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OPENING OF THE BUTE SHIP CANAL. Cardiff, September 15th, 1839. AT A MEETING of ihe COMMITTEE, held that dav, at the Guild Hall, for arrantiin^ the Programme at the OPENING of this CANAL, on WK1J\ESDAV, the 9th of OCTOBER next. It wat resolved,—That all persons who intend being present and joining: the Procession to conduct the M ar- quis of Bute to his Canal and Docks, are requested to saeet on the Castle Ground, Cardiff, at Sev.en o'Clock in the Morning. Hi* Lordship having kindly accepted an invitation to a Pnblic Hinner on that day, Ordered,—That the Dinner be at the Cardiff Arms, at Five o'Cloct Tickets, 20s. each. That it may be ascertained for how many dinner is to be provided, Ordered.—:That no Tickets he issued after Six o'Clock on Saturday Afternoon-, the 5th of October. I Tickets for the Dinner to be had at the Guild Hall, Cardiff, during the following week, between the hours-of 12 ,and 4 in the Afternoon.. except Saturday, the 5th of October, on which day they will be issued until fi.o'Clock. In the Evening there Ball at the Angel Inn Dandng to commence at 9 o'Clock. Tickets, 7s. 6d each, to be had at the Post-office. None will be issued after Saturday, the 5th of October. After the first Ship has enteri-d the Gates, there will be Prizes for Boat- Races; Sailing, Rawing, and Scnlling •Watches. The particulars of which will be published in Wje-.eomfie the week.. In the Evening there will be a Grand Display of Fire Works. That these resolutions be inserted in the Merthyr Guardian, hte,lin. and Bristol J ournai. CHAS. C. WILLIAMS, Chairman. PEMPROKESHIRE. IMPORTANT TO CAPITALISTS. 7EiR^S and CONDITIONS of SALE of Hanupstnn'" a ,?*nPortant and rich productive Estates of ^?ove TIn, ern' ^ingSt°n' L^ma5'on j-Estates and ^ouae and Lands, Underdown Saint w > ^m8sf°id a ad. l'ennar in the Parishes of saint Mary s and Saint Michael' Pembrokeshire Lowder-fawr, Lowder-fach, Penmynydd fawV. Mellin*- -wero in the Parish of MorvilEstates in and about k L. Pnnchestdn—Vinor in the Parish of ■p^-Tbaythe, and Tylosge and Temperness in the ar,'S T, Severn together with Houses and Gardens in the I arish of Saint Thomas, in the Town and County of ^verfordwest, have been.left with Messrs. Crowder and Mayard, Mansion House Place, London; and Messrs. Goode and PhUpott, Land Agents, .Haverford- est, who are authorized to treat for' the same by Pri- vate Contract. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. Call of Ten Pounds per Share. THE Directors of iheTAFF VALE RAILWAY COMPANY* acting muder the Provisions (>f the Act o| iMcorporation, hereby give Voiuiu. Illat the Pro. prietors of, Sharu ice retired t), piky, on or before the 21st aav of October next, to anyone of the uadermen- ttom-d Bankers, the sum o Teu Pounds on each of their respective Shares, viz London and Westrninster Banks London West of England and South Wales District Ban* Cardiff. Ditto Ditto Ditto Bristol, Ditto Ditto Ditto Merthyr. W«ssrs Wilkins and Co. Merttuv. National Provincial Bank Cardiff. Monmouthshire and GlamorganshireRank- in Company, By Order of the Board of Directors, JOSEPH it ATA., Secretary. Railway Office, Cardiff, 24th Sept., 1839. THE MARK-LANE EXPRESS, IS THE LARGEST AGRICULTURAL & COMMERCIAL JOURNAL IN THE UNITED KINCDOI. ] T is published every Monday Evening in time for Post, and will be found invaluable iri the present state of FLUCTUATION and EXCITEMENT in the CORN TRADE. In authenticity and extent of Market Information tfce MARK.LANE EXPKKS? stands un- rivalled as a medium of communication to all interested iu GRAIN, WOOL, 'MALT, HOPS. SEED, FLOOR, PRO- VISIONS, GR^ChRlfes, &c. —r The Reports, Country Pairs, Smithfield aftd other Cattle Markets, Agricultural Meetings, and Monthly Reports, are fuH and comprehen- sive, being obtained-from nearly Exclusive sources. A iinual, Subscriptidn,'if paid in advanee, St 8s. 2d Ma* be had, by. order, of ail Booksellers and Newsmen in the United Kingdom;,and at the Office, 24, Norfolk Street, Strand, London. GLAMORGANSHIRE General Agricultural Society- It AT the ANNUAL SPKCIAL GENERAL Al RE IT NO held at the Bear Inn, Cowbfidge, oil Tuesday, -the 24th of September, 1839, C. M. 1L MORGAN, Esq., M.P., in the Chair, Resol,ved,-That the Premiums for Stock be awarded as follows. .1 • CLASS I.-GTAMORGAN BREED. S. To Mr Thotnas Howell, St. Mary Church, for the best Boll, Cow, and Calf 5 0 To Mr Lewis George, fan'dough, a Yearling Heifer 2 0 To Mr lye wis George, Landough, ai pair of Year- ]in*-Steers 3 g To Mr Thomas Thomas, St. Hilary, a Yearling Bull, not having sufficient, alorit-lalf the amount of the Premiun¡\ offred u," J 10 To Mr- Richard, Sant Landon, Two Year Old Hei fer. It 3 0 CLASS 2-ANY BREED. To Mr Wm. Whapham, Bonvilston, Bull, Cow and- Calf 5 0 To Mr Skyrnoe. Splott, Bull 3 0 To Messrs Bradley, Cardiff, Yearling Bull. 3 0 To Mr Skyrme, Splott, Yearling Heifer 2 0 To Mr Wm. Whapham, Bonvilston, Yearling Steers. 