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G AMg LIST.—SOUTH WALES. I (The publisher having apptied in the usual way for the following list to be published in this paper as an advertisement, on the ground that otherwise very many of those most interested in it, would never see it,-as a matter of course was refused his application. Our present libcral Government, ever truo to their own faction, heed but little the convenience of the public at large, and rejoice at any occasion of thwart- ing their political opponents. We, however, are de- termined to set them an example in true liberality, and publish the list for the information of our readers, not as an advertisement, but as a matter of news.- EDITOR.] SECOND PUBLICATION. Persons who have obtained Game Certificates for the Year 1S39. List (1) General Certificates, at £3 13s. 6d. each. Adams, William, Llan- Lewis (Aeorce, Uwerncyn- viliangel, Aberwessin nidd Abley, Edward, Norton Llewellyn, W jun., Aber- Aubrey, Walter B., C'lvrow dylais Longfellow, William, B re- Bailey, Joseph, gen., -P con Lhiirgattock Lloyd, Herbert, Llangadock Joseph, jun., M. P. Thomas, Bronwydd Llangattock Thomas, L., Nant- Bayley, Richard E., Parn- willc don Lucas, Francis, M., Cardiff Barnes, George, Talyclyn- issa Marsden, R. F., Llanelly Breeze, Edward, Knighton William, Aber- Bowen, John, Trevinon eery Brown, Richard J., Maliphant, Richard, Kid- Knighton welly Richard, Presteign Meredith, Wm., Nythbrain Bowles, Charles, Mile Morgan, Edward, Gadlys brook, Stanage Thomas, Abercwm- Lewis, Havod Chandler, Moses, Prcstein Charles. Ackhill Casberd, Rev. J. R., St. Chas- (M.I),) Ha- Athans fodneddyn Charles, Richard, Beaupre Moore, Thomas, Old Hall Christopher, Wm., Cwmdu Monkhouse, Wm. C. Aber- Wm.. Selydacd ystwiih Coir, George F. W., Trans- Morice, James,Aberllolwyn coed Cowper, Wm., Knighton Nixon, John W., Presteign Dalton, Wm. P., Swansea Oram, Thomas, Swansea Davies, David, Pentre- Oliver, David, Rhydoldog mawr Overton Geo., Llanthetty John, Waund reff Hall Richard, Taliaris John W., Presteign Passev, W„ Henry Strange 1 Evan, Rhayader Peel, William, Taliaris Thomas, Llangat- Perkins, Kdw., Monknash tock Price. John, Newbridge > Richard, Llangyni- Thomas, Cefn der William, Glantwrch » Rev. R. W., Llan- John, Old Hall genny David, Glynissa Rev. Samuel, John L., Glangwilly Grange Walker 0., Castle Evan, Cwmsaivran liggin De Witts, Count, Glyn Pritchard, Stephen, Builth Abbey Pritchard, Henry,Llangyn- Douglas, James, Rhydy- ider fran Prickard. Thomas. Dderw P owell, Rice. Ashfijld Evans, Benj., Newcastle William, Abercam- Emlyn lais Evan, Cwmbychan James,Pantyscallog Edward, Belle Vue. Howell,Longer-issa Aberystwith Probert, W., Court Gilbert John, Abirannarch Pugh, John, Presteign Hugh P., Noyadd Pryse, Pryse. jun., Lodge Thomas, Llwyn- Park barried Rev. Daniel, Builth Ramsden, Thomas, Aber- John, Trebervaugh uant Edwaids, Lewis, Bedlinog Rees, Daniel, Danycefn John, Tynewydd Josiah, Swansea John J Broad- Richardes, Wm. E., Bryn' heath cethin Thomas Blooms- Richards, Edward, Troed- bury, London rhiwlanfarian. Entwisle, Col., Cross