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Glamorganshtre Canal Navigation. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the AN- JJ\ NUAL GENERAL MEETING or Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of this Naviga'ion will be held at the CARDIFF NRMS INN. in the Town of CARDIFF, on WEDNESDAY the 5th Day of JUNE next, at the hour of Eleven in the Forenoon. GEO. FORREST, Clerk to the Company. Navigation House, 15th May, 1839 ROYAL WESTERN HOTEL AND POSTING HOUSE, COLLEGE PLACE, BRISTOL. THE Proprietors have the honour of announcing' to the Nobility, Gentry, and their Friends, that this SPACIOUS MOTEL has been opened since the 18th of April laat,-otycring first rate accommodation. The situation of the Roval Western Hotel, between Bristol, Clifton, and the Hotwells, affords every facility either for pleasure, business, or the packets. Gentlemen or Families desirous of proceeding to London, Exeter, or Bath, may do so by Coaches, leaving the Hotel every Morning. The Proprietors in soliciting the patronage of their friends and the public, assures them their best attention shall be afforded to all their comforts, and the charges reasonable. WINES OF THE FINEST VINTAGES. Turtle and other Soups in the highest perfection. Hot, Vapour and Cold Baths. Koyal Western Hotel, May 14, 1839. BUE CON SHIRE. Llanynis Tithe Commutation. N OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a PUBLIC MEE ITNG of the LAN DO WN ERS of the above- mentioned Parish of LLANYNIS, will be holden at the LION HOTEL. in the Town of pUlLTH, in the said irri?ty °f Rrecon> OT1 MONDAY the Tenth Day of JUNE next, at 12 o'clock at Noon, at which Meeting the Landowners, having any maps or plans of their respective Estates, are requested to produce the same, and to select and agree upon such of them as shall be used by the valuers chosen in making the apportionment of the rent charge agreed upon in lieu of the Tithes of the said Parish and also to direct the said valuers ac- cording to the provisions of the Acts of 6th and 7th Wm. 4, cap. 71, and 1st Vict, cap. 69; in default whereof the valuers will proceed to make the apportion- ment under the powers given to them by the said Acts. E. VAUGHAN, Solicitor. Builth, May 20th, 1839. ARCHDEACONRY or BaECO. r "HE ANNUAL MEETING of the Subscribers 8 to the CLERICAL CHARITY, in this Arch- deaconry. will be held at the SWAN INN, BRECON on TUESDAY the Fourth Day of JUNE, when a SERMON will be preached on the occasion, at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon, in St. Mary's Chapel, by the Rev. It W. P. Davies A M., Rector of Llangasty-tal-y-llyn. A Collection in aid of the Funds of this Institution \»ill be made at the chapel doors after service. Dinner at 3. each. on the table at Four o'clock STEWARDS. CHARLES CLAUDE CLIFTON, Esq. Tymawr. REV. WILLI \M JONES, Llandifailog. JOHN WILLIAMS: Secretary. Brecon, May 20th, 1839. I HARRY PHELPS GOODE, of HAVERFORD- 9 WST, Landsurveyor, the Apportioner duly ap- pointed for the Parish of COLWINSrONE. in the County of GLAMORGAN, under the provisions of the Act of his late Maj.-sty King William the IV, 6 and 7. c. 71, intituled, An Act for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales," Do hereby CALL A PAROCH- IAL MEETING of the PROPRIETORS OF LANDS in the said Parish, to be holden at the BEAR INN, in the Town ef COWBRIDGE, in the said County, on TUESDAY, the 25th day of JUNE next, at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon, at which Meeting all Proprietors of Lands having any Maps or Plans thereof, are required to produce the same, and such Proprietors will then and there be required to instruct the Apportioner as to what Maps are to be used for the purposes of the apportion- ment, and upon such other points as are required by the Acts 6 and 7 William IV, c. 71. and 1 Victoria, c. f>9, and in default thereof I shall proceed to such apportionment under the powers vested in me by the said recited Acts. May 30th, 1839. I HARRY PHELPS GOODE, of HAVER- J FORI) WEST, Landsurveyor, the Apportioner duly appointed for the Parish of LISWORNEY, in the Cotnty of GLAMORGAN, under the prolusions of tlio Act of his late Majesty King William the IV, 6 and 7. c. 71. intituled, An Act for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales," Do hereby CALL A PARO- CHIAL MEETING of tin PROPRIETORS OF LANDS in the said Parish, to be holden at the BEAR INN, in the Town of COWBRIDGE, in the said County, on TUESDAY the 25th day of JUNE next, at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon, at which Meeting ali Proprietors of Lands having any Maps or Plan? thereof, are required to pro- duce the same, and such Proprietors will then and there be required to instruct the Apportloner M to what Maps are to be used for the purposes of the Apportionment, and upon such other points as are required by the Acts 6 and 7 William the IV, c. 71, and I Victoria, c. 69, and in default thereof I shall proceed to such Apportionment under the powers vested in me by the said recited Acts. May 30th, 1839. IRON WORK FOR SAI/E. THE PROPRIETOR of an IRON WORK, in the County of LANARK, having great extent of Land and Minerals attached to it, is disposed to sell the same, and is ready to treat with any party inclined to purchase. The LAN D extends to about eleven hundred Acres, and the MINERALS to about thirty-four hundred Acres—the whole free of any rent, feu-duty, or lord- ship. The MINERAL FIELD contains several seams of COAL, suited to IRON MAKING, and a SEAM of CANAL COAL— IRON-STON E in great variety, extending over the whole property, among these the Blackband, of excellent quality and thick- ness, to the extent of upwards of five hundred Acres, "and several SEAMS of LIME-STONE. The present winnings of COAL and IRON-STONE will last at an out-put adequate for four or five fur- naces for many years to come, and the LIMES I ONE can be had in any quantity close to the surface. There is command of water for all purposes, and abundance of FREESTONE, FIRE CLAY, and COMMON BRICK CLAY and SAND. The blast engine is capable of blowing five furnaces to the extent now generally done in Scotland. I here is a FORGE and ROLLING