APttiL next, between the Hours of Twetve o'clock at Noon, and Four in the Afternoon of that day, to the best Bidder, on his pro- ducing sufficient sureties for payment of the money monthly, for the term of one year or more, as the Trus. tees sha)! then determine upon, to commence from Twelve o'Oock of the night of Friday, the 14th Day of June next; which Totts produced last year the ctear sum of C1410, and they will he put up together or in one lot at that sum. But in case the said Totts shall not h. let together or in one lot at such meeting, then they will be let in parcels or iots, and each parcel or lot wit) be put up at ouch sum as the Trustees shall then think 6t.. WM. DAVIES, Oler" to <Ae 7'rw<«'M of the said ZMraptAc yf<«<. GAZETTE ANn GuARDtAM OfliICE, High Street, Merthyr Tydvil. MR J. E. DIBB announces that he has been appointed the SOLE AGENT in Merthyr, for the Sale of Books published by J. W. PARKER, West Strand, London; including those produced under the direction of the General Litera- ture and Education Committee of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Catalogues may be had, gratis, on application at the Guardian Onice, Merthyr Tydvil. NEW SCIBHTlrlO ANXU AL. In a ctosety printed volume with Engravings, Price __„ 5s., ?HE YEAR.BOOK OF FACTS, in Science and Art; exhibiting t[,e most important Discovefies, and improvemellt of the past year. By the of the Arcana of Science, and late Editor of the Mirror. The Editor ba, included about One Thousand New Facts, classified as follows: I.-MECHANICAL and USEFUL ARTS, (including a succinct account of the Economy of ,?ys and Steam Navigation.) 11.—NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. HI-ELECTRICAL SCIENCE. IV.-CHEMISTRY. V—ZOOLOGY. VI.-BOTANV. VII.—GEOLOGY and MINERALOGY. Yin.—ASTRONOMICAL and METEOROLOGICAL PHENOMENA OF THE YEAR. IX.—MISCELLANIES. (including the Scientific Obituary of 1838.) ror every Souse and ramity, TJiNTS FOR THE TABLE: ? the Economy JLJL of Good Living, containing new instructions in Dietetics, Gastronomy, and the Art of Dining; the Dessert, and the Art of Drinking Wine; CoHee and Tea Making; Tabte Anecdotes, National Dinners, &c.- Cloth, Gilt edges, 2s. 6d. CRtTICAt OP!N!ONS. A very origina), tparkting, and clever brochure. The authorities consulted by the Author are numerous and as he has a vein of brilliant wit in himself he knows ,a how to make the most of the.Atias- "These Hints, nearly tOOO in number, will he accept. able not only to the bon vivaut, but to the good bouse. wife; health and economy, as well as luxury having been kept in view."—Spcc<<t<0f. 11 We have rarely seen a book contain so much or such a variety of information the whole is very entertaining as well as usc:!ul.Lite:.ary Gagette. Books of Devotion. CELECT PRAYERS, for all sorts and condition* S of men with devotional for the of the sick; and calculated to assist young ministers in 'their official visitation. By the Rev. S. Isaacson. A.M. 32foo B<-au!ifut!y bound in embossed cloth, with en. graved Title, and Portrait of the Archbishop of Canter. bury. Is. 6d. The same, tarter tvu*. t8<no. Is. 6d. A LTAR SERVICE, and Select Prayers, aa i above: bound together, in one votttme, in roan, gilt edges, 3s. 6d. FV?HORNTON'S FAMILY PRAYERS: eighth J. Edition. 12n)o. 4s. qpHE ALTAR SERVICE; forthe use of country J[.. congregations: with short prayers, adapted for the communion of the sick. By the Rev. S. Isaacson, \.M.; 32mo. Beautifully bound in embossed ctoth, gUtedgea, with engraved Title and Frontispiece, Is. 6d. The same, larger type, 18mo. Is. 6d. Napoleon. This day is Published, in Super-royal Octavo, Prito Sixpence, No. I. (to be continued weekly) of the VTTtSTORY OF NAPOLEON: from the French f]L of Norvins, Laurent (de t'Ardeche) Bourrienne, Las Casas, the Dnchesse d'Abrantes, Lucien Bouaparte, &c.; with Abstracts from the works of Hazlitt, Carlyle, and Sir Walter Scott. Edited by R. a. HoRME.Esq.. Author of Cosmo de MedtCt," The Death of Mar- )owe," &c. richly iHtt<'trated with many Hundred En. gravings on wood, after designs by RaCet Horace Vernet, Jacque.&c. This Work ha< originated in the belief that the great mass of the English People are imperfectly acquainted with the History and Character of Napoleon Bonaparte. Very partial accounts, characterised by extreme eulogy or extreme condemnation, have been dfSuaed in a Hmited circle, and published at too high a price, and in too votominous a form, to place them within the means of the Genera Reader. The object of the work now submitted to the Public is to give an impartial digest of all the best of the numerous pubticauons concerning Napoleon; which digest will be condensed into One Votume. The style of the Engravings and Printing, and the quality of the Paper, w)U be such as to render the Work one of the choicest speomens of the Typographic Art. To be completed in about Forty-eight Weekty Numbers, price Sixpence each; or Twelve Monthly Parts, price Two Shiiiingseach. PAPER HANGINGS. A very extensive assortment may be selected from, in c, pieces of twelve yards !o0j;, at One Shilling and Sixpence the piece. AN tMMEMSB VARIETY op PATTERNS May also be inspected, suitable for Drawing, Dining, Sitting, and Bed Rooms; Hatis, Passages. &c. MR J. E. DIBB Respectfully requesttithe attention of the Public to his entirely newlId aHperior Btock of STATIONERY. The whole has been selected with considerable care, and is marked forsate at very moderate pncea. Blotting C&ses. Quarto Btotting Cases; very neatly embossed cloth.?. 