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DRAINING AND IMPROVING LAND. Just Published, the Tenth Thousand, price Sixpence, REMARKS ON THOROUGH DRAINING, AUD SUBSOIL PLOUGHING, BY JAMES SMITH, ESQ., of Deanston Works. Fifth Edition, with Notes. Stirling: Published and Sold by W. Drummond and Sons, and to be had of all Booksellers. W. DRUMMOND and SONS of the AGRICUL- TURAL MUSEUM, STIRLING. SCOTLAND, take this opportunity of recommending their extensive assort- ment of Agricultural IMPLEMENTS and MACHINES; SEEDS, FOREST TREES, &c. In the IMPLEMENT department W. D. and Son, would offer in particular their SUBSOIL PLOUGHS made under the inspection of the inventor, and compris- ing the latest improvements, price from £5 to t8 IDs., according to size and weight; also DRAINING IM- PLEMENTS made from patterns furnished by Mr Smith, of Deanstone, price per set for the small Stone System, 24s. Ditto ditto, for the Wedge System, 16s. Ditto ditto, for the Tile System. 14s. In the SEED department W. D. and Sons, would invite attention to their stock of FIELD TURNIP, grown by themselves from selected bulbs. Also G and GRASS SEEDS in every variety. In the NURSERY department, W. D. and Son, have a large Stock, more especially of FOREST TREES grown on poor soil. and in an exposed situation, they are consequently very hardy, and well worth attention. A general priced Catalogue, giving particulars may be had bv post, on application. N.B There is daily, and cheap conveyance of Goods from Stirling, both by land and water. To Corn Merchants, Millers, Seedsmen, Farmers, Maltsters, IVoohtaplers, Grocers, Dealers in Provisions, c. c. THE MARK LANE EXPRESS ILL be found invaluable, as it is of the ™ greatest importance to obtain the fullest, most authentic, and latest State of the Markets, both Home and Foreign, which can only be had in the MA RK LANE EXPRESS," as it is published in London every Monday Evening. Two HOURS LATER than any other Newspaper. It reports all the Proceedings of the English Agricultural Society." and announces eveiy new Improvement in Agriculture. Annual Subscription, if paid in advance, XI 8s. 2d. May be had, by order; of allllooksellers and Newsmen in the I nited Kingdom and at the Office, 24, Norfolk Street, Strand, London. BRECKNOCK UNION. TO LAND VALUERS. NOTICE IS -HEREBY GIVEN, that sealed TENDERS for VALUING the Messuages Lands and other hereditaments liable to Poor Rates in the Hamlet of Penpont, in the Parish of Llanspyddyd in the Brecknock Union, in the County of Brecknock 'ac cording to an order under the hands and seal of the OQT T ,OR?OMISSL°N?RS for E"g'and and Wales, dated 2ptn July, Ib38, may be delivered to the Clerk of the rnion, at his Office ill LTON STltEET, BRECKNOCK °n or before FRIDAY. 29th NOVEMBER, 1839', "which will be taken into consideration by the Guardians at their Meeting, to be held at the Town Hall, Breck- at ^we^ve at Noon, on Saturday, 30th November, lojy. By order of the Guardians, WAL. CHURCHEY, Clerk to the Guardians. Glamorganshire General Agricul- tural Society. AT the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of this SOCIETY, held at the BEAR INN, COW- BRIDGE, on TUESDAY, the 12th of NOVEMBER, 1839, C. M. R. MORGAN, M.P. Vice-President, in the Chair, Resolved.-That T. W. Booker, Esq., \V. C. Hayton, Esq.; C. C. Williams, Esq Mr Evan David, and Mr Wm. Lewis, be appointed on the Committee for the ensuing year. AWARD OF THE PREMIUMS: To Mr Wm. Powell, Eglwysynydd, for the best £ s. crop of Turnips on eight acres 5 0 To Mr Wm. Evans, Roath, for the best crop of Mangel Wurzel, on five acres 3 0 To Edward Lewis, Pyle, for having brought up the greatest number of children, to at least seven years of age. without parish relief 4 0 Elizabeth Rees, Margam, for 39 years servitude, uninterruptedly performed, from the age of 14 years in the same family 2 0 Cecil Morgan, Lanharran, for nine years servitude 1 0 David Morgan, St. Hilary, having been married and continued in constant employ, with the same master 32 years 4 0 Morgan David, Roath, ditto, ditto 23 years 3 0 John Lewis, Coity, ditto, ditto, 22 years 2 0 Dav!d Thomas, Cowbndge, ditto, ditto. 18 years 1 0 David Hopkin Pyle, hoeing 16 acres Turnips in a husbandlike manner 2 0 Evan John, Margam, ditto 12 acres. 1 0 Thomas Mangel, St. Brides, ditto, 10 acres. 