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NOS CALAN GAUAF. A BALL ILT, take place at the CASTLE INN, MER. THYR, on THURSDAY the 3lst instant. Dancing to commence at 9 o'clock. THOMAS WAYNE. ? ctewards ROWLAND HOPKINS,$»,ewar<1s- Tickets, 7s. 6d. each, to be had at the Castle Inn. THE COWBRIDGE ANNUAL HUNT MEET- ING will take place on the 6th, 7tb, and 8th day* of NOVEMBER next. The Lanble'hian Harriers will meet at Cowb'ridge, on Wednesday, the 6th, at Half- past Eleven o'Clock. The HUNT BALL will be at the BEAR INN, on THURSDAY, and the DINNEIi on FRIDAY. MRS BRUCE PRYCE,-LADY PATRONESS. VISCOUNT A DARE, M.P., > STRWARDS JOSEPH BAILEY, ESQ., JUN., M.P.. 5 To the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Brecon. St. David's, 7th Oct., 1839. Mv REVEREND BRETHREN, TTAKE this general method of informing you, that! it i« my intention to hold an ARCHIOIACONAL VISITATION in ST. MARY S CHURCH, at BRECON, on WEDNESDAY, the 6th of NOVEMBER next. Circumstances connected with my duties at this place have compelled me to defer this Visitation till a later period of the year than I conld have wished-and I therefore add that all the General Courts of Wardens will have previously taken place, that this Notice is meant to assemble the Clergy only, and that I shall not take the absence of any gentleman unkind, whose other avoca- tions, or a natural indisposition to remove far from home at a probably inclement season, shall make his attendance either inconvenient or unpleasant. I am, Rev. Sirs, Your faithful friend and brother. RICHARD DAVIES, Archdeacon of Brecon, NOTICE ZS HEREBY CtZyJSXT, ri^HAT application is intended to be made to -L parliament in the next session, for leave to bring in a bill, to enable a ccrtain Joint Stock Company or parteinership, called the British Iron Company, to sue and be sued in the name of any member or officer thereof, and to grant other powers to the said company or part- nership.—Dated this 7th day of October, 1839. NOTICE IS BGBEBT GIVEN, T"AT application is intended to be made to par- ■J: in the next session, for leave to bring in a BtliL to alter, amend, and enlarge the powers and.provi sions of an act passed in the 6th year of the reiitn of Kine George the 4th, intituled, An Act for making and main taining a Railway orTramroad from or from near to a certain place calle,i Dliffryn Llynvi, in the Parish of -ElahRorto^l. in the County of Glamorgan, to or near to In'thl*IWh' Pwl1 Cawl* otherw'se Porth Cawl, in the Iarishof Newton Nottage, in the same Countv and for extending and improving the same Bay by the erection of a1 ler and other suitable Works for that pur- K *n°r aCt pas"ed in thc Tenth Year of the Reign of King George the Fourth, intituled, "An Act to alter, amend, and enlarge the powers of an Act passed in the Sixth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for making and maintaining the Duffryn Llynvi and Porth Cawl Railway, and other Works connected therewith and particularly to authorise the Company incorporated by the said first-memioned Act, to raise a further Sum of Money for the purposes mentioned and set forth in the Mid Acts. WILLIAM LEWIS. Ovttvtivr to iTic Bill, Bridgend, 15th October, 1839. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. Call of Ten Pounds per Share. THE Directors of the TAFF VALE RAILWAY COMPANY, acting under the Provisions of the Act of Incorporation, liereby^ive Notice, that the Pro- prietors of Shares nre required to pay on or before the 21st day of October next, to any one of the undermen- tioned Bankers, the sum of Ten Pounds on each of their respective Shares, viz :— London and Westminster Banks London West of England and South Wales District Bank ardiff. Ditto Ditto Ditto Bristol. M"° wiv « 1)1110 Mcrthyr. Messrs Wilkins and Co Merth. National Provincial Rank "Cardiff Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire*Bank- ing Company. By Order of the Board of Directors, JOSEPH BALL, Railway Office, Cardiff, 24th Sept., 1839. ^Cfe<ary* COP P Jt. HOUSE DOCK, 1 LLANELLY. TO CONTRACTORS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Pro- prietors of the Copper House Dock, will receive TENDERS for the execution of the following Works, viz., The formation of all Earthwork, Masonry, Retaining » alls. Puddling, Piling, Damming, &c., and the entire completion of the above Copper House Dock entrance. Tenders to be addressed to the Proprietors of the Copper House Dock, on or before the 2nd day of Novem- ber, 1839. Drawings and Specifications of the above Works may be seen at Mr Rllsh's Office, Maendy, near Cardiff; and Tk Works Office, Llanelly. i Proprietors will not bind themselves to accept the lowest Tender. GLAMORGANSHIRE. -^°TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the GENE. thp Countv nf PT SESSIONS of the Peace for of COWBKIDGE, in and for TUESDAY, the 29ih day IF OM™R» ?'y' p,„ „f ot OOrOBLR instant, at Eleven of the Clock ,a the Forenoon, for the fur her consideration of the Stat. 2 and 3 Victoria c 03 in tituled An Act for the Establishment of County 'and District Conrtabke, hY ike^authority of Justices of the Peace, and mTSVe par*ffe(*rly to consider of thc ex- pediency of appointing constables within and for the Lower Division of the Hundred of Miskin, and the Lower Division of the Hundred of Caerphilly. in the said County, and then and there to enter into such resolutions for the adoption of the said Act, or otherwise as may be thought expedient. Dated this 16ih day of October, 1S19. WOOD, Clerk of Peace. GLAMORGANSHIRE. A of all Sums of Money ordered to be Paid at The M ichaelmas Quarter Sessions, held at Swansea, 15th October. 1839. For the County Gaol at Cardiff. »•«•»»< £ £ tore !.?;,ar,CrS E"Pendi- T°Bm ">«" full of*his 150 ° ° To the Governor far q* i 00 10 °l To the Governor far 5 '"CS •• 129 10 0 Convicts K8u">v,ng 37 4 6 F', 377 4 t'1 For the House of Correction at S" To the Committee on account of next Quarter's Expendi- ture To the Governor in full of" *hi« Bill 66 „ To the governor for Salaries! 71 1 r To the Gdvenior f&r Removing Convicts 28 2 3 To the Clerk of Peace his Quarter's Gra- 4 tuity r,_ James Reynolds bis Quarter's Annuity'1 son EdiioftofMerthyr Guardian for Advertising R n n Editon of Cambrian ditto In ° 20 8 7 Coroners. < Thomas Thomas, Esquire 25 19 4 r Charles Collins, Esquire 64 15 2 C-eoige Clinton, repairs of Hall at Cardiff 85 0 0 £ 847 2 6j County Rate, Jd. WOOD, Cterh of Peace. MRS) HENRY WILLIAMS, of CROSS STREET, A u r RG A V LN N Y, with grateful acknowledgement for past favours, begs to say her WINTER GOODS will be ready for inspection on MONDAY the 28th instant, when she hopes to merit a continuance of the long and liberal patronage she has received. Oct. 17th, IS39. CD tie iLtt AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY. A Commodious DWELLING HOUSE, situate in the Village of Fairwater, Three Miles from Cardiff, consisting of Three Sitting Rooms, Kitchen, Pantry, Dairy, and Cellar; also. Seven Bed Rooms, a good Garden, Stable, &c. j and, if required, about Seven Acres of good Pasture Land. •<- For further Particular# enquire (if by letter, post paid) of Mr David, Radyr Court, near Cardiff. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY MERTHYR TYDVIL. o be £ oIir fcg attrtiolt, By Mr JOHN JONES, At the CASTLE HOTEL, MERTHYR TYDVIL, on THURSDAY next, OCTOBER the 24th instant, sub- ject to such conditions as will be then produced, ALL those TWO MESSUAGES or DWELLING HOUSES; together with a piece of vacant Ground with a good frontage, suitable for l^iil'^ng purposes the one known by the name of LION PUBi.IC HOUa b; the other a convenient Dwelling-House immediately ad- joining, sitnate in the Glebeland, Mcrthyr Tydvil. The former is now in the occupation of Mr William Harris; the latter of Mr John Jones. The above Premises are held under a Lease for an unexpired term of Eighty-ei^ht years, Further particulars may be had on application to the Auctioneer, Glebeland, Merthyr -if by letter, post paid The Sale will commence at 6 o'clock in the Evening. Glebeland, Merthyr, Oct. 17th, 1839. VALE OF GLAMORGAN. A MOST CHOICE AND WELL SELFCTED FLOCK OF SHEEP, Several Horses, a number of Pigi, IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY, &c. &c. ALSO, SEVERAL ACRES OF GOOD RUFF AGE. To toe Soitjr bg Auction, By Mr WM. MORRIS, On THURSDAY, the 2Uh Day ^ACE^RM on the Premises, at BOVERTON PLACE FARM, distant about Three Miles from the bridge, A MOST VALUABLE FLOCK of 300 BREED ING EWES, (alt of