016 Ditto; embossed roan. with pockets 026 Ditto; superior emboMed roan, with pockets, lock and key 050 Ditto; btackroan. 026 Footaeap Ditto. 033 Banker's A. CountingT House Caees. Seven different sixes, nvc pockets each, black roan, Is. 6d., ts. M., 2o., 2s. 6.L, 2s. 9d.. 3s., and 3s. 3d. The same. very superior mock RusMa, 2<. 6d., 2s. 9d., 3s.,4.s.,4,s.3d.,4<.6d.,and5s. Pocket Books OF A VERY SUPERIOR DBSCtttPTtOM. Three sizes, each containing three pockets, and other conveniences, 2s. 6d., 2s. 9d., and 3s. Weekly Memorandums. Various tizes. in roan cases, with a page of Ass's ekin for each day, Is. 3d., ls.6d.,2s.. and 2s: 6d.. The same, in the form of tablets, w.ths.x leave* of Ass's skin, in very superior roan ease, with tuck, and two pockets, 2s., 2s. 6d., and 3s. Memorandum rocket Books, in '?"* cases, fastening with loops. 9d.. Is.. Is 2d.,and 1< M.. The same in mock Russia, very Mpenor, It. M., Zt., 2s. 3d., and 2s. 6d. Rulers OF VARIOUS MZM AMD MtCZS. The eamc, with Wafer Stamp, Indian Rubber, and Pencil enclosed. Is.. r< <? The same, with Wafer Stamp, Ind?n Rubber, and Pen and Pencil enclosed, Is.6d. LETTER PAPER. Per Ream. Per Quire. s. d. s. d. SupernneBathPdst. ? ? ? ? Supertiae Satin Bath '3 0 0 9 Lhtto Uitto ? 6 0 JO Ditto, Middte. 17 0 I 0 Ditto, Thick M 0 1 2 Supcrnne Thick Laid 20 0 1 2 Superfine Thick Satin, GUt. 26 0 1 P Ditto, Black Edge. 25 0 1 6 Ditto, Btack. Border. 30 0 2 U CARDIFF. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON THE FIRST OF MAY, THE WHtTE HORSE PUBLIC HOUSE. Application to be made, (if by tetter, postage paid), to Mr Wfttiams, Brewery, Cardiff. NEWBRIDGE, GLAMORGANSHIRE. An Excellent Opening for a Orocor or Draper. TO BE LET, ?HAT OLD ESTABHSHED SHOP occupied by the tate Thomae?orns, Senr., a! PENTRY BACH, NRWBR?DGB. ?ith a DweHing House, Garden and Bakehouse, Warehouse and Stable, at. tached, and to be entered upon immediately. ForftMther particulars, application to be made, (if by letter, post paid), to Thomas Morris, Newbridge. Newbridge, April 10th, 1839. go be aet, ALL the VEINS of STONE COAL and CULM ??.tytng under the MYDDYNFICH ESTATE (con- ta.ning nearly Three Hundred Acres), situate in the pansh of Handebie, in the county of Carmarthen. The t? ? °? various thickness, from two feet nve inches ? nve feet; and altogether consist of twenty.nve feet of Coal. A branch of the LlaneIIy Railway (now in the course of formation) will pass through the Property. for further pMticutars, and to treat, apply to Mr J. ?yn Je?reys, Soticitor, Swansea; if by letter, postag. VERY DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY AT LLANTRISSENT, GLAMORGAN, Mill tit %]Dltr by nItCtiOU, By Mr JOHN JONES, Attbe CROSS KEYS, in that Town on FRIDAY the 26tli Day of APRIL next, at Three o'ctock in the Afternoon. LOT i. npWO FIELDS, ca!!ed CAIA SIR DAVIDD, ad- jotmng the Town, on the road to Newbr!dge, containing 5 Acres of exceedinaly good Land, producing two tons of Hay an acre. with a Stable attached. LOT 2.-TWO DWELLING HOUSES, with exeel- ient Gardens, having a fine Spring of Water, a St-bte Brewhouse. and Two Cottages, let at £[6 Os. 0.). per annurn, rents, situate at the south aide of the Town. f.. "??? Morgan, of the Cro? Keys. wiH give aov further p?rt.cutars ;or they may be had at the OSice of MeMrs &nd Davies, Soiicitors, Merthyr. VALE OF GLAMORGAN. tro be on. t!p attctioll, By Mr JOHN AUBREY, At the BE A R INN. COWBRIDGE, on TUESDAY the 23rd of AprU, between the hours of Two and Four 'n the Afternoon, PENDOYLON. LOT 1. 1pRW ALT TWYN, Arabte, .A. IR. 4p., part of ,?MaesarrelFarm. Tenant, John Thomas. Land ,,??'-?????????'<?y Pasture, ia T?''???'?-??-??"? One Field, cahed me remamderby John Bass?t[""MLa?'Tax?9g. 6d. BONVILSTON. LOT 3.-Part of CAIA MARTIN, Pasture, in Three Fields, tOA 2R. 6p. Tenant, the said John Bassett Land Tax, 6s. 3d. LOT 4—CAIA Four Inclosures, Including a thriving Ptantation, 7 A. 2R. 32p. Tenant, the said Evan Samuel. Land Tax, 2s. 9d. LOT 5.—THREE ACRES, by the Wither Mawr, Meadow, 3A. lR. 10P. Tenant, Lewis Herbert. Land Tax, Is. 4¿d. PETERSTONE SUPER ELY. LOT 6.