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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



4 vr wanted SUKGEON i„ Tctfd' ate premium win s; Apply, if by Jettér, post Paid, to Mr. Evan Edwards, Surgeon, Caerpbllly. 0 Parentg &ud Guardlaims. J- ™™r.,sr, YOUTH* for a P,,blic DispJLT dlspe"scs tJie CrH a, aa APPRRN ispen8ary, a respectable/ Apply to the Publish f is aper. J COVERXESSI J AN ENGUSH LADY of liberal j high, I r8p"etability. and great experience iu teaching and 2* £ ?„ i. »„ £ dr »■ w^y* h.n^tAonny, r.ngnsfiTjVafhfSar, Writing, Arith- Ketic, &c.. unassisted by Masters; and also undertake* to teach the Rudiments of the French Language. The most satisfactory reference can be given as to ability, dllpoaition, and religious principles. Address, post-paid, to Miss Whartdn; the "Rev. Jones Parry's, Edero Rectory, near Pwllheli, Caernarvonshire. VALB or NZATH BREWERY. A REPORT having been jnal iciously raised, and industriously circulated, That the Proprietors of the Vale of Neath Brewery have been fined, for using unlawful ingredients. WE HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that such REPORT is totally FALSE, and that the Propagators of it are liable to prosecution. We takethis opportunity of acknowledging the liberal, and almost universal encouragement which we have received and we beg to assure our numerous Customers in that part of the Country where the Merthyr Guardian Newspaper principally circulates, (the Counties of Glamorgan, Monmouth. Carmarthen, and Brecon). that it it a fixed and unalterable Rule of our Establish- ment, to make use of no Ingredient whatever, but Malt and Hops, in brewing Ale or Porter. And it is no small satisfaction to us to have realized our expectations, that public support would justify us in making those expensive arrangements which leave us no inducement to substitute any other Ingredient. STANCOMB, BUCKLAND, & RUSHER. TO TUB PUBLIC. MR MADDOCKS, (Manager of the BIRCON THEATRE, and late of the Theatres Royal London and Dublin), HAS Ibe honour to aonounce that he has been induced to visit Merthyr Tydvil, having made arrangements with the Proprietors of the spacious MARKET HOUSE,and obtained their Permis- sion to erect a THEATRE therein. The Season will commence On MONDAY, JUNE 24th, 1839, The SCENERY will be found appropriate; the DRESSES COSTLY; and the COMPANY of acknow- ledged TALENT AND RESPECTABILITY. With these valuable adjuncts, Mr M. confidently asserts, he will be enabled to represent THE DRAMA in a "Style, superior to any hitherto witnessed in this Town; and respectfully trusting to the liberality and discernment of the Inhabitants of Merthyr and its Vicinity, for an adequate support. *.). 8 Independent Order of Odd Fellows, m. U. I a UhVfy, Peace, and Brotherly Love." BROTHERS of the Order generally are respect- fully informed, that the ANNUAL FESTIVALS andP OCHSSIONSoftheundemamed Lodges.compris- ing aportionof the MERTHYR DISTRICT, will take place as follows:— Merthyr. July. Cambrian Cross Keys Monday 22 Catwg Ddoeth White Lion Monday. 22 Caradoc UpperGreyhound Monday. 22 Temple of Peace Rising Sun. Monday. 22 Gwent Bell. Monday. 22 Dotolais. July. Hope Dowlais Inn Monday. 29 Ivor Bertie. Bute Arms. Monday. 29 Prospect of Hope Vulcan Monday. 29 Merthyr, August Lord J. Russell. LowerGreynound Monday. 5 Liberty Globe. Monday 5 Prince Llewelyn Cross Keys Monday. 5 The Members will assemble in their Lodge Rooms at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, and each day's Procession will move towards its appointed place of devotion pre- cisely at Half-past Eleven. Visiting Brothers' Dinner Tickets supplied by the respective Hosts. THOS. VAUGHAN, P. C. S. Merthyr Tydvil, June, 1839 IRONWORK FOR SALE. THE PROPRIETOR of an IRON WORK, id the County of LANARK, having great extent of Land and Minerals attached to it, is disposed to sell the same, and is ready to treat with any party inclined to purchase. The LAND extends to about eleven hundred Acres, and the MINERALS to about thirty-four hundred Acres-the whole free of any rent, feu-duty, or lord- ship. The MINERAL FIELD contains several seams of COAL, suited to IRON MAKING, and a SEAM of CANAL COAL—IRON-STONE in great variety, extending over the whole property, among these the Blackhand, of excellent quality and thick- ness, to the extent of upwards of five hundred Acres, and several SEAMS of LIM E-STON E. The present winnings of COAL and IRON-STONE will last at an output adequate for four or five fur- Daces for many years to come, and the LIMES! ONE can be had in any quantity close to the surface. There is command of water for all purposes, and abundance of FREESTONE, FIRE CLAY, and COMMON BRICK CLAY and SAND. The blast engine is capable of blowing five furnaces to the extent BOW generally done in Scotland, mere is a FORGE mid ROLLING MILL, which, with a trifling outlay in alterations and repairs, are capable of producing 200 tons of bar iron weekly, and the works in general arc well found in machinery and implements of every description. There is a Mansion-House, Manager's, and Clerk s Houses, Inn, Store, and other Buildings, and a pretty full complement of Workmen's Houses, with Work- shops, &c. The MINERALS lie near the surface, are easily wrought, and cheaply produced, and the carriage of the manufacture to the different markets is moderate; that to London not exceeding in all, from the Works, sixteen shillings a ton. The PIG is strong and of a superior quality, being well adapted for all kinds of Foundry Castings, and it produces the very best des- cription of BAR IRON. There is a considerable stock of Materials on hand, which the purchaser may have at a valuation; also the benefit of any existing engagements with workmen and others, so far as trnnsferable.