3 0 ¡:er '0' I To Mr Wm. Whapham, ditto. Two Year Old Heifer 3 0 STOCK OF ANY KIND. To Nir Wm. Evans, Roath. Ft Ox 5 0 To Mr Wm. Whapham, Bonvilstone, Fat Cow 5 0 To Mr Wm. Whapham, Bonvilston', yoke of Onen. 5 0 To Mr rhomas Thomas, Tvdraw, Two'YearOld Steers 3 0 SHEEP. rn° r^i'>0mas Th°mas, Tydraw, Ram 3 Oj To Mr Thomas Thomas. Tydraw, Yearling Ram. 3 0 To Mr John Morgan. Hilly Ram 2 0 To Mr Richard Whapham, St. Nicholas, 5 Year- ling Jiiwes •••» 3 0 3 0 To Mr Evan William, Dan y Coed, 5 Hilly Ewes. 2 0 PIGS. To Mr David Lewis, Lanrannar, Yearling Boar. 2 0 HORSES, To Mr Howell Thomas, Cadoxton, Stallion, not exceeding Six Years Old, for the general pur- posesof Husbandry. 5 0 To Messrs. Bradley, Xregaff Place, Stallion, not exceeding Ten Years Old, for Hunting or Coach purposes. 5 0 To Mr Thos. Thomas, Tydraw, three year old Horse for the general purposes of husbandry.. 3 0 To Mr W. Evans, Fairwater, three year old Horse m Hunting and Coach purposes 5 0 To John Homfray, Esq Landaff, a Yearling Colt for Hunting and Coach purposes 2 0 To Mr .Morgan Aubrey, Lantrithyd, Yearling Cole for the general purposes of husbandry. 2 0 C. R. M. MORGAN, President. The President having quitted the Chair, Resolved,—'That the thanks of this meeting be given him for his active support to the society, and his condoct in -the CLA* EDWARD BRADLEY, Secretary. HORSE CLOTHING. Z. FRY REGS to inform his Friends and the Public, that he continues 10 keep, as usual,an extensive Assort- ment of HORSE CLOTHING, and other Articles con- nected with it, according to the annexed List, which he is enabled to on'crahouttheManufacturcrs'Prices. Any of these will be found well worth the attention of Pur- chasers, either for Exportation or Home Consumption :— Bkinket < and Blanket ltticys. Bine Serges. Kersey Horse Clothing. Millpuff. Sweaters. Saddlers' Flock. Prince's Check for Summer Roller and Girth. Webbs. Cloths. Bandages. Collar Cloths. Bindings. Check Collar Cloths. Tihings: these are used for Worsted DiaptfTs. covering Carts and Wag- Cotton Diapers gons, as welr liS for ("hea Pannel and Seat-Serges. and strong Horse Cloths. A lecige quantity of cheap Horse Clothing, well adapted for the use of Innkeepers and Stage Coach Pro- • -praters. ■ -■ 30, Castle Street. Bristol. .d — PARISH OF MERTHYR DO VAN, GLAMORGANSHIRE. 1THE undersigned, EDWARD PRIEST J RICHARDS, beiujf the duly authorized Agent of ROBERT K R A-XC 1,S ,J E NN E, Esq a "Land-owner, within the Parish of, MERTHYR. DOVAN, in the County of GLAMORGAN" whose interest is not less than One-fourth part of the whole value of the ^a"ds subject to Tithes on the said Parish Do, by this in writing under my hand, GALL A FA^0f?]?rtoc MERTIN6 of L AN I)-OW\'KR8and TITHK-OWN J'-K^ ivithin the limits of the said Parish, (or tbe Purpose ef Appointing a Valmr or Valuers: to apportio" the to,a| Sum agreed to ba paid by Way of Rent Clialge,.instead of the Tithes of the said Parish, and the expences ot the Apportionment amongst the several Lands in the said Parish subject to Tithes, and for other the poses of carrying into effect the Commutation ot the 1 es of the said Parish, pursuant to the proviso of an passed in the Sixth and Seventh Years of tl,, Iteigt, ot* lire late Majesty, entituled. An Act for om"'° a" tion of Tithes in England and Wales and ot t le se\era otlier Acts- of Parliament passed for the Commu a 1011 of Tithes in England and Wales. And, I do hereby al» give Notice,th*t such Meeting will l'c *in the ANN JONES, called the RHCTORV HOOSh. in the said Parish of M KUTHY R IX)V A N, on WR')Nf. 1 the Ninth day of OCTOBER, oue thoasai:id^ eigivt 111 dred and thiitynine, at the h.iur of Eleven o c Forenoon. Given under my hand this Thirteenth day of Septem- ber, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nin RICITAIZDS. PARISH OF WENVO, GLAMORGANSHIRE, 1THK undersigned EDWARD^ 5 RICHARDS, being- the duly authorized Agent of ROBERT F (AMCIS JtiNNER, Esq a Land owner within tbe Parish of WRNVOE, in the County of GLAMORGAN," whose Interest is not le98 fourth part of the whole value of the f.aods so jee o S £ in he said Parish, Do. bv this Vouce ;.