MILL, which, with a trilling outlay in alterations and repairs, are capable of producing 200 tons of bar iron weekly, and the works in general are well found in machinery and implements of every description. There is a Mansion-House, Manager's, and Clerk's Houses, Inn, Store, and other Buildings, and a pretty full complement of Workmen's Houses, with Work- shops, &c. The MINERALS lie near the surface, are easily wrought, and cheaply produced, and the carriage of the manufacture to the different markets is moderate; that to London not exceeding in all, from the Works, sixteen shillings a ton. The PIG is strong and of a superior quality, being well adapted for all kinds of Foundry Castings, and it produces the very best des- cription of BAIL IRON. There is a considerable stock of Materials on band, which the purchaser may have at a valuation; also the benefit of any existing engagements with workmen and others, so fir as transferable.—Immediate entry to be given to the whole. A most eligible opportunity is here afforded to any party wishing to enter into the Iron Trade, particularly to a Capitalist or a Joint Stock Company, from the scope which the subject offered presents for the ex- ercise of capital in the extension there of the Iron 'nanufacture in all its branches, and under the most favourable circumstances. The payment of the price may be made to suit the convenience of a purchaser. The most ample and satisfactory information will be given. In the mean time, for further information, aprllicatiou may be made to Messrs. William Graham aud Song, London; Edmund Buckley, Esq., Mruiehcs- *er; Thomas Boyd, Esq., Liverpool Benjamin CJib- yP'.ls> Esq., Level Furnaces, Staffordshire; John Wilson, Esq., of Oundyvaii Iron Works, Glasgow; WIlham Dixon, Esq., GlasKOw; or Mr F. UNDERWOOD, llaiubro' Wharf, Bristol To Parents and Guardians. WANTED by a CHEMIST and DRUGGIST in good business, who also dispenses the Medicines for a public Dispensary, a respectable YOUTH as an APPRENTICE. Apply to the Editor of this Paper. rdILS B ABHETT, BEING about to RETIRE fro.n the BUSINESS at the Cardiff Arm*, we, the undersigned, intend DINING at the CARDIFF ARMS, on TUESDAY, the 18th JUNE next. Dinner on the Table at 5 o'Clock. Ticket One Sovereign including a Bottle of Wine. Robert F. Jenner J. Bruce Pryce John Hon) fray Walter Coffin Thomas W. Booker Robert Savours E. p, Richards George Forrest J. Samuel William Lewis E. Richards Joseph Davies Edward Evans W. B. Watkius Edward Evans, junr. Charles Gifford John M. Traherne J. Gower J. Howells J B. Hopkins George Bush Wm Jones Wm. Crawshay, junr. Joseph Hall Robert Beaumont William Davies D. Storm Henry Hollier John Lloyd W. pritchard E. S. Barber John B. Woods George Farmer Richard Tredwen W. White John Woods R. H. Hamlen Thomas Watkins D. M. Jones William Allen David Morgan Morgan Lisle John Thomas T Morgan Joseph Watkins Thomas Hane William Towgood James Henshaw James Evans George Bird Thomas Khys James Marychurch William Llewellyn Thomas Anthony H. A. Vaughan O. Jenkins James Ballard Thomas Evans W. E. Williams Charles C. Williams Richard Basseit. John WiHialns E. Barrett will feel much obliged by any Gentleman who may intend honoring her with his company at Dinner on the 18th June, applving for his Vc/tPt a' 1 16 Bar of the Cardiff Arms, on o/hefore the 15th of June. Cardiff Arms Inn, May 25, 1839. GAZETTE AND GUARDIAN OFFICE, Higlt Street, Merthyr Tydvil. General Literature andEdu- cation Committee of the So- ciety for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Catalogues of the Books published by this Committee, may be had, gratis, on application at the Guardian Office, Merthyr Tydvil. The following is a selection from the list:- 1 FAMILY HISTORY OF ENGLAND. By the Rev. G. R. Gleig, M. A. With Pictorial lilus trations. 3 Vols., 6s. 6d. each. The main purpose of the Family History of England has been to unite objects which in such undertakings are not always found to coilicide; namely, to render the of English History not merely instructive, but interesting and amusing. For this purpose, the greatest cave bus been taken to seize upon all those striking features in the detail of events, which not "only convey to the mind of the reader a vivid picture of scenes past, but induce him to argue from effects to their causes. While the philosophy of history, there- fore, is sedulously taught, it is taught in a manner cal- culated to gratify both young and old, by affording to the one class ample scope to reflection to the other, matter that stirs and excites, while it conveys sound mor<J. instruction. qpHREE WEEKS IN PALESTINE AND LE- JL BANON. With many Engraviugs. 3s. A little volume from the Traveller's notes. Descrip- tions of BaalbeC, Beiroot, Damietta, Jaffa, Jerusalem, llarnldh, and other places, are blended with remarks upon the natives the incidents of the journey, and the observations and reflections which naturally occur to a Clergyman in travelling through the floly Land. READINGS IN SCIENCE; familiar EXPLANA- tions of Appearances and Principles in NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, With many Engravings, 5s. 1 ELEMENTS OF BOTANY. With many Engravings. New EDITION, Enlarged and Im proved, 2s. THE principles of this beautiful and important science ate explained in a clear and simple manner, so as to render the acquisition of them comparatively easy, and the examples, when possible, are selected from our own wild flowers, or from those cultivated in all gardens or fields. I^ASY LESSONS ON MONEY MATTERS for _jt the Use of Young People. Is. I HPHE ANGLO SAXON CHURCH its History, Revenues, and General Character. By the Rev: Henry Soames, M. A., Author of the Elizabethan Reli- gious History. A New Edition. 10s. 6d. READINGS IN BIOGRAPHY; a selection of the Lives of Eminent Men of all Nations. 4s.6'.l. The design of this work is to give an account of the lives of the Leaders in the most important revolutions which history records, from the age of Sesostris to that of Napoleon. Care has been taken to select those person- ages concerning whom inforinatioll IS most required by the historical student. I> IBLE BIOGRAPHY; Histories of the Lives 3 and Conduct of the Principal Ch aracters of the Old and New Testament. By li. arr, Author of a New Version of the Booh of Psalms. 