which will be put to very superior Rams), 12 Rams, 12 Lamb Rains, and 268 Lambs, of the very best new Leicester brec an per- fectly sound; 14 valuable Draught Horses of different ages, and excellent black Cob Saddle Mare, Two three- year-old Hackney Mares, One yearling do. Filly, a capital brood Mare and her Colt; between 40 and 50 store Bacon Hogs, of the Berkshire breed, in excellent condition. Also One narrow and Two broad wheel Wagons. < wbeeL Carts. Onø of tie nest constructed Fintayson Harrows, Eight Iron Ploughs, One pair of Iron and Two pair of Wooden Drags, Turnip Drill, Roller and ScutBcr, One Iron and One Wooden Roller, Nine sets of Harnes, Six ditto of Plough ditto, Two Iron Pig Troughs, Steel and Wood Rakes, Pikes, &c.&c. There will also be let several Fields, containing about 150 Acres of Ruffage, from the day of Sale until the 2nd of February next. The Auctioneer respectfully solicits an early attend ance, as the Sale will begin precisely at II o'Clock in the Forenoon with the Sheep, which will be divided into suitable Lots, it being intended to sell the whole in one day, and Three Months' Credit will be given on approved Ill Security, to Purchasers of the amount of £10. and upwards. BRECONSHIRE. A Favourable Opportunity to Gentlemen Farmers, Breeders, Butchers, and Others. To be OnJ by Auction, By Mr JotIN JONES, On TUBSDAY, the 22d day of OCTOBER, 1839, at PENMILART KARM, in the Parish of PENDEltIN, within Three Miles of the Borough of Merthyr, ELEVEN HUNDRED WELSH HILLY SHEEP, &c. &c., tho property of Mr John Joues, who is about leaving the above Farm consisting of 400 Fat Wethers, 450 liwes, 250 Lambs, the greatest part of which are of a large size, and their Wool is of an exceeding good quality, all of which will be put in suitable Lots; 16 handsome Mountain Ponies, I Draught Horse, I Riding Mare and Colt. Sale to commence at II o'Clock in the Forenoon, and the whole will be disposed of in one day. Six Months'Credit will be given on Approved Security. Glebeland. Mcrthyr, Oct. 1st, 1839. BRECONSHIRE. UN RESERVED SALE. 15 Prime Steers, of the pure Herefordshire Breed, Six Horse, Seven Hill Poniest Four Store Pigs and 550 Mountain Sheep, for Sale. HUGH JONES, Begs to"announce that he has been instructed by Messrs ° Powell and Co., (to tU fill Auction, AtKILLE FARM. in the Parish of LLANGATTOCK. CHICKHOWRLL. on WEDNESDAY, the 30tli day of OCTOHER, 1839, rpHE uhdthnefltioned STOCK, viz: — 7 three A years oldglety^s, of Ute pure Herefordshire Breed in very fresh «ondftion & two years old ditto ditto 2 powerful young Draught Horses; 2 very useful Hack Mares 1 three years old Colt of the Saddle Breed, by Tally-ho I yearling Filly 7 very superior Hill Ponies; 4 large Store Pigs; together with 550 Mountain Sheep (in suitable Lots), being 400 Wethers, most of them tit for the Butcher, 50 Ewes, 50 yearling Sheep, and 50 Lambs.. The Auctioneer begs to call the attention of Grancn. Butchers, and Farmers, to the above Sale, as well worthy their attention- 0 Three Months' credit on approved Security. The Sale will commence at Twelve o cloc prccise y. CARMARTHENSHIRE & BRECONSHlRE. HIGHLY VALUABLE AND DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES FOR SALE. Co tie oliJ tv auction, (WITHOUT RESERVE,) ri^I v I." of f j nt OCTOBEU next, between the DAY, the 21st d>y of OCI"» • Afternoon. subject to conùitions of Sale to be then and there C EVERAL important ando§ O HO, D ESTATE. County of Carmarthen. (nnrpns, .»,» n \QTf v HOTEL, i" the Town of BRECON, And at the CASiLry H nrroKR npxt cer- on TUESDA Y, the 22nd day of OC I O I L.It next, cer tain FREEHOLD ESTATIS, 10 the I-aristies of Llan- Brecon. be bad 21 days Printed particulars of the Lots may be had 21 days previous to the Sale, at the <)iffces of Messrs Roy, Blunt, Duncan and Johnson, alienors, J'Othbury London Oavid Lloyd Harries, hsq., Messrs Jones ano Bishop, Solicitors, Llandovery; and of Messrs Vaughan and Bevaa, Solicitors, Brecon* PEMBROKESHIRE. IMPORTANT TO CAPITALISTS. rpHE TERMS and CONDITIONS of SALE of L the truly important and rich productive Estates of Bangeston, Alleston, Kingston, Lanirna,,ton ;-Estates at Grove-Underdown House and Lands, Underdown and Coquet, Kingsfold and Pennar in the Parishes of Saint