« ■« »»« under my h au d, C A L L a PAROCHIAL M Sd JwVKKS ami TITHE-OWNERS w.thin the limiis of the said Parish, for the Purpose of Appoint- ing a Valuer or Valuers to Apportion the tosal um agreed to be paid by way of Rent Charge instead of the Tithes of the said Parish, and the expewes. of the Ap- portionment amongst the several Lands in the said Parish subject to Tii'hesi and for other the general pur- poses of carrying into effect the Commutation of the Tithes of the said Parish pursuant to the provisions of an Act passed in the Sixth and Seventh Years of the Reign of his late Majesty, intituled,An Act for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales," and of the several other Acts of Parliament passed for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales. And, I do hereby also give Notice, that such Meeting will he holilen at the House of JOHV MILLER, called the WENVOE ARM. in the sard Parish of WENVOB, on WEDNESD AY, the Ninth day of OCTOBER, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine, at the hour of One o'clock in the Afternoou. Given under my hand this Thirteenth day of EP- TEMBER, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine. R. P. RTCHVUns. GLAMORGAN SHIRE, 1\T0TICE TS HERERY GIVEN\ that the /V ffext GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the said Cottnty will be holden On TUESDAY, the Fifteenth DAY of OCTOBER next, At the Town Hall, in the ToZvll of SWANSEA in the said County, on. which day the Magistrates will meet and pro:eedto COIltat Eleven of the clock in the Forenoon. The; Grand Jury tvill then be sworn. at which time all Prosecutors and Witnesses are directed to attend and prefer their Bills of Indictment. Alt AppBals and Traverses must be entered with the Clerk "f fhe Pence before eleven oyclock of such day. All Bills and Demands relating to the Pub lie Expenditure of the County must be delivered into the office of the Clerk of the Peace fourteen davs before the Sessions, or they will not be audited and. settledatsuch Sessions. All Persons who have any Traverse or Appeal to bring before the Sessions, are to be prepared\ to proceed on the same on Tuesday morning's Court: ex- cept in cases relating to Bastardy,-which will not he heard until Wednesday morning's Court. All costs given or allowed by the Court, must be tared at the same Sessions, or they will not be afterwards allowed. The several acting Magistrates within the said County, are re- quested to return all Depositions, relating to Felonies and Misdemeanors to be prosecute4 at the same Sessions, into the office of the Clerk of the Peace at Cardiff, on or before Friday, the 11th Day of October next. Cardi ff, September 14/A, WOOJ), 1839. Clerk of Peace. GLAMORGANSHrRE. VTOTICE IS HEREBY G'VRN, That at the GENERAL QUA KTbR SESSIONS of the Peace to be holden at SWANSEA, in, and tor the said County of GLXMO'iG VN, on I UliMiAi the FIFTEENTH day of OCTOBER next, the Justices fhen and there assembled will at Twelve of the Clock at Noon of such day, proceed to take into consideration the provisions of an Act of Parliament made aild passed in the Second and Third year of the reign ot her present Majesty, intituled An Act for the establishment of County and District Constables by the authority of Justices, of Peace," and enter into such resolutions and orderl relating to the adoption thereof, or otherwise, as may be deemed expedient. Dated this Twenty-first day of September, 1839. By order of the Lord Lieutenant, and on the requisition of Five Justices of the Peace acting in and for the said County, WOOD, Clerk of Peace. BRECONSHIRE- jXJ~OTICE TS HEREBY GIVEN, that the J- » Next G:EN'ER\L QUARTER .SESSIONS/)/ the Peace for this County, will be holden Oil TUESDAY, the 15th day of OCTOBER next, at the Shire-hall, in the town of Brecon; on which day the Magistrates will meet and proceed to Court at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. The Grand J^rywill then be sworn; at which time all Prosecvior* and Witnesses are directed to attend and prefer their Bills of Indtcment aiid all Appeals and Traverses intended same Sessions, must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace, before the sitting of the Court, AND, NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, of October next, at eleven o f must attend persons having other^cl?im*^?J*ktrates, 'at'the Town with their accounts before the day of October, Hall, Brecon, on Monday, the Fourteenm j j 'next, at eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, when such several accounts will he audited. And further, that the business 4lrh or ment, Application and Management of J afternoon of Hate will commence at two o clock "1 J J the said Fifteenth day of October next. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY LASTLY GIVEN, That all Costs of Prosecutions to be allowed by the County: must be tared at the same Sessions, previous to or during which they shall be incurred, or they wt^ "-vf'J' be allowed.