4s 6i,. ra^HE ELEMENTS of POLITICAL ECONOMY, JSL abridged from the Prtnttp es of Political Economy by Professor WAYLAND, D.f>- 2s. in* ASY LESSONS IN MECHANICS wj,|, Fa_ rA miliar Illustrations o >e ractical Application of Mechanical Principles. 3s. MINERALS AND METALS; their Natural LV.t Histoiy and Uses in the Aits with Accounts of Mines and Mining. Engravings, 2. 6d. FAMILIAR as we are, from our earlic,st years, with the various articles manufactured from the Metals. for purposes of use and comiort, the nature and properties of the metals themselves, and the means by which they are obtained, are comparitively little known. OUTLINES OF ASTRONOMY. By the Rev, () T. G. HALL, M. A., Professor of Mathematics. King's College, Loudon. With Cuts. lOd. ror every House and Family, HINTS FOR THE TABLE: or, the Economy of Good Living, containing new instructions in Dietetics, Gastronomy, and the Art of Dining the Dessert, and the Art of Drinking Wine; Collee and Tea Making; Table Anecdotes, National Dinners, &c.- Cloth, Gilt edges, 2s. 6d. CRITICAL OPINIONS. A very original, sparkling, and clever brochure. The authorities consulted by the Author are numerous and as he has a vein of brilliant wit in himself he <nows how to make the most of tfieiii.Atias. "These Hints, nearly 1000 in number, will be accept- able not only to the bon vivaut, but to the g0°< house, wife; health and economy, as well as luxu y having been kept in view."—Spectator. We have rarely seen a book contain so much or such a variety of information the whole is very entertaining as well as usef u 1. "-Literary Cassette. Books of Devotion. rPHE ALTAR SERVICE; for the use of country 1 congregations with short ^Tlsaacs™ Ol" communion of the sick. By the Rev. • » 32mo. Beautifully bound in embossed g g > with engraved Title and Frontispiece, • The same, larger type, 18mo. 1»-tMl* C ELECT PRAYERS, for all sorts and conditions O of men with devot.onal exercises, for the ..ends of the sick; and calculated to assist £ their official visitation. By the Rev" cioti. „.j,i en Beautifully bound in embossed cloth, with en- graved "tie, and Portrait of the Archbishop of Canter- bury. Is. 6d. i ri The same, larger type, I8mo. Is. O 4 LTAR SERVICE, and Select Prayers, as r ahove: bound together, in one volume, in roan, gilt edges, .J- 6J. THORNTON'S FAMILY PRAYERS: eighth JL Edition. 12mo. 48. nt^ Napoleon. In Super-royal Octavo, Price Sixpence, No. 1. (to be continued weekly) of the HISTORY OF NAPOLEON: from the French i7i. of Norvins, Laurent (de l'Ardeche) Bourrienne, Las Casas, the Duchesse d'Abrantes, Lucien Bonaparte, &c.; with Abstracts from the works of Hazlitt, Carlyle, and Sir Walter Scott. Edited by R. H. HORNK.Esq., Author of "Cosmo de' Medici," 'The Death of Mar- lowe, &c. richly illustrated with many Hundred En- gravings on wood, after designs by Raffet Horace Vernet, Jacque, &c. This Work has originated in the belief that the great mags of the English People are imperfectly acquainted with the History and Character of Nappleon Bonaparte. Very partial accounts, characterised by extreme eulogy or extreme condemnation, have been diffused in a limited circle, and published at too high a price, and in too voluminous a form, to place them within the UJeaus of the General Reader. The object of the work now submitted to the Public is to give an impartial digest of all the best of the numerous publications concerning Napoleon; which digest will be condensed into One Volume. The style of the Engravings and Printing, and the quality of the Paper, will be such as to render the Work one of the choicest specimens of the Typographic Art, To be completed iu about Forty-eight Weekly Numbers, price Sixpence each; or Twelve Monthly Parts, price Two Shillings each. ENGLISH PSALMS AND HYMNS. Just published, price Is. 6d. bound in cloth, Is. 9d. in sheep, A SELECTION OF PSALMS AND HYMNS for the public worship of the Established Church. r> tlle Rev> DANIEL UEES, I erpetual Curate of Aberystruth, Monmouthshire. SECOND EDITION. Llandovery: William Rces. WELSH PSALMS AND HYMNS. Price, bound in sheep is 9d.,—in roan, marbled edged 2s.0d. CASGUAD 0 PSALMAU A HYMNAU addasi addoliad cyhoeddus yr Eglwys Sefydledig. Gan y Parch. DANIEL REES, Periglor Aberystruth, Sir Fynwy. MR J. E. DIBB, Respectfully requests the attention of the Public to his entirely new and superior stock of OTATIONERx. The whole has been selected with considerable care, and is marked for sale at very moderate prices. LETTER PAPER. Per Iteam. PerQuire. 0 s. d. s. d. ^uperfine Bath Post 9 6 0 6 Superfine Satin Bath 13 0 0 9 )ut° i>itt0 13 6 0 10 Ditto, Middle 17 0 1 0 Ditto, Thick 20 0 1 2 Superfine Thick Laid. 20 0 1 2 Superfine Thick Satin, Gilt. 26 0 1 6 Ditto, Black Edge 25 0 1 6 Ditto, Black Border 30 0 2 0 NOTE PAPER Superfine Thick Satin 11 6 0 8 Ditto, Gilt 13 6 0 10 Ditto, Black Edge 14 0 0 10 Ditto, Black Border 18 0 1 2 FOOLSCAP. Common Laid Foolscap 20 0 1 2 Ditto, Ditto 18 0 .1 I 0 Fine ditto 26 0 1 6 Superjne ditto 30 0 L 10 Ditto, Ruled for Accounts 30 0 2 0 Yellow Wove. 19 0 I l Fine ditto 23 0 1 3 Superfine ditto 26 0 1 6 Fine Blue Wove 22 0 1 3 BROWN PAPERS Bag Cap 13 6 0 10 Ditto Thick 19 0 ] 0 Imperial 26 0 1 6 Ditto fine 30 0 110 Double Imperial 66 0 3 (5 Double Small 9 G 0 6 Double Small Hand 6 (j Q 40 Ditto 11 0 0 g Uit,° 14 0 0 10 Small Hand 3 3 0 1 D'tW 6 0 0 i CARTRIDGE. Royal 30 0 2 0 Imperial 50 0 3 g Printing Papers, Account Books, Peng Quill. >nri Steel Pens in great variety. quills, and SEALING WAX. Red and Black, 6d. per stick, or 6s. 6d D„. iK OA r '• Pcr lb. contain- ing 20 sticks. Ked and Black, 3d. per stick, or 6i. 6d rlf.^ lk • .n Per lb., contain ing 40 sticks. w\Ficn.w Common and Patent, Gd.per ounce. DRAWING PENCILS. H. ff., for Engineering and Outlillillg. B. B extra for deep shading. F. P., ditto for light ditto. H. B., Hard and black for drawing. H., Hard for ditto. B., Deep shading for ditto. M., Medium ditto for ditto. 