Mary's and Saint Michael's, Pembrokeshire;— Lowder-fawr, Lowder-fach, Penmynydd-fawr, Mellin'- y-wern in the Parish of Atorvil;-Fstates in and about the Village of Puncheston—Vinor in the Pjtrish of Castlebaythe, and Tykosge and Temperngss in the Parisb p>Ieyern together wi(h Houses and Gardens 'in tfre.'PxrMbrf.i%»^Ti#m»s,rnk*WTo>»Q.4ind'CouHty of Haverfordwest, have been left with Messrs^Crow.dcr and Mayard, Mansion House riace, London; and Messrs. Goode and Philpott, Land Agents, Haverford- west, who are authorized to treat for the same by Pri- vate Contract. TOWN AND BOROUGH OF PEMBROKE MR GOODE Begs to announce that he will offer for IPuDItc (Tompfttttou bp Auction, At the LION INN. PEMBROKE, on SATURDAY, the 23rd day of NOVEMBER next, at 10 o'Clock in the Afternoon in Two Lots, rpHE following very VALUABLE FREEHOLD rJ?iS £ S and PREMISES, viz. u GR HOUSES with extensive premises, situate at the corner of the Darklane, having a frontage ot about 76 feet to the Main Street.and in a very eligible situation for business. LOT 2.-A DWELLING HOUSE and GARDEN in the OCcpatiol1 of Thomas Watkins, having a frontage to ine mam Street of 31 feet, and a Garden extending backwards to the Parade, pleasantly situated for a resi- dence or business. Mr Thomas Watkins will shew the premises, and particulars may be had of Mr Gibbon, Solicitor, Pem- broke, Mr John Tamlyn. Land Agent and Surveyor, ford wist*1 °r °f P" Gool,e aad Phi,P0,t» Haver- Havcrfordwest, 1st Oct., I S39. Pembrokeshire. TO CAPITALISTS M R. GOOJ> £ Has been honoured with instructions to .sell j&y auctiott, At the CASTLE IN". HAVERFORDWEST, on SA- TURDAY, the 30th day of NOVEMBER, 1839, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, IN ONE LOT, T^HE Impropriate TITHES of the Rectories of I_ the several Parishes of Llangolman, Llandilo, and enclochog, together with the perpetual right of pre. sentation to the united Vicarages of these parishes. Ine Impropiidte Tithes have been commuted into lixed Rent Charges, as follows;- X s. d. Llangolman 67 6 8 Llandilo 22 0 0 Maenclochog 100 0 0 £ 189 6 8 The Income of the several Vicarages will be as follows:- JLLANGOIMAN. f Q d 1 itne Commuted into a Heat Cfcardie 33 13 4 Uninvested Moaey in the "nds of the Trus. tees of Queen Anne's Bounty, X600 for which they pay :li per cent 19 0 0 Rents of Jands jointly with Llandilo 35 0 0 LLANDILO. Tithe Commuted into a Rent Charge. 11 0 0 Uninvested money as above, £400 at 3i per cent. 13 0 0 MAENCLOCHOG. Tithes commuted into a Rent Charge 500 0 Uninvested Money as above, f400 at 3t per cent 13 0 0 A Parliamentary Grant of itM 12s. 4d., also uninvested at 3 per cent 13 116 Parsonage House and Glebe, worth about 15 0 0 X203 14 10 Mr Goode, in calling attention to the Sale of this novel and safe Investment, begs to refer the Public to the peculiar construction of the 82 and 83 sections of the Tithe Commutation Act. which gives the owner of Rent Charges, of the above description, a prior chim to the Landowner in the recovery of his Rents, with a more summary and simple mode of recovery; alSOf a pro. vision which gives, as an ultimatum, a claim to posses- sion of the Laud until the Kent Charge is paid, thus making it a more secure Investment than the purchase of Freehold Estates. Gentlemen desirous of making a certain provision in Church for a slil, will fiad this an opportunity seldom to be met with. Tlifei uninvested Money may be laid out in purchasing pàrf"6f, the ImprOlmate Rent Charge, and thus increase the Vicar s Income, and the remainder the Landowners would doubt-essgladly purchase. The present incumbent is the Rev. James Propert Williams, aged about 36 years V Further particulars,may be had ofMr Gibbon, Solicitor, Pembroke; MrJohn fanrilyn. Land-agent and Surveyor, Mountain Hall; or, H 1 Goode and Philpott, Land Surveyors, &Ci» Havcr or wcst- Letters to be post paid. UPPER MARKET STREET, CARMARTHEN. DESIRABLE OPPORTUNITY To Linen and Woollen Drapers, Silk Mercers Hosiers, Haberdashers, Lacemen, and Others. The Large and Newly Purchased STOCK IN TRADE of Mr David Francis of Carmarthen, Draper, in value I about £ 2000, be Solf JMbate Contract, IN LorS OF C20 ANo UPWARDS, (By order of the !