-TYR BRY\. in Three enctosnres, 13A. tR. 17?. Tenant, WtHtam Harry. The above Lots are Freehotd. ST. FAGANS. LOT 7.-TH'!EE FIELDS, Pasture, part of Tre- gochas Farm, 16A. 3tt.2P., Copyhold of the Manor of Pentirch and Clum. tenant, Llewellyn Morgan. LANBLETHIAN. LOT 8.-ERW CROSS GWILLIM, AraMe, about an Acre and a Ha!t, B?r Aberthin, Copyhotd of the Manor of Lanbtethian. Tenant, Thomas John. Further particulars may be had on application (pot paid) to Mr Bcvan.Sohcuor, Cowbridge, at whose Office a Map may be seen. The Tenants will shew the Lands. MERTHYR-TYDVltI—————— Sale of Dr&pery and Rousehold rurniture. MR JOHN JONES Mill c9Œer (tp Attction, On the Premises of Mr WIrLIAM JONES, HIGH STREET. MERTHYR, (who is reinovin-, from the Town, and wilt be succeeded in the Business by his Brother, Mr David Jones,) on the 20th, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th inst., ?HE whote ofh? Va!uabtc STOCK IN TRADE and Excet'ent HOUSEHOLD FURN!TURE The Drapery. Mercery &CwiU be Sold on Saturday and Monday, the 20th and 22nd inst.; and the House- hold Furniture Oll Tuesday and Wednesday, the 23rd and 24th. The Sale to commence each day at Two o'clock. Annual Sale of Pat Sheep, &c. E. PRITCHARD TDEGS most reapectfuHy to announce to hi. J[J? Friends and the PuMic generally, chat he has received instructions from the Proprietor, (WUIiam Morgan, Esq.,) C71D eU tv auictiolt, At LLANWENARTH FARM YARD, near ABER- GAVENNY. MONMOUTHSHIRE, on MONDAY, the 15th APRIL, 1839. the whole of his exceedingly Valuable F.\T SHEEP, &c.; comprising. Two Hun- dred and Fifty pure bred Fat Leicester Wethers, in tuitable Lots; 20 Fat Lambs; 2 useful Draught Horses; I three years old Saddle Mare. steady in Harness; I three years old Nag Gelding, &c. &c. The Auctioneer need not comment on the quality of the above Stock, as it is a wen-ascertained fact to be equal, if not superior, to any in the county. Sate?to commence precisely at 11 o'clock. Three Months' credit on approved security. TREDEGAR IRON WORKS, MONMOUTHSHIRE. fro fit &ony fig pribate Cotitract, ( Uader an Auignmentfor the Benefit of Creditorlj) lHE GOOD-WILL ofall that Capital and Wetl- t Established COMMERCIAL INN and HOTEL, called THE CASTLE, situate at TREDEGAR IRON WORKS, in the County of Monmnuth; together with the whole of the STOCK.IN.TRADE, consisting of ChoMe Wines, Spirits, Beer. &c., Furniture, Xrewing Utensila, Hortes, Carriages, and Harness, (which may be taken at a valuation,) late the property of Mr Etam Sims. The premises are very commodious and extensive, and well provided with Stables, Coach-houses, Brew- house, &c.; are eligibly situate for business; ia the populous and flourishing Town of Tredegar aforesaid and may be had for a term, by an approved tenant. The business hitherto done on the said premises. In the Commercial, as well as the Wine and Spirit and Beer Trades, has been considerable, and may be very materially increased. A Coach from the above House, to and from Newport, daily. For viewing the same, and for further partIculars, to Mr Harrhy, at the Bank. in Tredegar aforesaid; or to Mr C. G. Baker, oi R)sc& and Tredeg&r, SoUdtor. to Ur Harrhy, at the Bank. in*'rredegar af6reiaid or To ]%Dokbinders. 'No1 T/y ANTED, in?tediatety. an Active and Steady ?''?Q. as BtNDER, having a perfect knowledge of Forwarding an< F?ishing. ?t! P?'??rs, ?pply (if by tetter, post paid), to Wtlliam Rees, P-int?rand Publisher, Llandovery. TO GROCERS. w ANTED Mfnediately a Steady and Active YOUNG MAN, whose character will bear the strictest inqu..y. Apply, personal?, orby letter, (postpaid), to Mr Wm. Evans, Grocer, Newport. Monmouthshire. M. CHAPNEY BEGS toinfonctthe Gentry and Inhabitants of MERTHYH,aaditSY)cinity,tha'he is now resi- dent in Town, and purposes giVing instruction, in Boarding Schools and Private. FamHies, in the French, German and Italian languages: he also teache* the German Flute, on Nicholson's principle. M. C. has been for many years a private Tutor in the Family of a Member of Parliament; and can produce most satisfactory testimonials as to ability. Applications to be made at the Office of thit paper, Aterthyr, April II, t839. 1839. ?0 COVER THIS SEASON, at COWBRIDGE, at One Guinea each Mare, and Hatf-a-Cruwn the Groom, the Groom's Fee to be paid at the nrst time of Covering, and the remainder before the &Mt of June next, WILL WATCH, By Middleton, out of Maid of the Mill, (Washington's Dam) by Zodiac, her Dam Tobou, by Don Quixote. He is t bright Bay, fifteen hands two inche* high, with great bone and power. His Stock are very are equal to any heavy weights as Hunters; and are tumciently powerful for Barouche or Carriage Horses. Every accommodation and convenience for Mares, at the usual Prices. 