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¡ GAZETTE AND GOAIIDIAN OFKICE, High Street, Merthyr Tydvil. t MR J. E. DIBB, Respectfully requests the attention of the Public to his superior stock of STATIONERY. The whole has been selected with considerable care, and is marked for sale at very moderate prices. LETTER PAPER. Per Ream. Per Quire s. d. s. d. Superfine Bath Post 2 Superfine Satin Bath 13 U •••• Ditto Ditto J3 b •••• ° ™ Ditto, Middle 17 | o L Ditto, Thick 20 0 2 f Superfine Thick Laid 20 0. I > Superfine Thick SAtin, Gilt. 26 O I b |L# — Ditto. Black Kdpe. • • *••• 25 0 .» 1 6 K fiktb, Black Burde'•>»■-••••• • "0 2 0 NOTE -MPBR. Superfine Thick Satin 11 6 0 8 Ditto, Gilt 13 6 0 10 Ditto, Black Edge. 14 0 0 10 Ditto, Black Border 18 0 1 2 | FOOLSCAP. t Common Laid Foolscap 20 0 I 2 Ditto, Ditto 180 1 0 Fine ditto 26 0 1 6 Super3ne ditto 30 0 1 JO Ditto, Ruled for Accounts. 30 0 20 Yellow Wove. 19 0 1 ] Fine tlitto 23 0 1 3 Superfine ditto 26 0 1 6 Fin* Blue Wove. 22 0 1 2 CARTRIDGE. •; 30 0 2 0 Imperial 50 Q 3 6 Printing Papers, Account Books, Pens, Quills, and Steel Pens, and Penknives, in great variety. SEALING WAX. Red and Black, 6d. per stick, or (h. 6.1. per lb. contain ID 20 ing^iO sticks!'4Ck' °f 6i* Cd< per lb" con,ain WAFERS. Common and Patent, 6d. per ounce. DRAWING PENCILS. H. H., for Engineering and Outlining. B. B extra for deep shading. F. F., ditto for light ditto. H. B., Hard and black for drawing. H., Hard for ditto. B., Deep aliading for ditto. M., Medium ditto for ditto. F., General use. All the above 9d. each. H. H. H., for Architectural use, Is. each. Common Writing Pencils, Red Chalk ditto, Rulers Ivory Folders, Bone ditto, and Indian Rubber, of various qualities and prices. EVER POINTED PENCIL CASES. Beautifully manufactured from improved German Sil- ver, Is., Is. 3d., Is. 6d., Is 9d., and 2s. 6d. each. German Silver Cases for Pen and Pencil, Is Is 2d Is. 9d., and 2s. 9d. each. Nearly the whole have reservoirs for leads and pens. Additional boxes, containing one dozen leads, may be had, price 3d. each. Blotting- Cases Quarto Blotting Cases; very neatly embossed cloth 0 16 Ditto; embossed roan, with pockets 0 2 6 Ditto sirperior embossed roan, with pockets, lock and key 0 50 Ditto; black roan 0 2 6 Foolscap Ditto 0 3 3 Bankers' de. Counting House Cases. Seven different sizes, five pockets each, black roau, Is. 6d., Is. 9d., 2s., 2s. 6d., 2s. 9,1., 3s., and 3s. 3d. The saran, very superior mock Russia, 2s. 6d., 2s. 9d., 3a., 4s., 4s. 3d., 4s. 6d., and 5s. Pocket Books OF A VERY SUPERIOR DESCRIPTION. Three sizes, each containing three pockets, and other conveniences, 2s. 6d., 2s. 9d and 3s. Weekly Memorandums. Various sizes, in roan cases, with a page of Ass's skin for each day, Is. 3d., Is, 6d.,2s., and 2s. 6d. The same, in the form of tablets, with six leaves of Ass's fkin, in very superior roan case, with tuck, and two pockets, 2s., 2s. 6d and 3s. Memorandum Pocket Books, in roan cases, fastening with loops, 9d., Is., Is. 2d., and Is. 6d. Rulers OP VARIOUS SIZES AMD PRICES. The same, with Wafer Stamp, Indian Rubber, and Pencil enclosed, Is- The same, with Wafer Stamp, Indian Rubber, and Pen and Pencil enclosed, Is. 6d. ENGLISH PSALMS AND HYMNS. Price Is. 6d. bound in cloth, Is. 9d. in sheep, A SELECTION OF PSALMS AND HYMNS for the public worship of the Established Church. Ity the Rev. DANIEL !?FEs, Perpetual Curate of Aberystruih, Monmouthshire. SECOND EDITION. Llandovery: William Ilces. WELSH PSALMS AND HYMNS. Price, bound in sheep is. 9, roan, marbled edged s. Od. CASGLIAD 0 PSALMAU A HYMNAU addas i addoliad cvhoeddus yr Kglwys Sefydledig. Gan y Parch. DANIEL RE Ell, Periglor Aberystruth, Sir Fynwy. wales. Walker's Maps complete, in case 10s. 6d. or mounted on rollers, and beautifully varnished 12s. Wales, North-Hast; North-West; South-East. and South-West, 2s. 6d. each. North Wales, 5s. South Wales, 5s. These Maps contam all the Market Towns, Parishes, and Principal Villages; the Mail, Turnpike, and chief Cross Hoads, Canals, Railways, Rivers, ^-c.; the ridges of Hills; Woods and Parks the boundaries of Hundreds, and of Boroughs, according to the Reform Act, with the most recent Amendments. A CATALOGUE OF THE BOOKS published under the superintendence of the General Literature and Education Committee of the Society for Promoting Christian » Knowledge, may be had gratis on application at the Guardian Office, Merthyr Tydvil. I MINERALS AND METALS;* their Natural '-1. Hintory and Uses in the Arts with Accounts ol Mines and Mining. Engravings, 2. 