-Immediate entry to be given to the whole. A most eligible opportunity is here afforded to any party wishing to enter into the Iron Trade, particularly to a Capitalist or a Joint Stock Company, from the scope which the subject offered presents for the ex- ercise of capital in the extension there of the Iron manufacture in all its branches, and under the most favourable circumstances. The payment of the price may be made to suit the convenience of a purchaser. The most ample and satisfactory information, will be given. In the mean time, for further information, application may be made to Messrs. William Graham and Sons, London; Edinund Buckley, Esq. Manches- ter; Thomas Boyd, Esq., Liverpool; Benjamin Gib- bons, Esq., Level Furnaces, Staffordshire; John ^ilson, Esq., of Dundy van iron Works, Glasgow William Dixon, Esq., Glasgow; or Mr F. UNDERWOOD," Hambro' Wharf, Bristol II I GLAMORGANSHIRE. go be urt, ENTERbd upo* iMMEDrATKLY r r £ S-Sr For particular. apply to Mr William 'ichor, Neath, jf by letter, postage paid. VALE OF GLAMORGAN. M"maiRs,m T IfTTERSAtL- *j> aucttfn, ,1. m ,tr fcOTS. I » £ e W™DHAM ARMS VvT~ J. ESTATES, comprising the commodious and finely situated MANSION of DAN-Y-GRAIG, and about 900 Acres of rich and fertile FREEHOLD LAND; also the MANORIAL RIGHTS over the EX- TENSIVE COMMONS of nearly 1,100 ACRES, with the Advowson of the Parish of Newton. This Property is situate in the Parish of Newton Nottage, in the very best part of the Vale of Glamorgan, close to Coal, excellent Roads and good Markets; it abounds in Limestone; and the Mansion commands extensive Views of the Bristol Channel, and the opposite Coast of Devonshire. Pure air and excellent Sea Bathing are amongst the advantages appertaining to this delightful residence. The Duffryn Llynfi *Jal road goes through the heart of the Estate to the ?r of Porthcawl, which, in a few years, will rank with the first Ports in the Bristol Channel. Printed Particulars with Plans may be had at Dan-y- graig House; of Mr Redwood, solicitor, Cowbridge; at the Mackworth Arms, Swansea; Castle, Merthyr; Angel, Cardiff; Beaufort Arms, Newport and Chepstow; the Bush, Bristol; at the place of Sale and of Messrs Murray and Tattersall, surveyors and land agents, 47, Parliament Street, London. IN DERBYSHIRE, NEAR TO CHATSWORTH, THE STOKE HALL ESTATE, WITH A DOMAIN AROUND IT OF 511 ACRES—SO LONG 1HE FAVOURITE ABODE OP ROBERT AUK- WRIGHT, ESQ. MR GEORGE ROBINS has very great pleasure in informing the public that he is *y the Executors, to SELL BY PUBLIC COMPETITION at the MART, LONDON, on THURSDAY, the 27th of JUNE, at Twelve, in one lot, T,OT>V An unusually eligible FREEHOLD PROPER! Y, re- cognised for many a long year as THE STOKE HALL ESTATE, and n THE LITTLE LION OF DERBYSHIRE, in contradistinction to its more elevated compeer, CHATSWORTH'S FAVOURED DEMEsNB. The varied beauties of Derbyshire are so familiar to the public that the composer of this imperfect sketch might almost excuse himself from the difficult task of attempting a correct outline, but the paramount duty he owes to his respected client forbids his contemplated excuse—he wiU. however, be so concise that a fastidious reader shall not be fatigued. The estate is sittiate in the very heart of Derbyshire, five tailes from Bakewell, ten from Chesterfield and Sheffield, the mail to Sheffield passing through it daily. THE RIVER DERWENT, whose beauteous stream is so justly renowned, appears in all its glory at Stoke-nature (always kind) has been bountiful beyond measure, having so disposed the river that it encircles nearly the whole of this large domain— Stoke almost appears to claim it as its own. THE NATURAL LOVELINESS OF DERBYSHIRE appears concentrated into one focus. The wildness of the thick, ample foliage of the PET PLACE UNDER OUR ESPECIAL REVIEW, within whose shades the Derwent for a while retires, only to burst agaiu upon the sight with increased force and beauty and the stupendous hills, which form an amphitheatre of prodigious extent, give a splendid picture, as contrasted with the peace and quietude of the fertile valley below. The softer allurement of this beau- teous scene, contrasted with the murmuring of the rapid stream, at once indicates that the hand of something more than mortal has lent its powerful aid. The reader may imagine, although it would not he an easy task to describe, the beauties of a walk of two miles in extent, parallel with the famed Derwent, varying at every turn, Lost for a space through thickets veering, But broader when again appearing," passing through its rugged course, beneath luxuriant grown plantations, where Vistas are planned with con- summate judgment, so as to catch ever and anon the splendid diversity of this Claude like picture, relieved by the undulation in these grounds, which have been so aptly assimilated to THR GARDEN OF EDEN. The river traversing over unseen beds of stone, the gracefully waving fern, scattered over the fore-ground, impart just such an air of tempered wildness as must gladden the correct eye of the lover of scenic beauty, without offence to those who are inclined to loak rath^r for the superintending hand of care and cultivation. Lingering here awhile, and surveying the vastness of Nature's beauties, how humiliating does the littleness of human work appear? In the midst of this enjoyment, and near to the Water- fall and Cascade, is a Cold Bath, which, by natural means, inclines to the temperature of warm water, by reason of its velocity passing from a great djs{ ance I within the rocks in its progress through the rugged ap- proach to light and air. PIERCEFIELD, IN ALL ITS GLORY, may be proud to be contemporaneous with Stoke (ex- cepting always in its extent), fur It cannot surpass the loveliness of the terrace walk, tDdee a compari!lon would be unfavourable, inasmuch as does not claim to be particularly pellucid1 while Derwent repre- sents a limpid stream, pare » untain from which it emanates. In respect to STOKE HALL MANSION, Mr Robins imagines that the }V't°r,an will record his opinion in something l.k. the f<>llowing FAITHFUL PORTRAITURE; It is one of the most delightful Mansions of the country. It does not pretend to the m g UCe or Splendour of Chauworth, but it claims, andI with g0(Hl grace> lQ be selected as the fit and bappy home or those lu the persuit of the comforts and elegancies of e. It is neither poor forwantof ornament, nor gaudy with profusion. Stand. ing alone on a graceful and commanding eminence, it looks without envy upon anything created, and on the Oerwent, ITS OWN NOBLE STREAM, occasionally black with shadow, rolling majestically