—Dated the 20th day of September, loo9. PQ WELL, Clerk of the Fetce. LOST on the 9th of AUGUST, from BLACK- WOOD, a BLACK GREYHOUND BITCH, with a little White at the End of the Tail, and a White Stripe on her Breast and a small Knob under her Belly. Any Person bringing the Bitch to Mr Daniel Lewis, of Black- wood, Monmouthshire* shall be handsomely Rewarded for their trouble. TO BE LET, ON LEASE orrOTHEllWISE, FURNISHED OR UNFURVM D, 'tlF A HOUSE, fit for a Family, situated between two Post and Market Towns in Wales, with or without about 80 Acres of Land, (or any part thereof), to suit Ithe, Convenience of a Tenant Coal is reserved gratis for fhe House, and Sporting abounds in the neighbourhood. Apply to Evan Davies, Tyllagarw, near qeath. Gla- morganshire, or to the Proprietor, H. E. Evatts,1S q it the place. -—————!———————————————.——————————— FAHItl TO BE X^T or 12ft &C £ iI}S. TO BF, LET, WITH" IMMEDI-ATE POH8BOSION, e. MAS NEXT. FARM of KILFRANE, situate within easy distance of the excellent Market Town? of Nepih and Swansea. The Farm Buildings are convenient and in good repair, and the Farm in about half its circum- ference is protected by a wall fence, five feet high. The produce of six acres (dorse hay) and six acres (cattle hay) well-harvested, together with the growing crops of wheat and oats, may be had at a valuation. For. further particulars or to view, apply to David Davies, at Glanbrane, near Neath, Glamorganshire. Co be %ttf AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, A MOST convenient & Old Established PUBLIC ,L\ HOUSE, called the CAMHRJAN IN\ with lock up Yard, Stabling, Brewhouse together with about One Acre of Land, situate near IRON I WORKS, adjoining the road leading from islertityr to Abergavenny, being 11 M^es from the former, and 9 from the latter place. For Conditions, or view of the Premises, apply (if by letter, postpaid) to Mr William Moigan. proprietor and occucier, whose other numerous avocations oblige him to relinquish the above. N.B. No Person need apply who cannot command at least X 100, rl J VALE OF GLAMORGAN. 9 be olb miction, (By Order of the Trustee for Sale) At th BEAR INN, in the Town of COW BRIDGE on TUESDAY, the 15th day of OCTOBER, 1839 between the hours of two and four in the Afternoon (subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then produced), A LL that undivided Moietv of and in a certain <1 FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with suitable Out-building's, called TrALLWM, and of and in a certain Freehold,rellemeni or Farm adjoining the House, comprising by a recent admea surement, 122A. 3r, 13P., (be the same more or less)- situate in the parish of Lanlilid, in the said County. And also of and in a certain Leasehold Estate, called RHYD LETHIN and FAKM WEN eontainiug hy admea- surement, 9A. 2r. 29P., (be.the same more or less.) The Freehold Estate is well wooded-the Lands are of a good quality, coutaining a due proportion of Arable and Pasture—Coals near and very cheap —There are celebrated packs of Fox-hounds and Harriers kept in the neighbourhood, and excellent cock-shooting.—The Pre mises are about 6 miles from the Town of Bridgend, and about 5 miles from the Town of Cowbridge, both good Markets, through each of which Towns the Bristol and Milford Mail passes daily, and the Swansea and Gloucester Coacht with a branch to Bristol, on alternate days. For a view of the Premises apply at the House; and for further particulars to E. Rassett, Solicitor, Laib- twit Major, near Cowbridge. Letters to be free of postage. aFoNMOUTHSrTIRE. So to oI bg Ruction, By Messrs. PHILLIPS & SO At the GREYHOUND HOTEL, ABERGWFANY, on TUESDAY, the Eighth Day of OCTOBER, 1839, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to the con- ditions then to be produced, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract. -IIIE LOWRR PENTRE ESTATE, iti the I Parish of Llanwenarth, One Mile from Aber- gavenny, on t,he Brecon Road; consisting of a very desirable Family Residence, with went Six Acres and a half of Orcharding, Meadow, and Pasture Lands. For parlicnlars, and to treat tor Sale, apply to Messrs Gabb and Secretan, Solicitors, Abergavenny. Letters of application to be post paid. rl-HE UNIVERSAL LIFE ASSURANCE SO- I CIETY 69« COIlNHILL, LONDON, for. Live;, Survivorships, Endowments, for Children, and for the Purchase and Sale of Reversions and Annuities. Capital -i-soo,ooo. tronss. Colonel Sir Roer.RT H CBN-UFFk, Bart. Sir GiiORGE THOMAS STAUNTON, Rart. M.P. F.R.S. Major-General Sir JASt'ER NICHOLI., K.C.B. Sir RALPH RICE. Colonel Sir JAMES SUTHERLAND, -Directoris. Sir HENRY IVIL