Ways Roberts, Robert, Gwylos- aich Gape, George, Westcross Rogers, Edward, Stanage House Park. Glanville, Wm., Middleton Russell, John, Knighton Hall Griffiths, Stansall, Criggin Scammel,Thomas,Penpont Beguildy Stanhope, Charles, Cardi- Green, Richard, Knighton gan 1 1 Edward, Clerk, Stretton, W. R., Llangat- Knighton tock Gough, Richard, Ynisced- Stephens, T. T., Presteign o wyn —-——— William, Pres- teign Harford, Summers, Llan- —————- John S., Wegnell gynider Smith.Cornelieus, Swansea Hamer, Rice, Bwlch Nant- C. R., Landough mel Castle Hall, Samuel, Yniscedwyn Havard, Thomas, Blaen- Thomas, Titus, Newcastle senny Emlyn Herbert, John, Crickhowell George,Carmarthen Hopkins, Evan, Newbridge John, jun., Cwm. Hotchkis, George, Llan- mawr gattock David, Silian Hodges, Richard, Llan- Thomas, Pencerrig gattock Henry, Llwynma- Howells, Thomas, White dock House, Builth Thomson, James D., Llan- Hughes, David, Llangat- genny tock Tudge, William, Great John, G I anrhy (I d House Rev. Win., Bryn- mekerin Venables, Joseph H., Lys- dinam Hall James, John, Presteign Horatio, Rhayader Watkins, J.L.V.,Pennoyre Jeffreys, Edward, Glan- Walters, Jn., Bronwydd dovey Williams, J. E., Lampeter George, Glandovey — Wm. Llangenny Isherwood, Wm., Llwyn- 1 1 John, Lampeter cintevin Wm; Llanelly Jenkins, Thomas, Pensarn David, Llanelly John, Lantris3ent Wm., Newbridge William, Cardiff W., Aberpergwm Jones, John, Pwllfine Rees,Aberpergwm Lewis, Derry Ormond ————— T., Clk., 'J'yrcwm Rees, Llangattock Cottage William, Pantymaes ———— Walter, Clerk, John, Brynaman Llwyncyntevin Thomas, Bryndovan Fenry, Cefnpark John, David, Caenewydd Wilkins, George, Builth Evan, Lantwit Lewes, Wm. P., Newcastle Worthington,it. Gell)-dock. Lewis, George, Llangenny lithe ■ Rev. Ed., Lanbeder Wooley, Squire, Llangat Robert, Presteign tock Charles, Builth. Wood, G., Brecon Priory I List (2) Gamekeepers, not being Assessed Servanti at £3 13s. 6d. each. Lucas, John, LIanne-appointed by James Watt, Esq. for the Manor of Uchoad, Ischoed, Ruslin, and South Neithon. List (3) Gamekeepers, being Assessed Servants, at XI 5s. each. Arthur, William, Penybout- appointed by John C. Severn, Esq., for the Manors or Royal- ties of Gollon, Cwmhtre, Dolelvy, Bwlchllwyn, Cleves, Garnon or St. Harmans, and Glascomb," county of Radnor. Baning, John, Aberpergwm-by William Williams, Esq. for Aberpergwm, and Lands in the counties of Brecon and Glamorgan. Davios, Henry, Cefencethin—by Mrs Mary Thomas, for Lands of the value OfX500 per annum. Jones, Edward, Noyadd—by Hugh Powell Evans, Esq. for the Manor of Cwmtoyddwr. Lewis, Lewis, Llandovery—by David Lloyd. Harries, Esq., for Cayo, Cilcycwm, Llandingat,, Llanwrda, Llandilo fawr, Llanfyudd, Llanbyther, and Llywell. Loyd, Thomas-by his Grace the Duke of Newcastle, for the Grange of Cwmtoyddwr. Recs, David, Glansevin-by Edward P. Lloyd, Esq., for Glansevin. Williams, John, Glanrhydw-by John E. Saunders, Esq., for Freehold Lands. Names of Persons Licensed to deal in Game. Battey, Joseph R., Crickhowell. Bird, J. G. firidgeiid. I Goulstone Estlier Lianelly. Made up to November 1, 1839.