0 10 David Rees. Margam, having reared 128 Lambs from 105 Ewes put to the Ram 3 0 Job Woodward, Splott, ditto 132 Lambs 110 Ewes 2 0 JohnGriffiths,Cowbridge, do. f.7 67 2 0 Henry Bevan, Penlline, do, 99 82 1 0 Resolved,-That the thanks of this meeting be given to Messrs Stancomb, Buckland and Rusher, proprietors of the Vale of Neath Brewery, for their liberal offer of a Premium of £ 20 for the best Field and best Sample of Malting Barley, grown in the county of Glamorgan, in the Year 1840, the Field not being less than Seven acies, and the Barley not weighing less than 53lbs to the bushel. CHARLES MORGAN, President. The President having quitted the chair, Resolved,—That the thanks of this meeting be given him, for his assiduous attention to the business of the (lay, and his active and liberal support to the objects of the Society. EDWARD niJ AD LEY, Secretary, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr WILLIAM MORRIS, At the WYNDHAM ARMS INN, BRIDGEND, at Three o'clock on SATURDAY, the 14th of D ECBM- B ER next, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced: NEWLY BUILT andsubsfantial DWELLING- -HOUSE, near the E AST GATE, in the Town of BRIDGEND, now occupied by Kees Jenkins Esq Solicitor, and which is Customaryhold of the Manor of Coity Anglia. And also, Two newly built and substantial Freehold Dwelling Houses, and Gardens, in the Town of Lantwit, now occupied by Mr Wm. David and Cessil Williams. For further particulars apply, free of postage, to Mr Charles Redwood, Solicitor, Cowbridge. ° GLAMORGANSHIRE. Choice Milch Cows and Pure Bred Cheviot Sheep. Cu bt Soltr by By Mr DAVID THOMAS, On WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20th, 1839, in front of the NEW MARKET, NEATH. TEN Handsome Superior Cows; One Heifer, rising Two Years Old; 61 Cheviot breeding Ewes; 14 Yearling Wethers 16 Wether Lambs 16 Ewe Lambs and Two Rams. The Cows are principally of the Dur- ham and Ayrshire breed; and one a pure Guernsey. They have been selected with great care for their beauty, as well as for their profit in the pail. The purity of the Sheep has been constantlv preserved, by Rams pur- chased from the Cheviot Hills. To any Gentleman in want of Fancy Cows, or handsome, profitable Sheep, such an opportunity seldom occurs. The whole of the above Stock has oeen bred at Rheola, in the Vale of Neath. Four Months' creditwill be given to Purchasers to the Amount of £ 10 and upwards. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock precisely. MONMO Ci THSHIRE. Co ti t iJoUr 11)) a union, BY E. PRITCHARD, At the ICING'S HEAD INN, in the Town of NEWPORT on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd, IS39, between the hours of Four and Six in the afternoon, subject r to such conditions as shall be then and there produced. RR^HE FOLLOWING VALUABLE COPPICE J. WOODS. LoT I.-About 20 Acres of Coppice Wood, part of Manalty, near the Park Wood, in the Parish of Bassaleg, within a mile of the Rumney Railway, containing a quantity of excellent Pit Timber, and Cordwood. LOT 2.-About 20 Acres of Coppice Wood, part of Jlanalty Wood, adjoining Lot 1. r LOT 3.—About 12 Acres of Coppice Wood, adjoining the above Lot. LOT 4.—About 20 Acres of Coppice Wood, called Craig- y-Pandy, in the Parish of Mynyddyslwyne, adjoining the Sirhowy and Monmouthshire Tram Hoaùs, containing a quantity of Pit Timber, and Cordwood. q LOT 5.-A bout 3 Acres of Coppice Wood, called the Island Wood, adjoining the Turnpike Road, in the Parish of Rilca. I LoT 6.—About 15 Acres of Coppice Wood, in the Parish of Lisvane,, growing on Llwyn-celyn Farm, con- taining a quantity of Hoop, and Hurdle Wood. For a view of the Woods, apply to Mr Robert Young, Park House, in the Parish of Bassaleg, who will direct a person to shew the same. For further particulars, apply at the Tredegar Office, Newport; or to Messrs. Birch and Davis, Solicitors, Newport, If by letter post paid. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A YOUTH about 15 years of age, that can write a good hand, as an APl'RENTICE to the GRO- CERY and DRAPERY BUSINESS. He will be treated as one of the Family, and will have an opportu- nity to practice much in accounts, a small premium will be expected. Apply if by letter post paid to A.B., at the Guardian Office, Merthyr Tydvil. P.S. A youth educated on the Church of England principles, would be preferred. GLAMORGANSHIRE. To Farmers, Butchers, de. Graziers. Valuable Live and Dead Farming Stock, Imple- ments of Husbandry, and other Effects. Co be -SoU) fli-i Auction, By Mr E. LEYSHON, On MONDAY and TUESDAY, the 25th and 26tli of NOVEMBER. 1839, on the Premises, at PENGAM FARM, near CARDIFF. rpHE following FARMING STOCK, the Pro- perty of Miss Morgan, who is leaving the Farm, consisting of 106 superior Breeding Ewes; 100 Ewes and Wether Lambs; 25 I at Wethers 28 Fat Ewes; 6 Rams of different ages; 3 Ram Lambs; 1 Bull; 17 Cows, in Calf; 2 Cows with Culves; 4 Feeding Steers 14 Cattle, rising two years old; 12 Calves; 5 Mares in Foal; 4 Draught Horses 6 Colts, rising two years old 2 Yearling Colts; 1 Boar 5 Breeding Sows; o Feeding Pigs, and 23 Store ditto. Four Ricks of well harvested Hay, Also, a Standing Crop of about 9 Acres of Swedish Turnips, and about 4 Acres of Norfolk ditto, with the Implements of Husbandry, &c. &c. Three Months' Credit will be given to Purchasers of £ 10 and upwards, on approved Security. REFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED. The Auctioneer begs leave most respectfully to call the attention of Farmers and others, to the above Stock, the whole being of a superior description, and very carefully selected.—An early attendance is particularly requested. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon.




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