along, while the rippling is indistinctly heard, and its dark surface, are perpetually reheved by the transparent reflection from the foliage which overhangs its peaceful banks. The offices both within and without are fully commen. surate. The Court.yard is properly placed on the op- posite direction, the high road ilividmg it and the Plantations, shutting it entirely out of sight. In pursuing Mr Robin's invariable system of proclaiming (acts, and facts alone, be must, in the same spirit of candour, admit that the imaginative powers of a man of taste (or lady if it be preferred) may he successfully employed in renovating and embellishing this hospitable Mansion. THE EXTENSIVE LAWN AND PLEASURE GROUNDS J are fully adequate, and, by a little tact and cleverness, may soon be restored to their pristine state. The Kitchen Sens of two Acres, are encompassed by lofty walls ornamented by Green Hou £ and Conservatory. THE FARM RESIDEVCE c pleasing feature in the general effect; it is most ^?lv nUced so as to command a *P^ld f?' i e ^iround There are abundant build" fo.• agn- miles arouna. f.,11 of wealth and cultural purposes, and a tenant, full o contentment. uvTpMDS WrTtf THE WOODS, THE DOMAIN EXTENDS, WfTff THE WOODS, at pleasure, the Derwent wa «r!, e, ^eragjng twQ whenever occasion requi e imperfect sketch tons of hay per acre. Such is »very of a few only of the transcendant adv.^ accompany the sale of Sto e a f flighted by having viewing this famed spot, w many important ascertained the welcome fact, that so m features have been overlooked.. -.j that the Railway, By the bye it should be mentione ok, Hall within I in less than 12 months, will br ng St eight hour's trip to the j with a plan and It can be viewed, and pa at the Uutland drawing had, 28 days prior t fortable Hotels in Arms. Bakewell (one of lhe the Tontine. England); the„Ang Auctioneer Manchester; of the Sheffield; of Mr P'leooTrandMercury Three Printer of the Der y £ jesgrs. Simpson, Solicitors. Ja'X'RotT'hT'Auction Mart; and at Mr George Robins's Offices, London. _c -c: l oicA*™^ DEMESNE' b | CAUDIFF, WITH A c/D 'V THREE MlLfcv 101 ACRES OF LASD SURR^ «OCsrS A/f R GEORGE ROBINS DBf0lT' f I r, structions from the p ? loured by fn I i n™LIC COMPETITION »,T'letor t0 SUBMIT LONDov. on THURsmY 'he ^CTrON MAU>° twelve o'clock, in One Lot, the 18th <>f JULY, £ ;»<<P.^r„?,B0"FREMoln ESTATE I fcw only musgt suffiSc°e ™any valuable auxiliaries'. ^hrnnot ■» too %h!yh,:0rmrdceTen^isTjc8i-a a RIVB[{ TAFF 0UDd?d >J< "&U&&5 ",uç UV-CChL1TI1rg veui tnat IS iounu lor 1 the produce of the Land at Merthyr Tydvil. THE CITY OF LLANDAFF, so called, but which in truth can only claim to be legiti- mired as a villiage, is imnapdiatelv opposite and THE CATHEDRAL OF LLANDAFF; only a few hundred yards off. f • THE GABALFA ESTATE. j includes a residence full of comfort, and witli abundant accommodation to meet the wishes and enjoyment of a family prone to hospitality and good fellowship, includ- ing altogether sixteen bedrooms, a spacious drawing a dining room, library, and billiard room, besides domestic comforts of every kind. l THE COUltT YARD encloses standing for Five Carriages and Stalls for Ten Horses, Dog Kennel, and an infinity of appendages, useful as well as ornamental J r a THE PLEASUUE GROUNDS AND GARDENS are extensive and prolific, beside the delight and luxury <jf HOT-HOUSE, PEACHERY, AND CONSER. V ATORY. The Kitchen Garden, of two acres, is encompassed by lofty walls, which yearly groan with the weight of never failing crops. These Gardens have been aptly brought into comparison with THE HORTICULTURAL GARDENS, possessing all this renowned Society can claim by their learning, and unincumbered with its vast expense. THE DOMAIN EXTENDS ALTOGETHER TO ONE HUNDRED AND ONE ACUES, in which is included SBVENTY-EIGHT ACRES OF THR FINEST MEADOW LAND IN THE COUNTY, with farm buildings fully commensurate. The Arable Lands aproach the Town of Cardiff, one of the "MOST IMPROVING TOWNS IN ENGLAND," THE M\RQUIS OF BUTE t having taken it under his special protection, and in furtherance of the plan, has already achieved a wonder. in the rapidity by which he has caused the Docks to be nearly completed, and •„ n THE TApF VALE RAILWAY r Pro6reS9- It will pass through the Arable Land of the Estate and there are Lots of BEAUTIFUL SITES FOR ,r, THE ERECTION OF VILLAS. • he beauties of Glamorganshire are so well known that it would be a work of supererogation to remark upon them. further than to demonstrate that a building operation within the /it 1„i^9.0MparabLE BEAUTIES OF GLAMORGANSHIRE'S FAVOURED SCENERY must unquestionably be A CERTAIN AND PROFITABLE OPERVTION. A purchaser who inclines to the Estate will find it return, in due season, a very large interest upon th Capital embarked. Particulars, with a Plan and Drawing, to be had Twenty-one days prior to the Sale, of Messrs Prothero and Phillips. Solicitors to the Vendor, at Newport, Monmouthshire of Mr Stephen Towgood. of Cardiff; Messrs Savery and Clark, Bristol; Mr Bradley, at Cowbridge Mr Hall, New Boswell Court; the Auction Mart; and at Mr George Robins's Offices. London. IN THE STATE OF VIRGINIA, A MOST IMPORTANT PROPERTY for those of MODERATE MEANS, and who would EMIGR\TE SUCCESSFULLY, HOLDING FORTH TEMPTA- TIONS of the most ENCOURAGING KIND. as the LANDS ARE FERTILE BEYOND COMPARISON and SUPPORTED hy NATURAL AUXILIARIES* NEARLY INFINITE. MR. GEORGE ROBINS is instructed to OFFER TO PUBLIC COMPETITION and per- pmptorily,at the Auction Mart, London, on TUESDAY JULY 23. at Twelve o'elock. in Lots. The FREEHOLD LANDS included in important SALE, extending to FIFTY THOUSAND ACRES; will be divided in Lots, from TWO HUNDRED TO TWO THOUSAWR) ACRES IN EACH, situated on the Main left hand fork, of the Big Sandy River, which is a branch of MIGHTY WATERS OF THE GREAT OHIO, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, intersected in every direction by INNUMERABLE CANALS. which empty their tributary waters upon the confluence of the BIG SANDY AND OHIO RIVERS directly in the neighbourhood are HISING TOWNS. GO°D MARKRTS, NAVIGABLE RIVERS, AND NATIONAL TURNPIKE ROADS. There is a direct communication by steam to NEW YORK, ORLEANS. Pn-SBURO, RICHMOND, BALTIMORE, AND