1" General uae. All the above 9d. ench. ch H. H. H., for Architectural use, Is. each. Common Writing Pencils Red Chalk ditto Rulen Ivory Folders, Bone ditto, and Indiau Rubber, of various qualities and prices. EVER POINTED PENCIL CASES. Beautifully manufactured from improved German Sil ver, Is., Is. 3d., ls. 6d., Is. 9d„ ana 2s. 6u. each, uerman Silver Cases tor lea aad p-ncil I* i« OA Is. 9d..and 2s. 9d. each. l9'' Nearly the whole have reservoirs for leads and pens. Nearly the whole have reservoirs for leads and pens. Additional boxes, containing one dozen Ieads, may be had, price 3d. each. KNIVES. DOUBLR-BLADED KNIVES ;-one large and strong blade, and one superior pen-knife, Bone Handles 2 3 The same, of superior manufacture, Buck Handles 3 0 MERTHYR GUARDIAN. GJAVTI.GLAMHOI\?AN- MONMOUTH, and BRECON MERTHYR GCARDIAN, is published e 1 y every Saturday morning, containing the latest in- p"SC.H,, '• ? b.,h in ,h. Enirlaud Prio" 1 IJ" the ne,B,,l>ollrm8 Counties of 8 • 1 rice 4 £ d. or 5s. per Quarter. To BOOKSEI.I.ERS, and STATIONERS, POST-OFFICE havin °r.any°lher RUSPECTABLK TRADESMAN, .ran ^exlens,ve connections in the counties of Glamor- GA^FTrp"11'0."1'1,' an<i Bree0I,» an Age"cy for the «iilPRNKL a. Gi'ARDIAN will t>e found to offer con- siueiable advantages. Every information may be obtained on application. Oir.rJ P,e|rso,.ully or by letter, to the Publisher, at the Olhce, Merthyr Tydvil. TO ADVERTISERS. The following is the scale of Advertisement charges 1 n 1 s, d. iw Amines, or under 5 0 U 7 0 20 L « o(i •••••••••••• o 6 30 11 0 tj 13 6 50 — 16 o 100 Lines, or half a column 30 0 A whole column .50 0 And 2s. for every additional column. Newspaper and Advertising Accounts are payable Quarterly. ,°rders for NEW BOOKS, MUSIC', MAG A- /.INKS, and PERIODICALS, as well as for i-MUNlING & BOOK BINDING, promptly executed,. J. £ DIBS, BOOKSELLER, PRINTEit, STATIONER AND BOOKBINDER, juzelte and Guardian Oflice, High Street, Merthyr Tydvil, STOLEN or SJlP R A Y & D» SOMETIME AGO, FROM NANTYGLO, A BAY MOUNTAIN PONEY MARE, with the Letter C burnt on the Saddle seat near side, Four Black Legs, Lopped Eared. Aliv person giving such information, as shall lead to her recovery, to Mr Dun, Coal Merchant, Brecon Mr Ri&ard Marsden, Brin- mawr; or, Mr Isaac Williams, Itfwer Shop, Merthyr; shall be rewarded for their trouble- or, if Stolen, shall, on conviction of the offender w 'offenders, receive a REWARD OF FIVE tPOUDS. May 27th 1839. TOSJ, ON THE 25th OF ^rPRIL LAST, A SMALL BROWN PONEY MARE, with White Legs hehind.marked B on the 2 Hips when lost was expected to foal in a few days last seen on the Rhymney flill, Brin Ore. Whoever will give informa. tion of her to Mr Isaac Williams, Lower Shoo, Merthyr; or, Mr Richard Marsden, Brinmawr, shall be rewarded for their trouble. May 27, 1839. Stfaernaitt & &hr>t)roblebi Eurttjitke gruot, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the TOLLS arising and Payable at the-several Toll Gates within this Trust, will be LET BY AUCTION, (subject to the written conditions to be then and there produced), at the CASTLE INN, in the Town of MERTHYR TYDVIL, in the County of GLAMORGAN, on THURSDAY, the 13th Day of JUNE next, between the Hours of Twelve o'Clock at Noon and Four in the Afternoon, of that Day, to the best Bidder, on his pro. I ducing sufficient Sureties for Payment of the Money Monthly, for the term of one Year or more, as the Trus- tees shall then determine upon; to commence from Twelve o'Clock of the night of Friday, the 14th Day of June next; which Tolls produced, last Year, the clear sum of £ 1410, and they will be put up together, or in one Lot, at that sum. But, in case the said Tolls shall not be Let together, or in one Lot, at such Meeting, then they will be Let in Parcels or I.ots; and each Parcel or Lot, will be put up at such sum as the Trustees shall then thir^k fit. Dated the 9th Day of May, 1839. WM. D WIES, Clerk to the Trustees of tIle said Turnpike Trust TO BE LET, VEINS of COAL, lying under 98 Acres, ■_ within a mile of NEV^BRIDGE. A Tram-road runs through the Property. For particulars enquire of Mr James Williamson, New Mill, Cowbridge. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Co fit ilet, AND ENTERED UPON IMVIEDIATHLY, TPHE extensive FARMS of TONMAWR and a FOI?CIILAES, situate in the Parish of MLCHAEL- STONE SUPER AVON, containing nearly 600 Acres, and .lel^m occupation of a Lessee for life, at the rent °t .180 per annum. For particulars apply to Mr William Llewellyn, So- licitor, Neath, if by letter, postage paid. COAL AND CLAY. Co be itirt,, SEVERAL VEINS OF CLAY, fit for making: Earthen Ware, Fire Bricks. Copper and Iron Fur- naces and other purposes requiring intense beat. The Clay has passed the ordeal, and Coal has now been found in the same spot. A lease will be granted on advantageous terms. Specimens of the Clay may be seen at Mr Edmonds's, Ironmonger, Swansea. Apply to Evan Davies, Tyllagarw, near Neath, if by letter, post paid. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Co be art auction, At the NEW INN,at NEWBRIDGE.00 WEDNESDAY, the 12th day of JUN E inst., between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, unless previously Let by Private Treaty, of which due notice will be given, THE VICARIAL TITHES of the Parishes of Lantrissent, Aberdare Ystradyvodwrf, Lan- wonno, and Lantwitfardre. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Edward Stephens, Attorney, Llandaff, of to the Auction- eer, Aberdare. VALE OF GLAMORGAN. Messrs MURRAY and TATTERSALL, Utili gell ibl) auction, IN LOTS, At the WYNDHAM ARMS INN, in the Town of BRIDGEND, on SATURDAY, the 13th JULY, TIIF- NFWI'ON, Fttid part of tlieTYTHEGSTON ESTATES, comprising the commodious and finely situated MANSION of DAN-Y-GRAIG, and about 900 Acres of rich and fertile FREEHOLD L \ND also the -NI ANIO TLI I A L RIGHTS over tbe EX- TENSIVE COMMONS „f nparly 1.100 ACRES, with the Advowson of the Parish of Newton. This Property is situate in the Parish of Newton Nottage, in the very best part of the Vale of Glamorgan, close to Coal, excellent Koads and good Markets It abounds in Limestone; and the Mansion commands extensive Views of the Bristol Channel, and the opposite Coast of Devonshire. Pure air and excellent Sea Bathing are amongst the advantages appertaining to this delightful