1839. T?O COVER THIS SEASON, at ST. BRIDES MAJOR, near BRtDGEND, that Cetebrated Horse U M C K Bred by his Grace the Duke of Grafton, and is now "sing eight years old. Thorough-bred Mares at Five aovereings each, Half-bred Mares Two Sovereigns each, and Five Shillings the Groom, the Groom's Fee to be paid at the time of Covering, and the remainder on or before the nrst of July next. Ulick was got by St. Patrick, out of Turquoise by Selim, her Dam Pope Joan (sister to Pledge) by Waxy out of Prunella by HighSyer; St Patrick was by Wal- ton, his dam by Dick Andrews, grandam by Trumpator, great grandam by Highflyer. St. Patrick (sire of Ulick) won the great St. Leger Stakes at Doncaster. Tur. quoise (Ulick's dam) won the Oaks Stakes at Epsom. The performance)! of Ulick have not been numerous, as he is supposed to have injured his off fetlock joint before, when young, which prevented his coming out often but his running has been respectable. At two years old Utick started for the Criterion Stakes at Newmarket, and was not placed He did not start at three years old. At four years old he ran four timps at Newmarket; twice in Handicap Stakes of one ante each, in both of which he was unsuccessful; he won the Town Plate, in the 2nd October Meeting, two mtles, beating Col. Peel's Bubastes, Sir J. Graham's Zuhma <nd Nimble. He also won a match at the Houghton Meeting, beating Lord Chesterfield's Eva, two nutes. At five years old he ram only twice; he ran second to Lord Exeter's Luck's AH, for the Jockey Club Plate, beating the Duke of won the :ownl"'iiérner's Murtin, and Mr J. Day's Diligence. The above are the only tunes of Ulick's starting public. His colour is a dark chestnut; has an excellent constitution, temper and action. Any further information can he obtained, by apply- ing to John Edwards, at the Greyhound Ina, St. Brides Major. near Bridgetid. Poland's Speciftc Solution. T70R speedily cunn? Gonorrhtea, G'ee's, Stric- _L tures, Irritation of the Ki?nie*, Bidder, Prostrate Gland, tmd all Diseases of the Urinary Passages. Pains in the Loins, Stone in the Bladder, Gravel, Lumbago, and Local Debility, &c. CASE OF STOtfE I THE BLADDER CURED. r=:=';=<-=:=;=i Look at the Cut; it represents II Stone expelled by Yoland's bolutton on the 25th of October, IMo, and the Proprietors challenge tt.e whole world to produce a case in parallel. It weighs one ounce and half, is. three and a hall inches in length, and four and a quarter .n c.rcum- ferencc. The patient had suffered for years, and struments oassed without success- but a abort continuance of Yoland's solution relieved and fi,laily removed all her sufferings. She was miserable but is now happy, aud desires her case to bo made public, ?er name and ad. dress is Mrs Anue SPilifirle 5 Bedford Street, Btackwal], and the medical gentleman who attempted the operation. Mr Christopher Tathnm, of Poplar If you doubt, apply to the patient; caH, or desire som? ?'?,??' ?°° the Proprietors of the Solution, at 138, HOLBORN, near Furnival's Inn, London, who will gladly afford every facility to enquiry, also shew the stope. which is now in their possession. YOLAND'S SOLUTION is equally emcacious in all the diseases for which it is recommended —it never ftils,-read the testimoniills,-ty it, and you will very soon add years to the thousands )t has already cured; no matter how long yod may have suffered, or how bad your case may appear, for it effectually cures when all other means have ftited. The Proprietors. being determined to prove it i" every way. repeatedly offered fIVE HUNDRED POUNDS REWARD to any one who fould equal it, but no one could. It has esta- blished itself upon its own merits alone, for the method of pufnng h<ts never been reported to—indeed preparations jntrinsically valuable, such as Solution, do not require it. TESTIMONIAL. Having tried Yoland's Specific Solution in our pubtic and private practice, for Urethral we readily bear our testimony to its very superior powers, its perfect safety, and permanent effects; altogether, we consider it other in all nrethral disease'. Signed by Surgeon cooper, H. Ley. M.D. Lecturer on Midwifery, Dr- Clarke, Dr. Green, &c. Sold in Bottles at 2s. 9d. 4.s od.andUs. each, by D. Morgan, Druggist, MertbyrTydfil; Wil- liams, Cambrian Omce, Swansea ;J. L. Brigstocke.and Rvans. Journal Ofnce, C&rmarthen P. John Rees, Vatcheland Phi!!)p?Cardtft; Wi))iams,Pontypool; Hird and Drinkwater, Pembroke; GtifHth and Protheroe Narberth; Hawood. Neath; bvans, Newport; Davis and Williams, CardigM. "radford. Chepstow; Farror, Moumouth; Rees, Dandovery; Ferris, Browne, and Score, Union-street, Bnstot, and by all Chemists And Patent Medicine Venders )n the Kingdom. Whole sale by Hannay aud Co 6, Oxford Street, London. Prepared and sold Reta'' by Messrs GRAHAM and Co., 138, Holborn, near turmval's Inn, London, where the Physician may be consufted as usual, personalty, from 9 till 3 daily, or by 'etter, (post