WASHINGTON THE VAST RAILROADS HAVE COMMENCED under the sanction of Government, who have contributed FIFTEEN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS towards their coinpletion. They are now fast approach- ing maturity, and run through a large portion of this slegible property. The lands are in Cabell and Kanawha counties. They are fertile almost beyond belief, the soil adapted to the production of everything that is useful and necessary for city consumption—viz,, Barley, Wheat (averasine 30 bushels per acre). Rye. Oats, Cotton, Potatoes, Maitse (averaging 60 to 100 bushels per acre), Turnips, Hay, (crops two tons per acre), Hemp, tobacco, Fruit, and Vegetables, in the greatest profusion and perfection. They are also peculiarly adapted for RAISING OF C\TTLE of all kinds, and three years absolutely DOUBLE THEIR NUMBER. Industry and a little capital, therefore, are alone wantinz to render this one of the ° FAIREST AGRICULTURAL PORTIONS OF THE GLOBE, in a climate, it mst be remembered, remarkable for its salubrity and invigorating powers, and the Country, in be'called u,)5urP*e<1 i besides which, it may THE LAND OF PROMISE, i. „„1F0R.THI.3 CHARMING COUNTRY ahnunrta in ln Veaut''ul and picturesque scene™, but o^ri, i JmLS interesting to the natu.alist andAnti- nowhera tl^h1 the mineral and fossil wealth is limestone, aTfo^ ir0"' 8Une' =oa1- abundance; alia *?" m eV/7 ,par' 'P the ^ea,est the • .,at ,s 1°w first-rate importance to and continuous1 Salt'^ ^°&tOT 'TV T va,uable Acre of the Estate »PtWgZ 1 Z -°n eVCry » fruitful source nf the,minerals °n this property temnlatert r, f,comn,erc"11 enterprise may be con- ia unshackled! Ind thewu""Ved 'hat relig'°,l# worshiP I?TAL ABSENCE OF TAXES, consistingo/ ^TS OF VALUABLE TIMBER, which ada :n0O°irmou9oalc»«iaple,popl*r, and other trees, being 'ca^ 'arge the already large profit, being it, great demand for abip-bazilding. ateam-boats, and expprtatiou. !t may therefor,. be statvd. in great confidence, that t IS sa e WI secure to those of VERY LIMlTEDltf BANS WEALTH WITHOUT RISK; Talent '"a 'H* e,#€|itial requisites of industry and from the Wrtc^of 8aVed £ 2"° to f300 opportunity to realiJp TUD5 W!1' fi",d !h,s s* an tion. It is n'ot bn £ ht *nd early »°ticipa. rience K«. 'peculation founded on theory, expe- conaMumtlv t,Sted is moral certain^, and, may coufidentlj «poeia0'f l,OMeMin<? t^O or upwrads, On« « "PPear at this auspicious sale. State* ar« COf|viace the sceptic that the United em Grants M the "«inR P'»«« °f »» em.granu, during one month no fewer than v vN THOUSAND PASSENGERS York, Aud the ratio drawn from the above i* 011 em'gi'ation thus proceed. New York in • year will possess half a million more foreigners. Particulars may be had at the Waterloo, Liverpool !.7,u"CveSter T-i,hH °ffice, at Manchester; the Hen *nd Chickens, at Bfrminjham; the Auction Mart; and at Mr George Robins's offices, Covent Garden. The title is clear beyond the possibility of doubt, being ^ear°l793 from the Virginian Government in the jf COMB HKHJSE1*JEr- b vT,LIV{tS LITTLE PARK AV^ASSWDE' WS EX- ffisa "us- I Rob/jU ft A S,K«^ARj'nKC,2S»J«kEH0Ln PRO. »ithU«.Uiwj; THE LEVIATHAN OF BATH. and yet in its proud altitude seems to envy the quiet, unpretending SCENE OF LOVELINESS AND BEAUTY, which adorns THE LITTLE LION OF THIS GREAT CITY. It would be in vain to attempt more than a very faiut description of the first impression that is awakened ia approaching "THE AMBROSIAL GROUNDS," H is something electric; the mansion stands, or rathir nestles under the shadow of the Hill; the Church is is nearest neighbour, covered with ivy, which in its game- some luxuriance, entwines itself around this sacrid edifice. Nature is here arrayed in her most romantic garb, d it were impossible to increase the charms of a spot so rich in her own beauties." The whole extent is hid out with that perfect taste which knows how to ved nature to art without sacrificing its simplicity to ;he alliance. There is a general harmony pervades the picture; it is. however, from THE DELIGHTFUL TERRACE WALK that the scenic effect is rendered one OF SURPASSING BEAUTY. It extends throughout the gardens, where the partnrres, enriched by flowers, are fragrant beyond meastir4 and lead to the distant lawns, enamelled with shrubi. In perambulating the luxuriant plantations, the murnuring sounds of the WATERFALL AND CASCADE in the Park Meadow becomes almost a consent and wecome companion. The majestic hangin( woods. while they add grace to the landscape, screen the domi- cile from the wintry winds. The hermitage in one direction-the orangery and depository for gold and silver fish, and its limpid fountain, in the opposite, form a picture that may be likened unto fairy lant-it should be seen or it will never be appreciated. Wilnin the little Park NEPTUNE IS SEEN PRESIDING CVER THE WATERS, in a splendid Colossal figure. The undtuation through- out the demesne is incessant, and the views from THE CELEBRATED MOINT, are most extensive and varied looking down upon r THE SPLENDIO CITY, (which it may be well to remark is not juite one mile off) TO MR BECKFORD'S CELEBRATED TOWER. THE UMBRAGEOUS WALKS are of considerable extent; with a capital Cold Bath, and a room and fire place connected. THE GARDENS ARE PROLIFIC BEYOND MEASURE. and embrace every thing in the shape of fruit and vegetation that those learned in the new School of Art can desire. Close by is a Park Meadow of considerable extent, and only separated by a road, with so much of eltghtful irregularity, so much hill and dalein perpetual review, with a Cascade and Waterfall, that it almost appears in the attitude of imploring good taste to take it under its special keeping, and erect thereon a MINOR CONTEMPORARY TO PRIOR PARK, In conclusion, it may with great truth be affirmed that nature has achieved almost a miracle, in so small a space and left the powerless offorts of art to bewail its own infirmities. THE ENSEMBLE Is (EN VERITE) UNAP- PROACHABLE. although limited to 16 acres. The next (and a very ind'ispensible duty), will be to call attention to THE STONE EDIFICE.. and its Internal Accommondation First observing that the writer has now entered upon CLASSIC GROUND It is a matter of notoriety, that the Prototype of Squire Western, in Fielding's Tom Jones is to be traced to Widcomb. It is a delightful reminiscence, that the admired Author produce his remarkable novel within this hospitable roof; the surrounding neighbourhood is hallowed as it were by the association of poetry and romance; Prior Park, the Seat of Squire Allen, will be remembered by that charming distich so happily ex- pressed by one of England's sweetest bards, which was called forth not alone by the insniration of the Muse, but as a trifling tribute of gratitude toward a nevertir- ing Parton. Twas thus the Poet sang his Patron's praise:— Let bumble Allen, with an awkward shame, Do good by stealth, and blush to find it fame."