6d. FAMILIAR as we are, from our earliest years, with the various articles manufactured from the Metals, for purposes of use and comfort, the nature and properties of the metals themselves, and the means by which they are obtained, are comparitively little known. MERTHYR GUARDIAN. The GLAMORGAN, MONMOUTH, and BRECON GAZETTE, and MERTHYR GUARDIAN, is published early every Saturday morning, containing the latest in- telligence. It is circulated very largely both in the Principality and in the neighbouring Couiitiea of England. Price 4-d. or 59, per" Quarter. To BOOKSELLERS, and STATIONERS, POST-OFFICE KEEPERS, or any other RESPECTAIiLE TRADESMEN, having; extensive connections in the counties of Glamor- gan, Monmouth, and ISrecon, an Agency for the GAZETTE and GUARDIAN will be found to offer con- siderable advantages. Every informatiou may be obtained on application, either personally or by letter, to the Publisher, at the Office, Merthyr Tydvil, TO ADVERTISERS. '1 he following is the scale of Advertisement charges s. d. 10 Lines, or under 5 0 14 7 0 20 8 6 30 11 0 40 13 6 50 16 0 100 Lines, or half a column. 30 0 A wholecolullln 50 0 And ,[2 2s. for every additional column. Newspaper and Advertising Accounts are payablt Quarterly. J. E. DIBB, Gazette and Guardian Ollice, High Street) Merthyr Tdvil. TO BE LET, ON LEASE OR OTHERWISE, FURNISHED OR l UNFURNISHED, A HOUSE, fit for a Family, situated between two Post and Market Towns in Wales, with or without about 80 Acres of Land, (or any part thereof), to suit the convenience of a Tenant Coal is reserved gratis for the House, and Sporting abounds in the neighbourhood. Apply to Evan Davies, Tyllagarw, near Neath, Gla- morganshire, or to the Proprietor, H. E. Evans, Esq., at the place. FARM TOBE LET Or 120 ACRES. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, OR AT MICHAEL- MAS NEXT. FARM of KlLF11 ANE, situate within easy distance of the exce'leut Market Towns of Neath and Swansea. The Farm Buildings are convenient Wi,i in good rfcpafr, and the Farm in about half its circum- ference is protected by a wall fence, five feet high. The produce of six acres (iiorse hay) and six acres (cattle hay) well-harvested, together with the growing crops of wheat and oats, may be had at a valuation. tor further particulars or to view, apply to. David Davits, at Glanbrane, near Neath, Glamorganshire. MERTHYR TYDFIL. Sale of Household Furniture. Mr THOMAS DAVIES IS INSTRUCTED rel 't el I bV aurtion, On MONDAY next, 16th of SEPTEMBER, 1839, r'HE whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, t and other Effects of the late Mr* Steele, of Ply- mollt h comprising two Sofas Mahogany and other Chairs Fourpost and Tent Bedsteads; Mahogany Dining and other Tables C rner Cupboards; Eight-day Clock in Mahogany Oaie; three excellent Feather Beds; Fancy Pictures; Oak Chest; Weather Glass;. Fenders and Fire Irons, Earthenware; Kitchen Req«'*»tP8'> »u lrorJ Boiler; Brewing Utensils; and several other mos use u articles. The above Goods are removed, for the convenience of Sale to the Long Room. Kind's Arms Inn, Merthyr. The Sale to commence at Two o'CIock* .—— Sale of Estates in sreconshire Deferred. r|^HE SALE of the GUDDER, GHAIOWEM, And TYR MYR1CK FARMS, in the Pushes of Lanbeder, Cwmdu, and Talgarth, near Crickliowell, in the County of Brecon, which was announce to take place in the present Month, is deferred unul the latter end of October, or beginning of November next. Full particulars will be given in future paper. MORRIS & SMITH, Caistor, Lincolnshire. Diocese of St. David's. \TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the LORD 11 BISHOP of ST. DAVID'S will hold a GENERAL ORDINATION, in the CHAPEL of ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE, LAM PETE It, on SUNDAY, the 22nd day of SEPTEMBER next. Candidates for Orders are requested to forward to the Bishop, at Abergwili Palace, their Ordination Papers, in Parcels not exceeding one ounce each, on or before Saturday, the 7th day of September; and to appear at Dr Llewellin's House for examination, on Tuesday, the 17th day of September. By desire of the Bishop, VALENTINE DAVIS, N. P. Deputy Registrar. Registry, Carmartben, 21 st August, 1839. BRECONSHIRE. Lantrissent District Roads. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEV, that a SPE- CIAL M EETIN'G of the Commissioners of these Roads WILL HE IIELD at the CIWSS KEYS INN, in the Town of LANTRISSENF. on FRIDAY, the Fourth day of OCTOBER next, at Eleven o'CIock in the Forenoon, for the purpose of electing Commissioners and Trustees, in the room of such as have died or be- come disqualified and also for other general business or matter relating to the said District Roads. T. JOHN, Lantrissent. llthSept., 1839. Clerk. THE FARMER'S MAGAZINE, PUBLISHED MONTHLY, PRICE ONE SHILLING AND SIXPENCE, COMPRISES One Hundred and Sixty Columns of Letter-Press, on exclusive Agricultural Subjects- is beautifully Embellished with Highly- irinishe d Steel ngravings a, of the Best iinimals; (ENGRAVINGS of those ANIMALS and IMPLE- MENTS to which PRIZES were awarded at the GREAT MEETING of the ENGLISH AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY AT OXFORD, Will appear in succession ;) Gives the fullest Reports of the Society's Proceedings; and is Illustrated with DRAWINGS 0f all NEW and IMPROVED IMPLEMENTS and MACHINERY con. nected with Agriculture. In the NUMBER for OCTOBER will appear ENGRAVINGS OF MR HORTIN'S PURE LONG-HORNED BULL, which obtained the First Prze of Thirty Sovereigns, given by the English Agricultural Society" at the Oxford Meeting; and of MR LARGE'S LONG-WOOLED "RAM," of the Oxfordshire Breed, which also won the First Prize of Thirty Sovereigns. "THE FARMER'S MAGAZINE, Vol. X., price 104. 6d. i3 just published, in royal Svo., cloth boards, un ifom with V ols. I to IX. Office, 24, Norfolk Street, Strand.-May be had, by order, of all Booksellers. TO THE MINING INTEREST. rT^HE following Resolutions having been agreed 1 to by numerous friends and supporters of the Mining Journal," are SlIhmittcli to the mining com- munity at large, with the view of extending the objects beyond the limits of a private subscription: Resolved,rilat the Mining journal," being devoted to the advocacy and advancement of the mining in- terests, and to the dissemination of knowledge connected with the several branches of science appertaining to the working of mines, as also recording the operations and proceedings of public companies generally, is a publica- tion highly deserving the support and encouragement of the public. Resolved,—'That the thanks of the mining community, e.,itiin;Lte MITI and all those embarked in legitimate mimni, pursuit., are eminently due to Mr. English, 116 sP'n an en i tbe oast lour years in terprize manitested by him during K ■> the establishment and carrying on of that pu i a. u, affording protection to the interest of the miner an mil adveiktiirer. '"ES-Th.. »i, j« ,■ £ one farthiin' damages), having subjected h.mse 1: to pro- •eed ng at law, which have been attended with heavy expenses however favourable may have been the issue, expenses, j,A harmless from any it is proper t ja ie s iou cjentious performance pecuniary loss arising from th linterest has if his duties, and from which tne u o derived so much benefit. own™ rhis obiert Resolved, Th at, w.tlitheviewof^e'in^ a subscription be Hnmed^ oly ope mterested )n munirations be entered into with p ci). ation- mining pursuits generally, .g gllbscribcrs be re- Resolved,— I bat the names or tne t TLg-eara A stnn quested to be transmitted to the office o and Wallis, 2, New Broad-street, City, and that a meet- ing be held on an early day. for determining wha sum out of the amount so subscribed shall be appropua e ihe purpose of presenting to Mr. Englis a as ing es- timony of the approbation of the subscribers, of the lne of conduct which he has unjforre-ly pursued in conducting the Minijiq Journal." Resolied,—That notices of such meeting be transmitted to every subscriber at least ten days before holding the same and that, in the interim, listt be published of the subscriptions received. Loudon, September 4, 1839. BOROUGH OF BRECON. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rrHAT ROBERT CHARLES NICHOLL, and I WILLIAM MILBOURNE JAMES, ESQH8., the BARRISTERS appointed to REVISE the LISTS of volilfill, in the Election of a Member to serve in Parliament for the BOROUGH of BRECON, for the year 1839, wil! hold Courts for that purpose, at the Places and Times following (that is to say)- At the CAMDEN ARMS INN, TRECASTLE on TUESDAY, the 17th of SEPTEMBER, 1839, at two o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of Revising the List of Voters forTrecastle Ward (Town of Llywelf), in the Hamlet of Trayanmnwr, in the Parish of Llywell, At which Comt the Overseers who have made out such List are required to attend, under a Penalty not exceeding £500, At the TOWN HALL, BRECON, on THURSDAY, the 19th of the sume month, at Ten o'Clock in the Fore- noon, for Revise aU the o:her Lists of Voters for the same Borotigh. At which last mentioned Court the Town Clerk of the snid Borough and the Overseers of the Poor of the Parishes and Townships, wholly or in part, situate within the said Borough (except Trecasfle Ward aforesaid,) are required to attend, under a Penalty not exceeding £ 500. Sept. 4th, 1839. COUNTY OF BRECON. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, TP HAT ROBERT CHARLES NICHOLL AND p.V^?LL,AM MILBOURNE JAMES, Esqrs., ferr»iaS,'EKS ^-pointed to REVISE the LISTS of I fim t! 6 Election of a Knight of the Shire for the COL MY of BRECON, in the year 1839, will make it Circuit of the said County, and hold Courts for that purpose, at the times and places following; and that each •n, ,s.aid Cou<-<swill |,e holden at the hour of Ten ° A° u'n ^'e F°re«*°on (that is to say)- Tn^e.J5AMDBN Al*MS IVN. TRECASTLE, on TUESDAY, the 17th day of SEPTEMBER, 1839, for Revising the Lists for the Hamlets of Cray, Glvntawy, JUaescar, and Senny, j„ t|ie parish of Devynnock, and the ansliesot Llywell, Ystradvellly, Ystradgunlais, aud Llaudilo rvane. I. Aiohue T.OWN HALL. BRECON,on WEDNESDAY, the 18th of the same month, for Revising the Lists for the Hamlet of Gly„, in the parish of Devynnock, the Parishes of HaMpythid. Penderin.and St. David's, and all the Parishes and Places in the Iluudreds of Merthyr and Fencelly (except Llan,lilo'rvane aforesaid,) and a'so for revising the Lists of County Voters for the several Parishes and Places in the Borough of Brecon. At the TOWN HALL, CRICKHOWITJL, on Fill DAY, the 20th of the sam month, for Revising the Lists for all the Parishes and Places in the Hundred of Crick- howell, and for the Hamlets of Gronefiwr and Grone- fechan in the Parish and Hundred of Talgarth. At iALGAK) H. on S\TU){DAY the 21st day of the same month, for Revising the Lists for all the Parishes aud Places in the Hundred of Talgarth, except the afore- said Hamlets of Gronefa.vr and Gnmefechan. At the LION INN, B17ILTH on MON DA Y. the 23rd day of the same month, for Rev'ising the List< for ai! the I arishes and Places within the Hundred of Bui!th, and for all Parishes and Places, if any, not hereinbefore appointed for any other place. At which Courts the respective Overseers of the Pojr are req,iired 10 attend, under a Penalty not exceeding £ o00. Sept., 4th, 1839. 1839. BRECONSHIRE RACES, On WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, 25th and 20th of SEPTEMBER. FIRST MORNING AND FIRST RACE, HE SOUTH WALES PRODUCE STAKES of t 10 Sovereigns each, for the produce of Mares covered ia 1835. Colts, 8st. 21tis. tillies, 8st. Two Miles. b W Capt Bowen Davies's b. c. Magician. by Wainba, out of Manto, by Tiresias. Capt. Bowen Davies's ch. f. Caraguata, by Wamba, out of Clemaiis, by Waxy Pope. Mr Oseland's br. c. by 1'01110 out of Kleanor,hy Manfred. Mr Morgan's h. c. by Doctor Faustua, out of Jane, by Spectre, (half bred.) Mr Greatrex's h. or br. f. by Rowton, out of Nosegay, by Einilius. Mr Henderson is a Subscriber hut did not name. THE LA D! ES' PLATE. A SPi.ENDID SILVER TEA SERVICE value .£;)0. given by the Ladies of Breconshire. Three years old, 7sl., Four years old, 8st. 41b., Five years old, Sst. 1-lb., Six and aged, 9s'. olb. Winners once ois year of the value of J,50, to carry 3lbs. twice 5ibs.; thrice, 7lbs. extia, (matches and handicaps excepicd.) Horses that have s'arted twice this year and not winning allowed 3!bs. Maiden Horses, 2lbs. Heats Two Miles. The (JSIC STAKES of HVG SOVEimnvs cach> Three forfeit, with 1.20 added. Heats, One Miie and Three Quaitcrs. st. lbs. 12 0 Mr Culleti's dun m. Duenna, aged 11 10 Mr Gough's blk. g. Pilot, aged 11 4 Mr Mayhery na.b. g. Charity, aged 11 0 Mr Carless's b. g. Powick, 5 yrs. 10 10 Mr Powell's b. in. I)casdorf 6'yrs. 10 7 Mr Thomas na. Cholstrey, aged 10 0 Mr Price lIa. h. m. by Sir Edward. 5 yrs. 9 10 Mr Morgan na b. f. Woodbine, 4 yrs. 7 7 Capt. Fendi.ll na. b f. Nell, 3 vrs. The COUNTY STAKES of TWO SOVEREIGNS each, with a CUP added, by the Stewards for Horses bred in the ^ouu^ .°: ^recon- Heats, once round and a distance. Weights the same as for the inlembers' I-Ilate. Mr II. THOMAS I Mr W. MAYBERY. SECOND DAY. The MEMBERS' PLA'I'| °f ^KTY POUNDS; the. gift of Col. Wood and C. M. K. Morgan, Esq., Members for the County and Borough of Brecon. Three years, 8st. 2lbs., Four, 9st. 61bs 10st, 51bs., Six, lOst. 121bs., and aged, list. A inner once this year of the value of £ 50, to carry 31bs. twice-, 51bs thric 71bs. eXtra* V Horses that have Started three times this year, and not winning, allowed 51bs Half-bred Horses that never won Two clear Fifties or £100 at any one time, allowed 71bs. A Winner of £100 at any one time to carry 7lbs extra, and the Winner of the Ladies Tea Service to carry 4lbs extra, in addition to the above weights Heats, twice round and a distance. ° The HUNTERS' STAKES of FIVE SOVEREIGNS each, Three Forft. with a Whip, given by a Gentleman. Heats, One Mile and a-half, st. lbs. 13 0 Mr Collett's dun m. Duenna,aged 12 10 Capt Elllblíe na. b. g. Charity, a;;ed 12 0 Mr Fredericks na. b. m. Peasdoil", 0 yrs. 11 7 Capt. Fendall's ch. in. Glasllyn, aged 11 7 Mr Smith na. h. g. Powick, 5 yrs. II 2 Mr Wynne na. blk. g. The Moor, aged 11 2 Mr Strctton na b. g. Barrister, aged 