Ilcocec:, K.L.S. Chairman. JOHN STEWART, Esq. M.P. Deputy Chairman. John Bagshaw, Esq. Charles Ot^wiiy Mayne, Esq Alexander Baillie, Esq. Wuaro, E*q. Augustus Bosanquet, Esq. John Roger, jun. Esq. Chas. Dash wood Bruce, Esq- Kees t,onrig Tl.omas, Esq. Ellis Watkin Cuncliffe. Esq. Jas. Duncan Thomson, Esq Wiiliam Kitburn, Esq. Capt. Stmi. Thornton, R-N Treasurer,—Pasco St. Leger Grenfell, Esq. &iflritorg» Crawford Davison Kerr, Esq. Jphn Arnold Mfiljo Esq. Timothy Wigg>n%Lsq. Bankers—Sir James Es.laile and Co. Physician— Benjamin C: Pierce, Rsq. M.D. Solicitors— Messrs -Nind »nd Costerill. A ctuary— Robert Chjfistie, Esq. Table shewing the annual premium for assuring .CICO OM ft Siiigle Life. Age. Whole Life. Seven Years. One Year. 15 1 150 1 0 2 0 18 2 20 1 IS 8 1211 119 25 23 3 16641 30 2 8 10 110 4,84 35 2 14 11 1 13 9 1 12 5 40 3 3 0 11711154 45 3 12 2 2 3 3 1 19 S 60 4 5 6 2 15 1 2 8 2 Mr. Thomas Jones Phillips, Agent to the Universal .solicits < attention to the above specimen of ratej for England. They are as low as is consistent, with perfect security, and shew the advantages offered to the public by this Society, which further secures the interest of the assured,, by returning to them three-fourths of the profits. The Directors of this Society have caused investigation to he made with great care into all the Institutions of Life Insurances existing in the country, and they trust they have been fortunate iu selecting from each what as a whole will place their Establish ment ml the most see are j a whole will place their Establishment t) ii the most see are j judicious, and satisfactory footing, both to the Proprietors aDd to the assured. A branch of the Universal has been formed in the Metropolis of India, and agents^ Messrs. Bagshaw and appointed, so as to afford reciprocal advantages to both Establishments.. For further information, apply at the Office in Lon- don, or any of the following Agents:— T. J; Phillips, Esq. Niewport, Monmouth. George R. Bevan, Esq. Brecon. Dovnman Brothers; Bristol. |I. R Oownmao, Esq. Carmarthen. Robert Dunkin, E^q. Llanelly» JohnFonlkes, Esq. Wrexham. A. It. Gabell, Esq. Crickbowell. W., Foster Geach, Esq, Pontypool. David L. Harries, Esq. Llandovery. W: Laslett, Esq. Worcester. Oliver Lloyd, Esq. Cardigan. Co B. Mansfield, hsq. Swansea. Roynon Mason, Esq, Gloucester. W. E, Paynter, Esq. Pembroke. J. L. Popkit), E^q. Llandilo, E. J. Young, Esq. Chcltenliftat* 'j!i<l ABSCONDED VTTHEREAS, WILLIAM JONES, a Mason's V V Labourer, of dark complexion a native of th" Town of Carnarvon, has absconded from the house of of Thomas Williams, Victoria Beer Shop, Merthyr Tvdvil. and has taken several articles of wearing ap- parel, viz. one Blue Striped Shirt, mrked with ink, "R. Hnmmord, No. I;" ne pair of Blue'Stockings, marked E. H. and one pair of Blue Trowsers; be- sides several othet articles. and money. Anv Person detaining him, and giving information to John Millv. ard, Constable, Merthyr, will beliandsomfly rewarded. 6 ARSAPARILLA.¡u v's ALTERATIVE- S TONIC POWOF.RS ij)d PILLS.—These Powders are composed of the finest Sarsaparilla imported, selected and reduced to powder-by. ppcnliarto the pio- prietor, by which process tK^whole of its active princi- ples are seenred, and is Ifembined with tonics and alteratives of the greatest jefficacv. They have long heen enmloyed by the proprietor and the physicians and storgeons attending his establishment, with decided suc- all cases of Scrofula^GJlandular and Scorbutic Affections, &c., and. by. -j. nttle perseverance, may be taken with a positive certainty of effecting" a ramcal cure; and where sodorifics or diaphoretics have V»een employed in some of those complaints, these powders have been found to entirely supersede their use. The virtues of Sarsaparilla have been long known and de. servedly appreciated in all secondary symptoms, and in those diseases aiising from an impure state of the blood and from an extensive experience in this metropolis for the last fourteen years, the proprietor having emploved all the various pharmaceutical'and other preparations of Sarsaparilla without success, line ascertained that the certainty and uniformity in the effects of Sarsaparilla entirely depend on its being administered in substance, combined efficaciously with auxiliaries, and that the Various preparations tinder the denomination of decoc- tions, extracts, essence, syrups, &c. &c." hitherto used, can never be depended upon for producing any real or permanent benefit. The proprietor, therefore, has no hesitation in recommending this invaluable medicine as the most efficacious preparation of Sarsaparilla extant; and persons in the habit of taking