— POPE. The acccoininodation within is ample for all the legitimate wants of a family of importance. It is in most substantial order, althought a few hundred pounds may be advantageously employed in decorative orna- ment I here is a capital water-mill near at hand, but] entirely excluded by the growth of the plantations, from which an income of 100 guineas a year is available, and there are several cottages, besides a sung Utile Villa and gardens under the wings of Widcomb, which would ex- ceed another Hundred Pounds. tionabler°Perty &U Freehold* and the title unexcep- Descriptive Particulars, with a Drawing and Plan of the property (at6d. each), may he had twenty-one days prior to the Sale, at the White Harr Bath Bush' Bris" tol; Plough, Cheltenham; of C H. Payne, Esq., Bar- ristcr, and Charles Greville, Eso Solicitor, both of Bristol; of John Soden, Esq Gav Street. Bath, who will give an order to view the Estate ■ the Auction Mart, and at Mr George Robins's Offices, London. Britannia Life Assurance Company, No. 1, PRINCES STREET, BANK, LONDON. CAPITAL OWE MILLION. Qirectorg, William Bardgett, Esq. Robert Egl'ntom, Esq. Samuel Bevington, Esq. Erasmus Robt. Foster, Esq. Win. Fechney Black, Esq. Alex. Robert Irvine, Esq. John Brightman, Esq. peter Morrison, Esq. George Cohen, Esq. William Sband, Jun., Esq. Wilhs Coventry, Esq. Henry Lewis Smale, Esq. John Drewett, Esq. Thomas Tweed, Esq. fttetotcal eflntrø. John Sims, M. D.—Ebenezer Smith, Esq., Surgeon, cloIttitør. William Bevan, Esq., Old Jewry. ADVANTAGES OF THIS INSTRTUTION. A most economical set of Tables composed expressly for the use of this Institution, from authentic and com- plete data. Increasing rates of Premium on a new and remark- able plan, for securing loans or debts; a le„ imme_ diate payment being required on a policy for lhe wj,ole term of life than in any other office. A Board of Directors in attendance daily at Two o'clock. Age of the Assured in every case admitted in the "olicy. death ClaimS Pa*abIe wi,hin one month after proof of Medical attendants remunerated in all cases for their reports. Premium per Cent per Annum payable during First Second Third Foulth Remain- Age. Five Five Five Five der of Years. Years. Years. Years. Life. £ '■ d. £ s. d. £ '• *• £ ~7~I TT7 20 1 1 4 1510 I 10 11 1 (6 92 3* ft 1 6 ♦ 1 12. 2 1 1' '2 7 42 17 6 *0 1 16 1 j 4 1 2 'J 6 f J 8 13 1 50 2 16 1 3 9 M S S 6 j j jj 7 50 2167a 9 4 4 5 5686 137 PETER MORRISON, E8 Resident Director, London. AGENTS. NEWPORT Mr A. G. Jenkins. TREDKGARIRON WORKS —W. P. Ireland CARDIFF -W D. H„rwood, Bank. PnNTVpnni •'>V'L Thompson, R«ok. PONTYPOOL —Stephen Vernon, Bank. U8K7. °.W I Baldwyn, Solicitor. A BERG AVENNY —J, Hiley Morgan, Stationer 1 MOHMOOTH, -W. Jenkins,Sutioow. r|^HE UNIVERSAL UFE ^Q^^LivS,! I CIKTY 69. CORNHILL, Ichnd enj and {or the Survivorships, Endowments, Annuities. Purchase and Sale of Reversions and Anna Capital JSSOO.OOO- asatton*. Colonel Sir ROBERT M.P. F-R-S" SSffi-KKSi fr HEST^vTiTLSKWKp!'»epSr^TOanR JOHN STF. VARI» OAMI. inornton, R.N. Treasurer,—Pasco St. Leger Grenfell, Esq. a ubitorJ. Crawford Davison Kerr, Esq. John Arnold Mello, Esq. Timothy Wiggin, Esq. Bankerø-Sir James Esdaile and Co. Physician—Benjamin C. Pierce, Esq. M.D. Solicitors-Messrs Nind and Costerill. Actuary-Robert Christie, Esq. Table shewing the annual premium for assuring £ 100 on a Single Life. Age. Whole Life. Seven Years. One Year. 15 1 15 0 1 0 2 0 18 2 J 20 1 18 8 1211 1 I 9 25 2 3 3 1 6 6 1 4 1 so 2 8 10 1 to 4 1 8 4 35 2 14 11 1 Is 9 1 12 5 40 S 3 0 1 17 1 1 15 4 45 3 12 2 2 3 3 1 19 S 50 4 5 6 2 15 1 2 8 2 Mr Thomas Jones Phillips, Agent to the Universal solicits attention to the above specimen of rates for England, They are as low as is consistent with perfect security, and shew the advantages offered to the public by this Society, which further secures the interest of the assured, by returning to them three-fourths of the profits. The Directors of this Society have caused investigation to he made with great care into all the Institutions of Life Insurauces existing in the country, and they trust they have been fortunate in selecting from each what as a whole will place their Establishment on the most secure, judicious, and satisfactory footing, both to the Proprietors and to the assured. A branch of the Universal has been formed in the Metropolis of India, and agents, Messrs. Bagshaw and Co., appointed, so as to afford reciprocal advantages to both Establishments. For further information, apply at the Office in Lon. don, or any of the following Agents:— T. J. Phillips, Esq. Newport, Monmouth. George R. Bevan, Esq. Brecon. Downman Brothers, Bristol. H. R Downman, Esq. Carmarthen. Robert Dunkin, Esq. Llanelly. John Foulkes, Esq. Wrexham. A. n. Gabelf, Esq. Crickhowell. W. Foster Geach, Esq. Pontypool. David L. Harries, Esq. Llandovery. W. Laslett, Esq. Worcester. Oliver Lloyd, Esq. Cardigan. C. B. Mansfield, hsq. Swansea. Koynon Alason, Esq. Gloucester. W. E Payuter, Esq. Pembroke. J. L. Popkin, Esq. Llandilo. E. J. Young, Esq. Cheltenham. SHEFFIELD and MANCHESTER RAILWAY CONTRACT.—The following COSTHACTS on the above line will BE LET from sealed proposals in the order hereinafter stated. The Plans, Sections, Working Drawings, Specifica- tions, and also the Drafts and Contracts, may be seen and copied, and printed Forms of Tender obtained, at ™ .