10 10 Mr Morgan na. b. g. Cholstrey, aged 10 7 Mr JI. Wilkins na. b. 11), Woodbine, 4 yrs. A WELTEa HANDICAP ofTHREE SOVERElGVS each, 1 ft., with £ 15 added, to close and name to the Oleik of the Couise, before 10 o'Clock in the Evening of the first day of the Races. The weights to be de- clared h) 10 o'clock, and to accept by 11 o'clock at [, ^eorSe Inn the same morning. The winner of the Members' I'iatc to carry 5lbs. extra, all forfeits to go to thc second Horse. One mile heats. A MATCH for £ 50 between Mr W. R. STRETTON and Mr Charles Wynne, Three South Wales Ponies, against Three North Walts Ponies. One mile liea s. Catch Weights, to be run on the first and second days of the ltaces. To Close and Name to the Clerk of the Course, at the GEORGE INN, BRECON, on or before 10 o'Clock in I the Evening of the 24th of SEPTEMBER, for the Ladies Plate. Members' Plate and County Slakes to pay 10s. 6d. for each Horse for the different Plates and Stakes at the time of naming to the Clerk of the Course each Winner to pay One Guinea for Scales and Weights. The Winner of the Ladies' Plate, Members' Plate and Usk Stakes, to subscribe One Sovereign each to the Fund. No Horse will be allowed to Stand at the House of any Person who is not a Subscriber to the Race Fund, or not "IItitled though a Winner. Nor to be plated by any Blacksmith who is not a Subscriber. No Person will be allowed to erect any Booth or Stand in the Race Course who is not a Subscriber. All Dis- putes to be settled by the Stewards or whom they may appoint. ORDINARIES at the CASTLE HOTEL each lav, and a BALL there on the Second Night of the Races. WALTER^M A YBe'rY, I E*1uires' Stewards. ROGER POWELL, Clerk of tlie Course. £ l (ifill RE'ADY TO BE ADVANCED on approved Security. Apply to Mr. LL. JONES, Laleston, Bridgend. This advertisement will not be repeated. NEWCASTLE-EMLYN UNION, WANTED, as MASTER and MATRON for V f the WORKHOUSE of dIe above Union, a Man and his Wife. Salary,— Master f33, Matron 115, besides the usual accommodation. They must bring Testimonials of moral good Character, and the Man's ability to keep acconnts. Both must have a perfect knowledge of the Welsh and English Language, and be prepared with such Securitj as the Board of Guardians will require. The Candidates for the above situation must attend at the Clerk's Office, on Tfl^-ftsOA Y, the 19th day of SEPTEMBER next, t Z, d before a Committee (" as to that-,Qlla-liûealiô;JJ: By order of the Board, THOS. JONES, Board Room, 30th August, 1839. Clerk. COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN. Courts of the Revising Barristers. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That JOHN WILSON and JAMES EVANS, Esquires, the BARRISTERS appointed to REVISE the LISTS of VOTERS in the Election of Knights of the Shire, for the County of GLAMORGAN intended to make a Circuit of the said County, and to hold Courts for the purpose of revising such Lists at the several times and places following, (that is to say)— At the TOWN HALL, in ABERD\RE, on WEDN- RSDA Y, the 18th day of SEPTEMBER, 1839. at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, for revising the list of the Parish of Aberdare. At MERTHYR-TIDVIL. on THURSDAY, the 19th day of SEPTEMBER, 1839, at Ten o'clock in the Fore- noon, to revise the lists of the parishes or places of Merthyr-Tidvil and Glyn Rumney. At the BOAR'S HEAD INN, in CAERPHILLY, on S \TURD\Y, the 21st day of SEPTEMBER, 1839, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, to revise the lists of the several parishes, hamlets, or places of Gellygare, Lan- vabon, Eglwysilan, Rydry, Van, and Rhyd ygwern. At LANTRISSENT. on MONDAY, the 23rd day of St PI EMBER, 1839. at 'Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, to ,evi,;(, the list of the parish of Lanharran; and al<o the ists of all the parishes, hamlets, and places situate within the Hundred of Miskin, excepting the parish of Aberdare. At the TOWN HALL, in CARDIFF, on WED. NESDAY, the 2.5th day of SEPTEMBER, 1839. at Ten o clook in the Forenoon, to revise the lists 0f all the .1 parishes, hamlets, and places within the Hundred ol UyPowis. At the TOWN HALL, in CARDIFF, on THURSD \Y, the 26th day of SEPTEMBER, 1839, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, to revise the lists of all the parishes. harnlots, and places within the Hundred of Kibbor; and also the lists of the several parishes, hamlets, or places of Cardiff Town and Whitchurch Higher, Whitchurch Lower. Lanvedw, and Radyr. At the TOWN HALL, in COWBRIDGE, on S \TUR- DAY. the 28th day of SEPTEMBER, 1839, at Ten o clock in the Forenoon, to revise the lists of all the parishes, hamlets, and places within the Hundred of Cowbridge, (except the