paid) enclosing the usual fee of 10s.; and pat'enta m ? country wilt be corresponded with until cured. Dropay and' Consumption Cured By a Physician. The new system triumphant!! The most extreme cases being da''y cured with great rapidity, as reference to patients wU' P'ove. So satisfied is the discoverer of the certauny of hts success, that be ift willing to forego his fee (to all who personally apply) for advice unfit after they are cured. Attendance from 9 tiil 3 daily, at Messrs. GRAHAM & Co.'s. t38. Holborn, ncarFurnM's fnn, London, where may be obtained the Anti-consumptive Ltuunent, so celebrated for quickly curing and preventing Consumptton, Asthma, Colds, Coughs, and all diseases of the Lungs, Throat, Liver, and stomach, whfch IS etfectd without tenderness, or other inconvenience. The remedy is perfectly safe, and is applied by gentle friction, and its power is so great in strengthening the Chest, &c. that a!< of weakly habits, or predisposed to pulmonary creases, should apply to it without delay; a? also a'l Vocalists, Public Speakers, &c., who necessarity have much exercise for the Lungs. With each bottle will be g'ven the Essay )ateiy published, on the new method of Curmg Dropsy and Consumption. or the latter may be had atone of all booksetters, or at Messrs. Graham's as above. The Anti-consumptive Liniment may be obtained of the Agents for Yoland'o Solati- Price 4a. 6d. and lOs. TEETH. MR EDWARD KING, SURGEON DE.VTRST, TDEGS to inform the Gentry and Inhabitants 3 generally of ABERGAVENNY, that he may be consulted, in all cases relative to Denta) Surgery and Mechanism, at Mr DAWES, GROCER. CROSS STREET, on TUESDAY next, where he will remain till Thursday Evening; and On FRIDAY next, the t8th, Mr King will attend at ME .THYR. and may be consumed (from Ten till Four), at Mr PURCHASE'S CASTLE HOTEL. Natural and Artiicial Teeth fixed from one to a corn. plete set, on improved principles. Teeth Mopped with Go)d. PIatina, and Mineral Cement.—Residente, Forge Vi))a, near Brecon. April llth, !8M. TO TRAVKLLERS. MERCHANTS, CAPTAINS, SHIPPERS, AND FAMILIES. T?RAVS CHALYBEATE GERMAN SE!D. J T LITZ POWDERS, prepared only at US. Ho!bom 'H'H. and 9, Agar Street, Strand. Sctd in boxes eon. atn-ng powders for 12 gtasxes at 2s. each, and in botties ntted in cases, with spoon, measure, &c., compiete, at 7s. 6d. and 10s.6d. each. very convenient for travelling or exportation. Also Wray's Improved Sodiac, Ginger Beer, and Lemonade Powders, in packets for 18 tumblers, at It. to Is. 3d., or cases eomulete for travelling, at 5s. and 7s. 6d. each. Common SeidHtz, to make 21 glasses, 3s. per packet. A liberal aHowance to merchants and captains. Be carefu) to have the Chalybeate German Seidlitz Powders," prepared only by M. 0. Wray, as no others are genuine. Subjoined are a few of the many favourable notices of the above articles by the press, with which M. 0. Wray has been honoured, and numerom medical gentlemen and private individuats have borne testimony to their superior efncacy. "Dr.GranviHe's delightful work,'The Spas of Ger. many,' will, no dottbt, induce many persons to visit those celebrated springs who sund in need of renovated health. In cases, however, where the bath* are not indisnensable, and when the chalybeate properties of the Seidlitz waters are only required internally, the German SeidHtz Powders manufactured by M. Wray. chemist, of Holborn Hill, will, no doubt, answer every purpose, as we understand that a correct analysis by several eminent professors of che- mistry has proved that these powders contain the valuable mineral tonic of the celebrated real waters.—Court Journal, July 27th. 1837. "THE CELEBRATED SPAS If GERMANY.—The Chatybeate properties of the Stidlitz Waters, in Germany have long been held in high estimation, and their efficacy in all cases of Scrofula and other cutaneous affections has been fully established. A correct analysis of the powders prepared by Mr Wray, of Holbora Hill, by several eminent professors of Chemistry, has proved that they contain the valuable Minera) Tonic on which the virtues of the real waters so much depend in an active and unimpaired state, and the absence of which in the common Seidtitz Powders, probably accounts for their utter-inetucacY in all cases where the genuine waters have proved so highty benencial. AH the advantages may now be derived from the use of Mr Wray's Chalybeate German Seidlitz Powders, as would be experienced from a resort to those celebrated Continental springs, the expense and inconvenience of which too often place it out of the reach of many who would be happy to avail themselves of their renovating properties."