>ecJ °f Assignment V for the Benefit of Creditors,) whole of g^>Q^era at»«l VVell-selccted The LINEV DRAPERY DEPARTMENT consists of 272 yards Linen, and Cotto Ticks, 350 yards Ducks and Dowlas, 3O yard of Prints, 300 Print and other Dresses, 820 yards of Insh Linen, 400 yards of Sheeting, 4000 yards of Calico' and Long Clo:h, 800 yards of Canvas. 1750 yards of Linen Checks, and cross over 500 yards of Cantoon and Moleskin, 150 yards of Holland, 3000 Cotton Handkerchiefs (variou«). 350 yards Cotton Cords, Damask and Table Linen, Russia Towelling, Huckaback, Cheese Cloth and Strainer, Cot- ton Shawls, Counterpanes, Gingham, Jeans, Muslina, French Cambric, Plaid, Cotton, Nankeen, &c. &c. The WOOLLEN DRAPERY consists of 300 yards of Broad and Narrow Cloth, 160 yards Kerseymeres, 200 yards Waistcoatings, 24.0 yards of Blanketting and Flan- nel. 100 yards Worsted Plaids, 60 yards Woollen Cords, 200 yards Serge. 200 Plaid Wool en Shawls, 50 yards Green Raize, 160 yards Camlet, 260 yards Bombazine, 60 yards Crape, 700 yards Merino, Saxony Cloth, Shal- loons, Velveteen, Lasting, Plush, &c. &c. The SILK MERCERY DEPARTMENT consists of 230 yards Black Gros de Naples, 140 yards Satin, 160 yards Persian, 110 yards Silk Fringe, 150 black and white Bandanas, 150 India Bandanas, 60 Romals, 100 Gents. Stocks, Parasols, Areophane Crape, Silk Velvet, &c. &c The HOSIERY, with the HABERDASHERY, con- sists of 100 dozen Hose (various), 10 dozen Silk Hose, 50 dozen Stocks (various), Angola Waistcoats, Worsted Cravats, 100 gross Metal and other Buttons, 400 dozen Cotton Reels, 160 dozen Tapes (various),Statute Ga'.oons, Ribb d Shirts, Braces, Umbrellas, &c. &c. The LACK DEPARTMENT consists of 3000 yards of Thread aad Cotton Lace, 600 yards of Fancy Nett and Blonds, 2000 yards of Quilling, 150 yards of In- sertion, 3400 yards of Thread and Cotton Edgings, Lace Caps and Crowns, Collars, Figured and Plain Nett, &c. The SHAWL DEPARTMENT consists of 50 dark and light filled Shawls, 12 rich bordered, 45 Chini Crape, 129 Norwich Squares (various), 100 Fancy Handker- chiefs, Scifrfg, and Shawls, 120 Gauze Sezirfs, Handker. chiefs, and Veils, 40 Cotton Shawls, Stockport Shawls, &c. See. The whole of the above Goods, which are taken at Cost price, are in excellent condition, and very recently purchased of the first London, Manchester, and Bristol Houses, and will be ready for Sale, with Inventories, on the Premises, at Upper Market Street, Carmarthen, on MONDAY, the 4th of NOVEMBER, and the five fol- lowing days, when the attendance of Persons wishing to purchase is panicutarly requested. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post paid) to Messrs Clarke and Sons, Solicitors, Broad Street, Bristol, or to Mr HENRY CASSIN, Accountant, Broad Strot, Bristol, Advantageois Opportunity for Inikeepers. TO BE LET, AND KNTERD UPON IMMEDIATELY, THE KING'S ARfS INN, in the Borough of L MERTHYR TfcyiL, situated at the proposed terminus of the Taff \'le Railroad. The house consists of five Garrets, six ejellcnt Bed Rooms, Long Room, Bar, two Parlours, tw Drinking Rooms, Gin Shop.^wo Kitchens, Kitchen Ra^e Cellars, &c. &c., together"with a roomy Seven Stalls Stable, Coach House, Pigstye, capacious Yard, &c. The Fixturcsfwith mtelBeer and Spirit Engines, may be taken at a fair valimjcio. For viewing the premises, application to be made thereon, where every necessary information will be given. Rent low. MONMOUTHSHIRE DISTRICT COMMITTEE OF HE Society for PronDting Christian Knowedg-e. AT the ANNUAL M'ETING, held at Aber- gavenny, on Thursda, the 10th day of October instant, The Right Reverend tb LORD BISHOP OF LLANDAFF, in the Chair. The following Account oiV. A. Williams Esq., M.P. Treasurer, as audited by ie Rev. Thomas Williams, and the Rev. John Irving, ias submitted to the-Meeting and approved. Dr. £ s. d. £ d. Balance of last Year's Accoat. 5 2 7 A Third of the Collectionat Usk Church, 23rd Oct., 1639 12 15 11 Subscriptions recieved for 95 11 6 Ditto Arrears for 1838, 8 7 0 103 18 6 Amount of Sale of Books.— At Pontypool Depositor) 97 19 11 At Chepstow ditto. 910 At Abergavenny ditto. i 42 7 5! Ditto a Balance of last jsar..$2 7 10 At Newport ditto.? 17 13 8J Ditto an Old Debt ditto.$4 0 0 At Caerleon ditto. 4 14 2 At Usk c'itto 8 4 5 ————— 136 8 6 f308 5 6 Cr. f. S. d. By paid Society for B)oks 224. 