residence. The Duffryn Mynfi Hail. road goes through the heart of the Estate to the Harbour of Porthcawl, which, in a few years, will rank with the first Ports in the Bristol Channel, Printed Particulars with Plans may be had at Dan-y- graig House; of Mr Redwood, solicitor, Cowbridge; at the Mackworth Arms, Swansea; Castle, Merthyr; Angel, Cardiff; Beaufort Arms, Newport and Chepstow the. Bush, Bristol at the place of Sale and of Messrs Murray and 'I attersall, surveyors and land agents, 47, Parliament Street, London. DESIRABLE INVESTMENT IN FREEHOLD ESTATES, AT LONG ASHTON AND FLAX BUURTON, SOMERSET. IN THE MONTH OF JULY NEXT, Messrs FARGUS and SON, Will offer to the Public, in suitable Lots (unless disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract), A BOUT 350 Acres of MEADOW, PASTURE t\ WOOD and ARABLE LAND beautifully situated at the side of the Hill, aud in the Vale of ASHTON in the County of SOMERSET, s'x miles from Bristol near the High Road. This Estate comprises the Manor and Old Manor House of Gatconibe Court; good Lands, Farm Houses, neat Cottage, aud Water Mill; and beautiful Sites for Buildings; Coal Iron and Lead Ore lie beneath the surface of a great part of this Land, wnlnn a short distance of the Bristol and Exeter_ Railroad. The working of which Mines would in no wise interfere with the beauty of the view, from or of the wooded sites for erecting a Magnificent Mansion, if desirable. ° The Farm Estates, Cottage and Mill, rnay be seen by application to Mr Hitchma". Mrs Starr, Mr Goulstone aud Mr Dix, the respective J enants. FLAX BOURTON. The Estates in this Parish contain about 200 Acres of excellent Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, well wooded, and pleasantly situated, comprising the liesi- dence of the late Mrs Sparrow, deceased, with suitable Gardens, Pleasure Ground, Coach House, Stable and other convenient Buildings a Water Grist Mill, called Bourton Mill, now in full work Farm Houses and con- venient Outbuildings. For a view of the Farms and Lands belonging to each, apply to Messrs Powles, Baker, Lewis, and Derrick re- siding thereon. For Tickets to view Gatcombe Court, and Dwelling House, of the late Mrs Sparrow, and Bourton Coombe, apply to Mr Joseph Fisher, Solicitor, Cleve- Yatton, near Bristol, who will furnish further particulars, if addressed by letter post paid. Further particulars of the Estate will appear in future Papers. Papers. Cleve.Yatton, near Bristol, May 6th, 1839. I T COACHES O the following: Places, from the CASTLE HOTEL COACH OFFICE, BRECON, com- mence Running for the Season, JUNE 17th 1839:- The Collegian, For ABERYSTWITH and TENBY, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Morning, at Seven; returning alternate days. THE DABT, For LLANDRINDOD WELIJS. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings at Eight, returning the same Day The Imperial, I For MERTHYR and S W A NSEA, Tuesday. ThursdllY and Saturday Mornings, at Eight, returning the same Evening. The NIMROD for BRISTOL, every Morning at Eight. The CAMBRIAN and MONARCH, for BIRMING- HAM, every Morning at 10 o'Clock. Pronrietors, GEO. EVANS and Co. May 29th. 1839. The only direct Coach to Barnstaple ,¡'! f':<? BUSH COACH-OFFICE, CORN-STREET, BRISTOL. r'IHE Public are respectfully informed, that the L WESTONIAN, A new, elegant, Four Herse Coach, will in future leave the BUSH COACH OFFICE, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at half-past Eight o'Clock in the Morning, arriving at the FOHTESCUE ARMS, BARNSTAPLE* by half-past Seven in the Evening, returning the alter- nate days. ROUTE—Bridgwater, Taunton, Tiverton, and South- molton. Parcels under 12lbs. weight, Is. each: heavy goods, Id. per lb. Also a New NIGHT COACH FROM BRISTOL TO EXETER, The Evening Star, A Four Inside Coach, will in future leave the BUSH COACH OFFICE every Evening (except Sunday) at Six o'Clock, after the arrival of the HEUO COACH from BIRMINGHAM, thereby offering an accommoda- tion, long wanted, of a direct communication, without delay from BIRMINGHAM to EXETER—arriving in Exeter early in the Morning, in time for all Coaches to Plymouth, Falmouth, and the various Watering Places. Also, The Exquisite, A fast annd favourite Coach, every Day (except Sun- day) at half-past Twelve. ROUTE-Bridgwater, Taun- ton, and Cullumpton. TIVERTON.—Coaches, Mornings, half-past Eight- and Evenings, at Six o'Clock. 0 Coaches to London. The ECLIPSE, every Mornings at half-past Seven. The AGE, every Afternoon at Four, Sundays excepted. The ROYAL MAIL, every Evening at a quarter to Seven. COACHES to WESTON-SUPER.MARE, half-past Nine in the Morning, and quarter before Four in the Afternoon. CLEVEDON COACH, every Morning at Nine o'Clock. SOUTHAMPTON and WEYMOUTH COACHES, every Morning (except Sundays) at half-past Seven. Proprietors, WM. H. TOWNSEND & Co. AT BRECO AD CRICKIIOWELL. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, at Brecon; Thursdays, at Crickhowell, DENT AX. SUaGEBV. M L:l!V,IOSEr'Y, SURGEON DENTIST,of 19, Tnvnnv ';S STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE, r j s honour to announce to the Nobility, HOWET T V Kesidents of BRECON and CRICK- m in order to complete several engage- alto A j1 • Co»ntv. he has made arrangements to consuheHUn"gu the Month "f JUNE, that he may be at ",s Apartments, in all cases relating to his SATTTn?»n;«on WEDNESDVYS, FRIDAYS, and Htph S* at Mr HUGHES, CONFECTIONER, STREET. BRECON; and on THURSDAYS, OHICKHOWELL5' PRINTER' AND P0ST 0FFICE' Ladies and Families attended at their Residence, by leaving a note of appointment one day previous. At Home from Ten to Five. Mr M. particular]y invites the attention of his Patients p.j? laif improvements in hisTERRKOUS ARTIFI- CIAL TEETH, combining economy and durability; th7 are fixed without extracting the remaining roots, and on principles originating mechanical support to the remaining Teeth, and are worn with ease and comiort upon the most tender gums. The greatest advantage of these Teeth. hitherto unuttained, is their perfect assimi- lation to nature, each tooth being made exactly of the same shape and shade as those remaining, and will a ways retain their original colour, and will not break from the plate. r»m)CCa j61' ^et'th effectually preserved from pain, and ren ered perfectly useful with Mr M.'s Incorrodible °™P?,SUlon> without heat or pressure Children'sTeeth carefully rpgulated. and every operation pertaining to Dental Surgcry. :\I r M s references combine the first talent and re- spectabilityln the coun,v< Brecon, June 1st, 1839. AP Price Is. lid. per box. 