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LOSS OF TEETH SUPPLIED WITHOUT WIi/ES OK LIGATURES, LOOSE TEETH F %STF, Ef-); AND FILLING DE- CAY ED TEETH WITH MINERAL SUCCEDANEUM. -NI 0 MONS. A. MALL AN, SURGEON DENTIST, Of the Firm of Mons Mallan & Sons, 30, Park Street, Bristol, and 9, Half Moon Street, Piccadilly, London. MOST respectfully announces to his Patients and the Gentry, and Public generally, of Mer- thyr, Cardiff, and their Vicinities, that in consequence of numerous applications for his Professional Assistance, he has arrived on a visit to the above towns, and may be consulted, for a short period, every Friday, at Mr Edward Edwards's, opposite the Bush Inn, High Street, Merthyr, and on Saturdays at Mr Gower's, Grocer, Duke Street. Cardiff. Mons. M. continues to restore Decayed Teeth with his Mineral Succedaneum, so universally recommended by the Faculty. The Operation is performed in a Few Seconds, without the slightest heal, pain, or pressure, and lasts many years. Mons. M. supplies the Loss of Teeth with his newly Invented Incorrodiblc Artificial Teeth, from a single one to a complete set, matching exactly in form and colour the adjoining ones. These Teeth will not corrode, or become discoloured; they are fixed without wires or other Ligatures, on a principle which imparts to the countenance a youthful and improved appearance and whilst they afford support to the adjoining teeth, however loose, answer every purpose of mastication and articulation. Natural Teeth placed on the above improved principle. Mons. M. respectfully calls the attention of the Public to the necessity (generally too much neglected) of snp. plying the loss of the back Teeth by artificial ones. thus restoring, perfectly, the masticatory powers, and pre- venting the loss of the front teeth from want of support. In consequence of-Improvements in-the Mechanical Department of Dentistry, Mons. Mallan has fixed his Charges for Artificial Teeth, Ac., at a very moderate scale. Loose Teeth Fastened, whether arising from age, neglect, or the use of calomel. Scurvy in the Gums effectually eradicated. Scaling, Regulating, and all other Operations performed on the Teeth. Hour* of Attendance from Ten to five. Mons. Mallan V TREATISE on the Physiology and Deseases of the Teeth, to be had of Mons. M. as above. One of the Messrs. M. may be consulted every Thurs- day, Friday, and Saturday, throughout the year at 30, Park Street, Bristol. I POSTPONEMENT. THE HOUSE WARMING DINNER, advertised to take place at the BEAR INN, CRICK. HOWELL, on the 11th inst., is, through unavoidable circumstunces, POSTPONED to some future day, of which due notice will be given. Bear Inn, Crickbowell, Nov. 1, 1839, WANTED, A CLERK who has been accustomed to keep the Accounts at an IRON WORK; none need apply but those who can give the most satisfactory refe- rences for diligence and integrity. All applications to be made by letters, post paid, ad- dressed to A. B. at Mr Lambert's, Ironmonger, Merthyr Tydvil. 1st November, 1839. THE SCHOONER 4 £$m CELERITY, WILLIAMS, Master, IS NOW LOADING, at COTTON'S WHARF, I- TOOLEY STREET, LONDON, For Cardiff. Newport, Merthyr, Abergavenny, Brecon, Monmouth, Pontypool, Cowbridge, Bridgend, and places adjacent, AND WILL POSITIVELY SAIL ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12th. 1839. For Freight, &c. apply to the Master, on Board Mr R. Burton, jnn., Newport; Mr Thomas Richards, Abergavenny Messrs Wins tone, Prosser and Co. Brecon, Mr Smith, the Wharfinger, London; or to Mr H. H. Parry, Agent to the Cardiff, Newport, and London Shipping Company, at Cardiff. London. October 29th, 1839. BOROUGH OF BRECON. ABOUT 70 TONS OF PRIME HAY FOR SALE. HUGH JONES Begs to announce that he has been instructed by Mr William Winston, O Sell fcj) Auction, On FRIDAY, the 18th Day of NOVEMBER, 1839, THREE RICKS OF WELL HARVESTED HAY. The Sale will take place at the Ricks, in the Meadow close to the Town, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, where the same will be offered either by the Rick, or by the Ton, as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale. Two Months' Credit will he given on approved security. Kington Turnpike Trust. 0 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that THE TOLLS arising at the several Gates leading into the Town of KINGTON, in the County of Hereford also LEGION CROSS. MILTON, ECCLES GREEN, TITLEY, the AVENUE, EARDISLEY, and LYONS- HALL GATES, WILL BE LET to the best Bidder, at the House of JOlIN ROBERTS, at the KING'S HEKD INN, in the Town of KInTON, on MONDAY the 18th day of NOVEMBER; 1839, at the hour of Twelve o'clock at Noon in the manner directed by the Acts passed in the 3rd and 4th years of the Reign of his late Majesty King George the Fourth, "for Regulating Turnpike Roads." The above Tolls will he Let for One, Two, or rhree Years, either together and in One Lot, or in several Lots, and the Tolls for STAGE COACHES will or will not be excepted out of such Letting, as the Trustees shall then in those respects appaint. Whoever happens to he the best Bidder, must at the same time pay One Month in advance (if required) of the Rent at which such Tolls may be Let, and give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rest of the Money monthly; and must pay for Stamps for giving Security and also engage to keep and leave the several Turnpike Houses in repair. At this Meeting New Trustees will be elected it the room of those deceased, or declining to act. ()u, N.B. All persons desirous of being Bidders for any of the above Tolls are desired to attend early, that the Trus- tees may proceed to Let the Gates immediately after the hour of Twelve o'clock a' Noon of the above day, and the Renters will be required to bring forward their Securities within seven days, in default of which the month's pay in advance will be forfeited. By order of the Trustees, JAMES W ATKINS, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Kington, October 8th, 1839.

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