10 4 Printing and Advertisements 1 18 6 Carriage of Books and Expenses at De- positories 19 10 11 Allowance on Welsh Bibles, and Small Prayer Books foiSchools 3 11 9 Grants of Books to Schools 13 18 24 Books returned bythe Rev. Mr Hogar, having been enteied last year as sold.. 4 16 0 Subscription by Ren A. A. Isaacson, not paid, having been entered in 1837 as paid 110 Balance. 38 18 9A £:308 5 6 THE Cordial I&lxh of Syriacum ITS a gentle stimulant and renovator of the in." i pared functions of life, and is therefore calculated to afford decided relief to tftose who by early indulgence IrA"" dIe pow" ocn1",¡,. »y*rem. and fallen in- to a stated? chronic debility. In such persons, the appe- tite is generally defective, and the rclUk of tife almost Snbdued j-th^ are wanting ia that activity uf mind and energy of conduct which their affairs require and partly from conscious weakness, partly from excessive appeheu- sions, are liable to sink despondently into a premature itrave. It is for these that Messrs. PERRY & Co., Surgeons, particularl), designed their CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM. The relief which numbers have experienced from its renovating eficacy, warrants the strongest recommendation of a recourse to it to those who are similady affected. It is notorious that various Disorders of the Human Frame are brought on by diseipation m Youth, and a gross violation of those rules which prudence dictates for the preservation of health, and laying a foundation for a long and happy life, with a firm strong con- stitution. The blessings of health are no sooner lost than painful eJlperienceOteaches the inestimable value of it, and the unhappy patient looks around, too often in vain, for the m«ans of recovery. nl « nF T he reanunatine noweis of the CORDIAL BALM Olf SYRIACUM excegeS a,emost credibility; its One rich stimulating bahamic stomachic qualities, its purification of the blood, aid above ail the complete invigorator of the nervous sys ein, whereby the whole faculties become restored to their oroDer Dower and functions, and the fallen fabrie of life fs LLd up to beauty, consistency and duration, upon the ruin *>{ atlu'Tli!0 premature decay, to sound and pristine health. Its primary object is to relieve those persons, who by an immoderate indulgence of their passions, have ruined their constS « perfect tabu dorsalts- stsr:.< .!»■ -mo-M; malady, are aff^ted with any of thosf previous symptom* that betray its approach, as the various affections of the nervous syste,r„ obstinate gleets involuntary emissions, excesses, irreg,,|arity,obstructions of certaiu evacuations, "Th^in vaT irp0tCnCy' ^"seSe'y recommended tothoL La,U 4 ,Prefarat'0npated and difficult labours, are affllctprf 'I.* u ,f infirmities, in which case are araicted with weakness and i"nr.r ,amp Hmo it is most highly useful strengthening at the same tune g' the stomachf thVTack, the Wakened organs, and the whole constitution a r(f feel the conseqnences of "h* lvho- in aivanced life, "nth who have bronght youthful excess, or unfortunate who, have brortght oti themselves a numerous tfaia of of this find themselves retored to be»ltlv.and strength, and all the melaneholy symptoms remold, which are the geTorathpFFRTS °f S-"ch -TT'H lasting health, strength, and sjiirits^Tn'piace of as^itude debility, and to the aged and infirm it wHl assuredly^t ^relief and nSnru'otyegeu-,iy and prot,act J'aSiS th: narroA span, this restorative ° grNervousddCiTorde;s of every ki"d'fthfs t?eZ cause arising, fly before the effects «f. ll',sgreal.medicine, -ings anxieties and all that tra^n of sinkings, an.xle.t'CpS' which so dreadfully affect the weak, the sedentary and the delicate, will in a short time be succeeded by cheer- fulness, and every presage of Sold in Bottles; price IU- each.* the quantity of four in one Family Bottle for 33s., by Wliich one lis. bottle is saved, duty included.. Sold by alt Medicine >«odcBr% this town; also in every other town and city throughout the United King- dom, America, and the Continent of Europe; and may be had at most of the Newspaper Offices. Observe, none are genuine without the signature of R. and L. pBaaV, and Co., impressed in a starnp on the outside of each wrapper, °Messrseperry and Co'Slj^es"ree™B-be.C°"Sultcd as usual at No. 