'IH IS excellent faiiii I v PILL is a Medicine of I ong I tried efficacy for correcting all Disorders oft he Stomach and Bowels, the common symptoms of which are Costive- ness,Flatulency,Spasms,Lossof A ppetite,Sick Head-ache, Giddiness, Sense of Fulness after meals, Dizziness of the Eyes, Drowsiness, and pains in the Stomach and Bowels, Indigestion, producing a Torpi,1 State of the Liver and a consequent inactivity of the Bowels, causing a disorgani- zation of every function of the frame, will, in this most excellent preparation, by a little perseverance, be effec- tually removed. Two or three doses will convince the afflicted of its salutary effects. The Stomach will speedily regain its strength a healthy action of the Liver, Bowels, and Kidneys will rapidly take place; and instead of listlessness, heat, pain, and jaundiced appearance strength, activity, and renewed health, will be the quick result of taking this Medicine according t0 the directions accompanying each box. These Pills are particularly efficacious for stomach Coughs, Colds, Agues, shortness of Breath, and all ob- structions in the Urinary Passages; and if taKen after too free an indulgence at table, they quickly restore the system to its natural state of repose. Persons of a FULL HABIT who are subject to Head- ache, Giddiness, Drowsiness, and Singing in tjle Ears" arising from too great a flow of Blood to the Head, should never be without them as many dangerous symptoms will be entirely carried off by their immediate use FOR FEMALES these Pills are most truly excellent removing a!l obstructions; the dlstreslllg Head-ache so very prevalent with the sex Depression of Spirits Dull- ness of Sight, Nervous affections. Blotches, Pimples. and Sallowness of the Skin, and give a healthy and juvenile bloom to the complexion. TO MOTHERS they are confidently recommended as the best medicine that can be taken during Pregnancy i and for Children of all ages they are unequalled. As a pleasant, safe, easy Aperient, they unite the re- commendation of a mild operation with the most sue cessful effect, and require no restraint of diet or confine- ment during their use. By regulating the dose according to the age and strength of the patient, they become suit- able for every case, in either sex, that can be reauired- and for ELDERLY PEOPLE they wil, be founTlo be the most comfortable Medicine hitherto prepared. Sold by T. Prout, 229, Stiand, London. Price Is. 14d. and 2s. 9d. per box and by Mr D. Morpan, Druggist, Merthyr Tydvil; Mr Phillips, Cardiff; Mr Farror, Monmouth and by the Venders ot Medicines generally throughout the Kingdom. Ask for PRAM PTON'S PILL OF HEALTH, and ob- ierve the name and address of "Thomas Prout 229 Straud, London," oa the Government Stamp. ,I The Vegetable Kingdom for Curatives, and all extreme Diseases will soon be banished from your families,.for you will find remedies in abundance, then extract their virtues, and judiciously combine them, and the result will be a remedy of wonderful nowers, certain success, and universal use,such as Dr. Stone's Tasteless Compound Herbal Solution, which possesses the Aperient, Tonic Alterative, Antacid. and Vermifuge nroperties of various plants so blended together as to produce either one or all these effects, merely by the variation of the dose (which is at all times small). The complaints for which it is recommended, and for which it Las already, in thousands of cases, proved so eminently superior to all other pre- parations are in Diseases of the Head, as Apoplexy, Gidciiness, Dimness or Weakness of Sight, Singing in the Ears, Epilepsy, Inflammation of the Brain, Fullness. Headache, &c.; Diseases of the Stomach, as Spas ns. \ciditv, Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Oppression, Sick- ness, Bile, &c.; Diseases of the Liver, as Torpidity, ness, Bile, &c.; Diseases of the Liver, as Torpidity, ness, Bile, &c.; Diseases of the Liver, as Torpidity, Gallstones, Inflammation Diseases of the Bowels, as Constipation, from whatever cause, Inflammation. Spasms, Chronic Diseases Irregularities, Worms, &c.; Diseases of the System, as Ftvers, Inflammatory or Eruptive, Scorbutic, and other eruptions, Nervous Affec- tions, &c. The Discoverer (a Physician) guarantees its permanent efficacy in all the foregoing complaints, also that il is perfectly free from any mineral, as also from aloes, gamboge, or any other pernicious drug, but purely vegetable. ADDRESSED TO THE PUBLIC. Economy and Health require that every individual should employ those remedies which produce their effects speedily, and with the least loss of that which is to all as money—namely, Time." Now this can only be ob- tained by the use of such medicines as are best adapted to the human frame, and which shall be so united as to produce more than one effect at the same moment, for as, upon the accession of disease the whole system is more or less deranged, so the treatment indicated is that which shall relieve the whole of the symptoms, and this can be easily accomplished bv the employment of Vegetable medicines in proper combination, so that while the Stom- ach, Liver, aud Bowels, are equally and mildly acted upon, the strength may be supported, and the other im- portant functions, as the persiliz-ation, &c. may be brought to assist in throwing off the disease. If medical men acted upon this principle, their patients would recover much quicker than they do now,—but then their charges must be necessarily less;—so their interest is opposed to their adoption of so rapid a method of cure. If you wish to save Long Bills and Loss of Time, try Dr. Stone's Tasteless Compound Herbal Solution, at the commence- ment of any attack, which will instan'ly check and speedily remove the complaint. I ne small space allotted to an advettiseinent. precludes the