—The News May 24th, 1835. Now that the hot weather has set in, no beverage is more salutary than Seidlitz Powders in a glass of water. We have no hesitation in stating, in reference to Mr M. 0. Wray's advertisement in another column, his powders are of excellent quality, combining, as they do, tonic and aperient properties in admirable perfection."— The ??'M, May Mth, 1335. "In justice to Mr Wray, of Hotborn Hil). we cannot foogpr withhold from the public our nnquatified appro- bation of his Chalybeate Gfrmau Seidiitx Powders. With regard tf the; uu oetmifz Spring than any we have hitherto met with and whe- ther taken during the sultry heats of summer or the chiHing blasts of winter, they will be found an pquaDy and agreeahle aperient, To the hilious, the dys. peptic. to persons of Ii languid temperament, and to tholle who frequency indu)ge in Bacchanalian excesses, they wi)t prove invatuabte."—The .S'<n, June 2d, I8M. Prepared on)y by M. 0. Wray. and sotd Wholesale and Retail, at Xo. Us. Holborn Hi)); and at the West end Uepot, 9, Agar Street. Strand, opposite Charing Cross Hospital; also by Edwards, 67, St. Paul's Church Yard Messrs. Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon Street; Rut!er, 4, Cheapside; Sutton and Co., No. 10. How Church Yard and Retai) by Jobnston. 68. Cornhil! Singer, i50, Oxford Street; Lowe and HornMower. 47, B)ac)tfriars Road; and by aU'respectahte Patent Medicine Venders in Town and Countrv, at 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d.. and 11s.each box. IN CASES OF SECRECY CONSULT THE TREATISE On every Stage and Symptom of the VENEREAL DISEASE, iti its mi)d and most alarming forms, just puhtished by MESSRS. PERRY &c Co., SURGEONS, 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham; 23. Slater Street, Liverpoo); and 2, Bille Street, Manchester; and given yra<M with each Box of PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS Price 28. 9d., 48, 6d. and lis. per Boj-, ?? ?ONTAINING a the above complaint, ??y? ??? ILLUSTRATRD BY ENGHA VINGS, shew- iug the different sages ???S?? of this deplorable and ?&? ?t? often fatal disease, as well as the dreadrul ??? ?t effects arising from the ?P?. MM?M?C?r use of mercury, aecom- ??t??EJS???' panied with ptain and practical directions for au effectual and speedy cure with ease, secrecy, and safety, without the aid of medica I assistance. o ??Y'S PURIFYING SP?C?F?C PILLS, pr<ce ?.Hd., 4t.6d.QMt! Ut.per Bo.r,arewe)l known throughout Europe aud America, to be the most certain and eSeetua] cure ever discovered for every stage and symptom of the Venereal Disease, in both sexes, inctuding Gonorrhea, (jteets_ Secondary Symptoms, Strictures. Seminal Weak- ness, Denciency, and all the Diseases of the Urinary Passages, w?hout loss of time, confinement, or hind- rance trom business; they have eSccted the most sur- prising cures, not only iu recent and severe cases, but when salivation and a)) other means have faUed; and when an early application is made to these Pills for the cure of the Venereal Disease, frequently contracted in a moment of inebriety, the eradication is geaera!)y com- ptetcd in a few days aud in the more advanced and inveterate stages of venereal infeetion, characterized by a variety of painful and distressing symptoms, a perse- verance in the Specific Pills, and to the. directions fully pointed out in the Treatise, will enure to the patient a permanent and radical ctire. It is a melancholy fact that thousands fall victims to this horrid disease, owing to the unskitfulaess of illiterate men, who by the use of that deadty poison, mercury, ruin the constitution, cause u)ceration, blotches on the head, face, and body, dimness of sight, noise in the ears, deaf. ness, obstinate gteets. nodes on the shin bones, ulcerated sore throats, diseased nose, wtth nocturnal pains in the head and limbs. till at length a general debility and de- cay of the constitution ensues, and a melancholy death puts a period to their dreadful sufferings. In those dreadful cases of sexuat debility, brought on by an early and indiscriminate mdutgence of the passions, frequently acquired without the knowledge of the dread. fut consequences resulting therefrom, and which not only entail on its votaries all the enervating imbecilities of old age, and occasion the necessity of renouncing the felicities of marriage to those who have given way to this detusive and destructive habtt, but weaken and destroy all the bodily senses, producing me)ancho)y, deficiency, and a numerous train of nervous affections. In these distressing cases, whether the consequence of such baneful habits, or any other cause, a certain and speedy cure may be re- tied on by taking Perry's Punfying Specific PiUs. and by a strict attention totbe directions pointed out in the Treatise, which fuMy explains the dreadful reoutts arising from these melancholy cases. Messrs Perry and Co., Surgeons, may be coMutted as usual at No. 4, Great Charter Street, Birmingham, and 23, Slater Street, Liverpool. Only one personal visit is required from a country pattent, to enable Messrs Perry and Co. to give such advtee, as will be the means of effecting a permanent and effectual cure, after all other means have proved ineSectua). Letter* for advice must be post paid, and contain the usualfee of one pound. Sold by the principal Medicine Setters in every Market Town in Eogtand, Scotland. Wales, and Ireland also on the Continent, and North and South America. N.B.