it in any form what- ever, are strongly solicited to make trial of this prepara- tion, and they will soon be convinced of its superior efficacy over all others. In Secondary Symptoms it is a certain specific, and unequalled for the removal of eruptions of the skin, pains in the bones, ulcerated sore throat, chronic rheumatism. lotal and general delibitv, Ibss of appetite, depression of spirits, and aH diseases arising from an impure state of the blood. Persons in the habit of taking quinine will find these powders by far the most efficacious tonic. Prepared only by the proprietor, M. O. Wray,118, Hoi born Ilill, and 9, Agar Hill, Strand, opposite Charing Cross Hospital; and sold in packets 4s. 6d., I IR., and ls. each also wholesale and retail by Messrs Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon Street; Butler, 4, Cheapside Stttonand Co., 10, Bow Chu-ch Yard Johnston, 68, Cornhill; Sanger, 150, Oxford Street: Lows and Horn- blower, 47, Blackfriars Road; anti all respectable Patent Medicine Vendors in town aad country. Where also may be had, WRAY'S CELEBRATED BALSAMIC PILLS, a cer- tain, safe, and the most speedy remedy ever discovered for the permanent and effectul cure of gonorrhoea, gleets, strictures, seminal weakness, whites, pains in the loins, affections of the kidneys, grave], lumbago, local debility, irritation of the bladder or urethra, and other diseases of the urinary passages, frequently performing a perfect cur%in the short space of a few days. PATIENTS IN THE REMOTEST PARTS OF THE COUN- TRY can be treated- successfully, on describing minutely thfir case, and enclosing a remittance for medicine, which call be forwarded to any part of the World, se- curely packed, and CAREFULLY PROTECTED FROM OBSERVATION. IN CASES OF SECRECY CONSULT THE TREATISE On every Stage. and Symptom of the VENEREAL DISEASE, in tts,mild and most alarujing forms, just published by MESSRS. PERRY & Co, SURGEONS, 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham; and 23, Slater Street, Liverpool; 1fIh given gratis with each Box of PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS, Price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d and lis. per Box, full description of the above complaint, ILLUSTRATED BY ESGRAVl\GS, shew- ing the different srages of this deplorable and # CONTAINING a full description of the above complaint, ILLUSTRATED BY ESGRAVl\GS, shew- ing the different srages of' this deplorable and often fatal disease, as we]l as the dreadful effects arising from the u?e of mercury, accom- panied with plain and practical directions for an eff<wal and speedy cure with case, secrecy, panied with plain and practical directions for all effectiial and speedy cure with case, secrecy, and safety, without the aidof medicalassistance PERRY'S TUllIFYlNG SPBCIFIC-PILLS, price 2s gd., 4-sr. 6d. and 1 Is. per floi, {oW've, none are genuine without the signature of It. & I,. FE RR Y on the it. inside of each wrapper,) which are well known throughout Europe and Angelica, to be the most certain and effectual cure ever discovered for every sta-re and symptom of the e Venereal Disease, in both sexe« ° including Gonorrhaea, deets, Secondary Symptoms, Strictures.Seminal VVeak- ness. Deficiency, and all Dtieaies of the Urinary Passages, without loss of time, confinement, or hin- drance from business; they have effocted the, most sur- prising cures, not only in recent and severe ases, but when salivation and all other m< *.n» have failed and when an early application is made to these Pills for the cure ot. the Venereal Disease, frequently contracted in a moment of inebriety, the eradication is generally com- pleted in a few days and in the more advanced and inveterate stages of venereal infection, characterized by a variety of painful and distressing Symptoms, a perse- verance in the Specific Pills, in which Messrs. Perry -have happily compressed the mosfpnt'^g and liealing virtues ot the principal part of the vegetable system, and which is of the utmost importance to those afflicted With Scorbutic affections, Eruptions-on an part of the body; Ulcerations, Scrofulous of. Venereal. Taint, being justly calculated to cleanse the blood from' all foulness, counteract every morbid affection and restore weak and emaciated Constitutions to prestine health and vigour. The rash, indiscriminate, of Wer- cury has been productive of"infinite inlscliief. Under the notion of its being -an antidote for a certain disease, the untutored think they have only to saturate their system with Mercury, and the business is accomplished. Fatal error] Thousands are atinit-]IY either mercuri- alized out of existence, or their constitutions