-es lj?e p0uipany, or of the Engineer. ,e ,lne 19 distinctly trigged out on the ground, and e pegs set down at every chain length, and will quired ° °U' °De ass*stant engineers if re- The Tenders are to be delivered in sealed, and ad- only. Secretary, at the Offices of the Company No Tender will be entertained, unless made and filled DroDosnJ 1 ?) P.nnted forms, nor unless the parties and Drodn'ro I a representative, attend personally, will hp • ,undertaking (on a form of letter which two responsible'p^aeesPr0perly fi,,edvuP Rnd) the event of the Ten u ifW t0 sureties' m <» the davs fnilr. and declare the lf.ttings, upon each of the respective* appointed for the delivery of e respectl ve prODOu I a ORDER OF RECEIVING PROPOSALS AND LETTING WORKS. Plans and Specifications Sealed Tenders to be Works to be Let Contracts. to be ready. delivered. respectively. No. Description. Date. Place. Date, Place. Date. Place. « • •—11 Q 1>1, rt -o c tg g,.i1; 16.m. Ardwick 4th May.. Manchester. 14th June i £ § 15th lune. Manchester. J°4S§ -I ll.m. Hattersley tilth May.. ( Engineer's Office, ) [14th June -5; 15th Jubb Manchester. I fl.m.lGamesley .111th May.. ( Mottraro. Il4th June ■ 15th June Manchester. I N.B. The letting of the shafts No. 3, 4, and 5, and of the driftways therefrom, the borings, and the Carlcoates contract, are postponed till further notice. The other shafts and driftways, the roads, and the cottages, are all let. The remainder of the contracts between the Summit Tunnel and the Manchester wilt be ready for letting before Midsummer. The Ardwick Contract commences at the Junction with the Manchester and Birmingham Railway near Blind-lane, Ardwick, at the outskirts of the eastern side of Manchester, and extends to near the Gorton HMM.™, opposite the Fairfield Walls, on the new road to Ashton' under-Lyne, a distance of two and three-quarters miles* The work consists of abouHwenty bridges, several cul- verts, an aqueduct for the Stockport branch of the Ashton Canal, a great extent of retaining walls, and about 180,000 cubic yards of excavation. The Hattersley Contract extends from the gravel pit near the turnpike road from Mottram, in Longdendale towards Stockport, to the west-end of the Etherow Via- duct at old Broadbottom Brow, on the river Etherow dividing Cheshire and Derbyshire, and opposite Best Hill Mill, being a distance ofaboutonemile and fourteen chains. The work includes several bridges, a short viaduct, and a considerable extent of retaining walls, and about 300,000 yards of earthwork, some of which will go to spoil. The above is situated nine or ten miles east of Manchester, and about a mile south of Mot- tram. The Gamesley Contract extends from the east end of the Etherow Viaduct to the west end of the great via- duct at Dinting Vale, on the turnpike road, a mile below Glossop, and about twelve miles from Manchester. This work contains several bridges and culverts and about 480,000 cubic yards of excavation. Any further information may be obtained at the Offices of the Company in Sheffiield and Manchester; or at the offide of Mr VlQJfOLES, the company's engineer. No. 4. Trafalgar-square, London; at Mottram and at Tintwistle, in Cheshire, on the road to Sheffield -By order of the Directors. CHARLES THOMSON, Secretary, 15, Piccadilly, Maocbester, 84th April, 1830, GLAMORGANSHIRÐ. I jyroTicE is IIEREBY°f 'V V..i PFNFRAL QUARTER SB- !e PEACE for CmWl «■« y nelti On TUESDAY, TIE SKCOSO D»Y o dan. AU businesses reuatag* and to '<>' or ma vf t%ey"w'lft not be audited and iettledatsitch Sessions. All Persons who have anyTraversS or Appeal to bring before the Sessions, are to be prepared to proceed on the same on Tuesday morning's Court: ex- cept in cases relating to Bastardy, which will not be heard until WednescUy morning's Court. All costsJ given or allowed by the Court, must be tared at the, same Sessions, or they will not be afterwards allowed. The several acting Magistrates within the said County are re- quested to return all Depositions, relating to Felonies and Misdemeanors to be prosecuted at the satiae Sessions, iut > the office of the Clerk of the Peace at Cardiff, on or before Friday, the 28th Day of June instant. Cardiff, June Ist, WOOD, 1839. Clerk of Peace. r HARRY PHELPS GOODE,of HAVERFOKD-. WEST, Landsurveyor, the Apportioner duly ap- pointed for the Parish of COLWINSTONE, in the County of. GLAMORGAN, under the provisions of the Act of his late Majesty King William the IV, 6 and 7. c. 71, intituled, An Act for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales," Do hereby CALL A PAROCH- IAL MEETING of the PROPRIETORS OF LANDS in the said Parish, to be holden at the flEA R INN, in the Town of COWBRIDGE, ill the said County, on TUESDAY, the 25th day of JUNE next, at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon, at which Meeting all Proprietors of Lands having any Maps or Plans thereof, are required to produce the same, and such Proprietors will then and there he required to instruct the Apportioner as to what Maps are to be used for the purposes of the apporiion- ment, and upon such other points as are required hy the ActsS and 7 William IV, c. 71, and 1 Victoria, c.69, and in default thereof I shall proceed to such apportionment under the powers vested in me by the said recited Acts. May 30th, 1839. —— ——— I HARRY PHELPS GOODE, of HAVER- 5' FORI) WEST, Landsurveyor, the Apportioner duly appointed for the Parish of LISWORNEY, in the County of GLAMORGAN, under the provisions of the Act of hit late Majesty King William the IV, 6 and 7, c. 71 intituled, An Act for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales," Do hereby CALL A PARO- CHIAL MEETIG of th PROPRIETORS OF LA DS in the said Parish, to be holden at the BEAU INN, in the Town of COWBRIDGE, in the said County, on TUESD KY, the 25th day of JUNE next, at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon, at which Meeting all Proprietors of Lands having any Maps or Ptaus thereof, are required to pro- duce the same, and such Proprietors will then and there be required to instruct the Apportioner as to what Maps are to be used for the purposes of the Apportionment, and upon such other points as are required by the Acts 6 and 7 vVilliam the IV, c. 71, and I Victoria, c. 69, and in default thereof I shall proceed to such Apportionment under the powers vested in me by the said recited Acts. May 30th, 1839. SCROFULA <»nd SCORBUTIC AFFECTIONS.