—Country Druggists, Bookselters, Patent Medi. cine Venders, and every other Shopkeeper can he sup- plied with any quantity of Perry's Purifying Speeihc PtDs, with the usual allowance to the trade, by Batciay and Son, Farringdon Street; Butter. 4, Cheapside Rdwards, 67, St. Pan! s Church Yard Sutton and Co.. Bow Church Yard Hannay and Co.63. Oxford Street and by all other whoiesala patema Medicine Houses in Loudoo. Brecknock and Abergavenny C&nal Navigration. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the NEXT ? HALF YHARLY MEETt-?G, or ASSEMBLY, of the Company of Proprietors of the said Navigation, WILL BE HELD at the SHIRE HALL, in the Town of BHECON, on THURSDAY, the 25th inst., at 12 o Clock at Noon. JAMES PEIRCE, Clerk to the CoMtpasy 0/' Propraelors. Canal Omce, near Abergavenny, Srd April, 1839. 13RISTOL a.nd NEWPORT STEAM PACKETS USK AND GLAMORGAN, ?3?? WILL SAIL Dul-ingthe-Nl3XT WEEK, as follow. FROM BRISTOL. APRIL 15, Monday 71 morn 16, Tuesday 8 morn 17. Wednesday 8mom J&. Thursday 9morn 19. l<'riday .n. 10 morn 20, Saturday 11 [hOrn FROM NEWPORT. APRIL t5. Monday 6 morn 16, Tuesday. 61 morn 17, WeduesJay. 7 ,norn IS. Thursday 71 morn 19, Friday g morn 20, Saturday 84 morn FARES:—After -Cabin, .J.s.-Fore.Cabin, 2s.—Chi) dren under 12 Years of Age, Hatf-priee.—Dogs, Is. each. Four-Whee! Carriage, 20s.; Two-Wheel ditto, 10s Horses each, 5< Two.Wheet Carriage or light Phaeton, drawn by one Horse with one Passenger, 15s.; Horse and Rider, After.Cabin ,7s.; ditto Fore-Cabin, 6s. 0;;71 The Proprietors of the above Paeketf. GIVE NOTICE that they wi)) not beaceonntab!e for any Passenger's Luggage. norw:H they be answerable for any Goods, Package,or Parce!(if tost or damaged) untess booked at either of their Omeesin Bristol or Newport; and if above the vatue of 40s. entered at its value and Carriage in proportion paid for the same at the time of Booking. GMds, Packager and Parcels should be delivered at the Packet Omce, one hour (at least) before the time stated for Sailing. These Packets wiU commence Plying twice a day on the First of May. The Chepstow Packet wiH resume her station early next Month. Po?TYpooL AND ABERGAVE?y.CoaehesDaity between thespp)ace* and Newport. TREDEGAR IROM WORKS, through Abercarn, New. budge. Bedweity, and a b.anch from Newbridge to Nantygto.—A Coach Daity between these ptaces and Newport; arriving at Newport about 10 o'clock morn. ing, and starting at I o'clock afternoon. Apply at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Com- pany's Omee, Quay, Bristol; or at the Packet-OSccs, Kownham-Wharf, HotweUs, and Rodnev Wharf New. port. JOHN JONES, Agent. THE CARU1FF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKET NAUTILUS. JOHN ALLEN, Commander. LADY CHARLOTTE IS INTENDED TO SAtL ??. Dm-iu? the NEXT WEEK. as fottows, J??SSit ??!/A /t&er?y ?o jTcM? Fe?e?.? FROM CARDIFF. APRIL 15.. Monday .Nautitus. 6 tT.orning 16..Tuesday. Lady Charlotte 6! morning 17.. Wednesday ..Nautitus 7 morning 18..Thursday. L?dy Chartotto 7? mornin" 19..Friday .Nautitus. s mining 20..Saturday Lady Charlotte 9 ruoraing FROM BRISTOL. APRIL 15..Monday .Lady Charlotte li morning 16..Tuesday.Nautilus. 6 morning 17..Wednesday..Lady Charlotte 6 morning 18..Tilursday Nautilus o7inorninv 19.. Friday.Lady Charlotte 7i morning 20..Saturday.Nautitus. 8 morning Carriages and Horses to be along-side an hour previous to the time of Sailing. FARES:—After Cabia, 5s.-Fore Cabin, 3s. Children under 12 Years of Age, Hatf.price.—Dogs Is each. A Female Steward attends the Ladies'Cabin. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four-Whee) Carriage, 21s.; Ditto drawn by One Horse. t0s.6d.; 'wo-Wheet Carriage, 10s. 6d.; Horses, 6s. each; Horse and Rider, After Cabin. 9s.; Fore Cabin, 7s. 6d.; Cattle, 6s.; Sheep, is. Pigs, Is. These Fares include every expense. Freighters are requested to order all Hoods intended for the NAUTILUS to be sent to No. 12, Quay Street, or to Hubert Chaplin. Cumberland Basin Locks; and for the LADY CH\){LOTTE, to Oare Street Halt, Marsh Street, Bristol. Goods wiU be hauled from the Warehouses to the rackets, at the expense of the Companies. Aferth 't/r, N ewbridqe. A berdare. Cowbridge, RridgClld. Llanti-isseret,and Cae;philty.-Goods forwarded to these Places in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Cana) Boats im- modiate)yonarrtvat, untess ordered by any particular conveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse tiH catted for.