possibility ofexplaining all the advantages of this truly incomparable remedy, which is adapted to all ages, and both sexes is perfectly safe, and can be taken tinder all circumstances. TESTIMONIAL. We readily testify to the valuable properties of Dr. Stone's Tasteless Compound Herbal Solution," which we feel qualified to do, having used it ourselves for various complaints, and also witnessed its powers in numerous forms of tiiscases i its effects are most astonishing. A vast number have, to our knowledge, recovered from the most obstinate and dangerous complaints, entirely by its means, and, even after all others had failed. Signed by Lady Seymour, Lady Williams, Lady Gra- ham, Lady Dundas, Lady Palmer, Lady Stanley, Lady Douglas Lady Gordon, the Hon. Mrs Williams, [Ion. J. King, Captain Vernon Smith, W. Sims, Esq Samuel Hodge, Esq., J.. Thompson, E-q &c., by whom it is patronized, as also by many others of the Nobility and Gentry. AGENTS.—D. Morgan, Druggist, Merthyr Tydvil; Willinma, Cambrian Office, Swansea*, J. L. Rri^stock, and Evans, Journal Office, Carmarthen P. John, Rees, Vatchel and Phillips, Cardiff; Williams, Pontypool; ffird and Drinkwater. Pembroke Griffith and Protheroe, Narberth Haywood, Neath; Evans, Newport; Davis and Williams, Cardigan; Bradford, Chepstow; Farror, Monmouth Rees, Llandovery Ferris, Browne, & Score, Union-street, Bristol; and sold by all Dealers in Patent Medicines in the Kingdom. Sole Wholesale Agents, by appointment, Messrs GRAHAM & Co., 138, Holborn, near Furnival's Inn, London, where Agents are requested to forward their Orders. t:3- Agents wanted in every Town in England for the above valuable Medicine. IN CASES OF SECRECY CONSULT THE TREATISE On every Stage and Symptom of the VENEREAL DIS E \SE, in its mild and most alarming forms, just published by MESSRS. PERRY & Co., SUGEONS, 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham; 23, Slater Street, Liverpool; and 2, Bale Street, Manchester- and given gratis with each Box of PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d. and I Is. per Bar, JA /CONTAINING a > full description of the above complaint, ILLUSTRATED BY ^ENGRA VI \'GS, shew- El,,GltAVI NGS, she.- VA ing the different stages j of this deplorable and l&B* often fatal disease, as I JBSnr well as the dreadful f; s i i/i) AEy effects arising from the N^ (\ use of mercury, accoin- panied with piain and practical directions for au effectual and speedy cure with ease, secrecy. and safety, without the aid ofmedicalassistance. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS, price 28 9d., 4s. 6d. and I Is. per Box, are well known throughout Europe and America, to be the most certain and effectual cure ever discovered for every stage and symptom of the Venereal Disease, in both sexes, including Gonorrhtea, Gleets, Secondary Symptoms, Strictures, Seminal Weak- ness, Deficiency, and all the Diseases of the Urinary Passages, without loss of time, conifnement, or hind. rance from business; they have effected the most sur- prising cures, not only in recent and severe cases, but when salivation and all other means have failed and when au early application is made to these Pills for the cure of the Venereal Disease, frequently contracted in a moment of inebriety, the eradication is generally com- pleted in a few days; and in the more advanced and inveterate stages of venereal infection, characterized by a variety of painful and distressing symptoms, a perse- verance in the Specific Pills, and to the directions fully pointed out in the Treatise, will ensure to the patient a permanent and radical cure. It is a melancholy fact that thousands fall victims to this horrid disease, owing to the unakilfulness of illiterate men, who by the use of that deadly poison, mercury, ruin the constitution, cause ulceration, blotches on the head face, and body, dimness of sight, noise in the ears, deaf' ness, obstinate gleets, nodes on the shin bones, ulcerated sore throats, diseased nose, with nocturnal pains in the head and limbs, till at length a general debility and de- cay of the constitution ensues, and a melancholy death puts a period to their dreadful sufferings. In those dreadful cases of sexual debility. brought on by an early and indiscrirnlDate IIIdulgence of the passions frequently acquired without the kno A led^e of the dread- ful consequences resulting therefrom, ancj I10t Qn] entail on its votaries all the enervating imbecilities of old age, and occasion the necessity ot renouncing the felicities of marriage tothose who have given way to this delusive of marriage tothose who have given way to this delusive anu destructive naon, 7 CUIU destroy all the bodily senses, producing melancholy, deficiency, and a numerous train of nervous affections. in these dis'tressine cases, whether the consequence of such baneful habits or any other cause, a certain and speedy cure m hed on by taking Perry s Purifying Specific Pills and h„ a strict attention to the directions pointed out in thl Treatise, which fully explains the dreadful reci-.lto from these melancholy cases. lnS Messrs Perry and Co,. Surgeons, may usual at No. 4, Great Charles Street, Rirminob!, 23, Slater Street, Liverpool. Only one personal 'M* required from a country patient, to enable MessrsVp and Co. to give such advice, as wiU he eM^ effecting a permanent and effectual cure, after another means have proved ineffectual, other Letters for advice must be post paid, and contain the usual fee of one pound. Sold by the principal Medicine Sellers in mr i_ » Town in England, Scotland, Wales^Vd ,?, on the Continent, and North aud South America*1 N.B.—Country Drug* sts, Booksellers J- I cine Venders, and every other Shopkeeper can^e sip- plied with any quantity of Perry's Purifvin^ <!