parish of Lanharran,) and also to revise the list of the parish of Penlline, in the Hun- dred of Ogmore. At the TOWN HALL, in BRIDGEND on TUES- DAY, the 1st day of OCTOBER, 1839, at'Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, to revise the lists of all the parishes hamlets, and places within the Hundred of Ogmore' except the parish of Penlline. At the TOWN H\LL, in BRIDGEND, on WED NESDAY, the 2nd day of OCTOBER, 1839, at Ten o clock in the Forenoon, to revise the lists of all the NewcastlehamlCtS' pla1ces within the Hundred of At the TOWN HALL, in NEATH, on FRIDAY, the 4th day of OCTOBER, 1819, at Ten o'clock m the Forenoon, to revise the list /if the several paiislie*, hamlets, and places of Glyt^Vg, Blaengwrach, Aber- avon, Lantwit Lower, Clyne, Resolven, Baglan Higher, Baglan Lower, Michaelstone Higher, Michaelstonc T1/. n and Ynysymond! i. c u e, N HALL, in NEATH, on SATURDAY, the oth day of OCTOBER, 1839, at Ten o'clock in the lorcnoon, to revise the lists of the several parishes, hamlets, and places of Dylais Higher, Dylais Lower, Blaenhondda, Coedfrank, Dyfifryn Clydach, Britton terry. Town of Neath, Neath Higher, Neath Middle, Neath Lower, Alhgrecg, "e, Blacneagle, Parcel Mawr Languke, and KaegerwaTn At the i OWN HALL, in SWANSEA, on TUE^D \Y. the oth day of OCTOBER 1839, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, to revise the lists of the several parishes, hamlets, and places of Llansamlet Higher, Llansamlet Lower Parcel Clase Higher, Parcel Clase Lower, Pen- derry Higher. Penderry Lower, Parcel Mawr Higher, Parcel Mawr Lower, Iscoed, Saint Thomas, Oystermouth, and Hishopstone. w:t' l!v 'r()W\ HALL, in SWANSEA, on WED- i P ,thc9th day of OCTOBER- 1839,at Ten o'dock in the forenoon, to revise the lists of the several parishes hamlets, and places of Ynyslloughor Tyr-y- Brenin, Glynllonghor, Pennard, Ilstone, Llanrhidian, Higher, Llanrhidian Lower, Landewy, Chenton, Port- non, and I enmaen. At the TOWN HALE in SWANSEA, on THURS- DAY, the 10th day of OCTOBER 1839, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, to revise the lists of the several parishes, hamlets, and places of oxwich, penrice, Llanmaddock, Nicholaston. Rossilly, Revnoldstone, Knelstone, Llan- gennith, Walterstone, and Killebion, Saint John s, Town of Swansea, Swansea Higher and Swansea Lower and also the lists of all other parishes, hamlets, and places in the said County, (if any) which are not before specified or referred to. U which Courts the Overseers of the Poor of all the said respective Parishes. Hamlets, and Places, are bound to attend, under a Penalty of Five Hundred Pounds. JOHN WILSOV, JAMES EVANS, September 3rd, 1839. O ARSAPARILLA.—WRAY'S ALTERATIVE. O TONIC POWDERS and PILES.—These Powders are composed of the finest Saraparilla imported, selected and reduced to powder by a method peculiar to the pro- prietor, by which process the whole of its active princi- ples are secured, and is combined with tonics and alteratives of the greatest efficacy. They have long been employed by the proprietor and the physicians and surgeons attending his establishment, with decided suc- cess in all cases of Scrofula, Glandular and Scorbutic Affections, &c., and. by a little perseverance, may be taken with a positive certainty of effecting a radical cure; and where sudorifics or diaphoretics have been employed in some of those complaints, these ponders have been found to entirely supersede their use. The v virtues of Sarsaparilla have been long known and de- servedly appreciated in all secondary symptoms, and ill those diseases aiising from all impure state of the blood and from an extensive experience in this metropolis for ihe last fourteen years, the proprietor having employed all the various pharmaceutical and other preparations of Sarsaparilla without, has ascertained that the certainty and uniformity in the effects of Sarsaparilla entirety depena on its being administered in substance, combined efficaciously with auxiliaries, and that the vaiious preparations under the denomination of decoc- tions, extracts, essence, syrups, &c. &c., hitherto used. can never be depended upon for producing any real or permanent benefit. The proprietor, therefore, has no hesitation in recommending thts invaluable medicine as tlie most efficacious prepara''011. Sarsaparilla extant; and persons in the habit of taking it in any form what- ever, are strongly solicited to ma e trial of this prepara- tion, and they will soon be convinced of its superior efficacy over all others. In Secondary Symptoms it is a certain specific, and uiae,jualle(i for the removal of eruptions of the skin, pains in the bones, ulcerated sore throat, chronic rheumatism, local and general delihitv, loss of appetite, depression of spirits, and all diseases arising from an impure state of the blood. Persons in the habit of taking quinine will find these powders by far the most efficacious tonic- Prepared only by the pf°P!'ie'or' O. Wray, 118, Holborn Hill, and 9, A^ar Hill. » rand, opposite Charing Cross Hospital and sold m packets 4s. 6d., lis., and 21s. each; also wholesale and retail by Messrs Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon Street; Butler, 4. Cheapside Sutton and Co.. 10, Bow CI'0™ Yi"-d Johnston. 