—Freight to be paid on delivery. Goods, Package', Parcels, &c. forwarded to a))parta of thekitigdotuwi ,thotit delay when sent to eitherofthei' Steam Packet Offices in Carditfor Bristol. Farther information as to Freight, &c. will bt rcadity obtained by appfying to the Agents, Mr Woodman, Agent, at the Packet Omce on the Wharf. Cardiff; or to Mr John Griffith Jones. Agent No. 12, Quay Street, Bristo), for the NAUTILUS Pac. ket; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet OHice, on the Wharf. Cardiff; or to Mr W. B. Owen, 16, Avon Cres. cent. HotweUs, Bristol, for the LADY CHARLOTTE Packet. NoTtCE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passengers Luggage, nor will they be answerabte for any Goods. Packages, or Parcels (if )ost or damaged by Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their Offices at Carditfor Bristo:, if above the vafue portion paid for the same, at the time of Booking.— Goods consigned to order, or Dot taken before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expence of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, not on)y for freight and charges due thereon. but also for all un. satisned Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weight or measure ent, claims for los. or dalnage, &c., cannot be attowed, unless a written notice of the same be tent to the Ofnce on the day of delivery. IpO those aSicted with GOUT, RHEUMATISM L LUMBAGO. SCIATICA. TIC t)OLOREUX, PAINS in the HEAD and FACE, often mistaken for the TOOIH-ACHE &e. &c. There is no medicine to whose pratae higher and mo) f nnMerou9 testimonial have been xtyen. than to "Stair's Gout and Rheumlltlc all parh of the and every r.\uk in society, the.r great ejtic.(cyit acknowledged The recent case of the Che'er dt tc Garde. Chxmbertain to Staniiitaos. late Kinn of Poland. 's one of the mostconvinciM proof.) otthtir ground extraortiinai-y virtues. Simitar etfect. wer.. also expLfienced by the Rev. fr Biomberg, of mspertf-c HAII, Yorkshire, Ch..ptam to h.s late fajesty, and Rector of Cripplegate. Londou, t-ho, with a sp)rj[ of thp kindert hu. iiianity, voluntarily save his tesnmony to their hzppy eCects Cases have from time to t)")e been punished, ait transmitted by, or who CM bear testimony tot?eir e?rftordioarv ?m<-ef). ). om Mr Sn.eeto, Leed.. Mr Drewry. Derby iMr ?bt? Hoston, ]\tr Drury. Lincou). Mr Hattet-sby. BartM Mr H?\) Gamsbon?h, Mr Gardner. Banbury, MrM.y. EvefhamMr Walker, Ma.m.sbury. Mr Cl,iiiii, Launceston, a'nd a multitude of o.hers throu){'.out the K.ngdom. particutarty in LeudolJ ?d tts Ttcn.ity, too numero?for msprtio,, ,„ .,n .td'erti.ement The ..m.cttd with those to.met.ti,,g diseMe. G? ?°?' m.tic Gout. Rheumatic. Lumb.g? s?a' P.? ? ? Head and Face, often mistaken for the ?th A? T? Datcreu??c.?i?nd from the use of this M?c? t'.a. .peedy rehef fo. .t ). so ee!ebrated. Andwhiet etttcacy is unp.tra!te)ed for the foregoing diseases tm'.t h' c.nsotat.ryto the aN.cted wi,h G..ut. ? '00 ?u?d th? ? poMe?M the rropeny of preventu? (j.e disease nying to the hratu.stomMh.orothetYitatp&rt. ? S?d by Thomas Prout, 229, Strand. London and bv h!t appointment. byM.D Morgan. Dru?),t, Merthy?Tvdvi) ?r C.); Mr Farror,' ?'M.?'? ?' throughout theKi'n?.?'?ce .???????????? ??Si? ??"-? '??' ?'? ? -? ?? ? MERTHYR TYDVIL UNION. Contract for Bread. THE Guardians of this Union will be ready to RECEtVE TENDERS <m or before SATUR- DAY, the 20th of APRIL instant, from Persons witling to Contract for snppjying BREAD to Paupers from the 25th day of April up to and including the 25th day of October, 1839, in the undermentioned Partshe*,viz:— MERTHYR TYDVIL, ABERDARE. PENDERYN. For the guidance of such persons as are disposed to Tender, it is necessary to state that Bread to the value of .Et8 weekly, will be required to be delivered in the Town of Merthyr Tydvi!; £5 in the Village of Aberdare, and £2 in the Village of Hirwain, in the Parish of renderyn. Security to be given for Ihe die..p<t<Mmauce of the Contract, if Nquired. which mtlst be sealed and marked o the outside Bread Tender," tobe Mn,tto Nty Office free of expenta. By order of the Board, J. W. EDWARDS, Merthyr Tydvi!, April 3rd, 1839. C/crA. LLANSPYTHID HOUSE. TO BE LET, WtTH tMMEOIATE POSSESStOJt, A N ELIGIBLE and CONVENIENT HOUSE, /A with suitahte OfHces, Coach House, and Sttbte attached, adapted for the residence of a small family, situate within Two Mites of the Town of Brecknock, on the Turnpike Road leading from thence to Treeastle, and ou the banks of the River Usk, with a right of Fishery therein, extending the distance of a Mile. For farther particulars apply, if by letter, post-paid, to Mr Hugh Jones, Land Agent Brecon.


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