„ £ Pills, with the usual allowance to the trarlo k Peci^c *nd Son, Farrinsdon Street; T. Butler 4 n] Ba,-C *>' Edwards, 57, St/Paul's Church YarU SuitS Bow Church Yard Hannay and Co., G3, Oxford Stree°t' °lUer whoksale Palew Medicine Houses in CAUTION. VVf HEREAS several dishonest dealers havingf Ind' „olnaine<1 some of tIle Empty Boxes of Harvey's S-1'a # (of which, from the immense a e of that article, great numbers are daily emptied), iave fiUed them with a spurious article, and sold it as the orikinal. the Public are requested not only to ask p Harvey's Blacking, but to observe that on every Bl fc1' >the worcls John Harvey's India Rubber Paste lacking are printed, without which none are genuine. Sold in Packets weighing two ounces price Id.; and in Jars at Is. 6d., Is., 6d., and 3d., by respectable Agents in every City and Town in the Kingdom and whole- sale, by Philp and Evans, at their depot, 29, Clare Street, Bristol. BRISTOL and NEWPORT STEAM PACKETS USK AND GLAMORGAN, WILL SAIL III IN During the NEXT WEEK, as follow. FROM BRISTOL. JUNE 3, Monday. 10 morn 4, Tuesday II morn 5, Wednesday morn 6, Thursday 1 after 7, Friday 2 after 8, Saturday. 3 after 9, Sunday. not sail. FROM NEWPORT. JUNE 3, Ifonday 71 worn 4, Tuesday. bj morn 5, Wednesday 9 morn 6, Thursday, morn 7, Friday 11.^ morn 8, Satu day I after 9, Sunday. 2 after FARES.-After Cabin, 4s.—Fore-Cabin, 2s.-Chil. dren under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.-Dogs, Is. eacf. Four-Wheel Carriage, 20s.; Two-Wheel ditto, 10s. Rorseseach, 5i.; Two-Wheel Carriage or light Phaeton, drawn by one Horse with one Passenger, 15s.; Horse and Rider, After-Cabiii 7s. ditto Fore-Cabin, 6s. The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets GIVE NOTICE that they will not be-accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, norwill they be answerable for any Goods, Package, or Parcel(if lost or damaged) unless booked at either of their Offices in Bristol or Newport; and if above the value of 40s. to be entered at its value and Carriage in proportion paid for the same at the time of Booking. Goods, Packages, and Parcels should be delivered at the Packet Office, one hour (at least) before the time stated for Sailing. PONTYPOOL AND AIJERGA VENNY.-Coaches Daily between these places and Newport. TREDEGAR IRON WORKS, through Abercarn, New- bridge, Bedwelty, and a branch from Newbridge to Nantyglo.—A Coach Daily between these places and Newport arriving at Newport about 10 o'clock morn- ing, and starting at I o'clock afternoon. Apply at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Com- pany's Office, Quay, Bristol; or at Llie Packet-OFAces, Rowuhain-U harf, Hotwells, and Rodney Wharf, New- port. JOHN JONES, Agent. THE CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKET NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. LADY CHARLOTTE, H. T. PARF1TT, Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL •yjjx During: the NEXT WEEK, aa follows (Wilh liberty to Tow Vessels.) FROM CARDIFF. JUNE a..Monday Nautilus 8 morning t" XT1*^ Charlotte 9l morning 5..Wednesday.Nautilus 10 morning 6..1hursday -Lady Charlotte 1U morning J"?r,da2 Junius 124 afternoon 8..Saturday Lady Charlotte ] £ afternoon FROM BRISTOL. JUNE 3..Monday Lady Charlotte 7 morning "fj, Nautilu. 8 morning 5.. Wednesday. Lady Charlotte 8J morning 6.. hursday Nautilus 10 mornin| 7.. r riday Lady Charlotte IU morning B.. Saturday lautilus 12 afternoon Carriages and Horses to be along-side an hour previous to the time of Sailing. FA RES :_After Cabin, 5s.-Fore Cabin, 3s eiChildren uuder 12 Years of Age, Half-price.-Dogs, Is. each. A Female Steward attends the Ladies Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms bj h»t" each; Horse and Rider, After Cabin 9s For r^'k ° 17s. 6d.; Cattle, 6s.; Sheep, is.; l'igs, Is, These Fares include every expense. ° ^lese Fares Freighters are requested to ordop all the NAUTILUS to be sent to No jl ^oods'^nded for Robert Chaplin. Cumberland Ba^in^ 1^ Vi ?° LADY CHARLOTTE to n!! s' and for the Street, Bristol. Street Hall, Marsh e.cta.' cl £ ™,h0" mediately on ■> ^Sg°ns aud Lock-up Canal Boats im- conveyance i. K Ua 3 ortlered by anv particular Steam P*rk»t w CaSB tlie^ w'k8 deposited in the til™™ »»• Goods, Package,, flareels. &c. forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom withoti, ticlay, when sent to either of their Steam Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight,Ac will be readily obtained by applying lo ,he Agents. Mr Woodman. Agent, at the Packet Office on the « ,?a °rt° Mr John Griffith Jones, Agent, Mo. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the NAUTILUS Pac- ket; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, on the Wharf, Citr(iiff; or to Mr W. B. Owen, 16, Avon Cres- cent, Hotwells, Bristol, for thtf LADY CHARLOTTK racket. <riP.roPriet°rs of the above Steam Packets Passencei's'I-i^ n0t be accouatahle for any anv Cood- W1" answerable for any Goods, Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged of their OfW«^6 °^otherwise) unless Booked at either of 40s! unless en eCa;diff °r BriSt0i' if above the value .• a £ ere^ its value, and Carriage in pro- rood? P T lhe at the time of Booking.- o'lcl inTe ,00rder'°">°» taken away before Six oe warehoused auhe^rkk aL U>fe °/ ,!anding' W,H All unoiU tr, t >e risk and expence of the consignees, and chate, H C?KSidered *s lien., not only for ffeight satisfied Freight' LndChar"' p,eviou,iy Proprietors nf .) 9^arSes d,,e bJ consignees to th or maaanromo -S Packets. Disputed weights beallowed T'. 'm.s for ,os* or damage, &c., cannot the OfFi a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the day of delivery. JOHN X.E SWING'S GENUINE HORSE MEDICINES. Prepared from the original Recipes (late in the POssel- by BM,o"v r EEMING'S ESSENCE for Lameness ia Horses: a certain Cure for old Strains or Swellings, Slips Til v"?°l »e Shoulder- Stifle, Hough, Whirlbone, Knee, Fetlock Pastern, and Coffin Joints, Strains of the Hack Smews, &c. price 2s. 6d. per bottle. LEEMING'S MIXTURE, .for Cbolics. Gripes, S'st. a- Staggers &c. price 4s. per bottle. Spl'eufs^nd^f SPAVI,N L1NIMRNT for Spavins, per pot' m the Back Sinews, price 2s. 6d. per pot. Shou'd^,NGi c S.H°ULDER MIXTURE, for Sore See Y Swellings, Galls of the Collar or Saddle, etc, price ls. per bottle. LEEMING'S BALSAM, for all Fresh or OM WouatT# in Horses, price Is. per bottle. OBSERVE: None of these Medicines can b. Genuine, unless the Barnes of BARCLAY and SONS, Farringdon ^treet, London," are affixed-, they having purchased >e Original Recipes from the Executors of George Uott, of Nottingham.