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and 23 Slater Street. Liverpool, "nly one personal visit is and Co to give such advice as will be the means of effecting a permanent and effectual cure, after all other meLettersVfor wlvice must be post paid, and contain the asual fee of one P°un'f' T SCURVY, SCROFULA,re LEPROSY, LUES Aad J>iMnl«r. Messrs. PERRY can, with full confidence, affirm, that in every iitftance where perseverance has been regarded, their PUR IF Y.,I N G SPECIFIC PILLS, have ever been 8ttC=e-f Sculv71hnddrministere<1 in many desnerate cases of Evil, y/ 0LeProsy, as well as (removing pimples fr°ra t^ce» Solro Legs, or other disagreeable Erupti^?88 who have unfortu- nately contracted a sec* i iection, and experience the bad effect of taking Mercury, may take tuese Pills with J? '■»»»•»»•< time or restraint of .diea .are tlre most safe, speedy, oleas'ant, and effic*ci0,i S ever discovered for the Price 2s. 9d., 4s. anrt Us- and with each box is 8 TREATISE ON SYPHILITIC DISEASES. N.B.—Country Drtigg'st8> Booksellers, Patent Medicine Venders,aad every otl,er h°P*eeper, can be supplied with any quantity of the r ial Balm of Syriacum and Perry's Purifying Specific Pills, with the usual allowance to the Trade, by all other wholesale Patent Medicine Rouses in Loudon. gjld bl Mr David Morgan, Merthyr T'ydvi NEWPORT DOCK OFFICE, 8th October, 1880. THE Half-Yearly GENERAL MEETING of the i i i Proprietors of thc NEWPORT DOCK, wil be vnv^rthis OPPICB, on THURSDAY the 7th of NOVEMBER next at 12 o'clock. By Order, „.TDVTC JER. CAIRNS. BRADSHAW'S RAILROAD MAP. J. J. PURCHASE, PUBLISHER AND PRINTSELLER, OF 15, GEORGE STREET, BATH, REGS leave to inform the Nobility, dergy, 9 JP Gentry, atuh Professional Men generally, that the above elegant and highly finished work, taken from the Government Survey, and recommended by some of the most scientific men in the kingdom. is now ready for delivery,aud maybe had at the publishing prices, at his Establishment, 15, George Street, Bath, or of himself only in the Principality. And whereas a person or persons have been canvassing with a Specimen of the above Work, as from the Pub- lisher, this is to certify, that the said persons have no authority for so doing whatsoever, as J. J. P. being appointed by Mr Bradshaw Sole Agent for the Princi- pality and West of England, all Subscribers will do well to have them through J. J. Purchase's medium only. J. J. P. begs leave to inform his Subscribers and Friends to Works of Art, that he has subscribed very largely to the foitbcoming and finished Engravings, viz.:—The Coronation the Waterloo Banquet at Apsley House the' Queen, by Chalon ditto, by Swansdale; ditto, by Sully, &c. &c.; the splendid Portrait of his Grace the Duke of Wellington writing his Dispatch; Sir Robert Peel; Hawking in the olden times; Royal Cortege Melton Mowbray Breakfast; Ascot Heath Hunt; Highland Drovers, &c.; all by first rate Masters both in Painting and Engraving; and Subscribers supplied with Elegant Frames to the above, most appropriate to the subject. All orders received at the Office of this Paper, Or at 15, George Street, Milsom Street, Batli. N.B. Oil Paintings and Drawings Lent to Copy, and Artists' Materials Sold. Old Paintings, in the worst condition, Cleaned, Lined, and Restored. (One Concern.) BRISTOL and NEWPORT STEAM; -PACKETS USK AND GLAMORGAN, 'WILL SAIL gPyy During the NEXT WEEK, as follows FROM BRISTOL. Oct. 21..Monday 8 morning 22.. Tuesday. 9 morning 2-3..Weduesday 91 morning 24..Thursday 8 morning 25..Friday 8 morning 26.. Saturday 81 morning FROM NEWPORT. Oct. 21 ..Monday li afternoon 22.. Tuesday 2 afternoon 23..Wednesday 10 morning 21..Thursday 11 morning 25.. Friday 7 morning 26..Saturday 7A morning FARES :-After Cabin, 4s—Fore-Cabin, 2s.-Chil- dren under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.