— WltAY'S ALTERATIVE TONIC POWDERS and PILLS, a certain specific for the removal of scrofula, glandular and scorbutic affections, secondary symptoms, erruptions of the skill, pains in the bones, ulcerated sore throat, chronic rheumatism, local and general delibility, loss of appetite, depression of spirits, and all diseases arising from an impure state of the blood. Persons in the habit of taking quinine will fine these powders by far the most efficacious tonic.—Prepared only by the pro- prietor, M. O. Wray, 118, Holborn-hill, and 9 Agar Street, Strand, opposite Charing Cros", Hospital, and sold in packages at4s. 6d. Ils. and 21s. each also whole- sale and retail by Messrs Barclay and Sons, 95 Fsrring. don Street; Butler, 4, Cheapside; Sutton and Co., 10, Bow Church Yard Johnston, 68, Cornhill Sanger, 150, Oxford Street; Lowe and Hornblower, 47, Black- friars Road; and all respectable patent medicine venders in town and country. Subjoined are a few of the many favourable notices of the above Powders, by the Press, with which M. 0 Wray, has been honoured, and numerous Medical Gen- tleman and private individuals have borne testimony to their superior efficacy. "SARSAPARILLA.—The specific virtues of Sarsa- parilla have been heretofore most unaccountably over- looked. It was reserved for Mr W It A Y, of Ilolborn Hill, to analyse the properties of this valuable Article, and he has come to the conclusion, that it is only by administering it in substance, that its real efficacy can be depended upon, and from which he has chiefly pre- pared his Alterative-1 onic Powders,—they have proved of the greatest utility, in the removal of all Cutaneous Eruptions, as also complaints of a secondary nature, particularly those arising from an impure state of blood. They operate as a powerful Tonic and are admirably calculated to restore health and promote Longevity. Sunday Times, "PERSONAL APPEARANCE. There cannot be a greater draw back upon personal appearance, than those Eruptions of the Skin, denominated Cutaneous. In all cases of this nature Wray's A licrativc-Tonic Powders' have been found a most successful remedy. They are prepared from Sarsaparilla, combined with other ingre- dients of the most efficacious nature :-as a Tonic their virtues are pre-eminently great." Chronicle. "FEMALE BEAUTY.—The exterior appearance, especially with respect to the Female sex, is a subject of great importance. Blemishes on the face have an unpleasant influence. It is therefore with pleasure we announce that Wray's Alterative-Tonic Powders" arc a never failing cure for all Cutaneous Eruptions and those Disorders eminating from au impure state of Blood. These Powders are principally prepared from Sarsa- parilla and are combined with Alteratives and powerful Tonics."Standard. QUININE.—The popular opinion is greatly in fa- vour of Quinine as being a powerful and efficacious Tonic, but there is a specific far more potent in its nature and properties we refer to Mr Wray's Alterative- Tonic Powders and Pills, of Holborn Hill. The peerless vir- tues which characterise this Medicine renders any Eulo- gium superfluous. In scrofulous disorders, scorbutic affections, cutane- nU8 eruptions, and all diseases of the Skin, there is not to be found for beneficial operation their equal. It is requisite to observe that the Alterative l'owdeis and Pills, will be found pre-eminently serviceable in all Chronic Diseases, and Rheumatic comP]Aints.Age. "NERVOUS DEBILITY.-Amnng the vatiou dis- orders to which the human frame is subject, those arising from a debilitated state of the nervous system, are par- ticularly calculated to produce a genera) decay, and gradually undermine the constitution. We earnestly recommend to persons thus afflicted the 'Alterative and Tonic Powders,' prepared by Mr Wray of Holborn Hill, they diffuse a Strength and yigour throughout the frame. dissipate langour, promote digestiot>> create an appetite, and restore to a state of aetiv'jy ne debilitated consti- tuiion. The cures effected by their potency are innume rable.Sun. SARSAPARILLA.—Mr Wray, of Holhorn Hill, the proprietor of the Alterative Tonic Powders, having ob. served constant disappointment attending the exhibition of the pharmaceutical and other P'eparations of Sarsa- parilla, induced him to set on foot, with the assistance of te ablest experimental chemists, an analysis of its pro- perties the result of which proves that true Sarsaparilla, carefully selected and separated from all impurities, is 41 substance most effectual, and that the various prepa- rations under the denomination of decoctions, extracts, 'Orlsv extract, essences, syrups, &c. hitherto "j'cd, can never be de- pended upon for producingany real or permanent benefit, fyut, though Sarsaparilla in substance only is to be prefer- npd, yet the action may be materially assisted when com- bined with auxiliaries. By a trIal of many years' con- tinuance he has found that the Alterative Tonic Powders he now offers to the public have justified his most san- guine expectations, and therefore feels himself bound, by motives of Humanity to confine them no longer to private practice, but to allow the public the full advantage of so valuable a medicine. Persons in the habit of taking quinine will find his powders by far the most efficacious tonic,—Morning Advertiser. Prepared only by M. 0. Wray, and goId Wholesale And Retail, at No. 118. Holborn Hill and at the West Jd Depot, 9, Agar Street, Strand, opposite Charing Gross Hospital; also by Edwards, 67. St. Paul'* Church Yard Messrs. Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon Street Hutler, 4, Cheapside; Sutton and Co., No. 10 Bow Church Yfcrd and Retail by Johnston, 68, Cornhill- Sanger, 150, Oxford Street; Lowe and Hornblower, 47, Blackfriars Road; and by all respectable Patent Mediciue Venders in Towa and Country, at 2«.9d., As. 6d., and 1 la. each box. abernant & VT OT1CEIS HEREBY Glty^'JJ^lf?oU°Gatcs IN arising and Pa>able ji RY AUCTION, (fubj^ within this Trust, will be L and t^Rre produced; to the written conditions to be at «he CASTLE INN ORGAN. TYDVIL, m the C,unt>( ,tjKK next, between the THURSDAY, the 13th Day of J T d pottr io tbe Hours of T..l~ o'Clock, Afternoon, of that Day, Ul tl% ,mcIU of the dueing sufficient Sureties for ^v^ ftS the Tr Monthly, for the term of one Yea comIItenW from tees shall then determine "P° £ ';d Twelve o'Clock of tlie night of* June next; which Tolls p^t- Said Tolls shall not y Jin. ifr'm one Lot, at such Meeting, then they will be Let in Parcels or Lots and each Parcel or Lot, will be put up at such sum as the Trustees shall then think fit. Dated the 9th Day of May, 1839. WM. DAVIES, r Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Trust. r —— r teeth. MR EDWARD KING, SURGEON DENTIST, BEGS to inform the Gentry of BRECKNOCK, JL-F and the surrounding Counties, that he still con- tinues to restore decayed Teeth, and to supply the deficiencies with NATURAL, ARTIFICIAL, and MINERAL TEETH, fixed from one to a complete set, on principtes approved by the Medical Practitioners of Brecon, and other towns on Mr King's circuit; and may be consulted at Mrs DU.NCAN"S, SHI P STREET. Teeth stopped with Gold, Platina, and Mineral Cement. Teeth cleaned, loose Teeth fastened, and Children's Teeth regulated. Families attended at their residences, if preferred, free of additional charge. All letters (post paid) will meet immediate attention; address Forge Villa, near Brecon. BRISTOL and NEWPORT STEAM PACKETS USK AND GLAMORGAN, 'CJSjhC WILL SAIL During the NEXT WEEK, as follow. FROM BRISTOL. JUNE 10, Ilonday 5 morn II, Tuesday 6morn 1'2, Wednesday 7 morn 13, Thursday 7 morn 11, Friday. morn 15, Saturday. 9 morn and 7 after FROM NEWPORT. JONF. 10, Monday 3 after II, Tuesday 3¡ after i'2, Wednesday 4^ after 13, Thursday 5 after 14, Friday 6 after 15, Saturday 12i after FAR ES :-After Cabin, 4s.-Fore-Cabin, 2s.-Chil. dren under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.-Dogs, Is. each. TO AND PRO SAME DAY, provided a To and Fro ticket is taken, After Cabin, ds. Kore Cabin, 3s. Four-Wheel Carriage, 20s.; Two-Wheel ditto, 10s. Horses each, 5s.; Two-Wheel Carriage or light Phaeton, drawn by one Horse with one Passenger. 15s.; Horse and Rider, After-Cabin ,7s.; ditto Fore-Cabin, 6s. ccrThe Proprietors of the above Steam Packets GIVE NOTICE that they will not be accountable for anv Passenger's IJuggage, nor wi 11 they be answerable for any Goods, Package, or Parcel(if lost or daiiiagei) iiiilcss booked at either of their Offices in Bristol or Newport; and if above the value of 40s. to be entered at its value and Carriage in proportion paid for the same at the time of Booking. Goods, Packages, and Parcels shoald be delivered a t the Packet Office, one hour (at least) before the time stated for Sailing. PONTYPOOL AND ABERGAVENNY.—Coaches Daily between these places and Newport. TREDEGAR (RON WORKS, through Abercarn, New- bridge, and Bedwelty, and a branch from Newbridge to N'autyglo.—A Coach Daily between these PIACe3 and Newport; arriving at Newport about 10 o'clock morn- ing, and starting at I o'clock afternoon. Apply at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Com pany's Otfice, Quay, Bristol; or at the Packet-OiSces- Rownhatn-Wharf, Hotwelis, and Rodnev Wharf, New- Port. JOHN JONES, Agent. THE CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKET NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. LADY CHARLOTTE, H. T. PARFITT, Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL Du'i»8r .Je NEXT WEEK, as follows, (With liberfy to Tow Vessels.) FROM CARDIFF. JUN,. Junius .Lady cLVlotVe' I.¡".flday Nautilus 6 morning 15..Saturday Lady Charlotte 7i morning FROM BRISTOL. JUNE 10. Monday Lady Charlotte 2J afternoon 19 *w? yj Nautilus morning !o'*A;Lednesday*Lady Charlotte 9A morning i*"n jTSday Nautilus 5^ morning ^-fnday Lady Charlotte 6 morning IS..Saturday Nautilus morning Carriages and Horses to be along-side an hour previous to the time of Sailing. FARES After Cabin, 5s.—Fore Cabin, 3.. Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.-Doge, Is. each. A Female Steward attends the Ladies I Cabiti. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four-Wheel Carriage, h.) Ditto drawn by One Horse, lOA. 6d I wo-Wheel Carriage, 10s. 6d.; Horses, 6s. each; Horse and Rider, After Cabin, 9s. Fore Cabin, 7s. 6d.; Cattle, fls. Sheep, Is. i Pigs, Is. I These Fares iiielude every expeiiie. Freihters are requested to order all Goods intended for i»» » v 5? be Sent t0 No- 12' Stre<*» or to tADY CHPvu?m"r!?erlauiJ BasiB Locksi and forlh" Packet,3 at'lLp^ hauled from the Warehouse, to the ackets, at the expense of the Companies. LUniri Place* in Sn-i wopMly.—Goods forwarded to these SS.r, t'Z< 'ck'|,Kc" »" r- cnnw.»a,L lm'ess ordered by any particular Steairf P J 1,1 which case they will be deposited in the uldln i rehouse till called for.-r-Freight to be p;xid on delivery o(! ^aCkagr- IWls, &e. forwarded to all parts k:. u m Wlt^ou, oelay, when sent to eitherof their Meam Packet Offices „i Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, Sic. v;i'it be by apply>ng to the Agents, Mr W arf r' Jent' at ,the Packet 0ffice on the Wharf. Carmfi; or to Mr John Griffith Jones, Agent, Vo. 12, gnay Street, Bristol, for the NAUTILUS Pac. "r Donovan, at the Packet Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr W. B. Owen, 16, Avon Cres- cent, Hotwelis, Bristol, for the LADY CHARLOTTE Packet. NOTICE;—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passengei s Luggage, nor will thV.b«>. answerable ior «?y Goods. Packages or Parcels (if lost or damaged bv Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 4-Os., unless entered at its valtie, and Carriage in pro- portion paid for the same, at the time of Booking.— «oodsi consigned to OTder. or not taken away before Si* 0 clock in the evening of the day of landing, will oe warehoused at the risk and expence of the eonsigusep, t /rM t0 considered as liens, not ouly for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously un- ed Freight and Charges due b» consignees to th 1 roprieiors of the said Packets. Disputed weights or mea«urement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed, unless a written notice of the same be sent to the Office ou the day of delivery.