6S, Cornhill Sanger, 150, Oxford Street Lowo and Horn- blower, 47, Blackfriars Uoad i an1tJ a" respectable Patent Medicine Vendors in to«n and country. Where also may be had, WRAY'S CELEBRATED BALSAMIC PILLS, a cer- tain, safe, and the most speedy remedy ever discovered tor the permanent and effectual cure of gonorrhoea, fleets, strictures, seminal weakness, whites, pains in the loins, affections of tbe kidneys, gravel, lumbago, local debility, irritation of the bladder or urethra, and other diseases of the urinary passages, frequently performing a perfect cure in the short space of a few days. PATIENTS IN TilE REMOTEST PARTS OF TUF. COUN- TRY can be treated successfully, oil describing minutely their case, and enclosing a reruittaitee for medicine which can be forwarded to any part of the World, se- curely packed, and CAREFUU.Y PROTECTED FUOM OBSERVATION -= BRISTOL and NEWPORT STEAM PACKETS TJSIK AND GLAMORGAN, WILL SAIL «WmV During the NEXT WEEK, as follows FROM BRISTOL. Sept. 16.. Monday 10i morning 17..Tuesday 114 morning 18. Wednesday I afternoon 19..Tlitirsday 2 afernoon 20..Friday 3 afternoon 21..Saturday 7J morning FROM NEWPORT. Sept. 16. Mon day H morning 17..Tuesday morning 18.-Wednesday *0 morning 19..Thursday 20..1"riday 2 afternoon 21..Saturday. 2 afternoon FA IU:S ;-Aftcr Cabin, 4s.-Fore-Cabin, 2s.-Ciii I- dren under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.-Dogs, Is. each. Four-Wheel Carriage, 20s.; Two-Wheel ditto, 10s.; Horses each, 5s.; Two-Wheel Carriage or light Phaeton, drawn by one Horse with one Passenger, 15s.; Horse and Rider, After-Cabin,7s.; ditto Fore-Cabin, 6s. The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets GIVE NOTICE that they will not beaccountable for anv Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Package, or Parcel(if lost or damaged) unless booked at either of their Offices in Bristol or Newport; and if above the value of 40s. eutercd at its value and Carriage paid for the same at the time of Booking. Goods, Packages, and Parcels should be delivered a' the Packet Office, one hour (at least) before the time stated for Sailing. PONTYPOOL AND ABERGAVENNY.—Coaches Daily between these places and Newport. TREDEGAR IRON WORKS, through Abercarn, New. budge, and Bedwellty, and a branch from Newbridge to Natityglo.-A Coach Daily between these places and Newport; arriving at Newport about 10 o'clock morn. ing, and starting at I o'clock afternoon. Apply at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Corn- pany's Office, Quay, Bristol; or at the Packet-Offices" liownham-Wharf, Hotwells, and Rodney Wharf New- port. JOHN JONES, Agent. THE CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. LADY CHARLOTTE H. T. PARFITT, Commander, ARE INTENDED TO S\IL Duri,,S .,he NEXT WEEK, as follows Ms&iSmfS (With liberty to Tow Vessels.) FROM CARDIFF. Sept. 16.. Monday Nautilus 9 morninZ 17..Tuesday Lady Charlotte <» morning 18.. Wednesday. Nautilus 12 uoo„ 19.. Thursday Lady Charlotte 1* afternoon Nautilus afternoon 21..Saturday Lady Charlotte afternoon FROM BRISTOL. Sept. 16.. Monday Lady Charlotte 11 morning 17..Tuesday Nautilus 8^ morning 18..Wednesday Lady Charlotte 101 mornii^ 19..Thursday Nautilus 12 noon ° 20.. Friday Ladv Charlotte 1J afternoon 21.. Saturday Nautilus 7 morning Carriages and Horses to be along-side an hour previoua to the time of Sailing. FARF', :-After Cabin, 5s.-Fore Cabin, 3s. Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-price Done Is each. A Female Steward attends the Ladies'Cabin. Reftdiracnts may be had on Board, on moderate lof°6d"WIT Cl S^ria8e' 2,s- Di»°draNV11 by One Horse heel Carriage, 10s. 6d.; Horses, 6s. 7s. 6d pA!,le.iancl iiider' After Cabin, 9s. Fore Cabin, expense S' These Fares include every NO2! NOt accountable for any Goods without Shipping Freig,hters are requested to order all Goods intended for Robert Chaulin p be. SC!U t0 N(>\12' ^u,ai Street» or r dn^ Basin l^ocks and for ihe street! B?i"ol 0rni' 10 Clare Street Hall, Marsh Packet!* rTt' hauled from the Warehouses to the Ij^rtk r CX|'ellse of 'he Companies. Lluntrhsei't andr>dgel'»berdure' Cov,brid9e> Bridgend, Places in Si- ^e>pMly.