—Dogs, lg. each. Four-Whecl Carriage, 20s.; Two-Wheel ditto, 10s.; Horses each, 5s.; Two-Wheel Carriage or light Phaeton, drawn by one Horse with one Passenger, 15s.; Horse and Rider, After-Cabin ,7s.; ditto Fore-Cabin, 6s. {j^»Tho Proprietors of the above Steam Packets G^tVl5Jt^)TIOK-tliM thoy wilt uui bcanuuiilablc fai uuv Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be anwerable for any Goods. Package, or Parcet(if lost or damaged) unless booked at either of their Offices in Bristol or Newport; and if above the value of 40s. entered at its value and Carriage paid for the same at the time of Booking. Goods, Packages, and Parcels should be delivered at the Packet Office, one hour (at least) before the time stated for Sailing. N PONTYPOOL AND ABERGAVENNY.—Coaches Daily between these places and Newport. rREDEGAR IRON VVORKS, through Abercarn, New- budge, and Bedwellty, and a branch from Newbridge to antyglo. A Coach Daily between these places and ewport; arriving at Newport about 10 o'clock morn- illg, and starting at 1 o'clock afternoon. Apply at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Com P y s Office, Quay, Bristol; or at the Packet-Offices. wa lain-Wharf, flotwelIs, and Rodney Wharf, New. port. JOHN JONES, Agent. THE CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. LAMT CHARLOTTE, H: T. PARFI IT, Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL Durinjr (he NEXT WEEK, as follows, (With liberty to Tow Vessels.) FROM CARDIFF. Oct. 21..Monday Nautilus 3 afternoon 22..Tuesday .Lady Charlotte 7! morning 23..Wednesday.Nautilus.•• 84 morning 24..Thursday Lady Charlotte 6morning 25..Friday Nautilus 6! morning 26..Saturday Lady Charlotte 7 morning FROM BRISTOL. Oct. 2l ..Monday Lady Charlotte 71 morning 22..Tuesday Nautilus morning 23.. Wednesday .Lady Charlotte 9| morning • Thursday Nautilus. • 10 morning 25,. Friday Lady Charlotte 6 morning 26..Saturday Nautilus 6. morning Carriages and Horses to be along-side an hour previous to the time of Sailing. PARE,After Cabin, 5s.-Fore Cabin, 3s. Children under 12 Years of Age, flalf-price.-Dogs, Is. each. A Female Steward attends the Ladies'Cabin. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four-Wheel Carriage, 21s.; Ditto drawn by One Horse 10s. 6d. 1 wo-Wheel Carriage, 10s. 6d.; Horses, 6s. each;* Horse and Itidcr, A. ft or Cabin, 9s.; Fore Cabin, 7s. 6d. v Cattle Sheep. These Fares include every expense. Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the NAUTILUS to be sent to No. 12, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks and for the LADY CHARLOTTE, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets, at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cambridge, Bridaend Uantrissent,and Caerphilly.—Goods forwarded Z Places in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boats iT mediately on arrival unless ordered by any part Cl, a", conveyance, in which case they will be denositPd Vn .1 Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.-FrSt to be paid on delivery. 61U lo De Goods, Package', Parcels, &e. forwarded to all parts of the Kingdoria without delay, when sent to c Steam Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. itheroftileir Further information as to Freight," &c. will ha readily obtained by applying to uie A(tem 1 Woodman, Ageiu, at the Packet Office nn Wharf. Cardiff; or to Mr John Griffith Jone« A No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the NAUTILUS *Pac' k«t; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Offir» .i Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr W B. Owen, It) Avon Cre.. cent, Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CHARLOTTE Packet. NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger s Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, or Parcels (if |ost »r by Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at Tiller of theirs Cardiff or Bristol, if °°bove £ e vafue of 40s., unless eiitered at its value, and Carriage in pro! portion paid for the same, at the time of Booking — Goods consigned to order, or not taken awav befor* Si* o'clock in the evening of the day of land,S will oe warehoused at the risk a_nd expence of the consignees All goods to be considered as lien., not only for fS,' and charges due thereon, but also for all previously un- satisfied treight and Charges due by consignee, to the Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weightt, or measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c cannot beallowed, uuless a written notice of the same be ««at to the Office oa the day of delivery,