so broken, and the functions of nature so impaired. as to render the residue of life m.serable. The disorder which we have in view owes its fatal results either to neglect or ignor- ance. In its first stage it is always local, and easy to be extinguished by attending to the directions fully pointed out in the Treatise, without the smallest injury to the constitution: but when neglected or improperly treat- ed, a mere local atfection will be converted inio an incu- rableand fatal malady. Whitt a pity that a young man, the hope of his country and the darling of his parents, should be snatched from all the prospects and enjoy- ments of life by the consequences of one unguarded moment, and by a disease which is not in its own nature fatal, and which never proves so if properly treated 1 It is a melancholy tact that thousands fall victims to this horrid disease, owing to the unsktifulncssof illiterate men, who by the use of that deadly poison, nierc,iry, ruin the constitution, cause ulcerations, blotches on the head, face, and body, dimness of sight, noise in the ears, deaf- ness, obstinate gleets, nodes on the shin bones, ulcerated sore throats, diseased nosP-, with nocturnal pains iu the head and liJnb, till at length a general debility and de- cay of the constitution ensues, and a melancholy death puts a period to their dreadful sufferings. Messrs-Perry aud Co., Surgeons, may be consulted as usual at No. 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and 23, Slater Street, Liverpool- Only one personal visit is required from a country Patle nt, to enable Messrs Perry and Co. to give such advice, as will be the means of effecting a permanent aDd effectual cure, after all other, means have proved ineffectual* Letters for advice must be post paid, and contain the usual fee of one pound, Uhd. rtlie denomination of NKHvOUS DISORDERS, in -its full extent, are inchiden several diseases of the most dangerous kind.' The most common symptoms are weakness, flatulence, Palpitatie, watcbfftiness, drowsiness after eating,j'11 s'les of heat and cold, numbness; ri»orS of <liffer^n Parts» giddiness, pain, (especially of the head, back, and loins), hickup, diffi- culty of respiration and deglutition, anxieiy, dry cough, &c. For these COO)Plaints, PERIty-5 CORDIAL BALM OF SYRlACUM is an efficacious remedy, as may be seen by the nam. phlet delivered gratis by the venders. Price lis. and S3s. per Bottle. N.B.—Country Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Medi- cine Venders, and every other Shopkeeper can be sup- plied with any quantity of I erry's Purifying Specific Pills, and Cordial Balm of Syriacuin, -itl,' (lie usual allowance to the trade, by most of the principal Whole- sale Patent Medicine Houses in London, u Sold by MpOAYIU MORGAN, MenhyrTydvil. WANTED, A an IKON WORKS in South Wales, an Afrent the ivi"? the conveyance of Mineral'? ti'om tlje W iris ant* ^°"'cr'es» an<* to act as Clerk of TrTm^PC^an'c ac(]"ainted with the working of Railways, i'(W "n"3 anJ Canals» and who would make hiinsalt ra y useful, would meet with encouragement* SALARY £ 120 PER ANNUM. Ifone need apply who cannot produce strong testi- sifuaiton r c°fnpetency to fulfil the duties of the Application with testimonials and references, to be Swansea ,elter' P°St pa'd' t0 Box 4°' post-°ffice' "Sept. 13, 1839. LUCRATIVE PARTNERSHIP. zei,ooo. vy ANTED a PARTNER to ADVANCE jl £ 1,000 in an Established Concern, in the MIA-PKRY BUSINESS, situate in one of the most flourishing Iron Districts in Monmouthshire, where the ar«MC«e*t and unaccompanied by risk. As this will Dear the most scrupulous investigation, vi% wltt Jw useless for any party to apply who cannot PTove, in the fit iustance" that they have the money at immediate c1mllJand, -Address, post paid, to C. D. Post Office, Abergavenny, with real address. ySfa, THE SCHOONER 421 MESSENGER, HtfGHES, Master, IS NOW LOADING, at COTTON'S WHARF TOO LEY STREET, LONDON, rfpr Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Abergavenny, Brecon, I jifonmouth, Pontypool, Cowbridge, Bridgend, and places adjacent, And WILL POSITIVELY SAIL ON WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 9th, 1839. For Freight, &c. apply to the Master, on Board; Mr IS. Burton, jun., Newport; Mr Thomas Richards Abergavenny Messrs Winstoue, Prosser and Co. Btecon' Mr..&ftitJ^fc$,.W.few4»g«t». London; or. to Mr H. fl' Sarry,' Agent to tTie Cardiff, Newport, and London Shipping Company, at Cardiff. London, her 25th, 1839. BRISTOL and NEWPORT STEAM PACKETS USKAND GLAMORGAN, WiLL SAID During the NEXT WEEK, as follows FROM BRISTOL. Slept. 