—Goods forwarded to these mediately on airi SS°a.S aud Lock"ul) Canal Boats im- conveyance in i unless ordered by any particular Steam Packet W,' CaSC t,ley wi" be delJu?s,teti iu Paid on delivery C Se tiU Ca"ed f° '° ofthp0^?' lackaS' Parcels, &c. forwarded to all parts Steam |lng' w'thon> delay, when sent to eitherof the r F acket Offices ,n Cardiff or Bristol. Ftil'ttier information a-, to Freight, &C- will I)c m''1/ obtained by applying to the Agents, Mr na«- Agent, at 'the Packet Office on the v lo .rardi'ii or to Mr John Griffith Jones, Agent, ^uai' Street, Bristol, for the NAUTILUS Pac. wi' '("l Donovan, at the Packet Office, on the f, Cardiff; or to MrW. 15. Owen, 16, Avon Cres. Set tWe"S' liristol» for 'he LADV CHARLOTTE "Ie Proprietors of the above Steam Packet. P»s»n„° ,Ulat ,hey wil1 not be accountable for any anv pger. s .Kgage, nor will they be answerable for bv Fire ,IJackages» or Parcels (if lost or damaged of rhoiJ age or otherwise) unless Booked at either of 4(W Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value •loninn ^n!ess ei'tered at its value, and Carriage in pro- Goods fn f Ule saule» at the time of Booking.— o'clock to or<ler» or not taken away before Six oe warehou«l? evenin8 of 'he day of landing, will All nonri- ? K allhe rl9k and expence of the consignees, aiidclnrop." c"nsidercd as liens, not ouly for freight satisticd F,eig"i 1' u!" or measurement, c ainw j a > tor loss or damage, &c., cannot oeallowed, unless a r i l f. wnUen notice of the same be sent to the OGice on the day of delivery. BLAANIRD 'S MATIC PILLS. Copyof a Letter from the De la Clarde, Chamberlain 10 late King 20, Vere Street, 11, 1838, SIR.—1 feel myself boiind by the dutv I o fellow-creatures to request that you w;ii ^ve, lowing mos, extraordinary effects of BLUR^ AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. AUt!> GOU1 For a period of 30 years I have guffpmM i I can well express but at all times have an advertised remedies, having a powerful !aking them, until a few months since, after hav" nt,Pa'hy f° up for 22 weeks of an attack of Hheumatir p1" been laid pally confined to the feet, but at times it T111' various parts of the frame, and then returnin ra e<t0 accumulated force to the extremities, and to w''h that I was delirious for five days and nights U r adeSree that, fortunately I was induced to trv Ttl A rr>« now sa^ AND RHEUMATIC PILLS; and, with t i GOUT yourself and the public that, in less than 24? assure free from pain; and by the time 1 had tak I0,Urs' was the inflammation and swelling had disapn i a ^0X I have the pleasure of adding that njv !ate has in no way suffered, and that the eff116 health Pills were imperceptible. ects of Blair's I am, Sir, your obedient servant THE CHEVALIER DR LA G\RDR The testimonials of the astonishing Pfr Medicine are universally accompanied hv th r'8 t,lis inconvenience of any sort attends its J act,that no that the patient, without feelin» th lst.ra'ioa, but medicine, is universally left in°a J operati°Q of the state of health than experienced ^0nSer and better afflicted with this disease; and in alieVI°US l° heing suffering, great relief is obtained in i f°aS?S of acute cure is generally effected in two or it," j 1,OUr8' al>d a This valuable discovery ia sold bv Tlf a^8' S.nd Unaou h» I,„ 22,. Mr Williams, Newport; and all rec h\T' Urecon i Venders throughout tbe Kingdomf60^ M„edicine per box. ri'ce ^s, 9d. Ask for Blair's Gout and Rheumatic 1'ilU an i k f* 7mf.*nd «"«• t IU; V29 T'n "r" ",e St.„p, S to each Uoxot the Gcuuiae Medicine. Newbridge and Lantrissent Races. f N consequence of the unfavourable state of the weather, these HACr.S are DEFERRED to the l-Jth of OCTOBEIl, when there will be a Prize of in for Ifacks, the property of Persons residing within 10 Miles of the above Places, 3 months previous to the races. A5. for Ponies, to be handicapped; and X3. for Ponies that never before ran a public race. By order of the Stewards, (Signed) T. MOHGAN, Clerk of Course G-lamorg-anslilre General Agricul- tural Society. l",HE NEXT ANNUAL SPECIAL GENERAL E MEETING of this Society will be held at the i. I I • V• U.OK SLPrtMBBR next, for the purpose of Awarding the Premiums for Stock, and Auditing the Accounts The Committee are requested to attend at half-past ten o'clock to arrange the general business of the day. All Stock must be in the field before ten o'clock, or they cannot be admitted for competition. The Subscribers arc respectfully reminded that their Subscriptions arc due on the 1st July, in each year; and an early remittance is requested of those subscrip tions which are still in arrears, in order that the accounts may be closed. EDWARD BRADLEY, Treasurer and Secretary Cowbridge, August 27, 1839.