30..Monday 11 morning qct. I..Ttiesday 12 morning í 2..Wednesday 12 niornin* 3..Thursday I aiternoon 4..Friday 7* ihornin- 5.. Saturday 8morning FROM NEWPORT. Sept. 30..Monday 9 morning Oct. 1..Tuesday 9J morning 2..Wednesday It morning 3..Thursday afternoon 4..Friday 1 afternoon 5..Saturday. 2 afternoon FA RES :-After Cabin, 4s.—Fore-Cabin, 2s;-Chi I. dren under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.- I)ogs, Is. each. Fotir-Wheel Carriage, 20s.; Two-Wheel ditto, 10s.; Horseseach, 5s.; Two-Wheel Carriage or light Phaeton, drawn by-oiie Horse with one Passenger, 15s.; Horse ind Rider, After-Cahin ,7s.; ditto Fore-Cabin, 6s. The: Proprietors of the above Steam Packets GtVE NOTlCK tliat they will not be accountable for anv Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Package, or Parcel(if lost or damaged) unless booked at either of their Offices in Bristol or Newport; and if abeve rlie v-alile of 40s. entered at its value and Carriage paid for the same at the time of Booking. Goods, Packages, and Parcels should be delivered at the Packet Office, one hour (at least) before the time ptated for Sailing. > PONTYPOOL AND ABERGAVENNY.—Coaches Daily between these places and Newport. J ^R°N WORKS, through Abercarn, New. and a branch from Newbridge to Coach Daily between these places and arr,ving at Newport about 10 o'clock morn- A' 1 at L O'clock afternoon. nanv's^OH- l'>e 'Jristof General Steam Navigation Com- ZlL wl Bristol; or at the Packet-Offices. p0rt lart, Hotwell's, and Rodney Wharf, New- JOHN JONES, Agent. THE CAKDIPP and BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS NAUTILUS, JOHN, ALLEN, Commander. LADY CHARLOTTE, H. T. PARFITT, Commander, ARE ^tended TO SAIL Duritio- the NEXT WEEK, as,follows, ( With liberty to Tom Vessels.) FROM. CARDIFF. Sept.30..Monday .Nautilus q morning U" I'nesday |.a()y Charlotte 11 morning 2.. Wednesday.Nautilus 12$afternoou 3..Thursday Lady Charlotte 2 afternoon 4.. Friday Nautilus. 2 afternoon 5.. Saturday. Lady Charlotte 6:t morning FROM BRISTOL. Sept. 30.. Monday Lady Charlotte 8 morning 9 I nesday Nautilus. 9J morning •••Wednesday .Lady Charlotte 11 afternoon Thursday Naiitilus 12 noon 4.. tnday Charlotte 1 afternoon o..Saturday Nautilus 71 morning Carri,t,o,,e.s aild Horses to be along-side an hour previous to the time of Sailing. 0 FARES :After Cabin. 5s.-Fore Cabin, 3s. Chddrell under 12 Years of Age, flalf-I)rice.-Dogs, Is. each. A Female Steward attends the. Ladies'Cabin. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms, tour-Wheel Carriage, 21s. j Ditto drawn by One Horse I IO-q. 6d. i I wo-Wheel Carriage, 10s. 6d.; Horses, 6s. each; Horse and Ruler, After Cabin. 9s. Fore Cabin, 7s. 6d.; Cattle; Sheep. These Fares include every expense. a::r Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the NAUTILUS to be sent to So. IS, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cllmuerland Basin Locks. and for the LADY CHAULOTTE, to Clare Street Ball, Marsh Street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to th* Packets, at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cowbridae a LUiMrissent ,and Caerphilly.—Goods forward to fh Places in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boat, uT mediately on arrival unless.ordered by any parted conveyance, 10 winch case they be deposited'Vn hr Steam Packct Warehouse till called for.—-Freielir »n paid on delivery. B Goods, Package^, Parcels, &c. forwarded to alloan. ol the Kingdom without delay when sent to either of the r Steam Packet Offices m Cardiff or Bristol. r Further information as to Freight, &c wmi readily obtained by applying to the Aeents Mr Woodman, A^ent, at the Packet OffiJ 0^' Wharf, CardilF; or to Mr John Griffith Jones. Ao-ent No. 12, Quay Street, Ilristol, for the NAUTILUS pZ' ket; and of Mr D6..ovan, at the Packet Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff* »r.t0 Mr W. B. Qwen, 16, Avon Cres- cent, Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CHARLOTTE Packet. NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they he answerable for any Goods, Packages, w I arcels (if lost or di-maged by Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 40s., unless entered at its value, and Carriage in pro. portion paid for the same, at the time of Bookiug.- Goods consigned to order, or hot taVen away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will oe warehoused at the risk and expeuce of the consignees. All goods to be considered as lieus, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously un- satisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weight, or measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed. uiuless.a written notice of the be aent to the Office on the da^ of delivery t